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  1. Someone better tell bannan his 60 yard wonder balls will have stay in the locker for a bit
  2. Just watch a couple of press videos and he's got Rooney's annoying habit. " Well the lads. Ermm... Didn't quite perform Ermm.. and you know Ermm.. we need to get Ermm" Got a bad case of the Ermm's
  3. I just want to see the look on Moore's face when DC says we can still make the playoffs
  4. Need more players with his ball playing skills. We've too many players like dunkly and lees who aren't comfortable on the ball and as a result spread a culture of hoof ball right through the team.
  5. Absolutely zero tactical awareness of how to defend and attack as a team. Yes we scored 2 but that was more down to them playing bad rather that good play by is opening then up. Our entire defensive structure is none existent. As shown by the screen shot yesterday where they had numerous players free. Thompson has been managing the kids for a reason and its not because he's a master coach and to manager. Not his fault.
  6. Why the hell does ifollow have adverts for ifollow? Getting stupid now the amount of ads pre match.
  7. Click bate articles at best. Your learning from the best though Neil keep up the work
  8. star reporting at its best did you expect anything else
  9. They did the same thing at least 4/5 times last night. Every time we got a quick brake, foul. They ref bottled it, bit in the past we've been guilty of not doing it and letting there players basically run half the pitch and score when we should have taken him out. But saying that we'd be guaranteed a red if we did that.
  10. Strange, gone back to the exact style that you pulis sacked
  11. Reach is a waste of as shirt playing on the right) middle get him on the left
  12. this is what happened to me with the Gear a few years back. used it quite a bit, all the apps etc for a week or two was good at the time, then eventually its ended up gathering dust somewhere.
  13. he got pigeon holed early on due to Monk as a 'get in behind' player. which just resulted in us going long all the time. totally destroyed what little talent he had. never recovered.
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