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  1. We should resist any bids from the red end of our city, unless they get realistic about the price. £12m my arse.
  2. ..except that smiling fat bloke in a bowler hat, stood right behind you..
  3. Conspiracy theory of the season. I would love to read your views on Kieran Lee, Forestieri, Hooper and Adam Reach.
  4. Bring on Atdhe Nuhiu!!! To f**q them up at the front!
  5. They could also tweak their attack and midfield a bit, and they might get somewhere. Their keeper was ..er.. alright. But..he could do wi' a bit more practice stopping goals. Or the league could start awarding points for smartness and shiny boots, or... number of times you fall over.
  6. Who was that know-nothing gentleman who texted RS last night, slagging off Nuhiu? If you're there mate --- Don't knock ATDHE near the end of the season - he'll always show you up!
  7. Looking at the highlights, any idea who the blond-haired woman is, pass 'round her neck, going nuts by the corner flag after Johnson scored their goal?
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