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  1. If he comes here that will change.
  2. First question - are you a successful businessman?
  3. This is absolutely spot on and something I've been saying for a while aswell mate. I honestly don't care who the manager is, it could be Klopp or Pep...don't care, their set up to fail with this owner in charge. The club is a shambles from top to bottom and that's down to 1 man and 1 man only. Fans in future need to stop arguing about which manager is worse or trying to shift blame away from DC onto Jos/Monk/Pulis etc and focus on Dejphon Chansiri, he's always been the real problem at this club. If we have a club left after DC has finished with it, I'll c
  4. So what are you saying, that pulis can be excused for shiit results but Monk couldn't? Neither Monk or Pulis are to blame, DC is the problem.
  5. Finally this can put to bed the ridiculous notion that Monk was the problem, and the same goes for anyone putting the blame on pulis in the future... like I've said before, ANY manager that comes here is set up to fail by an incompetent owner. DC really is a cancer to this club.
  6. We won't though, our fans are too fecking soft. I'm pretty sure this will still be there to greet him...
  7. Is that embarrassing "thankyou Dejphon Chansiri" banner still on the back of the kop?
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