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  1. That's all going to depend if there's a second deadly COVID-19 outbreak round about september onwards.I would like to think that we might get the football up and running again in the 2020/2021 season be it behind closed doors but somehow i very much doubt it.
  2. No Football till at least the 2021/22 season if we're lucky and even then most of it will be played behind closed doors.Crowds will eventully return to grounds in 2022/23.
  3. Heard that S36 OWL's dogs were baiting him whilst in Greno Woods.
  4. Still remember it very vividly because me and a mate of mine got into the ground via Booths scrapyard which was at the back of the away end.
  5. It was the Sunderland connection that had me thinking that it might be Michael Gray.
  6. One of my top 5 all time Goals.What a absolute screamer.
  7. Colin West one of our worst ever strikers to go alongside the likes of Kim Olsen tbh.
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