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  1. agentwalker

    Rhodes price tag increases again

    If anyone thinks we're going to get a "tidy sum" for Rhodes your deluded. This is Wednesday we're talking about here. when have we ever done a decent bit of business selling wise in our entire history?
  2. agentwalker

    The 'pen'

    It was one of them that if it was us I'd have wanted it given but we wouldn't have got it given.
  3. agentwalker

    My take

    Marco should have been on 10 mins earlier. And is it me or is Clark looking more like Katie prices Harvey each time I see him.
  4. too many long balls to fletch for us
  5. reminding me of the brightion play off game this
  6. jos looks like a school boy on the naughty step
  7. tempted to turn the comentry off
  8. after all this happy happy chat with united players you just know their going to go back amd start the wednesday slagging
  9. doing my head in now this sky coverage. Might as well roll over a die now accounding to this lot. to quota a top guy
  10. here we go wrist sliting time
  11. hinchcliff fancies our chances then
  12. come on people grow a pair. lets hope we're seeing more of this tonight