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  1. Beach towels? In time for summer? Well I never. Have they got any baubles?
  2. After all the rumours about bad attitudes with Westwood etc, as soon as Jos disappeared, they came back into the fold. Abdi however, nowhere to be seen or spoken of, which would suggest it's something else. Even the press don't ask, which suggests to me they've been told and told not to mention it for whatever reason. Or maybe they've just forgotten about him too. I might tweet them all.
  3. Still makes me feel like he has a mistake in him every game, but strength, reading of the game and composure all great. Sign if we can afford.
  4. Remember my Dad telling me we'd bought a Brazilian called Emerson and was massively disappointed when it turned out to be a different one. Worked out ok, he was decent.
  5. So talking to the younger you, would you say "Crack on lads, bit silly but be reyt" or "Lads, it's not clever, you'll learn that, just don't bother, you could hurt someone and get into bother, it's just not worth it"
  6. So what's the alternative? Just let them get on with it, hopefully they'll grow out of it, in the meantime people get hurt, the club pays more and more for policing, seating restrictions home and away....
  7. I just don't get this mentality, any of it.
  8. Dunno, but if he delivers me an elephants foot I'd be a happy man
  9. Sounds exhausting. Covering back when their defenders attack and countering with attacking defenders.... Hope our wide players have their weetabix that morning.
  10. Get him involved with the youngsters, I'd hate to see him condemned to the scrap heap with no future, he deserves better.
  11. I'm more concerned with my bet on the top half finish at this stage.
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