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  1. Heard a whisper we're after Ivan Toney from Peterborough in Jan
  2. If it's "Take the L" they're missing the leg bit, which is integral...... so my lad tells me...
  3. I didn't know Dave but went to school with his wife Michelle. I know she's really appreciated the gestures from Kieren and the youth teams today. I hear Lucas may be claiming an assist today, despite playing in goal. Condolences and love to family and friends of Dave
  4. So basically, as it's a SWFC tattoo, it's correct. It's SWFC that's wrong to have used to rose in this fashion (probably some graphic designer without your knowledge), but the posters tattoo is accurate as to what it depicts.
  5. Beattie is gonna get Rhodes firing again!
  6. How long till the blunts say "agent Beattie" and think it an original idea?
  7. Bet that Pep bloke comes in in the next couple of weeks, no, not that one, the other one that follows Monk around
  8. Prob only feckin manager I haven't bet on
  9. Was giving the cheap option a chance to prove himself and he didnt
  10. Way to ruin the first practice session results pal :)
  11. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11703/11803537/garry-monk-set-to-become-new-sheffield-wednesday-manager
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