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  1. Nervous end for these sorry Forest boobies, playing their best in the last minute. Slow game, we gave it to them.
  2. Enthusiasm will get you 6 yellows in a game like this. Can you hear Forest shouting Ole?. Tvvatz.
  3. Reading FC -The Truth‏ said: @ReadingFC_Truth Sep 3 More To all those thick Sheffield Wednesday supporters giving abuse: You are from Sheffield, I automatically win any argument. You were quiet as anything and couldn't even sell out your allocation. Terrible team, terrible people and an awful geographical location. #swfc #readingfc You lost, we won. Thickness is relative. How did that song of yours go? "We're not Real Madrid, we're not Barcelona.." - says it all really.
  4. tonyem

    Just got back.

    So do the opposition!
  5. Forestieri showing off - didn’t pass to team mates - ball went up the other end on the break - 2-1 - that’s what happened.
  6. tonyem

    Cardiff in for FF

    ..Now, after the "soul-baring" Monday night forum, Colin and the snipers take aim at our club, yet again. Phvck 'em. We should politely show 'em the way out. Tell 'em to follow the BBC - what are they, entertainers & broadcasters - or politicians and 5h1t-stirrers? Love football, hate the greed. Keep going D.C. You've supported us, we'll back you.
  7. tonyem

    Cardiff in for FF

    Anyone else feeling paranoid?
  8. That you, Cap’n Giddings?
  9. so do I, so why are we asking DC to settle for less money, just to let them slag us off every away game?
  10. First - 61 other clubs are Very Happy to slag us off every chance they get - have you read the news lately? And have you read any fantasy-rags like the ⭐️? Second - Chansiri runs this club at a LOSS, and puts his hand in his pocket to improve the team, only to be gypped out of about £7m for duds like Rhodes, cowboys like some football agents and other well-reported part-timers. Third - He can see a scam by the Beeb as soon as they try to pull one, and he doesn’t have to subsidise the BBC because of their mis-spending. Fourth - The other 61 clubs see the 10% cut worth it to keep their fans happy. Wednesday don’t, the see it as the thin end of yet another pathetic BBC wedge, and we’ll see who blinks first!
  11. If you think, like many do, that the BBC is using licence money for the wrong reasons (trying to influence votes, paying for helicopter “raids” on people THEY think are guilty of something they’re not, covering up for people THEY think are innocent of something they’re not) then you will probably agree they need to make CUTS, and they expect football clubs to carry the cost. Wednesday WILL NOT accept a cut, maybe the flippingBEEB ought to spend its licence money MORE wisely -better than expecting summat for nowt.
  12. Not Sterling’s biggest fan, but he’s doing an Atdhe Nuhiu on that Sweden defence. Cmmmonn!!!
  13. Bit out of context, this, but with all the American teams out of this World Cup, didn’t anyone warn them about VAR?