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  1. I Reckon the Porcine Filth should take a lesson from Schalke fans on how to do a proper Car Park protest.
  2. This is what happens when the team coach drives off without them.
  3. That's what I'm thinking. It's quite possible that they could either purchase a MLS Franchise or a Chinese Super League Club.
  4. Absolutely. Most of it self inflicted
  5. Great point. Also 100 + years of English Footballing Heritage would have vanished at a stroke and replaced with the the US Sporting Model of Closed Shops and Franchises just like the NFL , MLB , NBA etc had the ESL succeeded.
  6. I'd imagine it I'll be the same in Matlock as well given there's a fair few of us and Derby fans.
  7. Absolutely Spot on.And they're all owned by US Billionaires except Liverpool which is owned by FSG.
  8. Would Have been Egg on your face if we hadn't tonight.
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