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  1. Just do a wolves and loan him for the season again. Same with Arron's etc He's been out on loans for years now so Chelsea army in a hurry to offload.
  2. I watched the hihglights of the last meeting and our defending was shocking gaps all over the place. No way will then get it that easy this time.
  3. This is what happens when you give players game time and not play one rest one. Same with Hutch. His body's getting used to playing 90 mins of football and it's working
  4. I'd argue that expectation was justifiably high at the start of the season. It's only the fact that Dross was in charge that it decimated confidence if a decent manager was in charge from day 1 we'd be pushing well into the playoffs right now. All its taken was to reinstate Westwood, hutch and to a lesser extent, Boyd and its totally transformed the team. If this was done at the start of the season there'd be a very good chance we'd be sitting pretty in the top 6 will points the spare.
  5. He does give us that but if energy. But when we everyone's fit he's bench at best. Just doesn't have that quality to hold the ball and link up play.
  6. the bigger question is, who misread the thread title then felt a little disappointed once in.
  7. broken nose in the under 23 game according to the mirror
  8. no doubt the usual suspect papers will spin this sacking to highlight the racial issues with managerial appointments with Sol Cambell chipping in on the debate.
  9. He's improved a lot under Bruce, however be needs to play right back. Defensively on the left he's fine but when attacking he's all right foot so a lot of the time he ends up turning and passing back.
  10. Had 2 hands on it for me. Just a shame the pigs get away with it in clear sight and when we don't.
  11. Not bad for the price but gives the ball away a little too much and when trying to overlap he doesn't quite know what to do. It's early but hopefully he improves.
  12. Disappointed that for the last 10 - 15 mins we basically settled for a point. Personally I'd have gone for it, win or bust at this stage of the season.
  13. We've absolutely zero composure on the ball. Everything is rushed or just lumped long. We desperately need someone next to Fletcher capable of getting in behind. Got to try winall soon.
  14. Can clearly see he doesn't trust Matias to do the defensive work. Shame.
  15. he's more suited to a team that likes to build up slowly where he doesn't have to use his pace. Never suited to a counter-attacking game as we played in the 2nd half. Can run all day mind and puts the effort in unlike some of our so-called better players.
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