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  1. Magnificent footage! That 'voice over' is truly awful though. Enfield could have done it better! Roll on Tottenham!
  2. Absolutely, we first won the cup in 95/96 and they didn't win it until five years later. What move proof do you need that we'll beat Spurs too?
  3. Stockport, we'll need an easier one after Everton and Spurs...
  4. We've got a better record in our head to heads. Have faith! They don't have Harris....
  5. Be positive, it can't be 1966 again, we'll have them this time!
  6. So we've got those chancers. What's our odds of winning and are you over excited by it?
  7. Come on flower fingers, give us a good one!
  8. Big ball time folks! Reshmin has taken over!!
  9. He's a headmaster, that's all well and good but get the balls out mate!!
  10. This is absolutely bonkers! I can't dim my over excitement, come on, get on with it!!!!!!!!
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