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  1. Maybe DC's going to buy some second rate Belgian team and have them sign our wasters for billions before having said wasters nobble Hirst.....
  2. I'm sure he did know, but Chansiri was adamant there was a reason not to mention it, he was likely doing as he was told.
  3. Jos said in press conference he could play him if he wanted to.
  4. The most insightful thing I got from this conference... They think Hull will play 442 or 4231
  5. bigrbuk

    Joost Van Aken

    Having seen this pic, I think I might have driven past them the other day. Just thought it was some guy with a big camera taking pics of the cricket pitch with his kid....
  6. Sucking up funds so we can't pay it do you mean?
  7. bigrbuk

    Cardiff in for FF

    If we sold in Jan after assessing the options, we might be allowed to offer Bannan a new contract. The embargo is "temporary" apparently, but likely to fixed come the end of the season.
  8. bigrbuk


    timeout error. busy perhaps.... or broken
  9. Would you rather..... Sell Fessi for £10m or Bannan for £4m
  10. Article here... https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/burnley-sign-matej-vydra-and-chase-abdoulaye-toure-cp8s9tl62 (or at least the first couple of paragraphs)
  11. Hooper was getting treatment abroad and was a long time away, Lee trained fully then missed 10 days was last we heard wasnt it? So basically, we don't know. And that includes whether they'll ever be back :(
  12. bigrbuk

    Heres summat radical

    Would give them something to do in the off season. Supply pay slips for March, April and May to get your banded card which gives you fixed price for season ticket or POTG. Like it.
  13. bigrbuk

    Heres summat radical

    Does anyone remember Radiohead offering an "honesty box" - pay what you want to download their album. Just had a scan, apparently average price paid was $2.26 per download. Wonder if they could do this but with tiered bands, e.g. pay £20 or more, get discount in shop or more priority points etc. 38% of people paid into the honesty box, but they had no other future benefit
  14. bigrbuk

    Heres summat radical

    This is where we need that supporter liaison, someone sensible who can feed all these ideas back directly to the people who matter. Bring back the design a product/t-shirt idea, get some stuff in the shops that people like, winners get free ticket or shirt, whatever.