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  1. Ref gave us nothing all match
  2. Nothing special, we stood off him n he picked his spot
  3. Quality from Bannon and great run from Matias. Waiting for the inevitable slating he'll get for missing it ...
  4. No formation, just bomb forward as much as possible
  5. A win on Saturday...maybe?
  6. NewquayOwl


    As a club are we allowed to report him? At the very least we should be asking for his decisions to be clarified, especially the 'one' foul Villa committed over 96 minutes, not including the blatant penalty in the first half or the blatant professional foul by John Terry in the second.
  7. Pudil is only one I'd offer new contract to. Took his chance in the back three and made it his own.
  8. That can't be reyt, must be a mistake
  9. Like what he's got to say, making the right noises...either that or his PR agent is training him well
  10. Referee is a joke. Knew Pudil was going to get sent off from his booking in the first half.
  11. NewquayOwl

    Jos’s debut

    Just listened to his interview... 'good situation' is the new 'opposites'
  12. NewquayOwl

    Sean Clare

    Just shows if u knuckle down, go out on loan and gain valuable experience u could force yourself into the manager's plans. This isn't a swipe at Carlos but this clean slate is for everyone.
  13. Thanks for the memories Carlos, was a great rollercoaster ride n some of the football was superb. Wish you all the best for the future and hope most will remember the better parts of your tenure here.
  14. NewquayOwl

    Wednesday 1 : 2 Middlesbrough OMDT

    9 points?????? We'd be back in the race then...woohoo
  15. NewquayOwl

    Ross Wallace

    Been awful this season...offers nothing, not even goals now