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  1. Owl66.....so it’s Victor Braga. matt owltyper was correct. no2? Dawson off ?
  2. That’s bang on.... don’t disappear pal, it’s fun getting rumours. gi more clues bout player. has he been mentioned on here yet? keeper?
  3. Bet he ain’t .....Wilks prob will tho
  4. Come on Owl66. Stick with it. It’s fun. Ignore the jebs that give u grief. Happens all time on here. Whatever u say someone disagrees
  5. I’d keep Pato...gives us a diff dimension in some games, plus his shithousery is great
  6. What links him to Carlos?? could it be a Brazilian who plays for braga. Checks google
  7. Very defensive squad so shouldn’t leak as many goals
  8. Love the teasing Owl66. but if turns out to be a wind up people won’t be happy tbis Brazilian has he been mentioned on here yet? Cos ones that have I’ve never heard of n u said good signing.
  9. They can have Danny if they want. He’s a bit old. We will keep Bailey his son.
  10. Only one GK ? Big task DM got really. We’ve just lost 5 CB’s n left with 1. poss no GK left so complete new defence needed
  11. If ones offered contracts don’t sign then IMO we need.... 2 GK (3 if sell Dawson) 3 CB 1 LB / LWB 1 RB / RWB 1 CDM 1 CM 1 CAM 2 LW / LM 2 RW / RM 2 ST depending on formation intends playing....but DM did say likely to change game per game so need cover as it stands id say we down to bare bones. 1 GK n we sent him on loan 1 ST in Greggers no LB 1 CB Need to add plenty... quality, height, pace lets see what DM brings in
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