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  1. agentwalker


    Take it you were think more of 21?
  2. agentwalker


    He does a right turn our Bannan
  3. agentwalker

    Staff race

    Not seen this one before, was last week apparently
  4. agentwalker

    Back from Lincoln

    Defensively he looked decent last season. my only issue was his distribution. Gave the ball away a lot, not sure if it was nerves thought.
  5. agentwalker

    Team vs Lincoln

    Well that confirms the club has really screwed up on the shirts when the players have been told to only give away shorts.
  6. agentwalker

    Team vs Lincoln

    It'll be one of them monitor vests/bra
  7. don't think so not on ifollow as sky sports 8's payed for our friendly coverage. Might have to call and get it activated though.
  8. Why have itv bothered to get Kean on the panel?? He's sat their like one of the others have just done his wife. Total kill joy.
  9. take it this was the teams send off as Abdi was taken away in the ambulance?
  10. agentwalker

    Defence without Venancio.

    Hutch is the one for me, he'll have less running around to do and therefore less likely to be injured. Half the time when he plays midfield he's s action man and all other the pitch. I think playing him at the back will rain him in a little and finally sort his injuries out
  11. You were believable up till the shirt part. At the current rate we'll be lucky to sell 5.
  12. agentwalker

    Venancio not coming back

    Solid in the air, good in the tackle. Only thing that let him down for me was his distribution. Gave the ball away a lot.
  13. Got to say Ali is a waste of a shirt. How he's getting a game I've no idea.