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  1. You don't sound confident that it'll be "Steve Bruce announced next week" anymore
  2. RichieB

    Westwood to Cardiff?

    This. Nobody is bidding £3m for a championship goalkeeper who hasn't played for a year with 6 months left on his contract. We'd be lucky to get someone to take his wages off our hands on a free.
  3. In DC'S mind, he grabs the Mic at the forum infront of 1,000 people, and says 'ladies and gentlemen, I give you......Bruno Lage" and he thinks he'll see..... ...When in reality he'll see...
  4. You've practically already confirmed it's him
  5. He's about to be paid a large amount for his failures, I'd be in good spirits too.
  6. RichieB

    Who Is to Blame?

    DC is ultimately to blame. It's his house, it's falling apart, and he's the one who thought it was a good idea to hire all the tradesmen rated 1 out of 10 on checkatrade.
  7. RichieB

    Alan Nixon

    Jokanovic would be my number 1 choice hands down. If you have any ambition at all DC, go and get him, and give him control of transfers and let him play whoever he wants.
  8. RichieB

    Name one thing...

    Be arrsed to track back.
  9. RichieB

    Forum on 20th

    I'd love to believe that some big announcement will come out of this forum but I just can't see it. Surely something as big as a possible change of ownership (or revealing the intent to sell) wouldn't be saved for a little forum infront of a few hundred people.
  10. RichieB

    Chansiri Out

    I agree for now, but we should take that "thankyou Dejphon Chansiri" flag down off the kop.
  11. RichieB

    Chansiri Out

    DC is a stubborn man. Unwilling to listen or learn it seems. He will lose tens of millions more before he realises he's not up to the job. Just got to wait it out and hope he sells to the right one next time.
  12. DC probably thinks this is a good draw and a turning point
  13. RichieB

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Dawson at fault. Jos still sat in his seat, can't tell if he's happy or sad.