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  1. Just like he was our best player by a mile away at then 2nd placed Leeds. No idea what you're getting at tbh, Westwood is miles and I mean MILES better than Dawson.
  2. Have to agree to disagree on this one mate, i think the club will release him anyway but we'll see.
  3. He will be on £15k minimum I'd guess, that's big for us when we're facing FFP problems to keep a player who won't play much, if at all.
  4. Sorry but that would be madness, the guy has had a very serious hip problem, he's on big wages, and he hasn't played for god knows how long, he will likely never be the player we all remember. Don't take this the wrong way, but you're blinded by sentiment.
  5. Looking at that spreadsheet it looks like OxonOwl picked the pigs twice. Thought that wasn't allowed
  6. I agree with all of that except giving Matias a new deal.
  7. I thought the knee slide was quite funny actually
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