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  1. doesnt happen often but if a defender handballs on goal line then a goal should be given. Suarez 2010 world cup for example.
  2. im going to be boring and say i think they will stay the same.
  3. the youth are the most anti-religion of all
  4. It comes from the Latin word "Sheffieldwednesday" which means to be poo at football and never do anything good.
  5. Or maybe the top teams take it more seriously than they used too?
  6. Forestieri plays for Johor Darul Tazim of Malaysia
  7. Who's going to win? Can't see past Liverpool scoring 3 or 4 if I'm honest.
  8. I would say another 30 - 40 years. Something around 2058
  9. Why play Holding instead of Ben White? Ridiculous. White is one of the best defenders in Prem.
  10. Chris Lines released from Stevensage. Only 36
  11. I'm sure if Sunderlands goal was ruled out by car then we would have celebrated. It works both ways.
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