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  1. They've got 6 men in the box too - nice to see some desire
  2. Everyone change all social media profile images to a black owl, and comment on ANYTHING Wednesday put out
  3. Same guy that authorised a first time cross from Harris!
  4. Decent games all round, and credit to Pelupessy, probably the best I've seen him play for us
  5. DC thinks it's a small minority of social media non-fans who have an issue and real fans just support without objection. Create a simple website with the list of failings, concerns etc and the ability to submit your name and season ticket number or online shop ID to show how many paying fans agree with the issues. Change.org would be great but with the ability to prove its actual paying fans, would add weight to it. Publish it across all platforms and deliver details direct to the club.
  6. Unless that "long term" plan is to survive this year and sell up.
  7. Good, hoped so, but Neil has a history of attracting law suits, you can never be sure.
  8. People REALLY close to the club or other malicious leeches?
  9. He's a dab hand at picking up free kicks, which for our (Pulis') style of play is essential - dead ball situations = opportunities to score. We create nothing in open play, set pieces are key.
  10. The fact I'm having to think about it speaks volumes
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