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  1. I like McDonaldss chips.
  2. flo

    I miss this...

    Best goalie in Europe on his day.
  3. I hope it does get ugly, would be funny.
  4. I don't think I'm gonna go. It doesn't look like fun.
  5. flo

    Extended Highlights

    When Nuhiu misses at the end "YOU DONKEY YOU DONKEY"
  6. flo

    The art of misdirection...

    1. Yes 2. They don't or they got promoted 3. I don't think so.
  7. He can have it back when he gets better.
  8. flo

    Our fault again

    Yeah it's hard to play at Hillsborough well when your not very good. Shocks
  9. flo

    No money to sack him

    ill do it for free.
  10. flo

    Real owl

    Probably play better than our human players.
  11. flo

    Half Season Tickets

    I'm going to set up a business where I buy season tickets then sell each half of the season and rake in the profits.