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  1. He was fast, so fast that the ball often couldn't keep up with what he wanted to do with it, so it decided to do something different instead. Loved JJ!
  2. Used to love it when they played that Sheffield band's song at Hillsborough. The fans made even more of a racket than on the single! Imre's favourite!!
  3. It's a steady state performance, not exceptional but yet containing a goal.
  4. Imre says 'get me a glass of milk!' I got him one.
  5. Who's moaning? we could score in this game, or the next, or the one after that. I don't think we will score in the one after that though. I think that might be a 0-0. Still, that would be a clean sheet so still positive.
  6. Only a matter of time before we score again. Could be this one or the first one next season or the second one next season.
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