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  1. David Hirsts birthday 7th December 1967
  2. Dawson Odubajo Iorfa Borner Reda Harris Lee Bannan Hutchinson Reach Fletcher
  3. I'm going for a Duvel tripel hop. Maybe a few of them and then on to the cheap lager as standard.
  4. It's because it's more dangerous to counter attack with fast players sprinting forward chasing a kick from our own area, than having one player stood trying to control a long ball. For eg. If Dawson catches the ball and kicks it into space there is a good chance a fast player such as Harris is going to get it if every opposition player is within 25 yards of our goal.
  5. Probably in top 5 players over last 10 years when taking into account his contributions.
  6. It's only the possible punishment, I don't know any more, so not that confidential.
  7. The charges for the club are a 15 point deduction and a 3.2 million fine which is going to tribunal. We are blaming auditors for it. Source is one of those auditors.
  8. For the first time ever I am actually in the know. We are currently appealing a 15 point deduction and a 3.2 million pound fine as it has gone to a tribunal and we are blaming auditors. Sauce : one of the auditors that is in the poo.
  9. Last time I went to meadowhall I worked down a row of shops, turned round, back down the same row and then left.
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