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  1. If you look at many teams they don't crowd around refs anymore because they will get booked which will eventually effect their season and refs won't change their decision. If you look at Prem teams now they don't react to any decisions by the ref but just get on with the game.
  2. Because we are more likely to score playing this way, they are more effective in the middle of the pitch and if they get the ball it is easier for them to get the ball to the full back on their side.
  3. It's quite difficult to get a player with the quality of Kieran Lee.
  4. I don't think our players would get on the end of any good deliveries anyway.
  5. flo

    Hector & Thorniley...

    Loovens was right footed but he was playing on the left side. So it can be done.
  6. Well the standard of the championship may have improved while these players haven't. So they may be performing but now they are not good enough.
  7. How do you know they are underperforming? This might just be how good they actually are.
  8. a lot of fans don't buy a membership because it's not worth it so it could easily be a sellout.
  9. Approximately 15,000,000. With the most popular being the Tawny Owl and the Little Owl.
  10. it' more effective to attack with players sprinting forward from the box on occasion than having 1 player up top who probably won't win the ball
  11. I just hope we get 6 games in before fans start saying they never thought Bruce would be the right man for us.