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  1. I always try & make my points in a fair & civilised way & respect the fact people will not always agree with me & I am certainly not 'complaining' about that & certainly wouldn't get personal by naming names. (or unlike certain people neg them every time they post) If people want to mount campaigns for change whether that be manager or owner, that is their prerogative & they have every right to do so, just as I & others have the right to hold them to account as we see fit. If I think those self same people are being hypocritical in respect that they are whining now but were more than willing to go along with things at the time, then I in turn & others have the right to say so. I've had various spats on here, with various people and in the end after a torrent of divergent opinions & viewpoints we have usually done the equivalent of saying "Fair enough" & shaking hands. No opinions have been changed but there remains a certain respect for each protagonist to have those opinions. In this case there are no names to be named, no one has transgressed any unwritten rules, but I do personally find the non stop hatchet job on everything Chansiri totally distasteful & in the main uncalled for. As I said previously, probably not uncommon on forums around the country, but the old adage "Who shouts loudest" is very apt in this situation, with a small number of shall we say people with the 'stronger' opinions, shouting 'loudest' and 'most often' and usually about the same subject.
  2. It's your site. You're quick enough to jump on things from time to time. It's not F****n rocket science. Look at the people who have moderate mixed opinions about various things, I quoted one typical example. "I like Chansiri for what he is trying to achieve, but hate him for his pricing structure" & then compare the extreme "Hate everything about him" who push the anti DC line constantly without exception & who demand his removal. If you're unable to see the difference then so be it.
  3. "Cabal". Usually related to politics, but also describes a 'faction', a 'clique', who plan secretly to 'take action'. Well maybe not secretly but to "take action"? Is suggesting a 'Boycott' not "Taking action"? Is the concerted non stop attempt to de stabilise & ultimately replace Chansiri not "Taking action"? Is this 'activity' being supported by the entire fan base? I would suggest there are ones who are absolutely & firmly behind Chansiri, I would suggest there are ones that have mixed feelings about Chansiri. And I would suggest that there are ones who's whole raison d'etre at the moment is to destroy his reputation (some will no doubt say he's done that himself), destroy his credibility, and to ultimately make his position untenable. This isn't a group who have differing opinions about different aspects of his regime. For Example :- Agree with his ambition and aims, but disagree with his pricing structure. These are people who seem to want to destroy this guy no matter what. The way the good news of the embargo being lifted was received by some (compared to most people) speaks volumes. There is a group of people on here, a relatively small group, for whom Chansiri can do no right who will not be content until he is gone. Call it what you will, but by the definition in the Cambridge dictionary the description I used isn't a million miles off.
  4. Is there any need for this pathetic childish sniping at the person who is funding us. Seriously? Also, if you want to look at it cynically, does it matter where the funds come from? At one time we'd have been happy to take funds from anyone willing to provide them. It also seems abundantly clear, that the people shouting the loudest in relation to 'the embargo' (even though it is now lifted much to their consternation) and are the ones most grudging in accepting what can only be described as good news, are the identical people who shout the loudest regarding the 'price issue'. I reckon the genuine reason the real hardcore DC out cabal seem less than enthused with the news, is that they have had a convenient cornerstone of their argument taken away from them.
  5. I was commenting on the fans reaction / perspective to the 'embargo' & lifting of it and the hypocritical reactions. The mechanics of who did what & why are a different issue.
  6. At least you take the trouble to formulate on opinion & reply rather than the usual one liners, laughing face or negs from the usual suspects and I respect you for that. The opinions on this subject reflects the chasm and divisions in the mindset of people across the board not just football. There are the wealth creators in this world, entrepreneurs who make things happen who generally look to the future, get knocked down & bounce back up & give it another go and either succeed or fail by their own efforts. Then there are the other side of the coin, the academics, public sector, local councils etc etc. Both are equally vital but the mindsets are like chalk & cheese. Don't take risks, rely on others, and if it all goes wrong go back to the pot that always gives & apportion the blame elsewhere, usually in the recent past and always in hindsight. Those two mindsets are very apparent on here with one set advocating the 'Go for it' viewpoint (a la Wolves) & the other advocating the opposite, 'cautious' approach. (Ipswich maybe, with Dingle Mick flat lining us to nowhere). I still maintain though, the 'cautious' approach is only advocated now, with the benefit of hindsight. I may be wrong but I don't recall this point of view being shouted from the rooftops at the start of the project. I only recall enthusiasm and a huge relief that we were finally investing after years in the wilderness. What was the chant smugly aimed at the pigs as a celebration of our spending power "You signed _____, we signed Rhodes & Winnall". I certainly don't recall a chant urging caution & restraint. Where were the smart one liners then? Where were the quotes equating students blowing their loans then? The two mindsets react in their usual ways. "Let's look backwards, apportion blame, pretend they would have done things differently and be wise with the easy benefit of hindsight", Or get up, dust yourself off, accept things don't always go to plan, take what has happened in the past as a guide but don't be a slave to it and f***n crack on.
