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  1. Nearly got caught out there by messing about with the ball In our own half
  2. Sadly, Still remember that one even over 30 years later.Possibly, the most painful game that I’ve watched at S6
  3. Tough game tonight.Crossing fingers for a win 2-1 Come on Wednesday.
  4. Welcome to the house for the Criminally Insane.just as You thought you were out, They pulled you back in again.
  5. And to think,just a few weeks later, We beat Man Utd at Wembley in the LCF.
  6. Another hap hazard performance from the lads tonight and their’ll be getting a GCSE Level D. D which stands for Dunces.
  7. Anyone remember the time that we got the Cold Shower Treatment in the away dressing room and the end result was a 4-0 hammering? John Beck the then Manager of Cambridge was the main culprit.
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