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  1. Rooney now apologising again about how he continually seems to end up in hotel rooms with women other then his wife. The guys a joke, I think if he wasn't ex man u and possibly capable of bagging a couple of decent loans Derby would be showing him the door.
  2. see thats all i'm asking for an update. F all happening. cheers
  3. got to say this has been the best match day thread ever. top work everyone
  4. And I bet you went right ahead and got 2 more tickets that then went on to win feck all
  5. Boo boo , your crap, get back to your own club , booooo. Welcome to Wednesday mate, just a small sample of what to expect at some stage.
  6. Got a feeling he's going to spend more time on the treatment table than on the pitch
  7. I'd say large indoor events such as night clubs where their all packed in like sardines yes. Open air events like football stadiums probably not so much. But organisers can do what they want, personally at Wednesday they should announce that you don't needed a jab so you attend at your own risk. People in the art risk category should be offered a socially distances area. Anyone else with a session ticket who still isn't happy should be offered with a refund it an alternative iFollow pass.
  8. yep. Or is this as case of Att Chansiri actually running the show, now dad's stepping in to clean up the poo show
  9. He's right though, you often get A team having a random season and come out of nowhere pushing for promotion. A team relegated from the prem throwing their parachute payments around A team spending above their means going for it A team with a 10 year plan of buying a selling and slowly building up Fans were happing for him to throw the cash around at the time and it failed for various reason. I don't think the fans are patient enough to allow anyone to have a 10 year+ plan to get everything in place, that's the reality
  10. the video was going so well then we have the Dawson and Wildsmith
  11. Got to be something related. He took a team that had been drilled and coached by Bruce all preseason that by Christmas was only a couple of points off the top (all throughout this period Monk continued to say he had zero time with the players to imprint his own ideas due the volume of games). Then he had the Christmas break to get his ideas across and things nosedived spectacularly. should have gone at the end of that season and would have done if the fans were in the stadium.
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