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  1. “I’d like to welcome y’all to the United Whole world United corporation, I’m the chief acting CEO & corporate Vice President of this Globally world recognised & acclaimed market leader in its field” “Coming from the US of A I obviously know diddly squat about soccerbawl and thad offside bullshite is out the window so far as I’m concerned. I’m in talks with the EF of L to get it scrapped. How you gonna get a first down with that sort a horse crap on the go. Anyhow y’all, the Sheffield Red Devil’s of Manchester are undergoing a strategic review of corporate strategy, that you limey inbreeds form little ole Manchester won’t understand, so you won’t like me, I won’t like you, but y’all can jump in the Mississippi for all I care. Err Mr Chairman, can I have a quick word.. Pssst Pssst. Wahd the feck, what kinda horse crap you tellin me. Ya mean this ain’t the Bobby Charlton United Red Devil’s. Well who the goddam mother fu*****n in Gods name are these bunch of clowns. SHEFFIELD United Sir. Not MANCHESTER United. Well known in China. SIR, SIR, SIR stop, come back.
  2. I stuck with it as long as I could. I started to lose interest after the 98th use of the word ‘strategic’. I realised it was misguided USA speak talk, with loads of words saying nothing & finally called it a day when he said “United fans are smart fans”. GOODBYE.
  3. Might have been relevant a couple of years ago but think you howling at the moon still trying to blame anyone other than DM. He clearly has been given carte Blanche to acquire whichever players he wanted. Keep it real mate!
  4. Just like form is temporary and class is permanent, a ‘team’ is temporary and a ‘club’ is permanent (including the size).
  5. Why do you think he would leave? No disrespect to Plymouth but the potential is always going to be on a different level at S6.
  6. I understand the sentiments re Darren Moore’s capabilities or lack of them, but when touting replacement managers, is it too much to ask to just occasionally think a little bit outside the box & not just keep regurgitating the same old has been names that haven’t been decent managers for a good few years. Just because Darren Moore may be bad doesn’t make dinosaurs like Dingle Mick good.
  7. Or maybe he’s being judged on his overall contribution. As he should have been when he carried us for two seasons when all the supposed killer hard tacklers & hitmen were either out injured or banned. He never fitted the mould that the brains trust @ S6 demand so hardly any wonder he more or less eventually thought fu*k it. Good luck to him, hope he nails it at the Baggies & gets the acclaim he deserves.
  8. Gary Monk did it every week & DM seems to have a similar stubborn insistence on certain positions & formations, even at the expense of getting the most out of certain players.
  9. Nah! “He’s sh*t innit”. The experts have already decided.
  10. How in God’s name can you possibly spin this to blame Chansiri for anything to do with team decisions? Seriously??? Chansiri was being grudgingly lauded a few weeks ago for giving Darren (The saviour of SWFC at the time), full control of ALL team matters, backing him 100% on signings, keeping out of the way and not ‘sticking his nose in’. Now amazingly, DM isn’t living up to the hype and guess what? Yep, it’s Chansiri’s fault. The ONLY culpability you can lay at DCs door is the fact it was him who set Darren Moore on in the first place. A decision that was being touted as genius 4 weeks ago! We get it, that some people will never forgive DC & blame him for everything from Climate change to the Afghanistan balls up, but in this debate about team matters, at least keep it honest.
  11. That’s the point it will be touted as Chansiri’s fu**k up. Definitely NOT Darren Moore’s.
  12. Because these people are :- Consistently. On any subject. Wise after the event. Have one view & one view only of history. See things in purely Black or White terms, no in between. Are itching to play the blame game. Feel it is somehow their 'duty' to harbour resentment. Have a totally cynical view on life & its character's. Think only 'other' people make mistakes. Are unable to appreciate any other opinion to their own. Have a glass that can never be filled beyond halfway but is never half full.
  13. Absolutely. Don't think Shaw would have been any where near the first team anyway.
  14. Not at all. To quote you “I mean that is a bit over dramatic”. And “Stop trying to divide us” etc. You responded to my post, I responded to yours. Maybe shutting down debate is how it works on Twitter, but on here if someone decides to have a little ‘pop’, than the respondent has a right of reply. If you (strangely) interpret this as me “wanting to find an argument” then so be it. I agree that we should “enjoy the start of the season” 100%, but at the same time, reiterate that the keyboard warrior negativo’s take a day off & maybe even enjoy the relative success themselves rather than continuously finding fault where there is none.
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