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  1. Glad they put a proper shift in today. Obviously gutted and it's not that great coming bottom of the division. We'll be back, just hope we can do something we've not done for far too long and recruit sensibly. See you all next season!
  2. We are far too powerful today. We have more power in tactics and leg power.
  3. We're too strong in all departments, not only for Derby but all the other championship teams as well. We're the mighty Wednesday.
  4. I told you, we're going to do it, I'm about to explode with insecurity and Owl lust and banjo strum.
  5. This a really big game. The biggest since Kev from Sheffield won the Bullseye jackpot with two darts.
  6. I'm very excited about this line up. I think we'll be so powerful, too powerful for Nottingham Forest.
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