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  1. Pigs win anyone??

    just depressing to see the pigs players full of running and movement when they have the ball. hope hull smash em.
  2. hopefully he realises that between himself and his dad he's peed away most of the season when there's a good chance he'd have seen a lot of game time.
  3. Jos post-match interview

    Jesus, they are young professional players who should love and breath football. At that age I would be out every day of I could. They don't need weeks to rest FFS. Lost a little respect for jos after that interview.
  4. I thought he over shot the tackle and ended up making contact wet other the guys foot / leg. Ref should have stopped it instantly for a head injury .
  5. I've just asked Alexa "what is the definition of Insanity" and she read me the Wednesday team news.
  6. Wtf !! I know the guy has got it tough with injuries but wtf.
  7. I think he probably doesn't understand that if Derby do get promoted there's slim chance they'll sign him.
  8. good performance so far. need a bit more pace and running up front and we can win this
  9. the only reason i can see for this lineup is to keep the fringe players happy and not make them feel like "backups"
  10. I see BT sports have already started with the Carlos loving. Just turned over for the start of the coverage at 12 only to see they've been running a Carlos special for the last 30 mins
  11. just read the team news and glad I decided to give it a miss and watch it on the tv.
  12. Carlos press conference

    For me he gave us 1 and a half decent seasons but bottled the big games. You can see exactly why he's jumped clubs so often
  13. George Boyd

    I thought he was good tuesday. good engine, defended and closed down well and also look 100x better than fox on the ball