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  1. Strange thing is, when Bullen took over we did look more solid. Teams where no longer getting clear chances apart from pot shots from 20-30 yards. We seem to have gone back to the sort of defending we had under Dross, which is a BIG worry.
  2. agentwalker

    Team news

    seriously doubting the sanity of these people in charge now. How can they still bench Winnall yet give the big lump a run out .
  3. Only showing the Blackburn vs Newcastle on the upcoming list for me :(
  4. agentwalker


    Not picking in anyone specific ...... But.... You just have to look at nuhiu and see him lurching around the pitch like he's carrying an army pack to see some players don't put the gym time in.
  5. agentwalker

    Adbi playing for U23's

    He said it with his own words at the fan's forum. He said that Abdi came back pre-season telling everyone he was fit and ready to go. Then he changed his mind and told the staff he wasn't ready. DC said he had disrespected the club and basically won't play again.
  6. agentwalker

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Still, don't think we'll see him in a Wednesday shirt again. remember its the chairman's decision why he's not playing and you all know how stubborn he can be.
  7. agentwalker

    ‘We will just replace him’

    I think its hard to tell with the players at the moment. At times you could argue there's a player there, but is this due to the lack of quality of the players around them making them look better than what they actually are? Every so often you start to ask the question, is Bannan really as good as you think he is? He's a worker yes and will run his legs off for 90 mins every game. He tries 20-30 60-yard wonder balls per game and perhaps 1-2 find their man. His shooting is nearly on par with what you expect from a defender. Arguably if you stuck him in any of the top 4 sides in the league he'd probably be on the bench at best. I think some fans need to stop thinking of Bannan and Reach as these top class players all the time, thinking we can get 15-20 million. Successful teams in this division generally don't have a stand out star player pulling the strings every game. They build their success on performing as a team and not on 1-2 individuals as we do. I'd be half tempted if I was the coach in training to just pull Bannan, Reach and FF to one side and let the others just play on their own, might actually make a few take more responsibility and try something instead of always looking for a pass to Bannan or Reach.
  8. agentwalker


    Dross has damaged this player for me, it's right up there with Rooney at man u when he got moved from striker to midfield We've turned him from a good winger who is direct with one of the best crosses, to someone who just looks like a kid in the playground trying beat several players and smash it in from 40 yards. Going to need a lot of work mentally and coaching to get him back.
  9. It's about urgency, when the opposition get a throw they usually sprint to get the ball and quickly get it back in play before the other team gets in position. When we do it, it's all in slow motion, by the time we're ready everyone's in position and it's a 50/50 long throw in the a air, or to someone surrounded by 4 players.
  10. People keep saying "clear out". you need players that people actually want to do that. would you honestly pay good money for any of our players based on that display?
  11. agentwalker

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    Bullen just went back to basics, had the big man up front in Fletcher, then made sure we got people around him for the 2nd ball then played from there. Not pretty but effective. Today we've gone back to the "let's pass it out from the back" tactics, we've got from when Dross was in charge in that we've absolutely no decent movement up front or in midfield.
  12. agentwalker

    Steve Bruce is going to be so annoyed...

    honestly, if I was Bruce and I just witnessed that today and I had no affiliation to the club and I didn't need the money I'd seriously be considering telling DC thanks but no thanks.
  13. agentwalker

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Two words , utter sheet
  14. agentwalker

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    You can see the tactical change up front. Bullen played more direct to Fletcher and had people round him for the second ball. Fletch is now totally isolated.
  15. agentwalker

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Worst we've played for quite a while. Not looking good.