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  1. Adding to this great thread.... Are you a 'double choruser'? I think the songs usually build a quarter of the way through, get to the end loud, then start again only for everyone to get a bit worried of the 2nd time around and so decide to stop singing anywhere at all in the refrain. Anyone keep going right to the bitter end of round 2?
  2. I still can't get my head around Paul Warhurst's transformation. He'd never been a striker yet watching this again proves how absolutely deadly he was. Unbelievable finishing and confidence. Almost played up front for England I recall! Then, out of nowhere, it all stopped and he went back to being a defender for the rest of his career. Most queer.
  3. Exactly, it couldn't have gone more backwards without really heading forwards again! Bitter sweet video for sure.
  4. A great watch. My over riding memory was going through the start of the season with some good performances but struggling to get the wins. Felt like it just wasn't clicking. I went to the States for three months after Christmas and found if difficult to find out the results. Couldn't believe it when I saw we were 4th and Warhurst had somehow become our striker! Unbelievable times. Back in time to see the semi final win at Wembley, Chris Waddle, thank you! What do you remember from the season?
  5. Just watched it on catch up. Seems like yesterday, Chris Waddle, absolutely superb. Wonderful to see it again yet thoroughly depressing!
  6. Chest up, knees straight, boots on, Wednesday can win.
  7. We'll be driving forward today. A win is possible.
  8. Brentford are not as good as City in my opinion. We can hold on for a point I believe.
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