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  1. No. You read what you wanted to read and you will continue to do so. I’ve not insinuated anything, particularly as the local press has been negative and akin to gossip recently and today’s comments were made via the club captain which was the focus of the entire thread. I presume is the post youre talking about. Disagree with that fine but the bit about Bannan leaking to the press simply wasn’t posted by me. BTW my comment in this thread was not a particular dig at you individually or that particular exchange but if the shoe fits
  2. Not at all. This has been the case all season for various posters and various topics. Prime example your post above actually. I’ve been on this site many years and if I had an issue with disagreement I don’t think I’d have bothered for such a long time. Now it is almost impossible to even have a discussion. It’s one side or the other. Attack rather than consider and discuss. Black Balloon days. I didn’t think the star was helping with various tweets and negative gossip throughout the summer so far, nor do I think bannans comments were helpful or necessary now that has morphed into me suggesting Bannan “runs to the star” “every week” and leaking stories which I have not posted.
  3. It’s militant on here and has been for a while. It’s detrimental to the website really
  4. Its all about context. Seems like a parachute rip cord and a flare being pulled to me. Which some people don’t have the luxury of.
  5. “Chansiri fans” Now thats hyperbole. another example of how many on this website seem to want to put posters and their opinions in a certain camp. Which needn’t be the case. As I’ve said many times on here Chansiri is not up the job but it doesn’t absolve everyone else from some criticism from time to time. I’m more interested in how the club comes through this whoever is the owner and it’s like death by 1000 cuts, some of which can be avoided such as this am.
  6. Not at all. Lie? It doesn’t have to be that extreme so you’re putting words in my mouth there. Hes club captain and he could’ve said everything about going back and seeing what the future holds other than saying it wasn’t a great place to be and that there are a lot of people leaving and generally having the face on. I get he’s probably not been paid and isn’t happy. But it’s not helpful for those who are staying here. That’s pretty much all I am saying.
  7. I am very concerned about the state of the club. I made a comment that I don’t think these kind of comments from the club captain really help us come through it as well as possible. Not suitable for binary owlstalk
  8. Disagree. If he doesn’t get a move then he might end up staying here and it’s counter productive for him as much as anyone else.
  9. Agreed. They need to get a move on and resolve any issues holding things back. Get accounts out etc. Reduced ST prices a step forward but will not bring in income if all owed already. But some of these issues will be a challenge faced by many clubs. We need to work out what our budget can be moving forward however low that is and recruit. Move those we can’t afford on/pay what they are owed. But comments from the captain saying it’s not a good place to be, may well be true, but doesn’t help with any of the above recruitment of players who do fit within a revised and reduced budget.
  10. Of course Bannan is not THE problem. Nor is it necessary or helpful for the dirty washing to be continually aired via the star. Especially via club captain.
  11. Just because there’s been nothing in the star for the likes of us, doesn’t mean they won’t be looking to recruit a team for next season. Whether they are any good or not is a different matter but it doesn’t help with comments like that.
  12. The hits keep coming. Don’t blame him for leaving but he’s changed his tune from loyal captain to not really fancying it. He can do what he likes but the constant “scoops” aren’t really helpful for a club trying to rebuild.
  13. Be surprised if he comes here but he’d probably score a lot in league one
  14. Shows how the financial landscape is changing, along with DCs approach too perhaps, that there is no fee. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s had to take a pay cut to go home and that cost has been covered by Hannover in lieu of a fee. He talked about moving here with a lucrative offer so obviously more than what german second tier usually pays
  15. I think most of the time anyone on their final year, if not sold that summer has to be doing really well to get anyone to cough up in January otherwise they just wait. So it’s the summer really when it should be forced if they won’t re sign. I think Arsenal had it as a policy for a while and it was used against them a bit when trying to get players to stay on. But at least it’s a club policy whereas ours seems to be based on a whim.
  16. That was ridiculously desperate. Whether it’s a broken leg or a knackered knee with teams not paying fees recently it must be hard to shift players in the final year of contract at the best of times even without injury.
  17. Ideally we’d have offered him a 2 year deal or 1 year plus extension at that point or when injury struck. If we believed he’d get back fit (ignoring the criticisms we’ve had about signing injured players). The club is messing it up on various fronts but the angle many do ignore is that sometimes if a player has just broken through and is doing ok they don’t want to commit either or are advised not to. Not saying it’s the case here but Urgoghide signed a new deal which must’ve reflected a break through, got injured pretty badly and was only back fit briefly, was offered a new deal here after all and he’s chosen to turn it down. Last season in league one a lot of clubs were only signing players on 1 year deals or 2 max. Lots in the championship out of contract too due to short term deals. It seems there is a trend towards short termism more generally at the moment but with these promising younger players we need to break the cycle and protect our assets given the game is now rigged toward forcing us to develop and sell to progress.
  18. I agree the injury muddied the waters here but on shaw I have no idea how he never had an option in his deal like some others have.
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