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  1. agentwalker


    I'd be tempted to say that bakers header should have been caught by Dawson it was that high and looping. Needs to command his area more.
  2. Hope they identify the nobs and ban them. its people like these idiot that give decent fans a bad rep/
  3. agentwalker


    when it works it works well, when it doesn't they often give the silent treatment or give answers such as "Thanks for letting us know, we'll take a look" Then you hear no follow up. What they need is a service status page to update people.
  4. agentwalker


    I'm calling bull, unless you post a photo showing otherwise with the I follow logo top right.
  5. agentwalker


    anyone having issues watching the match? Only giving me the option to listen live. Been fine all season so far, letting me watch.
  6. We've stopped doing what made us decent prior to the international brake. No closing down no energy nothing.
  7. agentwalker

    Midweek game pass?

    Just tried to cast it to my Chromecast and it blocked it saying remote play is not supported.
  8. agentwalker

    Midweek game pass?

    Don't use sky Go. Download the sky sports app Open it up and look for the live TV button at the bottom right. That will list all the games you can watch
  9. agentwalker

    Midweek game pass?

    You can watch them on the sky sports app. Go to where it does you all the scores and there's a link under the fixture. Got to say the quality on there is better than the red button image.
  10. Jesus, its an opinion mate, get off your high horse and go play with your toys before you throw them out the pram again
  11. ok a bit simpler for you. Our defender Lee's already knew about the defender behind him. In training every day they work on keeping a defensive line. so he assumed that anything that far behind him would be offside so didn't continue tracking him back which would brake the defensive line.
  12. How do you know he hadn't clocked their defender and realised he was offside so let him keep going?
  13. agentwalker


    Onomah for his age looks a right unit. The problem with Joe is that what he does he does well, its just you watch him and he's capable of sooo much more. He has it in his locker but seems to hold back. Numerous times in the 2nd half he had the ball in loads of space and he just didn't turn to face their goal it was either sideways or look for Barry.
  14. There is so much bullocks been spouted in this thread about the lino and the ref, fact is IF VAR was used it would be offside every day of the week.
  15. I don't care if the guy offside didn't receive the ball in the end, there was intent on behalf of the offside player to go for the ball. It was the same with the Liverpool goal today. firmino headed the ball into the net but mane stuck s leg out on the way in, he never touched the ball but there was intent. As soon as the offside player made a movement to get on the end of the pass he's off side, and based on the photos he has made such a movement.