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  1. No not fashionable not would have saved us bouncing around League one sand watching some of the worst players we've seen. Is take the hit for over season to be where leicester are now. After all this time no one remembers.
  2. The boats long gone on this plan, should have done it about 20 years ago, when teams like leicester pulled the same trick.
  3. They did exactly we what our players never do. - when a player is looking like Ronaldo and looking like he's running through the entire team into a dangerous position, take one for the team and stop the danger. BRING HIM DOWN - when there's a 50/50 decision get your team to hunt in packs and force the reff info a decision.
  4. Mentioned all this in the match day thread only to be told I must be watching a deferent game as he was having a blinder in the first half.
  5. Naww done nothing. The usual bannan spin on the ball, several shocking corners and not closing people down. Bad night for baz
  6. Another example there, where was the backup from the other players??? If that was man u or Liverpool you'd have the entire team round austin trying to get him off.
  7. Bannan, not for to wear the shirt tonight, shocking. Didn't even try and close down the cross
  8. logged in already, match already start. Not sure how we've got the crowd in the stadium and we're in our away kit too , stupid
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