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  1. RichieB

    Not good enough

    That's it for me, this squad isn't good enough. I wouldn't be sorry to see a single one of them leave in the summer.
  2. RichieB

    Not good enough

    Give him time FFS
  3. RichieB

    Forestieri Red Card

    Why was Forestieri booked for celebrating and no one else was? Did the other players not celebrate then
  4. RichieB

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Well that's 2 different managers that have played him so he must be decent
  5. RichieB

    Last day for 1867 tomorrow

    I just wonder if DC is going to have a rant via a statement when he inevitably scraps the scheme again.
  6. RichieB

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    Rome wasn't built in a day Another clean sheet. We're not getting top 6 anyway so take the positives. We have a proper manager now.
  7. RichieB

    Megson - worse than Jos

    Megson has forgotten more about football than Jos knows.
  8. RichieB

    Nando Number Ten

    You've got to think that Bruce has plans for him as a CB for him to make those comments. I wouldn't be suprised if Iorfa has been brought in to play as a CB in a back 3 in the long term.
  9. RichieB

    Nando Number Ten

    Bruce told The Star: "I don't believe that Forestieri is a left hand sided player. He is off the front and a bit of a free spirit. Pray for @Holmowl
  10. I don't believe DC when he said he had offers for the club a day after the forum (£175m hahahhahaha), and I certainly don't believe that he is actively trying to sell the club right now.
  11. Yeah I thought the same, he wanted to point out that FFP is the thing stopping him, but he still has shitloads of cash cos he's proper minted is how I translated it
  12. Did DC just say someone offered him £150m for the club last summer
  13. Even if we can sign players in the summer, let's be honest, it will be with strict rules, I read £11,500 a week is the most we could pay in wages if under a soft embargo, we won't be able to pay any transfer fees, so basically we won't be able to compete again next season, our players will be a year older, we don't seem interested in selling anyone, we are well and truly stagnating.
  14. The delusion is real that's why.
  15. RichieB

    Dion Dublin on the debate

    Yep. Even though he was never a Wednesday player that was a great moment, a packed Hillsborough showing true class. Remember it well.