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  1. bigrbuk

    Need your help.

    Devastating news, so sorry for you all. Sending you all my love
  2. bigrbuk

    Van Aken

    Who are the guys singing?
  3. bigrbuk

    Ou est le presser?

    Jos in! No, wait....
  4. bigrbuk

    Ou est le presser?

    Actually facing some tough questions today! Looks a bit sad.
  5. bigrbuk

    Ou est le presser?

    They used to be on Thursday's right?
  6. bigrbuk

    Need your help.

    Re-tweeted. Hope he's home soon.
  7. I'm beginning to wonder if the names are being "leaked" to surreptitiously get feedback from the fanbase.
  8. Planning for our demise. Smart.
  9. That's more like it. Let's get it spread on twitter and see how long it takes to get back as "my mate ITK says"....
  10. A history similar (or slightly worse) to Carlos or Jos then I'd imagine
  11. If he really bought Rhodes because the fans wanted him, maybe he's still paying too much attention the fans and has brought in what they'd been crying out for - an English manager with championship experience.
  12. Definitely not. It's how it SHOULD be, but football doesn't follow normal rules, like who get's paid off when they get sacked? Bizarre world.
  13. bigrbuk

    Alan Nixon

    ? Only aware of Bruce interest. Alan Nixon added, Ashley Lloyd @AshleyLloyd5 Replying to @reluctantnicko Are Wednesday just speaking with Bruce or looking at others like Jankovic?