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  1. He might like his money but I think he gives his all. By the looks of his following on Instagram, he means alot to every club he's played for and Nigeria for his goals at the World Cup. Strange why a WBA, Burnley or team at the top of the Championship don't take the gamble.
  2. Thought he started quite well for Everton
  3. So are you in agreement? The academy needs funding
  4. 27k per week is about 1.3m per year which would help entice a complete generation of talent if we spent that in the academy, especially youth scouting
  5. ?? That's a process that will take many years and backing a manager through thick and thin while we develop youth good enough to be proud of. Change of emphasis for the chairman aswell.
  6. Football 101. Forget the good times and be as ungrateful as possible, whinge at how your accustomed to greater things and be constantly miserable. Sounds familiar
  7. Spotted the problem with Jackson Irvine, got the same agent as players such as Son, Maddison, Walker, Rose and Raphael Varane..... Aswell as Onomah who didn't favour well here. Market value for Irvine is 2.25m. You can easily see an agent fee of our 1m being requested, so technically won't be free. For a league 1 player, wages will also be high.
  8. Imagine paying Daniel Sturridge like 1m till the end of the season... That's 1m that could have gone into the academy
  9. In all fairness, he deserves his chance. Hasn't completed 90 in a long time. Scored against Cardiff opening game then we have a 0-0 against Watford and he finds himself falling out of the team.
  10. Can't make the players feel very alert, us being branded a sleeping giant
  11. Ball in box, simple Sooner or later, they'll get sick of missing
  12. Getting taken over by a relative of the Man City owner. So they'll be spending in January.
  13. We've had top strikers for this league haven't we... What we haven't had is the midfield. Since Lee, Lopez, Jones, Hutchinson to some extent....we've seen players like Butterfield and for all his effort, jury is still out on Pelupessy, Hunt might be a year or 2 away... We need a squad reshuffle, will only happen if we give Pulis time
  14. Oh dear, The ungrateful nature of some of our fans is the staggering!
  15. Well done Chansiri! For me, it proves 2 things. 1. Chansiri will always try his best and act with a keen interest on fan concensus 2. There is money to spend. Sacking Monk after installing his team will have cost a fair bit of money. His heart is in the right place.
  16. Social media hate. Imagine the mental strength needed to compete at this level. I've needed a nervous poo when playing in five a side league games
  17. Season ticket prices for pay on the gate fans would need to come into play....cus I think alot of us wouldn't stretch between £36 to £50 for 1 adult ticket.
  18. They get spoilt rotten and just like kids, give them too much, they expect more. He was nicking some chips and gravy off my mate, outside ground once....top earner at club stealing your chips
  19. Probably because we're bottoming out. No youth coming through worth 10 to 30m, got tens of thousands being paid out for 30+ year olds (Westwood, Flint, Bannan, Lees)
  20. Some people on here enjoy seeing us sign ageing players on huge money.
  21. Wonder if Monk is being mardy cus he will be devalued as a manager when we get relegated
  22. Seen what they're coming up against? Premier league is the best league in the world mate, if you was unaware
  23. It's not about swapping a player out... It's about Monk admitting we haven't got the players for 3-5-2. Admitting he was wrong. That would probably earn him a little credit, takes some guts to do this. You look at United, they have very mobile CB's, they get about the pitch, have pace. We try and implement 3-5-2 with 3 flat footed giants - Flint, Iorfa, Van Aken. Then in the middle of the park, they very combative CM's, well scouted. We have the least combative midfield in the league when Luongo isn't playing. Upfront, they run tirelessly, forcing the oppo
  24. I wouldn't mess with that 3 man defence, inviting pressure. I'd like to see a 4-4-1-1....Windass behind a forward.
  25. Sticking to the 3-5-2 has cost Monk his job. We've bottomed out with very little resale value in the squad.
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