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  1. FIFA 18

    Thats his weight.
  2. Kieran Lee has improved as his goalscoring has improved since Carlos arrived.
  3. Im usually not. But i have a feeling.
  4. I still feel realxed guys. Im chill about this. Its one of them comebacks that will be historic.
  5. 5-0 Van Aken 2 mins Lee 4 mins Wallace 9 mins Nuhiu 60 mins Loovens 85 mins
  6. Im 97% excited 3% nervous I think we will win.
  7. Alexa

    So you can have a pal.
  8. Carlos To Do A Brian Laws

    Kieran Lee last minute. Or nuhiu for the laugh.
  9. Kop not sold out shocker

    Orange fruckin srats lucky basatwrd.
  10. Wdedensedat will win 5-o ill will kicm gmyou in the balls. Ill put fire on your head until your alnost dead and then we wil castrate you.
  11. It doesnt take long to count to 864. Took me a few seconds.
  12. Sheffield Wednesday Badges

    Best thread in a while.