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  1. Do one Moore, grow a pair and attack teams from the off with a formation our players CAN play. Currently making dross look like pep
  2. What's cobeanu got to do to get a game? Totally miss managed, call him back wolves and send him to a real club
  3. We seem to be getting worse as more games go by. We should be slowly improving as the players get to know each other. Got to be one of the worst managers we've had. Got to be thinking about getting rid just to give ourselves a chance of the playoffs
  4. I don't know why we bother having a subs bench as we never make decent use of it. Unless it's a injury that needs replacing we never bring anyone on who makes an impact
  5. Don't care now sack him please, these were 15tth in the table and we try and park the bus FFS go more please
  6. Looks a repeat of last games tactics. Let's hope it's not another park the bus game
  7. A shocking 1-0 win, goal off Patterson's arse from a corner. Rest of the game scrappy and week be hanging in at the end.
  8. no chance in hell that was a pen. surprised he didn't give it the bent b******
  9. Was a bit poor that, we've got a few now who seem to Go down a little too easy and get nothing.
  10. Cry me a river, you got mugged 1-0 deal with it.
  11. That's the worrying thing, he actually thought the system in the first half was working and it hampered his plans because he had to take two of due to injuries. The guys deluded.
  12. Another worrying trying is that during the first few games of the season he was constantly on about corbeanu and they he was excited for the fans to actually see this lad. Then he hardly plays him. Eventually these players are going to stop believing the bull he's pedaling.
  13. Look in the dictionary for the definition of parking the bus. You'll find the highlights of 2nd half
  14. Please sack him now. Has he just pulled this formation out of a hat without even learning how to use it Everyone's too spread out
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