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  1. Hutchinson not wearing blue, pretty sure hes on his way out.
  2. flo

    1st fixtures

    West Brom h Brentford A
  3. Burton on new years day. has put me off for a while tbh.
  4. Usually not bothered about England but im well up this world cup for some reason. Went mad when we scored yesterday.
  5. I would play the same team as tunisia but start Rashford instead of Lingard.
  6. flo


    Watching the World Cup. its actually been fun to watch.
  7. we should win the cup next season or it will be dissapointment.
  8. Because we spent more on the training facilities and youth development.
  9. AAHHHHH i was soooo close. Only missed Lee coming on as a sub.
  10. Price Palmer Turner Semedo Bennett Sougou Mcgugan Helan Matias Sasso? Joao Hooper? Wallace (came on as a sub) Nuhiu (came on as sub)
  11. Players can be approached in the last month of their contract from other clubs in England.
  12. flo

    Danny Rose

    Hes actually a Ayr United fan
  13. Miguel Llera Fernando Forestieri Kieran Lee No reason in particular.