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  1. Good job Moore and his lads got us up for the game.
  2. He achieved a hell of a lot more than the ******* who followed him.
  3. Yep i was there, had my foot trampled by a police horse
  4. Thinking back to Nuhiu and the way he shielded the ball and held off his opponents..then i look at Paterson, what the hell is he ?..he aint a footballer thats for sure, cant hold the ball, no pace..just an awful player, even in all our dark days in the old 3rd division i cant think of one player worse than him...just garbage.
  5. Hate Bannan..crap at corners crap with free kicks..always trying little fancy passes that never come off, overated little t.t who is deffo not captain material..that is all.
  6. Compare Barry big rounduns Bannan to any of the Norwich midfielders and they are lightyears ahead as well, thought Pelle was our best player today.
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