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  1. He doesn't own tuf, he doesn't run tuf, and it's actually not even tuf, it's TUG (Thai Union Group) But apart from that you're spot on.
  2. Chansiri will ruin this club. He's 100% to blame for this, nobody else, not Garry Monk, not the players, not the advisors, not the fans... Dejphon Chansiri only. Gutted.
  3. Of course mate, you're entitled to vote how you want, I was just curious that's all
  4. @WatfordOwl after what you posted in the other thread I'm surprised you voted to trust and back DC
  5. For a man that claimed he recieved a £175m offer for the club... I would take what he says with a pinch of salt.
  6. Yes, he said he'd turned down a bid of £175m
  7. These are the 5 people that proudly own a club 1867 membership...
  8. 5 people Successful businessman.
  9. I think it's more delusion than anything else. He genuinely believes the stuff he says.
  10. This will be pointless, DC isn't going to take responsibility, or let the fans know what's going on with anything else. Mr Chansiri, why do you keep paxo around, what does he do? DC: he's part of the family, he's doing a good job, he helps me alot Mr Chansiri, what's happening with the EFL charges DC: I don't know yet, we're fighting it. Mr Chansiri, why haven't you allowed Garry Monk to bring any staff with him DC: He doesn't need, he has Lee Bullen, we're family. ... And so on
  11. This isn't the worst in my lifetime, the time just before Milan took over was worse, also around 03/04, however this period is making me not care anymore.
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