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  1. Yeah because he thought he was doing the right thing at the time. Unfortunately he didn't have the hindsight you are now using.
  2. No point “questioning” if you’ve already made your mind up. No answer would suffice regardless. You’re not looking for ‘answers’ you’re looking for retribution.
  3. Don't suppose there's any chance of some sanity on here is there?? Even if it's a teeny weeny miniscule bit of sanity. Even a minimal amount of logical thought (bearing in mind the circumstances) would do.
  4. Bit baffled how Fox could be classed as 'Disloyal' !! One or two maybe look in the mirror.
  5. Thread posted 7.43. J O C with predictable DC bashing @ 7.47. Only surprise is that he wasted 4 minutes. 🤣🤣
  6. I sit behind the W but higher up the Kop. It'll make me lean to the right now i know it's not 'central'. 😁
  7. Maybe gone for a while. I'm off for a frontal lobotomy. I've had a scientist locate the frontal lobes in my brain whose sole function is the SWFC 'section'. With those gone I will be blissfully happy in my support of all things Wednesday. My total ignorance will ensure constant euphoria. Hope they don't call me a clapper!!!!
  8. Never thought of that. Good point mate. I remember all the media sympathy for us at the time. NOT!! "Poor Sheffield Wednesday, waited all that time for Bruce to finish his sabbatical and then to have him poached". "Let's all feel sorry for them". Nobody did (obviously). I have no sympathy for time wasting, cheating, whinging Charlton, just as they wouldn't for us.
  9. I'm not so sure. The original post was regarding fans "Not understanding" the situation, it wasn't about them not being interested in it. I don't honestly think many people are out of the range of social media these days, especially regarding the club. They may not particularly 'care' about the 'political' side of things but i certainly think they 'understand' it.
  10. It's all very convoluted. Who does what? Who's mandate stops where? Obviously Iorfa is a relatively recent signing, so is Paxo working in conjunction with the new guys or separate to? etc etc etc. Re Joey. I suppose it depends on whether he was recommended as a SQUAD player or a potential regular starter.
  11. I've done a few posts over the past few weeks on this topic & this is my worry as well. Not sure how he rates in the motivational stakes, looking at some of the 'collapses' from reasonable positions. I'm very 50/50 on him. Not fussed if he goes, ditto if he stays. My only other worry is the fan base is already hugely divided regarding him, which is never a good place to be & doesn't usually end well.
  12. Yeah, fair point. Especially now the recruitment guys seem to be doing ok.
  13. Oh please!!! Don't go down the patronising "They don't understand" route FFS. Everyone is more than aware of what the situation is. It's more a fact that people react differently and have different perspectives on the current situation. I suppose Derby's fans "Don't understand" their situation. I suppose Birmingham's fans "Didn't understand" their situation. I suppose Forest's fans "Didn't understand" their situation. I suppose Wolve's fans "Didn't understand" the huge gamble they took. If you want to wring your hands in anguish & explain to the naive uneducated masses, the 'damage' you think DC is doing, fine, but don't assume that there are "many fans" who don't understand or who share the doomsday scenario that you do.
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