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  1. Saw him on Eccy road, he said he's close to a new deal and will wear the number 9 shirt.
  2. There right now. Reyt busy for a week day compared to Sheff.
  3. People always lament about the cups not being what they were are the same people who say they don't care about them and that the league is the priority. All hypocrites
  4. Ones ballsac feels as if a deal is close
  5. Cahilll better pull himself up by his bootstrapping and sort out defence out. EFL second league is not far away.
  6. Lewis starting on his own will go down in history. Was incredibly funny.
  7. A player must work before his time comes, as we very much know.
  8. The whole cross it in and big guy score fallacy has been around for many a year and doesnt co exist with the game of Today
  9. Sounded like 60k were there UTO
  10. The team can't speak too the drivers on a formation lap so it was down to all the drivers. We heard Russell on the radio saying he thought everyone would come in, but the team are not allowed to respond to him. As Hamilton was first he had the hardest gamble to make, as when everyone saw Ocon come in, everyone could just follow him in. Ocon could have taken the safe choice and followed Hamilton but he made the right choice.
  11. Will sadly be always remembered for managing the most mind numbing game of football ever when we lost 3-0 to Burton on New Year's day. Not his fault mind, but that game has stuck in my mind.
  12. I've got a fantastic idea to serve people quicker. JUST SERVE CANS OF BOOZE AND A CUP ITS SO SIMPLE. CHANSIRI OUT!!!!!!!!
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