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    Great pic...

    Jos would still be sat down with arms folded
  2. We ain’t goin up n we ain’t goin down. Tonite was great chance let all 3 have a game. Needs mixing up a bit. We aren’t leaking goals anymore which is great but we just stale everywhere else. In need of a spark. Pace. Lazaar n Aarons down left full of pace. Id even try if he’s up for it Iorfa on right. Him n Palmer overlapping. Rest Reach as he’s been poor for ages. Lightweight hec n thorniley keep together been solid. Hutch n Baz in mid. Gi winnall n Fessi run up top. Bit of bonding for em. Rovrum won’t be able to handle us. Play tactics like tonite and they will beat us.
  3. ozzieowl

    Gi new lads a run.

    Seriously oh jeez fanx!!
  4. ozzieowl

    Gi new lads a run.

    New lads have got to get a run. Yes defence doing well and Palmer / Fox been great of late but how do you know new lads won’t be even better? In OP I only said drop Fox and try Lazaar / Aarons down left. If Iorfa could play right mid n use his pace. Yes we had clean sheets but adding different option with added pace might bring goals too. Im sure majority was slating Palmer / Fox weeks ago.
  5. ozzieowl

    Gi new lads a run.

    Love Fletch btw.....BUT he just not scoring. It’s all well n good working your cockles off but no end product there’s no point.
  6. Clean sheets fantastic. 1 last min goal in 3 games against bottom teams is pathetic. Bruce moaning got too many attackers. Not a case of how many as they all w@nk at minute. All season we never won by more than one goal. What’s that abart
  7. ozzieowl

    Well done Wednesday

    Let’s get this into perspective guys... no one was immense. We were very poor. Clueless. No creativity. They had more chances than us but they are just as bad at finishing. Pour defence are keeping clean sheets.... 1) because not making mistakes. 2) because opponents are crap. We have just played bottom of league and only just scraped a goal at end we played reading who in bottom 3 and are rubbish and couldn’t score. we played tonite against a team near bottom and didn’t look like scoring. seem to lack ideas. Joao crap when starts. Fletch works Knick knacks off but net much comes from it. Not much help around him. Bannan all over place wanting ball last ten mins but still no end product. Putting two defensive mids in from start n packing midfield against team near bottom isn’t right. Attack attack attack they down there for a reason. To bring Boyd on instead of Aarons or even Fessi is ludicrous. No one really put a foot wrong but didn’t do a lot right. Boring game of two sh!t teams.
  8. Anyone any idea if Lazaar and Aarons are LTB or not. would like see both and Iorfa start Tuesday
  9. Think Boyd more a case of now he’s fit enough to play. I bet Joey n Cameron wished Jos still here. No coincidence Westwood n Hutch are back int side and get 7 clean sheets from 11. From what Boyd offers with wage he will be on he needs to go. Him Abdi n Jones will be massive saving.
  10. ozzieowl

    Last day for 1867 tomorrow

    I’m guessing between 5 n 10 sold. Anyone who has that sort of money to chuck at it doesn’t need to save money ‘IF’ we went up.
  11. And he’s always on the bench. Surely not rocket science that more time on pitch could equal more goals. Why would u not play your top scorer. Bizarre
  12. ozzieowl


    Tbf hes not offered much since signed. Not a game changer. Could say been a waste of prob a large wage. Surely Aarons should start v Millwall
  13. OOC players + est wages Van Aken - 10k - sell n try get money back Palmer - keep as back up Preston - loan out Onomah (loan) - send back Hec (loan) buy with VA money Matias - get rid save 12k O'Grady - dont know enough bout him - loan out Jones - get rid 50k Abdi - get rid 25/30k Boyd - get rid 25/30k Hooper - depends if think can recover, offer a year Lee - same as Hooper Westwood - keep so....save approx 130k wages try get back 3 or 4m for VA and offer Chelsea 1m for Hec 2 -3m to spend plus 130k wages for new players simples
  14. ozzieowl

    Starting 11 v Reading

    Feck it I wanna see new boys. Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Lazaar Hutch. Bannan Fessi Joao. Aarons Fletch 4-2-1-2-1 Fessi floating wherever he wants 4-0 Fletch. Joao. Fessi. Aarons
  15. ozzieowl

    40 man squad

    cant Believe I forgot bout Abdi. Defo stick him on get rid list. Of those out of contract I’d keep Westwood Palmer Hooper pending extent of injury. Matias jury still out. Like him but sometimes headless chicken with no end product. way SB is talking there’s defo no budget n he’s got to wheel n deal etc. Get rid of fringe players n high earners who don’t play like Abdi n Jones etc and he will be able bring some freebies in
  16. ozzieowl

    40 man squad

    Didn’t SB say got squad of 27? so who’s out of contract in summer? need rid of wages of: Jones Boyd can see shipped out: Pudil Winnall Van Aken maybe not see again: Lee Hooper Loan out: Baker Kirby Wildsmith or Dawson
  17. ozzieowl

    Good odds?

    Got top half at 12/1 top 6 at 125/1 doubt get top 6 but if did be quids in as obviously both bets would be up. Booooom
  18. ozzieowl

    Another owl gone

    RIP Mark. Wawaw
  19. ozzieowl

    Good Grief?

    I get where u coming from but without reading all posts imo it’s a way to get a lot of people to show their respect etc at one time in one place and to be fair it’s only 1 minute of people’s time to pay respects for someone’s loss or tragedy.
  20. ozzieowl

    Bruce's 11?

  21. ozzieowl

    Apart From Blinker.......

    Jos Luhukay
  22. ozzieowl

    Onomah to Bundesliga

    Maybe Reach needs dropping
  23. ozzieowl

    5th Round info

    Yeh Wimbledon or Donny at home when we beat Chelsea 2-1 Fletch n Fessi to score.
  24. how big is that ball?? size 8