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  1. Go on big lad. I can see that £100 mill bid from man city already in the fax machine ready to hit send.
  2. Strap in?? OR strap on? Because if things follow the recent trend We're about to be shafted.
  3. You could say the same about Rhodes. The price is what someone willing to pay. DC : how much you want for this shed? DC: 'deep intake of breath' well lad this hear is a world known landmark, ask any Liverpool supported. It's got a lake side view of the Don and a massive area across the road that's empty...... *Caught* Currently *caught*. DC: OK sounds a good deal this, how about £100 mill? DC: WOH WOH, son I don't want to rip myself off... Sorry YOU off, call it a straight 60. DC: happy doing business with you.
  4. Get ready guys, the EFL will go silent not until the final day of the season then inflict a points deduction that will see is relegated by ONE point. fizz YOU EFL, YOU USELESS TWATS
  5. there was one on the north side where the defender missed the ball. Rhodes was goal side of him running onto it and it was like he was running with led boots on. He just took one look at the guy catching him up and but the brakes on.
  6. The one thing that annoyed me today was straight after the FF goal we bring in Rhodes and move FF onto the wing????? He's just scored playing through the middle then you move him
  7. We need to get back to what was working. Getting it out wide and get crosses in. The team looks setup to delivery that. IF we can get hold of the ball.
  8. Glad he's finally had the bottle to drop reach though.
  9. https://twitter.com/swfc/status/1193166413386723330?s=09
  10. remembered that, and what did they do? they published the smallest article/message you've ever seen apologising for the mistake so no one could see it, didn't even mention it during the broadcast as well. lobbers.
  11. They ALWAYS screw it up in the past. Think last time they made the announcement about a mins silence on the whistle etc. Then no whistle, went quite, bugle played, ref whistle went (for the silence) but everyone thought we'd already had it with the bugle so there was the usual cheer and shouting and the ref and players just looked like idiots.
  12. I don't care so long as we go for it. If we pull another 10 men behind the ball and pack the midfield then "go for it in the last 20 mins" i'll loose my poo.
  13. not 100% convinced as yet. Previously the defence has never been the issue. each year we've equaled or nearly matched our clean sheet record. The results early on came largely from crosses, I believe we where the team with the most crosses into the box and fletcher was repeating the rewards. The last 4-5 games we've drifted away from what was working in the attack and the crosses have stopped. Also although the goals against on paper are ok, we've survived some sitters. Dawson pulled off an amazing stop, fox and borner have thrown bodies on the goal line. Westwood has saved numerous certs. and asomalongadingdong missed two (bank the house the car and kids futures) chances. We're at the point now where things can go two ways. Get a decent result in the next two and things are looking up, loose both and confidence could be shot and all the wonder stops stop happening.
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