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  1. Great opportunity to take some money off the bookies. Odds are 3 to 1 for Barnsley to win by more than 2 goals. Dip yer bread. (...& pardon me if I don't!)
  2. Could it be that J. Rhodes is unfailingly used as a pawn in whatever "game" or "strategy" which develops between our beloved chairman and his most recent managerial acquisition? For instance, and I could be quite wrong, as each of the new managers start with us, Rhodes is ventured on as the "rescue goal getter (i..e. sub)" when things look a bit stale, halfway through the second half). He either gets the required goal, as it occurs to our better strategists to pass him the ball, or he menaces the opp. defenders, and it 's a sign to one of those, with a working brain, t
  3. Spot on! Sooner have Pelupessy making an effort than some 2nd-rate Winnall clone giving it large with his scruffy gob. Be professional in the face of the EFL sycophants: The men on the pitch should take every match like a band of Brothers - not like a band of Scrubbers.
  4. Not just to you, but from one loyal Owl to another... Last 6 league games - 4 wins & 2 losses - and NO draws. Compare that with Monx tactix (..sic) AND Pulis, who didn't get a fair chance, imho. Its "dreadful" because you play with what you've got, and when you have someone "unfortunate" in ownership, your club is going to stagger, almost drunkenly, from one disaster to the next. Luckily (..or not..) for Mr C (..or ...others..), fate has smiled on Neil Thompson, and HE DESERVES A GOOD CHANCE AND A BIT MORE PATIENCE, just based on his record so far, here, this seas
  5. Possibly, with a sound owner. But not with a cash rich, blazer/cravat wearing gentleman who seems to know rockall about football & ffp.
  6. Jordan Rhodes! So good of you to add to Patto's series of killer goals - and yours were a WINNER! Always said your goals COUNT. Stay with us and confound our opposition!(The striker who ran Outer Space)
  7. Hope Chansiri READS these posts! ... Not just tells RS & the Star that he listens to us.
  8. Let's face it, Derby have had some rotten luck lately, as their common tater kept tellin us all through the match
  9. How long is it since we had THREE wins out of Four??
  10. Maybe <Megsonstheman>, like many Wednesdayites - TTD - supports the Wednesday - but NOT Mr C's accidental 'team'!!
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