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  1. Yes it still exists. Obviously not 100% of people though.
  2. I think he'll keep monk as that's the cheapest thing to do and then get someone in for a league 1 rebuild the year after.
  3. Just tell them to go to the kelham island side of town then it's not a far walk after that.
  4. Every season for the the last 5 someone says it will be the weakest championship ever and it doesn't make any sense
  5. Vote for your favourite Nuhiu goal Winner in snow Vs Leeds Man City Preston Last minute Vs Watford
  6. Just put Palmer up front and see what happens.
  7. I don't mind that, it's like arguing about two people taking the centre which literally has no effect on the game.
  8. I wish they would sell garlic bread in the stands.
  9. Because the game is tomorrow. Literally got a month to sort everything out after tomorrow. And who knows whether he will be here for a significant time after tomorrow anyway.
  10. Strange locations as well. It is only being played on the built up side of Qatar so the area it's taking place is like having 8 stadiums from Sheffield to Leeds
  11. That literally has no effect on what to predict😆
  12. Surely if our deduction is -12 but we get ahead of Wigan then it won't be applied as well, so we have to get ahead of Wigan, and hope Hull don't win the next game as well as not letting Barnsley reach 48 points
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