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  1. They could also tweak their attack and midfield a bit, and they might get somewhere. Their keeper was ..er.. alright. But..he could do wi' a bit more practice stopping goals. Or the league could start awarding points for smartness and shiny boots, or... number of times you fall over.
  2. Who was that know-nothing gentleman who texted RS last night, slagging off Nuhiu? If you're there mate --- Don't knock ATDHE near the end of the season - he'll always show you up!
  3. Looking at the highlights, any idea who the blond-haired woman is, pass 'round her neck, going nuts by the corner flag after Johnson scored their goal?
  4. We've had very few complaints about most of our keepers in the past, and that includes Cameron Dawson, Joe Wildsmith and the brilliant Kieren Westwood. I definitely believe Westwood should stay our first choice keeper for the rest of this season, as the man has proved he is a top keeper in the championship, and could do a job in the premier. But... seeing Fulham's second choice keeper, Bettinelli, is out for the rest of this season, we could do worse than sending Dawson out on a recall loan to Craven Cottage. Dawson could get valuable experience of the premiership, because I think he would compete with Fabri for the subs bench, and make himself the preferred selection. One or two games would be better at Fulham, where he'd back up Sergio Rico. It would help keep him at the top of his game, and would get him back here ready for Wednesday's bigger-money option to part with 34 yr old Kieren Westwood, if that crops up -- again --next season.
  5. What was the idea with everybody in blue? I could hardly give a 5h1t, but under the right kind of lights, everybody looked like they were on the same side, including the colour-blind ref-bot.
  6. On a bog-standard PC, running bog-standard Windows 10, iFollow live text is up to 65 minutes. Pure 5h1te.
  7. Lose some wait, Brucie! Pessy 4 Fessi and Joao for Fletcher.
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