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  1. l heard that he's playing for Sunderland.
  2. i gather that there's been quite a few on OT that's had too much of the Stuff tonight.
  3. Is this the latest STAR WARS Films " Attack of the Clones " then ?
  4. Maybe this chappie can improve things at S6.
  5. i see the Leeds Rhinos RL Band is doing a sterling job in the Super League.Leeds Rhinos are having a absolute shocker of a season so far.
  6. just be careful that you don't get mistaken for a couple of down and outs looking for left over takeaways.
  7. Expected Michael the bitter pig to come on and use the FH special to bash us over the head with it.But for some unknown reason he didn't shown up.
  8. WBA away in the 1990/91 season.Coming back from 1-0 down with 4 mins to go and winning 2-1 with goals from T Francis and P Shirtliff.Went Abosolutey Ballistic when the winner went in so much so i twisted my ankle celebrating.
  9. heard he's been donated to the charity shop instead over being binned.
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