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  1. iFollow

    Exactly!!! it's like going to the cops and saying, "I've been growing marijuana in my guage for the past few weeks, I'm I ok to start selling it out side the local school?"
  2. Wednesday frontrunners soon

    The problem we've always had is we bottle the vital games. There's been many many games where I've said"win this and we'll be 3rd, 2nd, 1st" and we always blow it. It's like it's in our DNA that when were presented with an opportunity we say no thanks I'll take the hard option please.
  3. Van aken

    if he carries on like he has he'll be gone in Jan for big ££££££
  4. gutted

    not sure about the offside. the ball looks level with the player
  5. iFollow

    working here
  6. David Garrido

    Clearly a closet gay. Step out of the shadows my friend we're not here to judge.
  7. David Garrido

    throw up between these two, literally
  8. IFollow quality

    When i've used it for the away game's its worked fine. think it stuttered once during the rangers game and thats it. Quality's been ok as well , although some camera work has been well dodgy with fast panning all the time giving me a headache by the end.
  9. IFollow for tonights match

    Anyone tried a macbook yet?
  10. IFollow for tonights match

    At the ground now, using my phone I can connect and it's saying watch on I follow so strange one how my pc always says register on I follow.
  11. IFollow for tonights match

    done that for the last few games and its working fine. Seems to have changed now. or they've just updated the icons and it'll become active later
  12. i'm off to the game but was planning to let my dad watch the game as he's ill so not coming. Thought I'd start setting it up for him but now all i'm getting is "Register on IFollow". Anyone else getting the same?
  13. Team 4 Brentford

    I'd love to see João get a start if we rest Fletcher. But I feel cc feels he got to try and shoe horn Rhodes into the team some how. Thought João should have come on in the last game with his pace to give Forrest the run around for the last few mins.
  14. Joao - It's Time

    At the moment I've got as much of playing. Fletch, hooper, Rhodes, FF and even Dave, yes Dave are ahead of him. Only chance we have of seeing him is injuries or the cup games.
  15. No Nando

    I hope people give the guy a chance when he plays and don't start getting on his back. None of us know what actually wen't off behind the scenes, so hopefully the fans don't turn on him and destroy arguably our best player