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  1. DC is the worst owner/chairman we've ever had. Cannot wait for him to foook off
  2. "COVID 19 RESPONSE: During the first lockdown period (March to July 2020), all community activity ceased apart from the online learning for our education students. The shutdown created some instability which resulted in most staff put on the government furlough scheme." ... I seem to remember DCs biggest fans praising him for not putting anyone on furlough?
  3. IF there's any truth to that, then Chansiri is an even bigger scumbag than I thought. I'd encourage any Wednesday fan owed money to go down that route, Chansiri has taken his "customers" for mugs for far too long.
  4. Even if its not £12m, it'll run well into 7 figures, and no more money is forthcoming from our glorious leader. We're fuccked.
  5. "Brentford are a selling club" "Brentford have no ambition"
  6. FFP rules are crap, but they're the rules..... the bigger issue is our owner doesn't stick to the rules and got us relegated. Meanwhile Brentford stuck to the rules, had a clear strategy, stuck to it, and got promoted.
  7. You're not aware of how our owner operates are you? I'll give you an example of how your bid for Bannan will go... Bristol City: Hi Sheffield Wednesday, we offer you £1m for Bazza £5m Bristol City: That's abit much, we can't do that £5m Bristol City: Oh ok we'll do it but you're robbing us blind £10m Bristol City: FFS
  8. Stop whinging you lot... I said I'd get you out of the championship and I'm a man of my word
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