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  1. true they were all over Bannan when he launched his 8th wonder pass straight out of play
  2. There's one simple thing that needs to be drilled into them. Its been proven to work when we do it. Pressure, When we pressured them high they made mistakes, either hitting it long or hitting it out of play. However it needs all the players to do this not just 2 or 3. At times Patterson or just one other would pressure them and they'd pass round him because there was no one else doing the same, when this happens it all brakes down. Leeds do in the prem and it works. This doesn't require technically gifted players just a TEAM that's been well training to do this. Get it sorted Mo
  3. Just got to be realistic. At the moment we're looking at forth from bottom at best. This is now a team of workers, very limited technically. When we fail to work hard we look poor. We stopped the pressing that worked at times. Just look a Leeds, everyone presses constantly, when we do the same we cause problems not sure why we quickly give it up when it works
  4. What is wrong with reach? Had space to run into but never uses it. Half the time he's going back
  5. Monk has got to be too blame for they second goal, they setup the marking for set pieces. Why the fek had he got Harris marking Tony???
  6. to be honest, over the last few games we've practically bypassed midfield with the root 1 tactics.
  7. Monk has got to be up. for this game, any other year he would have been sacked after the last time we played Brentford.
  8. I'd have started Dele, just for some muscle and bite in midfield. Got to be some passing tactics tonight. If Monk goes long he needs sacking.
  9. got to say Monk's got balls with that attacking team. or he's lost it
  10. I just see "Napoleons Casinos" and think Cretin and Scum for some reason ... not sure why
  11. Also Birmingham broke ffp and only got hit with a 9pt deduction. Then proceed to spit in the face of the league's transfer restrictions and buy a player in Jan for X million when they needed to sell a player. One rule for then and another for us.
  12. Doom fishing again. Had one yesterday about an update on the appeal. The update was there was no update.
  13. And to think he constantly gets mentioned as John Terrys supposed successor. Deluded
  14. They've done that for years. Constantly going round the grounds when nothings happened, and chatting about random crap during the game instead of telling us what the hell is going on.
  15. Very lucky, had QPR written as over that performance. Shocking tactics for the last 20 mins
  16. Never a pen but it's about time we had players who take advantage of situations like that
  17. Not impressed, we pay a premium for I follow coverage. Not radio Sheffield tagged into the feed
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