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  1. When i was younger (about 3) i was always scared of the ground falling down. i couldn't understand how it could hold up so much metal and people.
  2. Snodgrass tweet

    he deserves everything he gets. apart from the good stuff.
  3. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Neil Swarbrick is a turdroaster.
  4. Bristol fans have no clue whatsoever. they should of picked one of the goals for all to vote for and they would be leading. shocking tactics.
  5. Bumpy Ride

    Its going to be even bumpier in Europa league next season.
  6. Jos post-match interview

    HHes saving players for the FA cup. we may as well try and win it.
  7. Wales Online Poll

    lets wait and see.
  8. You never know he may have good year next year and get back on form.
  9. >You never know in the championship
  10. Wales Online Poll

    still 60%
  11. If we dont win today i reckon we can officially forget promotion.