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  1. How do you determine who's evidence (in this case someone's word being the evidence) is better quality than another person's evidence...again their word only. My point is there's no evidence other than he said she said. So there is zero difference in the "quality of their evidence" as you put it.
  2. Innocent until accused seems to be the way of the world today.
  3. If you take out Pelupessy and Reach, it only leaves Bannan really as anything reliable in that CM area, Lee and Hutch don't fill me with much confidence to stay fit.
  4. They didn't agree to pay anything last year when they did the loan apparently.. But Webber conceded the club may have to look elsewhere to strengthen their attacking options.He said: "First of all, we never had the option to buy him, in writing. We couldn't agree that last summer so we didn't have it. It was just a straight forward loan.
  5. Depends what they mean by small fee. If they mean £500k then... If they mean £3-4m then...
  6. Odubajo is 25, if that is getting on then I'm coffin dodging, and I'm 32.
  7. If we were only formed in 1990, we have still won more trophies than dem blavdes. Happy days.
  8. Aren't the 2 United owners in court at the minute because one of them wants the club on the cheap without the ground included in the purchase?
  9. That might be the case, but it seems they DO still want SWFC to be culpable.. "I never accepted that CPS explanation that the current Sheffield Wednesday is a different company; I find it extremely unsatisfactory,” Hicks says. “Sheffield Wednesday were profiting in 1989 from holding the semi-final and selling us tickets but the conditions were unsafe and our loved ones died. It would have been significant for families to have accountability. Sheffield Wednesday still exists, playing at Hillsborough, and I believe the club should have been charged.” https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/may/15/sheffield-wednesday-hillsborough-cannot-be-charged-graham-mackrell
  10. Not sure you know, let's try it.... I think we should get rid of Hutch this summer.
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