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  1. Cook is the perfect fit for us at this moment in time but only Chansiri and his bunch of halfwits cant see it.
  2. Is that right ?..so you think Chansiri is doing a great job then ?
  3. We do support the club but not the idiot thats running it.
  4. Kieron Maguire reporting only Wednesday and Derby not submitted accounts for 2019.
  5. Of course he did, explain to us all how he ruined the club ?..he of great knowledge.
  6. You can also destroy a kid by totally ignoring them and not giving them a chance, think he is 20 years old thats not a kid in my book, Trevor Francis was top scorer in the old second division when he was 15.
  7. Would Adedoyen be any worse than what we have up front now ?
  8. We are ******** pathetic...seen some crap in the early 70s but these w@nkers are unreal.
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