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  1. Well let me remind you all, Man City fans hurl abuse at Raheem Sterling. We're all abit bitter at the end of the day, paying ticket prices of £30 to £75 per game for footballers to ride their Bentleys. I always think if you've got £30 to spend on a weekend, why not go for a massage instead of paying for a footballer to get a massage. Self care lads and lasses, put yourself first
  2. I always think, if you had money on it or paid for tickets and travel, your opinion is always going to be biased. Leaning towards the harshest possible way... I didn't go or have an Acca on, so I just see it as a silly mistake, he'll be embarrassed by and Burnley will be grateful it's happened for us and not them. He'll be better for it.
  3. Good shouts, I agree with Bisping for the Volk and Ortega fight tho. It'll be a stand up war & Volks striking is more frequent and more accurate, so Ortega's face will be wearing it come round 5. Volkonovski by UD. Shevchenko by however she wants. Diaz by late stoppage.
  4. Unbiased view. I don't think that'll happen again. It was poor and it cost us immensely. He'll be better from it. If I had an accumulater or spent £100 on the trip to Ipswich, my views might have been as strong as the OP's. But I feel young loanees are here to improve both themselves and the squad. That's exactly what's happening here.
  5. We need to get men behind the ball, instead of playing wingers without a target man. When we play wide wingers, without a target man, it's like carrying passengers. We might do better when Windass is fit.
  6. He's massively under pressure. This is the measuring stick game for him and darren moore, to see who has recruited the best between them
  7. I'm sorry to hear brother, I'm glad things are turning around for you now. I don't have children myself but what a brilliant purpose you have, to make your little one proud of you.
  8. It's good news but I'm unsure of it's impact. I limit myself to £5 a week and quite often, I don't even bother. I have a few friends who don't have the same limits as me, they gone as far as £150 a month, when it's not affordable for them either. For me, I love the premier league. I don't need to stick money on Bruno & Pogba to appreciate how good they are. It's just brilliant to watch these world class players play in the UK
  9. I can't give Jose Aldo enough credit for regaining a 2nd wind in his career. He's another legend.
  10. As much as I respect Bisping, I love the A Team of MMA commentary - Cruz, Anik, DC and Rogan haha. Ferguson is definitely a lone wolf, in a sense that a camp is built around him with people he trusts and his persona. I don't know what he'll do after fighting but he'll go after it 200mph I'm sure I don't know if it's better to be a lone wolf or be part of a big gym for an MMA fighter. Derek Brunson seems to have turned his career completely around by joining a big gym.
  11. He's 40 in afew months, would do him more harm than good to carry on, he hasn't got another title run in him, so that's what I consider being done. It's a huge a shame all these legends are hitting this stage in life, Tony Ferguson is a favourite of mine and I consider him done too. They need saving from themselves but fighting is all they've ever known, they'll keep milking themselves until they have a lesser quality of life to offer their families. Carlos Condit seems to have gone out on his own terms. Whereas Michael Bisping for example, lost an eye, total knee replacement etc....seems like his body forced him out the game.
  12. I think it's tailor made for Nick Diaz to shine. UFC have made it a 5 round fight and Robbie Lawlers record suggests he's done. Definitely gutted to miss it, even considering leaving my phone at home to have zero spoilers haha
  13. So here it is, the big sporting weekend of the month and I'm stuck in Cleethorpes for the Saturday night with the partner. We have UFC 266. Joshua vs. Usyk. Chelsea vs. Man City Man Utd vs. Aston Villa Arsenal vs. Tottenham All televised, I feel like crying haha.
  14. Paul Cook seems to have tinkered for the better. We seem to have tinkered for the worst.
  15. I'm going to Gibraltar this weekend. Double Vaxxed. Check in Online Fill in Passenger Locator Form Free lateral flow on arrival, result within 1 hour Free lateral flow before boarding to return £28 Day 2 test purchased. Must admit, I'm a little phased by it all, hopefully it'll all go well.
  16. I don't think it matters so much in this league, 4-1-3-2 is a good shout but there's no room for Corbeanu, Shodipo, Sow, Johnson, Brown etc... I think Moore likes to get the ball out wide.
  17. It's a fascinating game. I'll always remember being so invested in the 2005 Champions League final. Liverpool 3 nil down at HT and young me on the edge of my seat wanting Cisse off the bench. Instead, Rafa Benitez brings on a defensive midfielder in Didi Hamann. I was so confused, but it completely shut AC Milan down, stopping Kaka from running riot. The rest is history, will never understand why Benitez stayed at Newcastle so long.
  18. Agree but it could boil down to Moore being tactically sound, which by all WBA fan accounts, it might not be that easy. Carlos did this successfully, I remember quite often he'd take off Lopez and bring on Hooper or Joao. He wouldn't wait till the 80th min to make this change either, it would be done at HT and we'd come out for 2nd half a different team.
  19. Me too mate, I work Tuesday nights so it's a non starter for me, even though I believe someone took notice when I mentioned it. I can't use my own idea
  20. Yeah I wouldn't start asking for 4-4-2. We're all aware, every fan must be, that Bannan isn't a 4-4-2 midfielder. If there is any player, you want a system to suit, it'll be Bannan. Plus we get Lewis Wing and Dennis Aderinan in the team and can better control games. 4-4-2 is pretty much dead, if you look around, especially in the premier league.
  21. I don't know, surely its not an offer to compete with a season ticket, as its only 6 games. The freedom and fair price would work very well in the fans favour, if it was extended to a whole season.
  22. My idea which I pushed heavily on here afew seasons ago. The only adaptation I don't like, is the limited choice of games. Take the limitation off and run it over the course of a season and the club will make thousands from it.
  23. Good shout and I agree. Darren Till is another example, but you can easily see, his desire and belief is completely shattered
  24. I haven't recieved it either, probably not been produced yet. They'll be sticking the new sponsor on it, WeBuyAnyCar.com. Or something like that
  25. He's got everything. His striking accuracy is better than Ngannou but obviously Ngannou's power is unrivalled. We may be looking at the finer details for a match up with Gane tho. Gane and Aspinall both have good footwork. With Gane more of a wider stance. Be great if it happens
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