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  1. We sign Berahino n you sign Kieran Agard….Kieran Agard!!!!
  2. That’s him. Did we win or wasn’t it 2-2
  3. Listened to his interview with Rio and he said then that match days aren’t same in Belgium. I think he will thrive off the atmosphere at Hillsborough. He won’t have got same at WBA or Stoke before. He will be amazing for us
  4. Good podcast...interesting. as a few have reiterated Moore knows him n what he’s about. Knows him from his best times at WBA. If Spurs offered 20m he must have been decent. Maybe did stuff wrong, young n daft but maybe brought down to earth after stoke debacle and grown up a bit now. Sure he won’t want to mess DM about and if what I read was true about pay as u play deal then surely will not want be dropped. If DM gets him firing and instils confidence in him we could have a proper striker on our hands, like top scorer in league I’m thinking. Good age. seems strange how doesn’t seem done much in Belgium and also got loaned out there. Hirst failed in Belgium as well. im excited to see how this pans out. Has my backing soon as puts that shirt on.
  5. Dele is 20 Theo 19 Dennis 22 Brennan 21 and all looked a big step above Newcastle lads. not one of theirs stood out tbf.
  6. Will be there Watto... Fish n Chips Ice Cream Donut Kick sand in someone’s face Match Home
  7. End up at lane. They like naughty boys. surely be decent in league one. if Moore wants him who’s to question it
  8. Wonder who if any we have maybe sorted view to purchase in future.... Wing - signed new deal I think so can’t go free after loan. Reckon end up buying him. BPF - can only see them selling if decent fee and if we go up him wanting to. Gibson - think he’s OOC too end of loan. Can see us buying / signing. Kamberi - If does well can see us buying. Shodipo - if does well can’t see QPR selling. Corbeanu - no chance of signing.
  9. 3 games in. Not lost. Not conceded a goal. 13 new players. Windass injured. shodipo injured. not seen Theo or Sylla yet. nowt missing just need time to gel and still doin great. Someone will get a hammering. be nice be tinpots on Saturday but can’t see it. nothing to worry about yet. We will win the league.
  10. There was the Wickham rumours. Has he gone anywhere yet.
  11. Anyone any idea why car park shut down next to wood yard near Hallam fm.
  12. Was great enjoyed it. I thought same re Bostock. Ran show for them big time
  13. Watched League 1 only on Quest this morning... nit watched it for donkeys but wanted check out rest of opponents and there looks some dodgy defences on show. some decent goals but as say against dodgy defences. we have a solid defence and can’t see us leaking many goals and once gel going forward I can see us hammering a few teams. I would love to see Gregory and Kamberi up top together but not sure who would drop to suit this. early doors but maybe fleetwood are on for a beating on Tuesday. Give us mega confidence going into tin pot game.
  14. Have u watched his video? clearly talented at a certain level, unproven at other levels yet. yes videos only show best bits but those best bits are very good. anyone who knows anything about football knows no matter who playing against or how bad opponents are u still have to control the ball, take players on and score past a keeper. this lad clearly has a gift.
  15. We have a lot of games to play with pizza cup n that so sure DM will rotate n prob use diff formations till find a winning formula. we had 7/8 forwards at one point so a lot less now.
  16. They aren’t married. But yes Kayla a massive owls fan.
  17. Windass will play up top I’d imagine. Brown usually a LB. Corbeanu can play up top. Sylla can play up top. makes a change got options on wing tbh. Been poor for a while. DM has made pitch wider to play wing men.
  18. He’s had interest from a few clubs.... as of last weekend nothing from us.
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