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  1. My point is that DC has a problem, there being a shortage of skilled managers - that is to say, skilled managers who would give up a good job to bring their talents to Hillsborough. Gary Monk would stay, but his skill (as a manager) seems debatable - he blows hot, then he blows cold. Stuart Gray was not at odds with his first team (probably not with any of the players) in his time at Wednesday, and to be fair, he wasn't given a lot to spend. Monk may have the same problem, what with the FFP shenanigans, and I guess one or two more in the squad would leave if they could, so he's not in a good place. So, the football under Monk is also "dire". ...And what can DC do about it? If he had a bunch of names to pick out of a hat, he'd pull out the hat size. Lucky DC - rich daddy, ready-made team, beaten into shape by Milan's boys, zeroes to heroes in 5 years - then, blazer boy has reversed the club's fragile recovery in the same 5 years it took Milan to sort us out ---- THAT's my point.
  2. On Sheffield Forum, "CMonkes" writes: "Despite being perfectly in line with all of Sheffield forum rules, for whatever reason the moderators felt the need to delete my post. This is supposedly an opinion forum, therefore whilst in line with forum rules, allow me to have an opinions!..... others do not have to agree with it, that is there choice. I reiterate once more. I feel that Charlton AFC have solid grounds to launch a legal case against the EFL. Whilst they haven't quite been good enough on the pitch this season, Charlton have adhered to all of the rules set out to them. An investigation has taken place this seasons and Sheffield Wednesday Football Club have been found guilty of deliberately breaching FFP rules. The offence dates back two years, however the investigation took place this season and after thoroughly considering all of the evidence presented, they have now been hit with a 12 deduction!! Why the hell should this be deferred unt next season??....there is no justifiable reason. Other teams in the patch have deliberately employed rules and loophole and they have been punished the same season for it....so why aren't Sheffield Wednesday? Why should they be different? Good luck charlton. " (SIC) With VAR and no crowds, recorded cheers for goals and missed shots, the cup final being won by ARSENAL, the league being won by LIVERPOOL, and some BARNSLEY fanatics doing their barrack-room lawyer impressions, I'm thinking of taking-up a more exciting hobby next season, possibly philately
  3. RIP Jackie Charlton. Brought his England skills here to revive Wednesday - to show his good men how to win - home and away. My son was 6 when Jack tranformed this team. We went to every home match, and some of the aways. We both knew the words to the Gary Bannister song: ("Bannister, Bannister, Bannister, ..., Bannister" (not too hard really...). ... and we knew that Jackie Charlton, like his brother, was MAGIC. "Win, Lose or Draw, we'll do 'wor best". God Bless and our thanks, Jack.
  4. It is no longer football. In every sense of the word. Wednesday keep losing, and some people are taking that to the bank. Covid-19 has thrown a further spanner into the works, for every club. Don't know if it's helped anybody, don't think so. Beyond that, there are 40,000 or more fans with different theories about us (SWFC). One fact - Every year under DC's ownership is worse than the last. Nightmare. What's the fan base doing? I hope it will grow when we recover. My family - WTWD - since 1917.
  5. The heir to the Siamese fishing throne. FOYST!!!
  6. So, the EFL will wait until we relegate ourselves, then they'll start us off in League 1 with minus 21 points!
  7. "No right to score there", says John Pearson. If our club were a house of ill-repute, Quasimodo could score there.
  8. The only people interested in this club are the fans. The only way it will survive is if WE don't let it become some billionaire's hobby. Look at MUFC - pwned by the Glazers, and now completely overshadowed by Man. City (who will end up the same way - just give it [the sands of...] time). Unable to fend off Liverpool's boot. Money's only part of the problem - Wednesday has to belong to its fans, in loyalty, as it did when Howard Wilkinson and Bert McGee ran it - With true criticism against the chancers to whom Sheffield, 1867, Olive Grove, Fred Spiksley, Alf Strange, Ron Springett mean little or nothing. WAWAW FTEFL ...and find another hobby, Chansiri.
  9. That's right. What's the odds on a squad of around 30 (mostly-) good players turning [email protected] in 1 season, versus 3 random managers [email protected] all over their chances in the same space of time? First one lost the dressing room, second one arrived late, then caught the next bus out, third one hasn't even found the S-0-DD-1-NG place, and the owner looks sick every time he shows up!
  10. Lees and Westwood communicate. Dawson can't keep goal when he's having to sweep for an inept defence.
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