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  1. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    In my lifetime, Tudgay screamer at their place, it was not only a reyt goal, it was a winner, it got us a league double for the first time in 95 years, And it had a pig fan prematurely stand out of his seat to wave what he thought was going to be a high and wide shot, only to put hands on head when the ball hit the top corner and break his little pig heart. Beautiful.
  2. Hutch abdi loovens

    Major test of shoehorn temptation coming up for Carlos in the coming weeks then. Team should stay as it is though. Abdi hasn't proved himself to be better than Bannan or Lee for us, Jones is doing a great job and is less reckless than Hutch, and Joost is showing very good early signs to be Loovens replacement. Not to say I'm ignoring those 3 mentioned, they will all have a part to play and are good players, but Carlos should resist shoehorn temptation for as long as possible. Settled side please Carlos.
  3. Our current form and Gary Hooper

    Not much if we lose 4-3
  4. Hooper

    My initial reaction to the thread title was "oh god please don't say Hooper is injured" Phew, carry on.
  5. Work. A temporary distraction.....

    You could try turning the radio off
  6. Which opposition player ...

    Robbie Savage?
  7. Honest opinion on the derby

    Get through the first 30mins without going behind and we'll beat them, We're slow starters as it is and this is the most dangerous time for us, those first 20-30mins will be 100mph and we need to match their far superior pashun As their players pashun and adrenaline starts to slow down and the game settles down, that's when our quality takes over the game.
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4896780/Sheffield-Wednesday-finally-hands-team-s-kit.html
  9. carlos out

    Errrr last season's Carlos got exactly the same result at Cardiff as this.
  10. Westwood

    Completely agree.
  11. We will hammer United

    If we beat them 4-0 or more will we sing "and we will fight forever more, because of boxing day, and the 24th of September"? That's what I really need to know.
  12. No ride at Alton towers beats the buzz of watching Wednesday win.