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  1. WHEN ?

    Blaming refs is for losers. Winners will have a pen shout turned down and still go and foookin win.....or at least have a single shot on target at home.
  2. What do you think of this?

    Why is the man taller than the North stand entrance?
  3. Think you needed to read on... "Carlos takes a step back at this point because all financial aspects of any transfer are decided by myself as owner and chairman."
  4. Butterfield and Bannan

    I always agree with your posts Thought they were both brilliant today and Butterfield seems to have a bit of strength that we've lacked in midfield when it's Lee and Bannan.
  5. Third of the season gone

    Adam Reach not as bad a player as some think.
  6. Football would be more fun if they said stuff like that.
  7. In todays market selling a striker who scores goals to a rival for just £4-5m isn't enough imo and I'm almost certain DC won't sell at just £3-£4m profit if Winnall continues to score goals for them. About time we made someone pay over and beyond instead of letting clubs bend us over all the time.
  8. Kim Olsen and Nuhiu would have been a good un. Goals galore.
  9. Watched them about 5 times laughing my bolllox off especially at the Barnsley one "Jordan Rhodes what a header you stopped being shiit, oh no it's our own net"
  10. Them boards

    What you all talking about, the boards are not too bright at all...
  11. Steel is what is missing

    Probably no surprise since he's been moved back onto the left wing.
  12. Winnall

    How can you say that? If he carries on scoring he will go for a hell of a lot more than we paid for him, hardly the worst transfer deal if that happens.
  13. Yep, and worth noting that we lost the next game coming up last season, so if we win on Saturday were only 1 point worse off. Tough game though Saturday.