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  1. bigthinrob


    Tell you what mate. You got it dead right this morning about all the negativo’s crawling out from under their stones. Player of season by a million miles, is clearly now showing signs of fatigue which is now affecting his form (hardly surprising), and the ‘sh*t for brains’ usual suspects are queuing up to crucify him. Just remembered why i’d taken time out on here!!!
  2. bigthinrob

    Paul cook or Paul Hurst

    Surely we must be able to think on an even lowlier scale than this! There must be some journeymen league 2 managers who would more than adequately fit the requirements of some on here. Did I dream Danny Wilson? Same type, same likely result.
  3. bigthinrob

    Adam Reach

    Seriously, not still using that are you? So last year and it was sad & pathetic then. Not sure what the relevance is with comparisons with Joao, (or Hooper for that matter). As I said last night. You wouldn't know a decent footballer while you have a hole in your ar*e. But carry on assassinating our players mate, will no doubt reap rich rewards for the team in your warped world.
  4. bigthinrob

    Adam Reach

    Pretty much what I'd have expected. Ps When you talk about spineless, maybe start with the defenders who were like statues for their goal. As for clap clap clap. Same old same old. Preserve of people with nothing else to say.
  5. bigthinrob

    Adam Reach

    No mate. The f****n morons who couldn't see a decent footballer while they've got a hole in their ar**s. A player who has started just about every game, who constantly looks like the only player who is going to create anything. The only player who constantly looks to go forward. The player whose thought process is 2 seconds in front of other players. The player that must be so far in front in the player of the season stakes they may as well give it him now. If any player in our squad deserves being cut a bit of slack, who may be slightly jaded after playing every game bearing in mind the ground he covers during them, it's him. But no, the "realists" want to destroy him, just like the "realists" offer no positives, just mind numbing negativity to do with everything linked to the club. "Understand football"!!! Yeah right!!!
  6. bigthinrob

    Adam Reach

    The looooonatics have taaaaaaken over the asyyyyyylum.
  7. bigthinrob

    BREAKING NEWS - Stripes to return

    Yeah i've noticed that 'laugh a minute' always look on the bright side of life in S Yorks. Supporter tipping relegation. Thought my sides would split.
  8. bigthinrob

    Cheer a booooer

    I'd better write it down or i'll end up booing a cheerer.
  9. bigthinrob

    BREAKING NEWS - Stripes to return

    Something will not be right for the moaners. The blue will not be quite blue enough, the white will look off white under the lights, the arms will be too long, the shorts are too baggy, can't stand the neck line, and most of all, HOW MUCH????
  10. bigthinrob

    BREAKING NEWS - Stripes to return

    That's the spirit mate. You say location 'Newcastle". You've certainly retained the S Yorks 'Glass half empty' mentality.
  11. bigthinrob

    Time to go Mr Chansiri

    Clearly you're not. Sometimes I think we deserve someone like United's 'Prince', (talking of buying / selling clubs for a quid).
  12. bigthinrob

    Time to go Mr Chansiri

    Very well put mate. People seem to have this attitude that change, ANY CHANGE is automatically a recipe that things will improve. I remember, even when we were winning constantly under CC in the second season and people were moaning about the style, that quote "Things couldn't get worse, whoever we got in". Replacing a manager is easy, they're always queuing round the block. Potential owners / Investors, especially in an area that is a bit of an outback are, as we found last time, are much harder to come by, and even if someone is found, you do not know what you're getting.
  13. I would say DC has, shall we say, 'engaged' with fans. Certainly more than any Chairman in our history. DA had a little nibble at it but that but that didn't end well. Everyone's spaffing themselves about a bit of spin probably written by their PR person and as usual all the SWFC detractors fall for it and are gushing admiration. DC came in cold following decades of under investment and shambolic board room activity and very nearly turned it around in one year and again wasn't far off in his second. He was obviously on a steep learning curve but put us on a level, both on & off the off field, that was almost unprecedented and has still only been here two & a half years. He tried & just failed. That doesn't mean the 'project' is dead & buried. It's what happens in business & in football. I suppose in South Yorkshire it's better to not even try and avoid 'failure' altogether, which is probably why it's such a footballing joke. (and an economic joke). Going back to this Bolton 'Paragon of all that is right & proper'. (Who to be honest, royally fu**ed up on a different scale to DC), I wonder what the reaction would have been towards a Chairman (any Chairman) of SWFC, if we had been comfortably consolidated in the top tier for a number of seasons and then slipped unceremoniously into the third tier with hardly a whimper. People like you would have been screaming for his head and suggesting that just about any other Chairman who spouts a bit of 'spin' in your terminology, "dicks all over him as a club owner". Whatever the f**k that means. Someone remarked in an earlier post that if DC had been in a similar position and spouted all this he would have got crucified for just 'pandering to the masses' with bull sh*t spin. If people want to slag either players or the club or the Chairman off then fine, but stop falling for this cr*p that everything that breathes is automatically, instantly better than anything & everything that we have.
  14. Arrogant me??? How dare you speak to your betters in such a way! I'm not sure what I can imagine DC doing. to be honest. I can imagine him consulting with fans where other Chairmen have locked themselves away out of sight. I can imagine him trying different options re season ticket terms. I can imagine him investing his money in an almost unprecedented way. Also how long has DC been in charge & how long the other guy???
  15. Yeah because his stewardship of the club over the last few has been a template for total triumphal success hasn't it. Enlighten me if you will about the guy, other than the Blairite script written spin that I assume you are basing your opinion on.