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  1. Played well, if we're going to persist with 442 I'd start him with Fletch
  2. Jesus that was hard to watch, going to be a long season
  3. this is what it looks like as well. be interesting to see if the patterns of play differ from the last few games. If its more of the same then its worrying.
  4. Bannan is very vocal but not in a positive way. For me he's one of the reasons Fox has a lack of confidence half the time. As soon as fox does something wrong bannan is straight on his back having a go at him. A captain needs to know when to give people a kick up the arse and when to encourage, this differs from player to player. I'd give it Hutch personally, only because Borner is quite new a doesn't speak much English.
  5. He's like the zlatan of the championship....... If zlatan had been born with lead weights in his feet.
  6. The worrying thing is you just have to look at the Dross period last year. DC was happy to plod along, even when you could hear the discontent around Hillsborough during the games It took the fans forum with DC to kick him into gear and even that took a few fans telling DC a few home truths he didn't like hearing. I hope it doesn't take the same effort this time round.
  7. This is why I refer to Twitter as Twatter because it's full of them.
  8. The issue is our team is a bunch of soft touches from front to back. We haven't got a single one in the Snodgrass mould. Yes we hate them type of players but if we had some we'd love it. Same for a hard man type not a single one scares people, bannan tries but it's like a guarden gnome prodding you with a fishing rod.
  9. I'd be tempted to say that as the balls fired over the top their striker does make a movement towards the ball then he sees the winger and his hands go up. That initial movent is enough for me but never going to disallowed.
  10. Not sure which is best but we need to start to create an identity to how we play. For years now I've seen us play and I haven't got a clue as to what we're trying to do apart from creating random situations. Some days its we'll hit it long and build from there, then others it's we'll build from the back. Pick a style then recruiter the players to play that style.
  11. When bannan plays it's as if the entire time have a mental block and the only thing they can think of is get the ball to bannan, failing that root one. I was disappointed in bullen today, not for his lack of tactical knowledge but for his lack of BALLS. after that first half bannan should have been taken off, he was having a shocker and a sending off waiting to happen, everyone could see it. Bullen just didn't have the balls to take off the golden child and for that he'll never be managerial material
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