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  1. Disheartened8

    Id rather Nuhiu score and we draw than us win.
  2. Nuhiu

    Should be starting.
  3. Kieran Lee goal away at Rotherham. I loved that moment.
  4. Safe travel to everyone going. Dont get lost. Thats my advice.
  5. We are going to win FA cup this season so may as well give up on the league.
  6. He said he was 100% before Bristol. Some maths has happened.
  7. Makes perfect sense to me. I do have a good knowledge in football though so that helps.
  8. Us and them

    Fans can be angry but shouldnt abuse players. Thats what causes disconnect. The player do try but sometimes in football you play badly.
  9. Hope

    Yes, We need 3 points good idea pal.
  10. marco matias

    He was too cold.