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  1. normally i'd be quite hopeful about the Wigan game, but i'm really starting to dread it now. Fear a real battering next week.
  2. Just hope that there's a marked improvement next week at Wigan but there again knowing Wednesday it'll will be same as today.
  3. Nothing much to say about today's performance TBH.Another bad day at the office.
  4. Very Very Lucky Wednesday. Nearly going a goal down.
  5. just stick to RS tbh. Rob Staton and John Pearson doing the rounds this afternoon.
  6. Just got back in this minute after a long hard night shift and three points would be a perfect pick up. COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS!!
  7. And to think that there are some on here that wanted him as our manager.
  8. you've got it buddy.AFC Wimbledon i'm looking forward to in a few weeks time.Not MK Franchise.
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