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  1. £1.79 max Don't trust any of you dodgy ********
  2. I'm bet restricted from all the major sites so looks like it's staying in my pocket
  3. This performance has the Huddersfield first leg feel about it.
  4. The amount of time wasting is getting stupid.
  5. This is shocking. This is exactly why we deserve to be relegated
  6. I'd put a big blame on covid as well. I'd 99% think if fans were in the ground for the end of last season monk would have gone in the summer
  7. FFS monk in the studio . What you got to say Gary?
  8. I suspect money. he was brought into the club through heavy funding by the sponsors. there must have been some sort of small print in the deal that said he had to play x amount of games. Rooney wanted to retire as he was past it so it was probably either play as player who apparently was starting to look more like razor ruddock fitness wise or move him to manager. Either way they couldn't get rid or they would have to pay quite a bit of money, that they don't have. They should be investigated and docked points for the rooney/sponsor paying his fee/wages as it is.
  9. loved the days when all the players wore shirts and shorts 3 sizes too big for them
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