  7. Think that discussion's already been done & put to bed mate, but welcome to the party regardless.
  8. Do you mean like the one's that grasped that we were about to go bust, or that they grasped this was going to set us back 10 years, or whatever else the 'experts' spouted. Those fu****n thicko's on here that are incapable of 'grasping' the gravity of the situation. (sarcasm by the way) (or did they maybe not believe it was or is, quite as bad as they were & are led to believe). Ever considered it was the 'doomsayers' that didn't grasp the true situation & that maybe it wasn't quite as bad as they forecast and they hadn't factored into the equation a Chairman who doesn't lie down & die & surrender like they do. We still have the majority of the squad that got us so near, we have youngsters coming through, we are getting nearer to having a fully fit squad. Fill a couple of gaps that need filling & who knows. We need to trim in areas, but I don't buy the doom & gloom, (or "grasping the reality") as you put it. I listened to that Pod cast with the 'expert' who said categorically selling FF was the ONLY solution. How come he didn't see the alternative rabbit that Chansiri has produced out of the hat. How come all the journo's didn't see the 'Chansiri' alternative? How come the ITK ers didn't see an alternative. Because they all saw our Chairman as a bumbling fool, out of his depth and as did most on here, completely under estimated his resolve. The only thing i have 'grasped' out of this situation is take absolutely no notice of 'experts' & double 'no notice' of the 'experts' on here.
  9. Assume you were part of the baying throng who were pleading with DC at the time not to invest then eh? Certainly won in Wolves' case
  10. The question as in, "were you happy for the football teamyou support to be under a transfer embargo due to the chairman and his cohorts spending recklessly"? If you were a Barrister you would be aware that the way a question is structured is largely responsible for the reply it solicits. If the question had been put when DC first joined us "Would you support unprecedented investment in order to try & achieve success", I suspect the response would have been almost unanimous in favour. I would even suspect that if the question "Would you support unprecedented investment in order to try & achieve success even if it takes us perilously close to an embargo situation", the response would probably have been the same. If the same question is asked 'in hindsight' it inevitably solicits a different response. Knowing what I know now, I would still have gone for it, bearing in mind we were potentially 20 minutes or so from the Prem. Yeah we could have spent better (in hindsight), but the potential reward, justified the attempt & who's to say with a few additions it may not still pay off.
  11. "Blah Blah" ?? Ever thought of becoming a Barrister? Your powers of compulsive argument are a thing to behold. Ps saying this now (18 months after the event) is the epitome of 'hindsight'. Maybe I'll trawl back through & find the post where you predict us being under embargo. You'd be wrong either way though. Cos we're not.
  12. Relevance of any of that????? So you've been going a while, big deal, so have we all. Maybe you should have learnt from experience that the vagaries of football & situations change rather rapidly. Why do I have to know you to comment on a post you make. Does everyone who replies to a post on here know the person they are responding to? Seriously! "Button it & engage brain" ???????? Take a fu***n deep breath, close your eyes, i know it will be difficult, but just this once, try & admit that maybe, Chansiri isn't quite as stupid as you & all the other detractor's thought. And while your doing it, I still maintain that being wise in hindsight is very easy & in reality isn't wise at all.
  13. I actually said "Booze", obviously referring to Dom Perignon. Never mentioned a couple of pints. I also mentioned Starbucks which is, well it is what it is. The saying "Disgusted of", originated as "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells" which was a soft pi*s take of the middle class lifestyle. Think you're trying too hard with the 'class' issue mate.
  14. Ahh, here they come. Now one's raised his head above the parapet, the rest will no doubt show their faces. What about "praising him" for at least giving it a fu***n go. Eh? No, thought not. Bet you were giving it large down Wembley Way, "we're on our way" etc. 'Hindsight' The art of knowledge after the event.
  15. Think you've over thought this mate. Was purely drawing a parallel on price, not lifestyle.
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