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  1. i think if dejphon stopped doing team talks int the changing rooms we may be top 6 in the PL right now?
  2. Couldn't Dejphon tell all Wednesday fans to put all their life savings on betting that Ivic is appointed, then appoint him, then fans invest winnings back into the club, thus making us the richest club in world football.
  3. I guarantee whoever we appoint will be sacked by next Christmas
  4. But what if they wish they could devour a cow because they hate cows, but don't like the taste so just want to pretend they are devouring a cow?
  5. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if we get a surprise Man U, Leicester or Villa title this year but Liverpool are still huge favourites Feels weird putting Manchester United in the surprise category.
  6. No idea who this guy is but I guess someone has to manage us.
  7. Chansiri should put all the season ticket money in bitcoin then give it to the fans, thus, making them all rich.
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