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  1. tonyem

    Pulled the plug or selling

    FFP has driven a coach and horses through his ill-advised plans.
  2. tonyem

    Ian Holloway

    He’s got a good reputation in English football. If Jos goes, Holloway could rescue us.
  3. THE MOST LIGHTWEIGHT right back this club has ever seen.
  4. They are better times since we nearly went bust, I'll give you that, but Chansiri is hopeless, Fuque knows who's advising him. Must be the same bunch that's advising Theresa May!
  5. We've been leaking goals all season, and not Dawson's fault. Luhukay hasnt got a clue. He HAS to fuque off
  6. Do you wonder if the reporters at the Stir might report what might have been another disaster, maybe?⏳
  7. Jos’s tash looked a tad less sparse..
  8. tonyem

    Chansiri kicking off

    Dear Sir, In answer to your kind enquiry. 1) Yes, No 2) Possibly.
  9. tonyem

    Chansiri kicking off

    End of his rain!
  10. tonyem

    Lee johnson

    It's true, it's true. I saw him talking out of it!
  11. Foul or no foul, this referee gives Bristol City everything, and gives us next to nothing!
  12. You bet your life! They also KNOW they can equalise, because it’s been set up for them.
  14. Will they publish a song sheet of anthems from that there conference? I’d like to learn the words to “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn”.
  15. Dear Wigan, **** 0ff Yours, Will Griggs P.S. Please put the cat out, I've just stroked it, and ... he's on fire.