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Community Answers

  1. Bit easier to remember after a few jars. Gets my vote
  2. Ask me at the end of the transfer window
  3. I'm no doctor, but pretty sure hamstrings are the back of the thigh
  4. It was more around the tax implications on tips, I think paying on card means it goes through payroll (if shared back out!) and therefore incurs NICs but I'm no accountant. Cash tips should be declared as income and taxable but without NICs. I highly doubt all waiters self assess and declare tips though.
  5. I know of one retailer who insists on cash only. Tax dodge or, as they say, their refusal to pay transaction fees, I'm not sure. Tips are also an interesting one re cash/card and if/how the money actually gets back to the server.
  6. Exactly. So they're screwed in a cashless society.
  7. So are we just applying the same logic, that the homeless that do not have a mobile just need to get with the times? FWIW the only cash I normally carry is 50p for a locker
  8. The homeless are even more screwed if we go cashless, or will they all be given a card reader?
  9. Any info on when tickets go on sale? I've not seen anything
  10. Worked in a bank, got taken to the pub for lunch and they chipped in to get me some foreign currency for a holiday I was going on. Can't complain. Also, opening a fresh batch of £20's from the safe to fill the cash machine was pretty cool.
  11. Snooze you lose. Brought Vaulks in while he weighed up his options.
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