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  1. I think when Dawson first came in he was flapping all over the place. But by the time we played United at the Lane and he saved the penalty I think he looked to be on an upward trajectory and we needed to tie him down to a new deal. Since the turn of 2020 though I think both Wildsmith and Dawson have regressed and lack confidence. Westwood isn’t what he was a few years ago but he always seems quite sure of himself and that’s what we need. Someone who is prepared to be the boss in that area.
  2. Macgallivray at Portsmouth is out of contract soon and he’s still a good age for a keeper. One of the best in league one and could play in the championship. We should get him in and move a couple on.
  3. Looked a prospect around the time we beat Arsenal. But that was seemingly his peak, he hasn’t kicked on. I’d be looking to move him on or at least loan him somewhere. Dawson is in a similar boat but I think he has got better since he broke into the team.
  4. If it does happen we should watch that playoff final between Sunderland and Charlton. The former had a decent side on paper, the better side, but older. Charlton had some younger lads in midfield and they had the edge all game. Aribo and a lad from West Ham. A young and energetic midfield, a proper striker or two and the experience in the right areas (keeper, centre half, defensive midfield perhaps) would be a decent mix.
  5. Yep we need someone in charge of day to day matters and planning ahead on these things. Checking in with DC.
  6. He was injured for a while so it’s unusual to extend a contract at that point. I’d rather he moved in this country if he’s not staying as at least we’d get paid!
  7. Dawson might benefit from a spell at the top end of that league. Dunkley, Iorfa both better than that level. Palmer would be ok. Bannan and Hutchinson Windass and Paterson too. Of the above I think Iorfa will need to prove fitness but would be sold once he does. Paterson might have some interest too and will want to play at this level as he has his Scotland aspirations. Hard to tell with Bannan, there’d be interest in him but strangely I could see him staying. On paper we have a team that looks ok but as we’ve seen in the past if the t
  8. I think that Harris is out of contract. We will easily see a huge number of players leave but having players like Hutchinson and Palmer who are committed to the club wouldn’t hurt in those adverse circumstances.
  9. Would you keep Rhodes if he had a league one wage? Heart says no. Head says he’d get goals at that level and is better than some strikers doing it at that level now. A bit like when Clarke was released but scored elsewhere. Other than the likes of Dunkley, Bannan, Paterson, Windass possibly Hutchinson Palmer and Harris the rest could easily go. It would give us a huge rebuilding job but having players wanting to move upward rather than feeling they shouldn’t be there would be key.
  10. Just put a team together that wins a few games and show the club is doing the basics right. Rather than just drifting. It won’t take much.
  11. Yeah they’ve left it a bit late to set things right. That 5 home win spell seemed to have sorted it but I don’t know where it went wrong. They’re so fragile
  12. The only thing I’d say is that everyone there knows we’re on the verge of relegation already so just go for it and if a few get their eye in you never know. Barnsley did that last season.
  13. Yeah we breached the rules by doing the same or similar as what Derby did but not within the correct timeframe, or moving the sale period. Im not suggesting we didn’t break the rules but when you take a step back, had we avoided punishment by planning the whole sale better and doing it in a timely fashion, then the principle of spending a lot of money on wages remains...which is the point of the rules, so the whole thing just seems mad to me. We left ourselves vulnerable and the league does look punish clubs to the Max who do that and they went for it with us as they have
  14. When he’s off the pitch you notice. They weren’t even sure who should take a corner. Then when they did the opposition went and scored.
  15. Again I don’t think I’ve said anything that would contradict that, in the first post I made I said we’d finished the job ourselves given recent results. Other than that I am fairly certain the policing element of the EFL will be pleased to see their rules and tariff system having an effect to the point where it contributes massively to a club getting relegated. Whether than is us or anyone else it doesn’t matter.
  16. I think the EFL can be quite heavy handed and often take it as far as they can and that’s because they don’t want counter action from clubs part of the EFL who feel they are not hard enough. I think they docked a point from a league 2 club the other season which turned out crucial. But it also kicked that club when it was extremely down. But the rules are the rules I guess. I agree on owners though and ours has made a real mess of it here after a promising start.
  17. The EFL “agenda” is in every hearing paper issued mate. Ricky is correct in what he is saying but I am also.
  18. How about reading what I have actually written in the thread rather than twisting it. There is no conspiracy that the EFL come down on any team, not just swfc, that break any rules and like to see that punishment take maximum effect. There are no arguments from me that this is a problem that the club has made. But the -12 deduction subsequently reduced to -6 has framed the season.
  19. Im not blaming the EFL. Simply stating that they look to punish clubs when there is a breach of rules and do maximum damage. Having -12 in the summer when trying to attract players will have had a huge effect. We’ve been up against it all season.
  20. I don’t think they have a vendetta against Wednesday. I just know the arm of the EFL that charges clubs likes to hit hard and whether it was us, Derby, birmingham will like to see the rules have an effect. Whether we are in the relegation zone or not with -6. We had -12 all summer and it’s affected the whole season from recruitment onwards. Just a disclaimer that shouldn’t be necessary, but seems to be, I am not suggesting we didn’t breach any rules/deserve a deduction etc...
  21. I would agree with that. But in the current case (and a separate point) we seem to have it where clubs can overspend and rectify through sales of land or assets so it’s only really owners who can’t get their paperwork done in time/accurately rather than actually preventing a true breach of what the rules are trying to achieve. Typically we are the ones who don’t get our act in order.
  22. It’s not difficult. If the EFL couldve taken Derby out too with a deduction they would have otherwise they wouldn’t have charged them. Both sold stadiums to themselves, one did a better job than the other.
  23. Or sell the stadium on time or something. I haven’t said anything other than that the organisation who polices the leagues will be pleased to see their punishments have had an effect.
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