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  1. tonyem

    Sky sports and Matt Murray...

    If you hadn't started this topic, I would have. The ponce (ex Wolves, Kingstonian, Slough Town, Tranmere and Hereford) could not have demonstrated his bias any more, if he had dressed up in a red & white tracksuit, waved a rattle and perched a black fekkin' cat on his shoulder. Mystified why he felt such affection for the Mackems... or could it be hatred of (rejection by) the Wednesday at some stage in his not-so-illustrious career? Not-a-Neutral. TF he didn't choose refereeing, cos we'd have got him, SAS.
  2. How can anybody fault Atdhe Nuhiu? Welcome back, Sam Hutchinson and Barry Bannan. They've brought out the best in the rest of our players.
  3. I think we're going for admin and Div 2. A kid could do better. All that Tuna...
  4. Irrelevancies like these add up with other irrelevant sums to a vast total. Possibly somewhere in the region of £20 million p.a. Have the current owners stood to, with the nets "made fast"? No more nets played out this season, or the next, ..., or the next, etcetera, etcetera!
  5. tonyem

    Announce the stripes!!!

    While we’re at it - proper Wednesday blue and white stripes - can we also get rid of the butt-uggerly not-so-lucky owl painted on the west stand, with its ‘orrible badly drawn poached egg eyes, plus no more downbeat commentaries from B F Laws, no more 3 note tin-pot band, and leave the vocal support to us. That’ll do for a start. It will help us recover next year when you’ve stood idly by and let us fall back into div1.
  6. tonyem

    Argument in North stand

    9 hours ago, Justbeanz said: Did Bernard take his mom ? What flavour soup were it?
  7. tonyem

    Ever get the feeling

    It wasn't Carlos' doing and it isn't Jos' either. We've got 15 first line players out injured/ill/sick/bogged off/"recovering".
  8. Oh aye, I guess you can take it both ways.
  9. This is a pisstake. What is our (once) top goal scorer doing, spending nearly all this season on full pay ( I assume he’s getting paid) rolling around in fekkin Italy, when he could be teaching our youngsters, putting his shifts in and adding value to this football club in 101 ways? No answer yet to this question. Is DC being trousered, or are the supporters not being told the full story? Many would prefer he (FF) cleared off for a few million quid than have us put up with a ghost on the payroll. We would expect regular news — with progress — on the health and ETA’s of all our key players. Who’s advising otherwise?
  11. Did the runner-up get the rest of the chicken? FFS..
  12. ------- Wildsmith ------- Venancio Loovens Pudil Palmer Jones Fox Wallace Reach Joao ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOAT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ------- The Bus -------- Rhodes Subs: Nuhiu
  13. ... didn't he come back after the second leg?