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  1. the main issue is we have too many strikers. We must shift two minimum. Now its just a case of who's interest? we know Norwich are and that's it.
  2. Fletcher for me has improved his finishing a hell of a lot over the last year, before he just went and smash it, now it's more controlled and aiming for the corners.
  3. Love it how some people are already turning on Borner saying he looks out of position, lacks pace and doesn't use his 6ft+ height. If people are making these judgements based on small snippets lasting seconds you need to have a serious look at yourselves and get out of Hectors arse.
  4. Norwich have been on the blower then at half time, fee met ....
  5. lol, hutch limping , their players gone off in an ambulance. thats the hutch we love
  6. There's always been a good lay in the sun most Sundays on page three, shame the rest of the papers crap.
  7. It's like hanging up a blank canvas on a Chinese Street and looking at it. There's always a group of absolute planks that follow suit. . Will done sir my point is proved
  8. think now we should stick him in the Zola box quick after reading this https://talksport.com/football/481717/thierry-henry-arrogance-monaco-sacking-talksport/
  9. couple of Wednesday players just started following him, small steps but its starting ...
  10. Needs to nail down a position at his age, you don't want to be the utility man. Last session at left back he was quality, blocked crosses got up the wing well. Then he started getting messed with a pushed higher up which ment the opposition was on his back pressureing him and he didn't handle that well.
  11. Shame that, especially when you see the pigs manager getting the fans right in amongst the players and thanking them.
  12. You don't like to think it but if suspect today's game was like the elimination line up of Britons got talent. If you started tonight you take a look at the players around you and you think poo I'm on the 2nd team here I'm not likely to be starting. Suppose it kind of shows bullen who's up for the fight. I know João and big Dave wasn't the last time it happened.
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