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  1. Message I sent in a WhatsApp thread with my mates... "50p Rhodes hat-trick, pay the mortgage off" Didn't even look at odds :(
  2. You do realise betting on something doesn't mean you want it to happen right? Nor will it make it happen, It just makes you richer if it does. Leave emotion at the door if you're gonna gamble.
  3. Des was just a natural defender, even when he lost his pace, his reading of the game made up for the lost yards. Legend.
  4. fizz me. Send me the £45k and they can have a decent system written for them.
  5. Even better if wage cut was written into all players contracts if they are relegated (agreed across all clubs). They want the rewards for promotion, they should suffer the consequences for failing. By suffer, I mean they'd have to survive on a paltry £8k a week or get a new employer.
  6. Just how creative can you get with accounts? There is surely no coincidence in extending the accounting period and the delays with submitting accounts etc. I would naively suggest this was the period while the work was done with the accountants to get the books to a point where they could submit with the ground sale in the required year. The relevant professionals must all surely have to come to some point where they agreed everything was within the law (spirit, perhaps not) and happy to sign off?
  7. DC Surveying will provide the valuation, no probs.
  8. Heard a whisper we're after Ivan Toney from Peterborough in Jan
  9. If it's "Take the L" they're missing the leg bit, which is integral...... so my lad tells me...
  10. I didn't know Dave but went to school with his wife Michelle. I know she's really appreciated the gestures from Kieren and the youth teams today. I hear Lucas may be claiming an assist today, despite playing in goal. Condolences and love to family and friends of Dave
  11. So basically, as it's a SWFC tattoo, it's correct. It's SWFC that's wrong to have used to rose in this fashion (probably some graphic designer without your knowledge), but the posters tattoo is accurate as to what it depicts.
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