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  1. I seem to remember at the end of the last season loads on here saying we were that poor we'd drop straight out of league one! My prediction was a stabilising season with a the new squad, upper mid table then a push for promotion 22/23. We've done way better than I was expecting, only lost 9 games all season. Darren Moore has done a great job galvanising this team. It's time to give him some more support at the matches too, been oddly quiet in that respect.....
  2. Never has a manager done so well and got so little support from the fanbase.... Rubs chin and ponders....
  3. Yes, absolutely my man. You couldn't ask for Moore this season really.
  4. Yep, newest squad, not played together before lost 9 out of 44 games.... Way better than I expected this season. I love our fans but they are not all realistic. Moore has done a good job.
  5. A game in hand, we're making that top 6 no worries. Let's no get carried away with a loss, we've had very few all season. Onwards!
  6. It's still not over. We've had a brilliant run recently. Can't win them all but if we lose today I'm still sure we'll make top 6.
  7. Come on Wednesday. It only takes a second to score a goal, we've got more than one second. We could score two.
  8. It's like when you buy a new car but then it fails the MOT even though it doesn't need one.
  9. Well played Wednesday. By far the better team. Should have been 2 or 3 nil up by half time. NML was great on the wing. Moore made some decent changes. A decent night out if not a goalfest. Good job Wednesday, Good job Darren Moore!
  10. No, I'd rather eat a block of butter and butter isn't even in my top three spreads.
  11. I said it over and over today. Findus. Fish Fingers. Wicker. Confidence. Shirley Crabtree. Easy.
  12. We're going to win this. I've not been so confident since I strode down the Wicker with a hot Birds Eye Fish Finger.
  13. Easy, Easy, Wimbleton are going down like Haystacks.
  14. This is going to be a cracker. Wimbleton do not have the power to deal with the Wednesday power!
  15. Basically we're beating the mighty Cheltenton by three clear goals! Therefore we are terrific.
  16. Great stuff again! Moore is great, the best we've had for years!!
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