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  1. about time there luck ran out, all them pens then the goal line camera ******** up. The tide is turning people..
  2. would have been a bit soft IMO. Our players need to start being 'Smarter'. We've seen too many players either back into a player or move across them and just throw themselves to the floor at the smallest contact. When this happens to us we try everything to stay our feet and get nothing. With the windass pen a smarter player would have cut across the defender and forced the foul.
  3. Nope, still without a club. Just shows, all these players that people said should be playing can't even get a club on a .free
  4. Even worse seeing our players standing there with the ball for several mins trying to work out who to throw it to.
  5. Been fine here. Turned out my initial buffering was a stupid Windows update going on in the background
  6. One thing that's good to see now, is we look a side that's not relying on Bannan to create everything.
  7. We look a solid team, not getting overstretched and leaving space. So far so good, Well done monk and staff
  8. Anyones video feed buffering quite a bit every so often for a second? Definitely not my connection, just run a speed test and got 75meg constant.
  9. I think it's more a case of Everton are looking a quality side this year
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