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  2. RichieB

    Why do refs hate us?

    Completely agree. Although it does make it slightly more satisfying that we beat 12 men today.
  3. Hector for me with Onomah a close 2nd
  4. RichieB

    Playoffs baby!!!!!

    Could have easily been 10 points aswell.
  5. RichieB


    Eat it outside then smuggle it through inside your stomach.
  6. RichieB

    Gary Cahill Linked

  7. Think that's what were really discussing, we both agree prices are a joke, but you think an extra 8-10k would turn up with reasonable prices and I don't, so we'll have to agree to disagree. Completely agree, especially with the bit in bold, how much better though is debatable.
  8. I agree the current prices are wrong. They are a joke tbh. The attendance vs Leeds will obviously be affected. But we've always had thousands of empty seats is my point, prices were very reasonable under Milan, and we still had thousands of empty seats most games, over a WHOLE season.
  9. I enjoy it yes. Never known any different, high prices or not. I'm sure I'd also enjoy a full stadium for every big game but that's living in a fantasy world for us.
  10. You asked if we should enjoy watching a big game with 10k empty seats, I just made the point that it's the norm for us.