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  1. Get him out now, one good game every so often is not good enough. Overall this season has not been good enough. Time to move on and get someone in who plays players where there supposed to. Absolute joke
  2. Working here, just trotted over to Denmark for the blonds and the Wednesday game.
  3. A defender that has a tackling weekness lol. Playing him up front then.
  4. The tombola machine has been kind to him today
  5. will be playing centre half then at the weekend
  6. Where missing a 6ft+ beast up top. But the main thing we're missing is a manager who knows WTF he's doing
  7. Ok sacking this poo off for the 2nd half. Got some paint to watch dry
  8. If anyone watching this thinks we're anywhere near promotion material they need committing. Getting a joke this side.
  9. Sooo, the big questions. Which min is hutch going to..... A. Get booked B. Go down injured
  10. Bet your still hoping Jeffers and Rhodes are going to come good as well
  11. Agree, he's potentially a luxury player if the rest of the team perform well. When we're playing crap and need everyone chipping in with high work rate were basically down to 10 men to begin with.
  12. Not sure I agree, we've down glimpses in 10 min spells, where players come out, pressure the opposition constantly and we look good. Then we stop doing the pressing and we look crap again. It's basics like pressing that's all that's needed in this division. Rotherham worked this out from the start, they press constantly and turn the ball over and eventually get a break, We're too passive and let the opposition pass around with no pressure at all. This is down to the manager IMO, and if he's telling them to do it and there note then he's lost the dressing room and needs to go.
  13. don't care anymore at the moment. Win or loss I just want a change and something different. things just aren't moving, we aren't getting better, if anything its getting worse game by game.
  14. If a result like this results in Moore going then I'll take it. No way he can survive after this, can be?
  15. There's just one simple thing they can ALL do, doesn't need talent or skill. Run, run and run. Just pressure the opposition into mistakes, it worked before against these, it worked against Rotherham. Just so the basics first and things can happen. Total joke this performance, just zero effort shown and that stems from the manager. You think pep or klop would put up with this lack of running
  16. What a joke, they might have well have taken a huge dump into a sack and posted it to the traveling fans.
  17. Sack him now, only way to save our season. The players are clueless
  18. Because he's an idiot, will get him sacked eventually
  19. Here we go again with the naff radio sheff around the grounds. Shocking for a paid service.
  20. I thought you were going to post Moore taking one of these into the dressing room
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