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  1. Mate, at no point in the statement did Westwood say that Monk made a decision to not play him. He says they had a conversation, and we're all none the wiser as to what that was. It's why this thread will run and run, that statement from Westwood has left more questions than answers.
  2. No. If Carlos didn't shag Pudil's Mrs before the play off final we'd be in the Premier League now. FFS
  3. Me too tbh, I reckon if their going to deduct points for this season it'll be before the season ends surely.
  4. Not sure about bet 365, but I know skybet won't, and generally Bookies go by the same rules for markets like this.
  5. Is that embarrassing flag saying "thankyou DC" still up at the back of the kop?
  6. Absolutely this. If anyone thinks sacking Monk will fix all our problems, their kidding themselves. This runs way deeper than Monk
  7. At this point I don't know how anybody could defend DC It's going to get worse too imo
  8. I don't believe for 1 second its true, but he said it at the Bruce press conference. He's crackers
  9. "Wednesday were charged by the EFL in November and will face the disciplinary commission before the conclusion of the current season."
  10. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11703/11933677/sheffield-wednesday-clubs-demand-points-deduction-over-sale-of-hillsborough-to-dejphon-chansiri
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