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  1. poo manager. there's been a number of games when late on Murphy's come on and he's moved Reach onto the left and he's set someone up with a cross. why we don't swap wings during the game either I don't know, its basic management, once the defender's got the winger in his back pocket switch em round then if it still doesn't work bring the sub on. End of the day the fans have come to see Reach as a serial bottler, balls are there to be won and 9/10 he bottles the challenge.
  2. Bannan is a decent player but only looks decent when he's got players around him that move. The past two managers have mismanaged him, you can see what the players have been told. The two wide men have been told to make runs in behind and Bannan will attempt his usual wonder ball to pick them out. Yes this works once every 10 attempt but Bannan is more of a short pass and move player, when you don't have any sort of movement he looks poor. Just watch the Carlos years, he had lots of movement from Hooper, FF, Lee, Wallace. they kept the ball for fun at times.
  3. Always got time for Vardy, he's one of them players that knows where is come from and knows what he's had to do to get to where he is. Unlike some of these modern players who basically get spoon fed everything.
  4. The bigger question is will this count as one of the FFP years ? ground sale wiped out and court case dropped?
  5. would love it if Liverpool got Denied the championship and Leeds Denied promotion , love it
  6. For me one the the things over the last few games is the quality of set pieces. Especially against city. This should have been the main weapon but every corner has been shocking.
  7. DC phone the coach driver and let monk walk it home
  8. Needs sacking a half time. Looking like a pub team
  9. please god no. just the suggestion of that should be enough to get him sacked
  10. WTF has Pelupessy got on Monk?? is he begging to get sacked or what??
  11. I saw it but at the time, just though he run into Palmer on purpose as he was blocking him. Didn't know he stuck the arm/elbow in as well. Nobber
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