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  1. bigrbuk

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Because people think "Our chairman is loaded, its not a prob", or "stuff FFP, they're struggling to enforce it". In our reality, the chairman is wanting to play by the rules. The rules are we can lose £39 over 3 seasons. We've lost 3.9, 9.7 and 20.7 in the 3 seasons we're aware of (upto 2017) - all good. However, its a rolling 3 years and we don't know how it stacks up for 2018, but we made no sales? Took on extra wages etc, so how is 9.7 + 20.7 + 2018 losses are going to be lower than £39m without making cuts. We need to cut back or throw caution to the wind. I understand the football league will have already been told how we plan on meeting the £39m cut off point in order to have avoided some kind of punishment.
  2. bigrbuk

    Rhodes to Norwich

    The club have a legal requirement to publish accounts. People who know accounting have looked over the books and explained. The rules regarding FFP are pretty simple.
  3. bigrbuk

    Rhodes to Norwich

    It's like a retainer isn't it.
  4. bigrbuk

    Wow - what a stupid article

    Take away the relegations and we're a perennial top flight team.
  5. Pic from Jan, don't see matching scars...
  6. bigrbuk

    Andy rhodes

    See, my dad was a coach, he wasn't arsed about winning trophies and getting promoted so much, they were by-products of doing what he really loved, working with the kids, passing on his knowledge and making them better players. The other stuff comes off the back of it, he got his reward seeing his "products" getting picked up by the big clubs. Imagine if you had the skills to turn any keeper into a better one, you were known as the best around so promising keepers would seek you out. Imagine you could do that job wherever you wanted and you'd still get your reward of seeing them achieve. Everyone's motivations are different and they're entitled to them. Add to the fact his son is proper minted so he probably doesn't want for much.
  7. bigrbuk

    Brum in for Bannan?

    Seeing if its BS or we allow them to talk to him.
  8. bigrbuk

    Andy rhodes

    To go back to the club he played and coached for, to join up with his mate? Any reason he wants.
  9. bigrbuk

    Creating new fans...

    Disappointed this isn't a thread about sex
  10. bigrbuk

    I'm ready

    Still got my 150th commemorative programme from derby unopened.
  11. 2 week mid-season player break - structured to ensure Premier League games still played every weekend? So no break then? Eh?
  12. bigrbuk

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    Always did have good pitches though, if a little... slopey
  13. bigrbuk

    George Hirst

    Tripped over his wallet. Out for the season.
  14. bigrbuk

    Full Backs Needed.

    I'd miss him in the middle tbh. He's turned into such a quality centre mid and chips in with the goals too. If he recovers, keep him in the middle for me.