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  1. Went through about two full seasons when every other fu***r was out injured thinking "Wow thank God for Reach". PS Did you spot his header that led to the first goal. NO. Thought not!
  2. No he wasn't. PS we fu***n won. Did you notice? Is there some unwritten rule that a win isn't complete without some morons trying to find some negatives or scapegoats? Didn't hear a single negative behind the goal today, everyone was buzzing. Come on here & same old, same old bull sh*t.
  3. Think you must have watched a different game to me mate. 2nd half when we were attacking towards our end, he was hugely influential. Not only the goal but the one two's, his hustling & bustling, general play caused them massive problems. As for his body not reacting fast enough??? Seemed to react 'fast enough' for the glancing gem of a header.
  4. There’s a difference between the club ‘thanking’ him & ‘appreciating’ him. I would also say, bearing in mind he’s probably not on extortionate wages, that he has put more into the club than he has taken out.
  5. Was it Winston Churchill or Mycroft who famously said :- "You drone on with nothing new to say".
  6. Hindsight, conjecture & not a glass half full but a seven eighths empty attitude.
  7. And yet he gets us to the playoffs two seasons on the trot, if Monk manages to repeat the feat, will you be equally scathing or is it just some sort of 'thing' you've got against him. PS Talking of "not having a clue". Why would you need a plan B when he got to the play off final. It seems his plan A worked reasonably well, other than facing a team that had more in every dept before a ball was kicked. I'm not a one man CC appreciation society, I just hate this re writing of the truth. I made it abundantly clear in another post that what happened with CC was typical of what happens to most managers after a couple of years. It just seems however, you are incapable of accepting the reality of what he actually achieved, but carry on slagging him, no doubt you'll have another target to aim your vitriol at if Monk gets us to a play off final & God forbid doesn't finish the job, or more precisely his player's don't finish the job.
  8. If we do go to slavishly playing it out from the back we can forget about Tom Lees.
  9. Got loads of the wife & i'm sure you'd approve but I think it would probably convict me without trial of definitely being a sexist.
  10. Oh FFS, now i feel guilty. My typing is so fu***n slow, I didn't mean to leave a gap between posts. My faith in human nature is restored, where we can debate for hours but still retain some decent feelings. Cheers mate & apologies for doing that.
  11. Only joking. Very happily married, have a beautiful grown up daughter who has just had a beautiful baby girl. Have two brilliant son's, who both come to both home & away games. PS you don't have to have some some sad bitter reasons to hold an opinion.
  12. Yes. Does it show. And that was very cruel of you to bring it up!!
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