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  1. So it’s not first team you are on about then. U little tinker
  2. Also SB has said not give up playoffs till mathematically impossible. Here lads im releasing u but will u put a shift in n try get us in playoffs. Pleeeeaaaassseeee
  3. So it’s come from one who has been released but yet they find out tomoz. So how he know he been released then? rumbled also thought was only 11 OOC
  4. 11 out of contract and some may be sold. Think Bruce will do whatever he wants. May already have possible deal for Lazaar n Aarons in place so why not. Big changes will happen imo.
  5. Sammy Ameobi a good shout. Seems bit inconsistent like Joao but playing in a better team and under Bruce he could be decent. For those saying Connor Wickham he won’t play for Bruce again.
  6. Westwood Hector Lazaar Aarons New striker New centre Mid 2 new wingers
  7. Fox has done ok recently...... BUT when he’s had the ball he’s done ok n not much too wrong. Which people then think he’s done ok. Pits without the ball u need to watch. Today he was nowhere near Hernandez on numerous occasions leaving us so exposed. For the goal he was with wrong man n finally moved towards Hernandez n ball went through his legs. Hector ended up going out to help him n then out of position. Boyd does odd thing good n runs about but not good enough for level we need to be at. Lazaar n Aarons down left would be sooooo much more effective.
  8. to be in with any realistic chance we would have to win all 5 games massive ask is that n unrealistic with top 2 to play and brissle in form. then rest results need to go our way too. so basically absolutely no chance!!!
  9. would presume always for sale at right price. if someone came in and offered 500m im sure he'd consider it. but reckon he wants to finish the job n get prem then make us stay there n pass on to son in years to come. its only the stupid fans that pee'd him off
  10. just done my predictions on that and reckon.... Villa 74 Brissle 73 Sheeps 71 Boro 70 Owls 69 Preston 65 Trees 65 Dull 61 so 8th spot finish drew too many lately but what a fantastic effort since Dross went. Roll on next season. think will be top 6 all season
  11. Fletch was awesome last night. Was everywhere. Did Joaos running n tackling for him. Deserved taking off to get a rest for Saturday.
  12. Big Hec loves it here. His family is settled. im sure plans will be in place to sign him up.
  13. Came on late on. Should been on instead of Matias imo.
  14. Draw better imo tonite. Must win next two to be in with a squeak
  15. Made a difference when came on. What it needed from start really. Was great to see GH n FF back but against Batth n Shawcross didn’t get a look in in the air. Nuhiu gave them something to think about and won some headers. Plus flattened Batth which was funny. Tbf he got more involved in the game n we had better possession in short time he was on. Could been totally different outcome if he had started. well done big lad
  16. Is he out of contract end of season?? 50 k saving a week right there.
  17. Love big Dave. Not been his best this season but still offers something different. Some teams don’t know what to expect n don’t know how to handle him. Can be a complete nuisance to defenders. Winnall was getting bullied. Got frustrated and knew a yellow was coming. Adthe comes on and held defenders off. Brought people into play. scored great header (called it btw) think brucie will keep him for a different option oh n Matias is shocking and goal was lucky
  18. It’s good we playing teams around us and are 6 pointers. Win those and we in thick of it. Playing bottom teams gets difficult at this stage as they fighting for their lives. Normally where a few teams slip up.
  19. Lost 1 in 15 since dross went. That’s an amazing achievement. Hate to see dem pigs doing so well. Last 6....no losses and let no goals in. Arghhhhh
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