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  1. Certainly not.me. we phooked off just before HT when Blackburn scored the third.
  2. Absolute right.Though my partner had the the sense to drag me out of S6 When Blackburn scored their third.
  3. i'll let my old man know,He's a retired Electrician.He'll soon put you right.
  4. i was talking about Sat tbh but as you quite rightly say,this club is starting to lose the plot under DC.
  5. Yep.Thank god we're not playing Toytown this season.Because you can see them next season if they win promotion, coming to S6 and getting not just one but all three points
  6. Too b****y right. 'The Highway to Hell' is where SWFC is at the moment under his stewardship.
  7. Got back into our flat round about 4.15pm with still 25/30 mins of the game left.My partner's battered 15 year old Ford KA was a lot quicker than that pathetic shower.
  8. This more or less sums up the mood on Owlstalk right now after yesterday's horror show.
  9. Really starting to dread that one given how well Millwall are doing at present.
  10. Remember it very well,especially for Colin West's awful miss in the first few minutes of that game.45 mins later we were 5-0 down.left the ground after they scored the fifth.
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