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  1. No because Sunderland also played on Saturday.
  2. I'm just addicted to Sheffield Wednesday.
  3. I'm not sure either but he does say he hasn't spoken about the 'situation'. Maybe they just talk about other things but the situation just hasn't been brought up yet in their chats.
  4. yessssssssssssssssssssssss
  5. COME!!! ON!!!!!! WEDNESDAY!!!!!!
  6. flo

    First 5 Fixtures

    Wigan away- Win Hull Home - Win Brentford Away - Draw Millwall Home - Loss Ipswich - Win
  7. flo

    Free agents

    Keisuke Honda. Good player
  8. flo

    Club 1867 ?

    minus 2
  9. flo

    Westwood linked with stoke

    Its nothing hes 100% staying.
  10. flo

    BBC Video of the brawl

    Its funny imo.
  11. flo


    Top of the league or win one of the cups. Nothing less.
  12. I dont think ill be going this year.