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  1. bigthinrob

    Another pathetic manager

    Ahh the 'truth'. Pravda. Opinion or doctrine = undeniable truth.
  2. bigthinrob

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    i realise that, i was just using Manure as possibly the most obvious example of Premiership pricing not having to be punitive due to other sources of income. Not everyone is Man U obviously, but just the fact of any club being in the Prem clearly alters the whole scenario re income & therefore pricing. PS Probably not going to happen again but I remember them getting relegated.
  3. Was he drinking 'bitter'.
  4. bigthinrob

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Not necessarily true. The income generated from just being in the Prem can mean the reliance on funding from gate receipts is not as keen. Man Utd being a typical example, major income form other sources means gate receipts can be almost 'subsidised' as against normal pricing. Whether Mr C would take advantage of the increased income with regard to the hot potato of pricing would remain to be seen & maybe say more about him at that point than is the case now. Hypothetical at the moment but no doubt no shortage of opinion on the subject.
  5. The neutral, objective Opta, basically say he was joint Man of the match, you say he was crap and I saw what I saw. Wasn't his best game to be fair, but if anything was going to happen 2nd half, it was going to come through Reach.
  6. bigthinrob

    Thought we did ok today

    I watched Hull on tele last week (can't remember who they were playing) but to be fair they created chance after chance so clearly are quite capable of opening teams up. Probably an affirmation of what we already know, that (regardless of where WE are at the moment), there are no easy games in this league.
  7. bigthinrob


    We're two thirds of the way up the Kop, and was quite difficult to identify the songs even when you know them. Early days but I think they need to be the 'distinctive" songs. Thought they'd have used Rev & the makers as one of the more instantly identifiable ones.
  8. "I suppose isolated quotes from a much bigger article can be made to represent what ever you want them to represent." How much more specific do you want me to be? If your inability to understand the very simple point I was making means it is "Strange", then so be it. PS I am well aware you didn't write it. The clue is Good read from Alan Biggs here in the Telegraph
  9. Beautiful. Strangely as well, how much better does it look now it's flat without the 6ft slope down to the Kop.
  10. I suppose isolated quotes from a much bigger article can be made to represent what ever you want them to represent. I'll see YOUR quote & raise you one. "Where’s the shame in having a go, giving it everything, coming up just short and having to draw breath?"
  11. bigthinrob

    Clare joins Swansea

    Pr***k with a f***n stick!!
  12. bigthinrob

    Clare joins Swansea

    "Look at my Rickygoo", an admirer says proudly, watching from a balcony. "He's the only one marching in step".
  13. bigthinrob

    Joost Van Aken

    Don't disagree, but I think you are confusing 'Passion' with downright 'abuse' Don't think anyone was saying 'clap' for the sake of it, and & I have to agree a 'groan' is, I suppose a default reaction & not a pre meditated 'action' / 'response' I think the point was however, that singling players out, as has been the case, is not only unfair in the current situation but also counter productive and to be honest, some of the treatment dished out to players isn't "passion, heart, soul, anger, elation, disappointment". It is basically bullying intimidation. I know it's always gone on to some degree, but the situation at the moment is slightly different in respect of our hands being tied re replacements. I thank you for your advice re for the highlighted bit, but maybe a bit late to change clubs. I remember the "Usher for Russia" chants from the day and other such players singled out over the years, so i have maybe got slightly immune from it. Still doesn't help the player's though regardless.
  14. bigthinrob

    Clare joins Swansea

    I think in any walk of life mate, there are right & wrong ways to do things & if things are done the 'right' way I don't think anyone bears any grudges. Yeah there is the on going speculation of the 6 of one & half a dozen of the other debate (player & club), but I don't think anyone can deny, the Hirst saga has left a very nasty taste in the final way it panned out. Especially the cynical way he 'moved abroad' but 'didn't really' & all to avoid us receiving one penny. It smacks of spite and Clare is one thing but the Hirst thing is something totally different. If that makes me a 'nasty cu**, then so be it, but I hope it all goes horribly wrong for him & his bitter, "I always regret not moving to Manure" father.
  15. bigthinrob

    Joost Van Aken

    Can this also apply to anyone who pulls on the shirt. We all know which players we're talking about, but clearly our options in certain areas are limited & no point making what we HAVE got available more nervous on the ball than need be. Cut the 'groans', cut the 'screaming' at them, & in some cases the abuse. Like I said, in certain areas we don't have alternatives (not the players' faults) so no point cutting off our noses etc. Let's at least try & get behind them, regardless of who it is.