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  1. Same, after the last game it sends out the message that he's untouchable.
  2. Time to end the discussion now when you start playing the game .
  3. so why spend a large amount of the interview discussing it He's done the same thing several times in the past as well. Even Brown has done the same thing.
  4. Can use as much as they want, just don't ***** about it when they get a few idiots posting things, then keep bringing that up as an excuse for performing badly.
  5. Just read the full article on his interview. I'm starting to get tired of players coming out and moaning about social media negativity ad using that as an excuse. JUST STAY OFF TWITTER simple.
  6. Should have looked to replace him 2 seasons ago when his form dipped. Your was then that everyone could see Dawson went the answer and neither was wildsmith
  7. I like how the Preston site refers to it as the "alleged incident"
  8. Fisher is one of them players who you get 2-0 up in a game with 2 mins left, you then throw on your crappiest chopper Harris type play and tell him to leave one on him.
  9. Got to be classed as sexaual harassment to today's book surely. For all we know their player might be "batting for the other side" a cupping a sneaky feel of the goods. Any other like of work he'd be getting a suspended sentence.
  10. Problem is I want skyQ but I want multi room, proper multi room Only way to keep that would be to take up the offer and her skyQ in the room and pay exta to get the skyhd for the other rooms.
  11. Would love this offer but my only peev is that sky have totally messed up the sky Q system. With the current multi room system you can have a sky box in the room with it's own separate planner and recordings. Then another box elsewhere, again with its own planner and recordings. With skyQ you share a planner/recordings, I don't want my recordings screen full of kids crap. Once sky implement a login/account system so each box can filter based on accounts I'll stick with my standard HD box.
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