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  1. Blue and white

    Chairman’s statement

    Or any of a sellable assets. No one player is bigger than the club and everyone has their price. Now is the time to be sensible, sell to stave off the embargo and bring P&S under control and then look the big overdue rebuild that needs to happen.
  2. Blue and white

    Tom Lees

    I like your thinking
  3. Blue and white

    Tom Lees

  4. Blue and white

    Tom Lees

    And you fella, hope you had a good one. Definately need to arrange drinks.
  5. Blue and white

    Tom Lees

    No one should be a given and hopefully when Bruce comes in and the much needed rebuild starts to happen a few people might get the much needed kick up the bum that has been lacking for the past 2 seasons.
  6. Blue and white


    Absolutely spot on fella.
  7. Blue and white

    Squad value

  8. Absolutely, sign someone for 5m, sell for 15+ reinvest it in 2 or 3 players and keep improving the squad in a sustainable manner.
  9. Blue and white

    Press Conference

    Know exactly what you mean and by feck it's been a long time coming. I really have the feeling that this is the start of big things.
  10. 15m+ plus additional clauses and we have a deal, will go towards FFP and give Bruce much needed funds for a promotion push next season.
  11. Blue and white

    Jordan Rhodes

    With Bruce coming in and everyone having a clean slate it begs the question. Could we see the return of Jordan and can Bruce bring out the player that we know is in there but has been missing for a couple of season.
  12. Blue and white

    Ins and outs

    I've not seen him play much but I've heard he is like lightening.
  13. Blue and white

    Where’s your whelm at?

    Proven manager in place. Exiled senior players returned to their rightful places. 4 tough games unbeaten. A bit of a feel good factor going off. Exciting times ahead. You've got to say a solid 8.
  14. Blue and white

    English manager

    Just nice to finally have someone who knows what they are talking about.
  15. I still say if the vocal minority didn't drive Colin away from our club we would have been in the EPL long ago. A complete Masterstroke by the narrow minded few. Bruce does tick all the boxes and there are exciting times ahead.