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  1. If we win every game and we realise the solution to our problems. It's the fans fault.
  2. I Reckon you could say the same about most championship players. As in they are a decent player on their day.
  3. I'm missing it slightly as England would of done well at the euros. Great fun to watch in the summer in the pub. I'm not missing league football though.
  4. No we only bid for 2018 We Couldn't bid for 2022 as they don't host in the same continent consecutively.
  5. People like to put Sheffield down but ive been to most other cities in England and it's easily top 4. I imagine these people are trying to comparing it to Paris, Barcelona, New York
  6. Oh. Lol I disagree then I don't think there is a significant difference at all in attacking height over time.
  7. But Barcelona haven't had height in attack in many years. I put it down to the brilliance of Messi being able to pretty much dictate any attack they play on the ground and make it work more often than not.
  8. I don't think the English national team is any different physically to other sides so it's not just an English thing. France and Croatia teams were both tall and physical last world cup.
  9. They should be allowed 1 fan for each team who stands near the microphones and cheers and sings the songs.
  10. When I was working as I spy for MI5 in 1979 and caught in Soviet Union I was sent to an enemy of the state community outside Kharkiv. Turns out one of the guards was watching Wednesday 6 - 0 Leeds and I saw him doing the Reda Jermaine dance. I said let me go. He did.
  11. The MLS players Union release wages for their clubs. Rooney was on about £54k a week.
  12. Would be one of the funniest things to happen in football history.
  13. It thought it would be Rooney for highest player but Derby are not a southern club. So maybe Derby were one of the teams to not respond.
  14. Chansiris son Att stitched all the kits together for the last 5 seasons, did all the paperwork and contracts, interviewed managers, interviewed players, improved the academy, mans all the turnstiles and answers all the phone calls. Give him a break guys hes only 15.
  15. Also they have added more cars in the car park. They are not cheapy
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