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  1. Agreed 100/% we're just two or three quality players short of being a very good top 6 side,Just need to cut out the silly mistakes and lapses in concentration from the back four.
  2. Those two certainly going to find themselves in a right jar of Branstons with SYP.
  3. Central League was for Football League Teams in the North and the Football Combination League was for the Football League Clubs in the Midlands and the South.If i'm not mistaken.
  4. Never mind the Chuckle Brothers,We've got the Chutney Brothers on Owlstalk.
  5. Word of warning though.Avoid the Owlstalk Politics Section.Down there no one can hear you scream.
  6. Is this the new face of Football Holiganism, but the only difference is that it's not rival supporters scrapping with each other but home supporters turning on each other ?
  7. And that's why we can't bring in the extra quality needed to turn us into Top 6 Outfit especially after watching the last 3 fixtures.It's the signing of some many of these average players on big contracts is the reason why we've nearly fallen foul of P/S or FFP rules.The player recruitment policy needs a complete overhaul in my view.
  8. Agreed totally. One question i loved to see answered is ' What on earth possessed us to sign a player for £8m that has been totally out of form for the last 2/3 seasons previously?
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