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  1. Cutest cat competition. Which stand makes the best pancakes.
  2. About six years ago they used to race a home and an away supporter in one of them zorb balls. That was alright.
  3. Roberto Firmino Rhodes Dunno Hooper Atmosphere Stadium Alright
  4. Will the midweek games count for next round. They are some of the rescheduled games from the 4th round which have been brought forward instead of back as well as the stoke Swansea game on Saturday. The only problem is Nottingham forest and reading both play twice during the next round of fixtures due to them having games rescheduled for the FA cup as well as their rescheduled postponed game from October.
  5. Only one point off the play offs as it stands.
  6. We'll the geniuses on here, including me, make Forest the most popular pick.
  7. not everyone is as good as a Liverpool player.
  8. I think he's in the top 10 strikers in the country on paper.
  9. I've thought of a good idea for Chansiri. A 50 year season ticket.
  10. But from my idea I would buy the club, invest and win the Prem
  11. If I had a couple of million I'd buy about 22 thousand of the seats in the ground on a 10 year deal then rent them out season by season and you would make a huge amount if we didn't get promoted in the next 5 or so years. Maybe an idea for dragons den?
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