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    Missed it all, where are the highlights?
  2. Westwood in demand?

    I'll miss his smiley face, but if needs be, he's one of the more likely we can shift
  3. Didn't realise Basin cuts were still a thing.
  4. If I'd been poo and was feeling down, I'd probably just have a quiet word with myself after scoring, something along the lines of "about fecking time, that's more like it"
  5. Tomorrow's referee

    Time to redress the balance then
  6. Nuhiu, Joao, Pudil all doubts. Bannan out. Time for Abdi and Rhodes to shine oh, and does anyone have any experience at left back? You're in
  7. Let's put Abdi in and break him instead.
  8. Venâncio

    Don't disagree, but we have zero cash as it stands.
  9. Venâncio

    I see only 1.8 million problems with your suggestion
  10. Made a point on mentioning the u18s too. Who we go from the 18's looking good? Borukov?....
  11. Starting training with the team, had an ankle issue. Went to a doc in portugal and he needed surgery. Out for a long time, might not be back for pre-season.
  12. Loovens too old. Confirmed.
  13. Van Aken out for season, possibly not back for pre-season. Needed surgery
  14. Looks like Westwood out for rest of season now