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  1. There will be one again, I've no doubt. It'll only take one decent game between now and the end of the season to see... "we need to keep Westwood" "was class today, give him a new deal" "we won't find better" "we'd be mad to get rid" "unlucky with injuries, class above the rest"
  2. Bless.... they beat Newcastle, Man Utd and West Brom, they were on their way, the Blades are back! We're still fighting! Yaaay! ... And still 12 points from safety
  3. Pretty much sums up how I've felt about DC for a while now mate. Although I wouldn't put my losing interest completely down to DC alone, I think football in general is rotten, I dislike the Premier League and governing bodies that run the sport the way they do, when you combine that with the utter incompetence of DC it really drains any passion out of you, I've never felt this apathetic about Wednesday in my life.
  4. Some of us were banging our head against a brick wall for those moaning about Monk too, like sacking him would improve things. Nice to see people are starting to wake up to the fact the manager is not the problem at this club and never has been.
  5. Weird isn't it, we went from 3rd in the league to near the bottom because hutch was removed from the team apparently. He's just THAT GOOD I guess If that's the case I expect us to easily finish mid table now he's back
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