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  1. flo

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Kieran Lees goal vs Rotherham away to make it 3-2. Maddest 10 mins ever.
  2. You don't need to play well for all the 90 minutes.
  4. Why don't we build a new stadium in Spain and win La Liga? seems sensible.
  5. flo

    75 Today !

    Adam Reach should bring back 'the skip' celebration.
  6. flo

    75 Today !

    Why did players always do a funny skip whenever they scored back then?
  7. no its in the University students union building.
  8. Following exceptional demand from supporters, the highly-acclaimed film ‘All Wednesday’ will have an additional showing in Sheffield. The Owls-dedicated movie, directed by lifelong Wednesdayite Matt Exton, premiered to a sold-out audience at the Showroom Cinema earlier this month. Matt received a standing ovation after the maiden screening attended by over 250 Owls fans. Now, supporters can look forward to a second showing, this time at the Sheffield University Film Unit in the city centre. The film will screen on Tuesday 6 November, with a 7.00pm start. All tickets are priced £10. The event is jointly hosted by the Wednesday Week podcast, which featured an in-depth interview with Matt on the night of the premiere. All Wednesday, produced in partnership with the club, features a host of searching pieces with Owls supporters of all eras, charting their unique journeys following SWFC. The feature length film boasts exclusive footage never seen before elsewhere and is the first of its kind dedicated to the fans of a football club. The premiere was attended by Wednesday captain Tom Lees, who said: “Myself and some of the staff, along with hundreds of Wednesdayites, crammed into the cinema and I have to say the film is absolutely brilliant. “Matt really has done a great job and it was a pleasure to meet him along with many fans who attended. The film really does show in a very personal way what this club represents and the lives it changes and the stories it creates. “As a player it really brought home just how many players have worn these colours, run out of our tunnel and created moments that mean so much to people. I hope that during my time at the club, I have contributed to something that people remember like the moments in the film.” Matt added: “I’d say the whole journey so far has been incredible. I was overwhelmed at the reaction from the initial screening from the fans and the club, and it’s a moment I’ll never forget. “I’m humbled by some of the comments I’ve received and am touched by the messages of support throughout. It really does go to show what an amazing fan base we have.” CLICK HERE to reserve tickets for All Wednesday which will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
  9. That's close to Huddersfield form
  10. flo

    Reach nominated

    I've voted.
  11. flo

    I wonder if DC...

    It could be argued that we came close enough for 2 years to justify the big spending and also you cant guarantee anything especially in the championship, so making the play offs two years in a row is a good effort by people at the club. We didn't do as well last year but that happens as players get worse, other teams get better, injuries etc. This is the nature of the Championship. Overall being a football fan is about the enjoyment and to be honest them two years were very fun to support the team and i still have fun supporting the team so i am OK LOL
  12. flo

    OK..No clean sheet..but

    Nope that will be Morgan Fox's fault.