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  1. We NEED a 6ft+ striker as a priority. Would be a good foil for Gregory and will give us the option to lump it long. We've been too plan A and nothing else this season.
  2. There's too many of our players who are too nice, countless times a player has run a good 40 yards with the ball with everyone and his dog screaming 'take him out'. Storey should done exactly this, he knew he'd been pulled out of position so number one priority should have been, stop him getting into the box, take one for the team.
  3. Only one solution to this, bring in the patto. What can go wrong.
  4. Don't think it matters with their style. Probably won't notice a difference if 2 got sent off.
  5. some of the worst football i've seen, making the Wimbledon of old look like man city
  6. usual shithousery from min 1 by Wycombe. lump it long and drop at every chance.
  7. that you Carlos?? not learnt from the Huddersfield balls up have we.
  8. Be watching it in a Bar in Tenerife, drinking a cold one.
  9. Off to leicester then. Nice knowing you
  10. My bad just checked now on the phone and it's showing the games now ok, strange
  11. I checked my follow account yesterday and it's not even letting my t look at past games any more, just asking me to renew for next season by the looks of it
  12. I think the lack of shithousery during the game helped
  13. I remember similar positive talk when we had Huddersfield in the playoffs. Don't make the same mistake Moore, take it to them at their ground and don't go for the draw.
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