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  1. Why did I watch that all the way to the end FFS
  2. Gossip

    You don't know how to take a joke either
  3. Fernando Forestieri

    Forestieri is pure class.
  4. Player of the Season?

    Got to be Reach in a forgettable season.
  5. Sean Clare future in doubt

    In my time following the club we rarely seem to have a potential talent that people rave about at all, so probably not much with us, but as soon as we do, I've no doubt the prem clubs tap them up and get in their heads. In fact our Chairman indicated just that with Hirst... "Coincidentally, the notification that George would not be signing for SWFC came just over an hour after we had turned down an offer from a Premier League club for the permanent transfer of George’s registration. Of course, this made us wonder if there were talks taking place with regards to George’s future which we were not party to."
  6. Sean Clare future in doubt

    Very true, but this season's injury crisis is something that ive never seen before, and should never happen again, a complete freak situation. I've just jinxed it haven't I, it's going to happen again next season isn't it
  7. Sean Clare future in doubt

    I wonder how much the academy costs to run each year? I'd seriously consider foookin it off all together, we've never had any decent return on it that I can remember. Even when we do have a potential talent like Hirst, the prem clubs tap them up and turn their heads anyway, we end up losing them for next to nowt. Just bin the academy off and invest that money into the first team.
  8. Joey loves it doesn't he

    Thorniley looks like he's having a poo
  9. How about him going on loan to the pigs next season, we play them in the play off final, and he scores a hat trick in a 3-0 win for them. Celebration 1st goal - he runs alongside all Wednesday fans with the universal "ssssshhhhhhh" sign Celebration 2nd goal - he runs to all Wednesday fans giving it the old WWF wrestling "suck it" sign Celebration 3rd goal - he runs past the Wednesday fans kissing the pig badge I just made myself feel sick.
  10. Will there be a time...

    I would definitely subscribe to a YouTube channel of Lord Snooty playing computer games. Hilarity ensues.