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  1. And yet is still one of our joint top goalscorers
  2. Ffs, get Shaw off for Paterson. He's offered nothing all match
  3. We have no urgency! Just stroking it around as tho we are 2-1 up
  4. Think Wildsmith is like a Fussball keeper... can't come off his line, just goes side to side
  5. Gone for Bannan but everyone played magnificently. Please play like that for the rest of the season lads
  6. Thought Urhogide, Börner, Pelupessy and Bannan had good games but went for Rhodes...tireless running n 2 goals WAWAW
  7. Not that I profess to be any kind of tactician or management genius but blooding Galvin in the first team for the rest of the season would be a good idea imo
  8. Think the slating of one of our players that actually gives his all is unjustified. He was the only one who ran back to the goal to try to defend any loose ball. He lashed out with his foot to try to stop it going to their player behind him and unfortunately took a bad touch. If they all gave as much of a throw, like him, we wouldn't be in the position we're in!
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