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  1. Thread of the year so far. Never had such a simple stream.
  2. Nuhiu drives a Porsche. Let a Porsche through a narrow road around Endcliffe yesterday, it was him. Gave him a nod, he gave me a nod. All cool. No drama.
  3. Have you got a picture when it was actually taken because he's not even started his run up there.
  4. Thorniley is goalie? Terrible decision from Monk
  5. You will get the refund probably. Just a mistake someone made at the till. Also I might be wrong with those card machines you don't get a receipt when paying contactless as it's supposed to be quick. To get a receipt you might have to chip and pin. May be wrong though. DONT pay by chip and pin though because if your stood in front of me I will attack you.
  6. Just do what I do. Arrive with a toiletry bag, wave it at them and say "I'm a player" and they let you drive right through.
  7. Charlton don't like us for some reason. They are like Brighton.
  8. I always thought João was good he scored regularly. People wrote him off because he was inconsistent when most players are inconsistent outside the top 7-8 of the Prem.
  9. I never knew it had anything to do with Tango. Now I do know. Tango bad.
  10. I just watched the advert. Thanks guys.
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