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  1. I think the only way they can justify selling the shirts now is to come out and say they'll keep them for this season AND next.
  2. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Big Sam for me. Yes I'm deluded but give him anything. Money, cars, House's, , hell give him a selection of Thai "massage" girls every match day for the season.
  3. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    for me the main issue is there's no plan B, its all pass pass pass and when that doesn't work (which it often doesn't) then we've nothing. There's a number of teams who go direct and create loads more chances than we do with hardly any effort.
  4. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Booked within 10? 10 men by 70 mins
  5. Bannan and João

    Does look like João's laughing. Just bannan's serious face.
  6. Bannan and João

    Might be nothing but just watched some of the match back and noticed that when bannan gets subbed in 86 mins he slapped João s hand them pushes him away with a quite serious look that says f#&k off. Anyone notice this?
  7. Too many 'nice' players

    A few times they've been soft in the middle. All you get is bannan and Lee poking at tackles hoping to just nick the ball, and often players riding them out.
  8. Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    This season has been one big balls up. From the club shop merchandise, to the shirts, then the recruitment, sacking of physios and finally the team performance. I honestly can't think of a single thing this season which the club have got right.
  9. iFollow

    Working fine here. Good picture quality, no jumping
  10. Our weak left flank.

    It was more apparent at 2 -2. With João on the wing reach was left with a 2 on 1 every time. They spotted it just before the equaliser then killed us for the rest of the game on the brake. What really annoyed me is Carlos can't seem to change things mid game. It's always half time.
  11. Still not over Hull personally

    For me this all stems from a combination of the Hull defeat and the hammering we had in the first half at Brighton. Up until that Brighton game we were the free flowing, free attacking side we loved. Since then Carlos has been more cautious which started in the Hull game and he's continued ever since.
  12. Do we have any plan at all at set pieces?

    we do have a tactic for corners, Every time we always try and aim deep for Lee's but its very readable and we've got no one capable of delivering a ball. half the time it hits the first man and the rest it sails out of play.
  13. Calmed Down Thoughts

    "THEE dopiest looking motherf*cker to ever play for either team ran absolute rings around us." Don't know wether to laugh or cry at this
  14. Brian Laws on Carlos

    I thought the whole radio sheffield team (only caught the after match talking) seemed more aggressive towards CC with the questioning then they have in the past.