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  1. is that the year that Huddersfield Finally lose their long unbeaten run.
  2. Sadly,we may have get use to the idea that in the near future,a number of fixtures involving ourselves will be played on a Sun.
  3. I didn't realise that the Dingles had any long lost relatives round here
  4. How ironic that the title of this thread should be C**pper because he has the look of someone who has had a bad case of the S**Ts.
  5. Every time i listen to his utter bile, i'm really struggling to get some air.
  6. Evening all.BBQ Pork Loin Steaks,Salad And Jacket Spuds.Just got some Demestos to kill all known germs just in case "Michael the Bitter Pig" infects FH like he normally does on a Fri.
  7. Jesus!!! Garry Monk's only been in the job two days and already he's been slaughtered.Who ever suggested that GM is a dreadful appointment deserves a slap in the face.
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