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  1. We fought back and got the draw we deserved. It does some fans a lot of good to see Rhodes get subbed by ATDE NUHIU, who then heads in the equaliser. Nuhiu does what a "superstar" cannot do in 87 minutes. I bet a draw tonight has done Nuhiu some good. Ipswich played really well. ... And we matched them --- Good game. Great to see the McCarthy pull another Barnsley sulk.
  2. All Rhodes lead to.... FCKALL
  3. Boring

    You want us to win a game? OK, we win one. Then you say its boring. I believe you are taking the p155.
  4. Samhain Grayson

    Samhain is the Celtic festival day on 31st October each year which the Christians replaced with Halloween in the 9th century. Spooky, Eh? Just saying...
  5. "Whaya didda you-a say-a de first-a-da sententencio?"
  6. She's got to have a beard, and, and she's got to be a minority ethnic, and, and, she's got to look like Geoff Capes in a Princess Elsa from "Frozen" dress, and, and she's got to have feck all better to do with her time than to come on here and campaign for a plague of fools to take over football. She's got to ban all-male football clicques that are ruining the aspiring gender neutrality of the game. Right after they burn J K Rowling at the stake for not getting the ethnic and gender mix right in QUIDDITCH. HOW LONG before some brain-dead FART comes on here and campaigns against cruelty to FOOTBALLS?? (or goalposts, in our case...)
  7. The Carlos to stay brigade

    That last point, and the 3-0 win today, reinforce my view that Carlos is one of the best 2nd division managers, who makes the common mistakes of every new gaffer at Wednesday. The big mistake was not to realise how much the blades wanted to beat us - more than we can imagine. It's everything to them. The next mistake was not to transmit that to our team, if he did, no one was taking a blind bit of bl00dy notice. Yes, injuries and missing men, but Carlos should have stressed the importance of blades coming over here. If our lot had got the message, it would have been a happier outcome last week. Beating Leeds will do for now, Carlos' approach and some GRIT in our side will bring an upturn. I can't write what I'd say to the eejuts who want Mick McCarthy or Alan Pardew to take over.
  8. I'm sad, and ... Carlos Carvalhal is p155ed off, like the rest of us. He answered Andy G as Andy G would have expected, or Andy G has not been paying attention. Wilder is 1 in 10, and he b100dy deserved that win, because he fought for it, and prepared for it for over a year, and wound his men up just like Warnock did Rotherham about a year and a half ago - probably learnt from Colin, and added his own frustration and anger into the mix. It's a valuable lesson. We're not Blades, we've laughed at them in the past, and we will in the future. They'll always hate us, I just hope they have cause to do so again this year. I dont give a flying fleck at a rolling donut how they go on. As long as they (Dem BlaVdes) do well, I'll miss laughing at them - that's what's making me sad.. Kings of London Road!
  9. Looks like the Thais have forgiven(?) him! http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/european/nigel-pearson-is-back-working-for-leicesters-owners-as-manager-of-belgian-club-oh-leuven-a7960886.html
  10. GEE it a REST FFS

    I surely hope it doesn't take us as long ..as the 6 y e a r s it took them.. to come round and scr3w their unworthy ar5e5. We've had to wait over 6 years for that soft lot to get a h4rd on .
  11. Carlos, are you learning anything from this?
  12. David Garrido

    Gravity's a 81tch.
  13. But.... you can shovel it up and put it on your rhubarb, for free!