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  1. Roll up, roll up. Don’t miss this unexpected opportunity to slag DC. Don’t miss out, you’ll regret it later.
  2. I'm not moaning about the platform at all. I'm not really moaning at all. I'm calling out negativity about a new signing who SOME are slagging without a ball being kicked & who (as you rightly say) may be played in a different position to the one where the stats are from that they are using to prove their negative point about his scoring record. Hence my slightly tongue in cheek analogy regarding Warhurst who was quite successful being played 'out of position'.
  3. Don't really do "Ignoring". It would be like going to an Oxford Union debating society & not highlighting weaknesses in someone's argument.
  4. Just imagine, turn the clock back 25 - 30 ish years. We announce a central defender is to be played 'up top' as they say now. Cue meltdown. Quotes a plenty in cliche land. "4 goals in 50 appearances", "We need a big striker & get a bloody defender", "Manager hasn't a clue", "Don't rate him, we needed a proven 20 goal striker", "Not what we need" etc etc etc. "Go on Paul Warhurst, let's see what you can do up front lad. Ignore the sniper's, they know fu*k all".
  5. That may be the expert's prognosis (& probably correct) but sure as hell continues to damage us & our prospects. Any of these player's that 'fan's' automatically don't rate are automatically put under more pressure from day one and are forced to perform above average just to stand still & get grudging acceptance. People say they are overpaid & therefore should be able to live with the criticism or probably don't read it anyway, but it has been proved numerous times that it does ACTUAL damage. Think Morgan Fox who we could have desperately done with right now. Nuhui endured it during all his tenure here & what did it achieve? Nothing except a fracture between fans & players. Our supporter's get all defensive & precious when criticised and are almost like a protected species if any criticism comes their way. You read the negative comments on here regarding a new signing who hasn't kicked a ball in anger yet & are forced to question whether they are more in it for their own ego's which is basically what your article was saying, or the good of the club in a very difficult situation.
  6. Been wracking my brains to think of the chant about him from those days and it finally came to me. "Crunch crunch, Gerry Young". Repeated. Much simpler times.
  7. Now he was a proper hard man. Not a preening wannabee pretend hard man, the real deal. Always remember the white 66 cup run shirts. The big lad's busting out of them, Gerry, Mobley etc. RIP Gerry Young.
  8. This exactly. The inevitable player offloads when teams leave the Prem are compensation enough without adding the failure payments on as well. Look at Fulham. 100 mill approx signings, previous failure payments, & the 39mill allowable losses. Knowing full well if they fu*k it up again, they are set fair for another 3 seasons guaranteed. And the rest are supposed to compete with average 13 mill spend / losses per season. The whole shambolic debacle needs ripping up & starting again.
  9. Totally agree mate. Thinking outside the box, I just wonder how one of the best goal 'sniffers' Gary Lineker would have fared being asked to play like Rhodes has been. Not saying Rhodes is on a par with Lineker obviously, but he didn't exactly put himself about but teams played to his strengths. I fail to see how Rhodes can do what he did against Forest. Right foot, left foot, header, all good goals & be completely finished. Given the supply, he can clearly still do it, as that game showed.
  10. I'l have a nose through it when i've got 5 mins.
  11. It's not really a 'myth' though is it. There were detractor's. I remember Gurujuan was especially 'against', but there was a strong majority who were very much on side with it.
  12. I was one of the fans jumping up & down in ecstasy when we signed him & I still hope and pray he can find something on a regular basis what he did at Forest. I just wish he would pull his top out of his shorts. It makes him look like a sixties throwback. I reckon if he pulled the shirt out, it would make him lose the nice guy image, make him nastier & put a yard of pace on him. I reckon he needs to get down with that Fizz fella. Get a bit nasty, mix with a few dodgy fuc*ers, have a pop with a few hoes, have an AK 47 tattooed on his leg. You know the sort of thing. Totally change his good boy image. No more thumbs up. No more nice letters to young kid's in hospital. Turn into a right nasty bast**rd, kick owt that moves on the pitch. Or maybe leave it to Messre Beattie to sort him.
  13. Our lad's obviously not taken the Derby reprieve well then!!! "Application's being taken for vacancies unexpectedly arisen in the EFL disciplinary committee".
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