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  1. You could get Steve Bruce, but even that wouldnt stop the Chansiri juggernaut.
  2. (imho...)Don't start on Patterson just yet - give him enough of a chance to match his commitment. Leave it to the boss.
  3. Decent Div 1 side, Donny. We needed waking up. Now we've got to maintain that level. Come On!
  4. YEAAAAASSSSS ALLLLREEET G E T I N ! ! ! ! ! G E T I N ! ! ! ! !
  5. G E T I N ! ! ! ! ! MADAFAKAZ ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  6. Your apology for an apology is accepted. Please leave the club, to the fans, then we'll forget all about you. You know it's the right thing to do before you unwisely spend more of your family's money on some passing hobby you seem to know so little about. You'll lose less.
  7. Ne'er wilt thou remedie thys, as laing as thou hast a whole, posteriant.
  8. Forest of legs out there, though!
  9. Westwood keeps better with Lees on the field. Shame he's out of it, again.
  10. S'pose the penalty award was Reach's fault?
  11. Great opportunity to take some money off the bookies. Odds are 3 to 1 for Barnsley to win by more than 2 goals. Dip yer bread. (...& pardon me if I don't!)
  12. Could it be that J. Rhodes is unfailingly used as a pawn in whatever "game" or "strategy" which develops between our beloved chairman and his most recent managerial acquisition? For instance, and I could be quite wrong, as each of the new managers start with us, Rhodes is ventured on as the "rescue goal getter (i..e. sub)" when things look a bit stale, halfway through the second half). He either gets the required goal, as it occurs to our better strategists to pass him the ball, or he menaces the opp. defenders, and it 's a sign to one of those, with a working brain, that he needs two-man marking. Either way, chances arise for one or other of our lot to get our single solitary goal of the match --- Huzzah! Then the pros "up their game", and for 10 minutes the fans start to get entertained. By the journeymen. Sometimes until the final whistle, often until the other team's last-gasp equaliser/ winner/ easily-won penalty. Success with this strategy goes on for a couple of games, rarely 3 and never more, and the fans settle back to watch us slide down the table. J. Rhodes, B. Bannan, K. Westwood etc. pick up their wages (who can blame them?). Wednesday fans, far-flung in Seattle and, er, Rovrum, write in to protest their dismay. This goes on until Hon. Chief fishmonger consults one of his flash con-tractors, and they pick another honest trier out of the hat. Maybe they'll get lucky, next time, and pick the hat size.
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