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  1. to be honest, if Winnall is still here at the end of the transfer window our recruitment people need sacking. Personally, I would have liked to have seen him at the end of the season get some game time but its obvious Bruce doesn't rate him so we need to move him on.
  2. Just glad we're not going to be watching the same players and same tactics we've seen for the last 2 years.
  3. When the team was poor he stood out, mainly because of his wonder strikes, Once they dried up he was basically a passenger at times. Still, say he's better as an out and out left winger as he always puts in a decent cross when out there.
  4. Open to giving the guy a chance and to see what he's like under Bruce. I think the whole defence suffered un Dross due to the tactics. Still think whoever we get to replace Hector is going to be inferior, need to get him back IF the price is right.
  5. To get him for the price we did I bet we also promised him the night time services of little mix twice a week as well. Don't mean he's going to get it
  6. Well based on this we can sack the bus driver and the backup keeper.
  7. I have a feeling were trying to get our business in before the account's are in. They can block us from giving players but they can't force us to sell . So spaff the cash quick before they get the info
  8. Naww just showing my commitment to Josh
  9. I like punishment, still got about 5 years to run in mine.
  10. Just do what I always did. Send in agent Smith to infiltrate man u's management and sign haslam for the 20 million he should be valued at.
  11. The image looks a little too smooth on that area for me. Can you honestly see a Scott having a hair transplant ? He'd get the p i s s ripped out of him to a level where castration looks a better option.
  12. I honestly think he surpassed all expectations.... We did sign him as a medical aid for the physio department didn't we
  13. It's not the forwards that's the problem, it's the tactics and the midfield that needs sorting. If we were creating loads of chances and strikers where fluffing chances then I'd agree. The fact is we don't create enough in the box, most of our recent goals have been 20-30 yard screamers. How man 6 yard tapings have we had recently?
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