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  1. He’s had a rough time of it. But can anyone see him staying here? i hope he has a good season and does just that, but we need to restructure our wage budget which means less money.
  2. I thought It said Atlanta? Aren’t they MLS?
  3. he wanted Joao and Rhodes out and Hugill in
  4. that’s only three games when we wanted to change it. If Gayle came here we’d need to play him every week which would mean he dictates the formation
  5. We play one up front so how would Gayle suit us? If we wanted someone slight and nippy we would be playing FF or Winnall and we have plenty of pace wide to get in behind. We need someone who is either a younger and quicker version of nuhiu/Fletcher or more of a joao type. Ivan Toney and Kienan Davis would be obvious targets along with Cosgrove at Aberdeen.
  6. I think we’d regret letting him go.But by the same token if he’s offered no1 at another club whilst we have Westwood he might fancy it.
  7. Exactly the type we should be looking at
  8. I think GM is along the right lines with this team as Bruce was. Keep it tight, direct and hope that the extra pace and a bit of quality makes the difference. If we were to open up we’d need to be more like the passing side of 2015 but we haven’t got the squad for that either and it wastes our best assets in the likes of Harris. I think we will churn out results this way, but it’s frustrating that in the last few games we could’ve credibly beaten Cardiff, Leeds and Blackburn but only got 2 points. Over a season that might see us miss out on a top six spot which I think we do have just enough quality to make if we can take our chances.
  9. To be fair to Blackburn, they couldve been out of sight but for Westwood. Typical Wednesday anti climax when going to a team doing poorly
  10. I don’t think we lack general pace any longer as both Murphy and Harris provide this in the final third. They are essentially wide forwards sometimes. The only thing is that both Fletcher and Nuhiu who can play that lone role to bring the attacking mids/wingers into the game do lack the pace to then catch up at times . The ideal striker for us would have a physical presence and that pace ie Hugill who ended up at QPR, Grabban at Forest, Assombalonga or Lyle Taylor. But we’d need big money to get any of them so that’s where the scouting team needs to earn their cash. Ivan Toney could be a shout.
  11. Was the same with Bruce. Not sure if it matters that much given that we got good compensation for Bruce regardless and staff get a fixed compensation amount (usually) if they leave. I’m guessing it just allows both parties to re assess each summer.
  12. There’s the option to go back in Jan and he might do that. I think he got injured just as Lees did and that was his chance wasn’t it
  13. We don’t usually play 442 with Nuhiu off Fletcher though do we. That was a one off change to mess up Bielsas planning based on our 4231 in most other games. The Nuhiu wild card.
  14. I wonder why someone hasnt bought him. There must be something putting clubs off
  15. Yep, I can see why we had an interest in Hugill too.
  16. agreed, he would be similar to Joao.
  17. Gayle wouldn’t fit into how we set up, unless he played out wide. Why does he get mentioned? If we get a striker they need to do what Fletcher does for us.
  18. There’s not one single team that will be streets ahead of the others. It’s ridiculously competitive and we have nothing to fear. Its just the key moments which at the moment seem to be falling the wrong side when attacking such as hitting the bar today. Missing chances at Cardiff. I appreciate we have had close calls at the other end too though in our favour.
  19. The key is finding someone who can still allow us to play one up front which is why Kodjia and Davis at Villa are obvious choices on loan. We should have plenty of goals from Reach, FF, Lee, Luongo, Murphy and Harris. Can see Fletcher getting 15 over the season.
  20. Monks off field issues put me off at the outset but in terms of his actual record he was one of the top choices. Still young, managed at the top and some big clubs and he’s quite level headed/a thinker. His teams do well. I think all three are of a similar mould and get that bit extra from their team. But Monk just has that extra bit of experience at the top end which probably makes the difference.
  21. I wonder if Joao thought he’d made it again and then lost his mojo. A straight 7m we got for him.
  22. It’s more having an able back up for Fletcher I think. Someone who acts as that focal point with runners around him. Hugill would’ve been ideal, we apparently wanted Kienan Davis on loan from Villa. Ivan Toney could be another Joao type
  23. The irony is that stokes glory days came about with them doing exactly what he is criticising us for
  24. tackles much harder though. 2015 we’d have possibly gone up with Luongo adding some tackling ability
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