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  1. Think he needs a couple of tap-ins to boost his confidence, then he could be on fire
  2. Gonna have to disagree...Windass' superb skill in making it look like he'd cocked up with his left footed shot, only to tee himself up on his right foot and drill it home is the best
  3. Dunkley, Johnson, Fisi and Bannan come out with some credit but we aren't putting these type of teams to the sword nearly enough
  4. Really can't offer anything constructive about that game. A draw is very poor against a team of Gillingham's quality
  5. Game didn't ebb and flow, they were better and wanted it more throughout, we are a joke at the moment. I don't know if, during his interviews, he actually believes what he's saying or is coming out with utter tripe to protect the players...I pray it's the latter but don't hold out much hope
  6. People need to get it in their heads, he's not coming here anytime soon. He'd have to be a lunatic to do so
  7. Although it wasn't a great performance by any means, the ref and his linesmen spoiled the whole game. Crap decisions and niggly stoppages. That was a stonewall penalty on Paterson
  8. Even if we lose, I've seen enough to have faith in this team...just hope we turn it around
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