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  1. Someone earlier did actually point out he had the benefit of parachute payments which gives them 3/4/5 times the spending power of anyone else in the champ due to failure payments. No major gripe with Ashley though. I always thought the Geordies had huge double standards with massive chips on their shoulders.
  2. Not sure about knowing how to get sides promoted from this league. I always thought it was the manager who did that, but I suppose he decides on the manager so fair enough. The other thing, one of the problems at Newcastle is the expectation, almost entitlement that surrounds that place. They seem to think they have an automatic right to be challenging at the very top of football every year, when in reality it's a bit of an outpost with fanatical fans but where a lot of superstars may not want to live. They get big crowds granted, but as shown in the Sunderland Netflix thing, big crowds & high expectations can be a poisoned chalice, especially in this day & age where big crowds are not as vital to finances as they used to be. Newcastle crowds turn quicker than 2 day old milk on a hot day & can be as much a negative force as they can a positive one on the rare occasions things are going well. The expectation at S6 is much more realistic. The clamour to compete financially with all the big clubs (even if we were allowed to by the EFL) isn't on the same scale, so someone like Ashley would possibly be judged much less harshly than he is up there.
  3. That can't be right. It has been stated on here by all the cognoscenti time & time again ad infinitum that without exception, ANYONE i repeat ANYONE would be preferable to DC. Maybe they will now get their wish.
  4. He got almost mobbed coming out of the ground. Wednesday fans begging him to join us. Was a mad time, Tony Toms training regimes & big Jack who could never either remember or pronounce names. Top man.
  5. You see, someone does a well thought out thread, laying out various, ideas, thoughts, suggesting 'feedback' as to how the match day experience could potentially be improved / resumed when things get back to normal. And this is what you get.
  6. Slightly unfair, as even the fan base cannot agree on anything. We have always been hugely divided regarding the ultimate potential & drawbacks of staying or leaving Hillsborough. We can't get anywhere near agreeing especially where emotions run so high regarding what some see as their natural 'home' & others see as an outdated, not fit for purpose, drain on our resources. So either way DC would still get dog's abuse from 50% of the fan base whose opinion to stay or go differed from theirs. Feedback is valuable, I agree, but there would be hugely conflicting ideas, (you only have to come on here), & regardless of any of these ideas, they usually need paying for, but more importantly would have to fit in with the compromises & constraints we are working with, ie Hillsborough.
  7. Not sure about Anfield as regards the facilities as it's a ground that has been gradually extended / developed, but City is another matter. My lad went to a European game at City & he was gobsmacked at the facilities. The speed of service, the attitude, everything. He said it was like another planet compared to Hillsborough. The surrounding area, the pre match stuff, the sheer ambience of the whole shebang. This coming from someone who, like all our family, love Hillsborough, so not looking to pick spots for the sake of it, but does make you think.
  8. Could be some truth in this. Certainly didn't seem to have to motivation or interest to get in the squad. Maybe Watford were 'in the know' re his mental state when they sold him, which would have been harder to 'diagnose' at a medical than his physical state.
  9. I touched on the medical side of things, but surely barring an absolute dereliction of duty, in this day & age it is almost impossible to pull the wool over a doctor's eyes in relation to a prospective player's medical. As I mentioned though, did the fact of our 'medical team' all going have any bearing on it? I can't remember the time line on it all to be honest.
  10. Complete mystery to me the Abdi thing & i'm still no nearer to understanding what happened. Not sure if the medical team paid the price for not unearthing something at the medical stage. God only knows, but as you say, it's not as if the Watford fans were celebrating the fact he was leaving, they were gutted!! Very strange.
  11. Funny this has cropped up. We were only talking about this the other day. I like Ryan Lowe, he seems like a good guy & is one of those less experienced managers who could do well. When he played for us, it was the highlight of his career as he was very much a journeyman player. I thought he always did well for us & as I understand it, was promised another year but when he returned from the summer break was told quite unceremoniously by Dave Jones that we had signed Rodri from Barcelona instead!! It clearly hasn't dented his enthusiasm for the club and on this occasion I would give him a go. A bit of enthusiasm wouldn't go amiss either, which he would provide.
  12. But ‘competent’ millionaires, (billionaires) will always achieve more than competent ‘ten bob’ millionaires. You only have to look at the pecking order in the Prem. With the odd exception, it hardly ever changes. You cannot make that final quantum leap & sustain it, without having substantial financial backing. Not entirely convinced Bert McGhee achieved an awful lot. Just another local wannabe who lived off the name without putting much back in. You can argue Eric Taylor achieved an awful lot (& again became hated & vilified for it) and you can even say Dave Richards tried & ultimately failed & again became hated & vilified in the same way. Either way, being skint & being forced to flog Brunt & Whelan for 250k each, to pay the tax bill, will never become fashionable again.
  13. Nah. You can’t pick & choose your divine proclamations.
  14. I probably went over the top in my response to Waddle's comments, but this was borne out of disappointment in the fact (like numerous other ex players) he got involved in the politics of the club when I always viewed him way, way above this. A bit like the Archbishop of Canterbury moaning about a local church's roof. (Maybe not the best analogy)!! I wanted to remember him for his genius, not as you rightly put it for some "petty little spat". My disappointment was compounded, in that only a couple of days earlier I had written the following in another 'Waddle' thread. "Chris Waddle was a genius. It's a much over used cliche, but he just was. Whereas David Hirst was a natural athlete (before he ruined what God had given him with his lifestyle choices), Waddle had an awkward movement style, he ran 'awkwardly' & did not look like some super athletic type. (a la Bale) Very much like John Sheridan who could hardly fuc**n walk but God, what a player. Waddle the same,just wonderful to behold. I remember the night before one of the big Wembley games, stood on a table in the middle of Covent Garden, conducting about 5 thousand Wednesday fans for about 2 hours just singing Walking in a Waddle Wonderland. No other song, just that for hours. It was epic, & brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it. Also remember Chris turning up at the Cardiff playoff joining in with all the fans. Love him to death". A couple of days later this "petty little spat" emerges. So just to put the record straight, my reaction was regarding his comments, (and i realise other people think he has every right so say what he likes) and not his legacy and standing as a wonderful footballer.
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