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  1. Argument in North stand

    9 hours ago, Justbeanz said: Did Bernard take his mom ? What flavour soup were it?
  2. Ever get the feeling

    It wasn't Carlos' doing and it isn't Jos' either. We've got 15 first line players out injured/ill/sick/bogged off/"recovering".
  3. Oh aye, I guess you can take it both ways.
  4. This is a pisstake. What is our (once) top goal scorer doing, spending nearly all this season on full pay ( I assume he’s getting paid) rolling around in fekkin Italy, when he could be teaching our youngsters, putting his shifts in and adding value to this football club in 101 ways? No answer yet to this question. Is DC being trousered, or are the supporters not being told the full story? Many would prefer he (FF) cleared off for a few million quid than have us put up with a ghost on the payroll. We would expect regular news — with progress — on the health and ETA’s of all our key players. Who’s advising otherwise?
  6. Did the runner-up get the rest of the chicken? FFS..
  7. ------- Wildsmith ------- Venancio Loovens Pudil Palmer Jones Fox Wallace Reach Joao ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOAT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ------- The Bus -------- Rhodes Subs: Nuhiu
  8. ... didn't he come back after the second leg?
  9. So then dc

    Catch up!
  10. So then dc

    Face it, Deiphon Chansiri, you have no fk1n clue about our culture, and your idea to try your hand at English football has been as successful as Forrest Gump’s first shrimp haul! Leave now, before we dive deep into Div 2. I’d sooner see you GONE before you make us look like Portsmouth. So long, and thanks for all the fish!
  11. We should, reluctantly, let Atdhe go for the right price, but we would need to convince Winnall to get back here from Derby, and look to swap Rhodes for Connor Wickham with Palace, They may be tempted by a fit Jordan Rhodes, and he may get a new lease of life down there. He’s doing rock all sitting on the subs bench with us. Crazy? Ok, but all I’m suggesting is trying to fix the black hole Carlos left us with. Wickham may not be fit for another 2 months, but we’re going nowhere this season.
  12. An Open Letter to all at SWFC

    It should also be made clear that, while an individual, or a group of individuals, may own the club, the owner does not own the devotion, the following and the great goodwill towards this football and cricket club which was born here over 150 years ago, and has been carried in Sheffield Wednesday supporters hearts, undying, ever since. And it is within that devotion and unbreakable bond where the true ownership of this club lies. When you buy our house, you take on responsibility for its tenants. While we tolerate the changes to the image of OUR club, no-one can scoop up this beautiful English oak, can tear down the symbols of the community she serves, and which serve her in return. An owner may have rights to re-image her, but these clubs outlive the whims of any one person, and they re-emerge. Just look at Wimbledon FC and consider her ways. I am Wednesday till I die. We have entrusted this club to you. Please look after it during your tenure, and EARN that devotion, that following, and that great goodwill.
  13. Megson's Coming Home

    I’d get him in just for the way he wound Colin up when he brought WBA to Bramall Lane.
  14. Steve McClaren?? I won’t watch them with that tonsured cw in charge. Has everybody at Wednesday gone insane? He has not done anything of note since he sacked David Beckham as England Captain. I was delighted he went for a 2nd tour with the SS, cos there was only one outcome to that, and he proved his worthlessness right there. I think DC is getting mugged by a bunch of p1sstakers, and he desperately needs to get into dialogue with MM &/or HW, and pay them for some sound advice, before he wastes any more brass.