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  1. I still say mic up the ref's so you can here everything like in rugby. Would soon sort out any decent.
  2. Bye fizz hope you do well at your next club next season.
  3. Not sure, doesn't win headers, can't hold the ball, often results in disrupting decent passing sequences, no pace. Shithousery is about it.
  4. not sure why we're down as fav's to win the league. Anyone watching that today would describe us as a half decent midtable side doing a smash and grab job on a playoff hopefull.
  5. 2nd half worked ok for me. Switched the VPN to Spain and didn't kick me out at all. Didn't improve the quality of the football though unfortunately.
  6. Gone to my IPTV option, ifollow keeps kicking me out every 10 mins or so even on vpn. I mean come on, I pay for ifollow to support the club and it still forces me onto the dodgy route. Not going to bother next season and stick with IPTV
  7. surely this is nothing to do with football or anything around that, its just how your brought up in life. if you need 'lessons' to stop you feeling up women improperly then there's something wrong.
  8. I suspect you'll find it'll be audio only unless you use the VPN
  9. Says none UK only for the video stream. So VPN it is
  10. not convinced with the new sky score/team logs in the top left.
  11. serious question.... can we still throw around plastic pigs ?
  12. Problem I see is he gets a little pissed off. With not having a left footed CB on that side the defender doesn't seem comfortable in giving him the ball down the line. He's in space all the time yet the defender keeps going back across to hunts side. Which results in Johnson just thinking what's the point.
  13. His first interview with us started sounded the alarm bells for me. They asked him what kind of a keeper he was, he replied saying he wasn't a shouter and quite quiet, liked to let his performances do the talking etc. Good start mate. We have the stellar performance and the defensive organisation of a 6 year olds 5 a side game. If Dawson doesn't start the next game and he has another game like this Moore needs his head looking at.
  14. Most clean sheets I believe, question is, was it the defenders or the keeper.? I know which one I'm betting on it being.
  15. Called this last week. The guy does not come for crosses and he's just not mobile enough. It's like watching pressman in his Twilight years, clearly getting past his best, can do a job but not good enough.
  16. I think with bash it's a tricky one, out of contact so we need to show he's going to get games by starting him. Hopefully sign the contract then play some others.
  17. Ok I suppose, would have liked to see vaulks. But let's see. Smash em Wednesday.
  18. Half time water show in the pitch apparently
  19. Starting Patto at right back is the equivalent of putting on a blindfold and telling your mate to kick you in the balls. You've no idea when he's going to do it but it will happen and it's going to cost you.
  20. The footballing god's are smiling on us at least and helping to keep Patto away from the starting lineup.
  21. need to cut down on these teams constantly abusing the long throw. you'll have say a left back with a long throw and they constantly let him walk 60 yards across the pitch as slow as he can to take the throw, only for him to throw it short
  22. course I am. Give it till 15:05 and knowing Wednesday we'll be wishing the season could be reset.
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