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  1. bigrbuk

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Yep. Was there with my dad and near a bloke in tears he was so happy he knew we were going
  2. bigrbuk

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    This one is up there
  3. bigrbuk

    Press conference

    Forgot to turn the "live" bit off by the looks
  4. They reminded me a bit of the pigs at the beginning of last season - full of running - pace, pressure etc. The blunts couldn't keep it going all season, will Leeds?
  5. bigrbuk

    Bruce Grobelaar

    Remember him interacting with the crowd, up for a laugh not taking stick seriously. Fair play
  6. bigrbuk

    Marco Matias

    Have doubts about his "continental" approach to winning free kicks, but credit his effort, application and results so far this season
  7. bigrbuk

    JOS OUT!

  8. Really? 4 mins was called and Pudil was down for the first minute and half of it
  9. bigrbuk

    Clare Fee

    Training someone up to do what should be your job, sounds it would warrant a pay rise due to the senority and responsibility of the change in your current job spec.... ...and still look elsewhere...
  10. bigrbuk

    Clare Fee

    I can't imagine a 7 figure settlement for him, had it gone that route.
  11. bigrbuk


    Only caught last half hour,looked good to me, plenty of running, showing for the ball, pace, strength and linked pretty well with Bannan. Forwards wasted a lot of possession as did Pudil when he came on. First 60 must have been different!
  12. bigrbuk

    D taxi

    Anyone rung it?
  13. I just love how he says Jamaica :)
  14. I guess so. Piecing the little bits of info together, rumours of "never feeling better", full training, then Jos saying Lee was further away than Hooper after a setback, strapped up knee in the u23's.... seems to point to the knee causing the delay in coming back. Hopefully not a big problem and just a niggle from over compensating or extra work to strengthen the hip etc. Rather miss him a few more weeks if he comes back fully fit
  15. Brewed some experimental orange peel pilsner and attended a beer festival. So basically, alcohol.