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  1. Hold on to Darren, Hold on to his soft ear lobes, Be patient and kind, You might find, He'll have a spare spanner for your loose washer bearing, And a plaster in case you cut your fing finger on your new bath rug, Hold on to Darren.
  2. This game had it all. Awesome defending, Crew Alexandra and Bailey Cadamarteri's four goals. You can't beat that trio of delights. Great effort by the lads, top of the league!
  3. Easy, we're way too good for this lot. A goal for all to savour.
  4. Fleetwood Mac next or that's the rumour...... Another 3 points on the way.
  5. This is the most dangerous score line. We need at least one more to be sure.
  6. Glad they put a proper shift in today. Obviously gutted and it's not that great coming bottom of the division. We'll be back, just hope we can do something we've not done for far too long and recruit sensibly. See you all next season!
  7. We are far too powerful today. We have more power in tactics and leg power.
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