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  1. Awful Conditioning

    The problem is we've seen the premier league players and they are dedicated, when their not playing most are in the gym. Ripped abs the lot (no homo). I bet there's not a single player in our team that looks like a professional athlete.
  2. Carlos Sacked...............?..

    I'm in two minds now about that fixture if he's still here. I love Wednesday and my heart says I want us to win but my head is saying I hope we get such a hammering that it's so embarrassing he was to walk.
  3. Potentially a good tactition but shocking man manager
  4. We have a defensive coach
  5. To little too late cc. Subs should have been made ages ago
  6. Utter shuffle, get Dave on
  7. Still say big Dave would make a difference
  8. Yep, good as a pundet but shocking as a presenter. Could put a glass eye to sleep.
  9. Have these guys seem Wednesday lately? Their making Rhodes and hooper sound like ibrahimovic and Pele
  10. On the plus side, good to see Carlos's hair transplant is filling out well