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  1. Agree about Fox. Would have been crucified. He did ok today. Nothing special but ok. But prefer Palmer. Iorfa at RB too.
  2. Agree poor apart from FF didn’t get that much of a chance really. Adthe made a difference n should get more minutes.
  3. Time to play him RB. Had high hopes for Moses but not really shown any real quality. Horrendous today and cost us the game cos all they did was score two pens. Did f all else. As bad as we were.
  4. Thinking it needs new manger influence. Give us a little boost. Bully working off Bruce’s n previous managers ideas but not sure his game plan or plan B or C. seems to give too much respect to opponents pre match. Play to our strengths n let them worry about us to certain extent. As for Alex Neil no thanks. His tactics ar disgusting. Just like Millwall. Players are told to go down at every touch. Waste time etc etc. Shocking today but not as bad as last season at their ground. New manager.... absolutely no idea who!!!!!!
  5. What has he done so wrong. Must have had a sh!t int showers or summat. Should be prob our best player and highest earner n can’t get a look in at all. Should been on instead of Winnall last nite for me. Strange one.
  6. I reckon Chansiri be home n elev8 away unless someone sponsors per match like v espanyol.
  7. Nuhiu should come on instead of Rhodes. Give defenders summat to think about.
  8. Sponsor on kits today. Looks good
  9. Anyone any idea why when I screen mirror from iPad into tv only has sound n no picture????
  10. Hughton Houghton & Howton can feck off. Leave as it is with Bully as caretaker n just see how goes till right man comes along. If Bully wins shed loads in mean time then can’t not give him job.
  11. Said it for weeks to our young en. We both wrote down out top 6. I said us top n Fulham 2nd. Can see us being tough to beat n love to attack quicker. Confidence is high and if off to good start this month onwards n upwards.
  12. Few saying injured. Calf strain yest. Anyone know if true
  13. I’m in Lanzarote but not at peurto so cant get to owl n pussycat. Anyone fancy lending me some I follow log ins.
  14. I like to carry n use cash so will lose my business at kiosks. Im sure not everyone uses cards or always have funds on them. Ridiculous
  15. Really can’t get how so many people don’t put fessi in starting line up. Top player can win games for us.
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