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  1. I think people would take SYP more seriously and see them as being fair if a prohibition notice was served on Sheffield United too, who experience the EXACT same issues that the SYP/SAG are discriminating against us for. Obvious agenda going on here, I've said before, they hate Hillsborough, it reminds them of their incompetence. SYP are a joke imo
  2. Why couldn't the Luton fans be held back last night so that our fans could exit as normal? Didn't that report state our away concourse was only big enough to hold around 500 fans, how many Luton fans were there last night?
  3. Further action against us being threatened... https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/further-action-threat-for-sheffield-wednesday-as-fans-raise-safety-concerns-over-effects-of-prohibition-notice-restrictions-491507
  4. £5m for Hector Or Free Borner Hmm let me think.
  5. Sorry to anyone who lumped on. It was devine intervention.
  6. You don't need to play with 2 strikers up front to be effective, it's not 1995 anymore. As others have said, it's 433 anyway.
  7. Yes. Will be confirmed tonight before 10pm. Lump on.
  8. Not even if he offered to work for us for free.
  9. That never happened, a Londoner would never say "please"
  10. Hope Forestieri isn't injured, I think he can still play a major part for us this season even if it is from the bench.
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