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  1. Was on that train that day as well and i was absolutely soaked to the bone.Some of the lads were down to their vests and underwear given how wet their clothes were and had to take them off.Got back in the house round about 3.30am
  2. What stands out for me being on that slow train back to Sheffield is that we played 3 card Bragg with Cards that were absolutely Soggy.
  3. Another nail in the coffin for the tradtional 3pm Sat Kick Off i'm afraid.
  4. 1982/83 season was the one where some of them starting chucking bins at us and nearly 40 years on that still sticks in my mind.Completely Different Stamford Bridge now to what it was then.
  5. Never Mind ( Midsummer Night ) Dreams more like a ' Nightmare on Stamford Bridge' especially in the 80's.Some of the stuff that went off in and around there was really naughty, Especially in and round Fulham Broadway and Paddington LU Stations.
  6. Standing on the Ponty End at Oakwell in 1990/91 Season was also very intimidating especially when some of the Barnsley fans started screaming those who they thought were Wednesday fans. Thankfully, managed to stay calm to the last minute when Carlton Palmer scored.
  7. Fast forward 9 years to 1984 last match of the season, same ground only difference there were over 9,000 of us at the away end.But that didn't stop the Cardiff fans from trying to wind us up.
  8. Remember it very well. Thankfully we came on the ICO Train that day.
  9. Man City's Maine Road in the 1983/84 Season.Being pelted with Bottles and Bricks whilst waiting to get into the away end.Justice done in the end though. Won 2-1
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