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  1. Just when I think the afternoon can't get any worse I read this. FFS!
  2. Honestly thought we'd hang on after all the "under the cosh" training Moore has given the team this week.
  3. I don't mean to take all the credit but we turned this around when I came into the thread. Just saying.
  4. We need to change the words.. "the Wednesday draw... United lose oh Wednesday"
  5. I'm late to the party, how have we been playing?
  6. I completely agree with everything said there mate and this is exactly how I've felt for a while too. Also this is true, the fact that the "thankyou Dejphon Chansiri" flag/banner is still up at the back of the kop shows how apathetic our supporters have become. The pig fans would have ripped that foooker down if it would have been the other way round. I'm still amazed at the support DC still gets after everything he's done. All because they think "his hearts in the right place"
  7. 28% in League games which is all we really care about isn't it. 8 wins from 28 league games. Pretty pathetic when you think about it. What's Darren's excuse? No points have been deducted, players are paid from what we know, he was backed in the summer and has a better squad than last season many believe, he literally has no excuses.
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