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  1. Who the fizz does he think he is nicking the ginger messiahs lyrics. Shame on you Carlos.
  2. Blue and white

    Forest Presser

    Bloody good news about Hooper, when fully fit he is our best striker and vital to us if we are going for promotion.
  3. He wasn't sat on the kop by was he.
  4. Blue and white

    Ron Atkinson

    I've said this all along, letting BFR go was the start of our demise. As for Dave Richards, the man wants locking up because his actions were criminal.
  5. Blue and white


    If we don't get promoted this season we certainly won't for the few years.
  6. Blue and white

    We were very close

    There are a number of things I hate about our beloved club. I hate how the owner has almost run it into the ground and has left us needing to be promoted to save us from being well and truly fizzed. I hate how our owner has lied to fans, encouraged them to part with their hard earned cash and he will continue to invest in the squad only for us to have been in an embargo since April. I hate how the working class an is being outpriced from supporting our great club. I hate how some of our better players are being treated and it smacks of saving money. But I don't and never will hate us winning games.
  7. Blue and white


    This I have to hold my hands up and say I've not heard, if true then it's poor form.
  8. Blue and white


    I'd bloody love it.
  9. Blue and white


    Thats what the loan system is there for, have one on loan with a 24 hour recall and one for u23's, cup games and back up to the first team.
  10. I have nothing but the upmost respect
  11. Blue and white


    How does he force his way back in when he isn't even getting a look in at u23 level. Absolutely shambolic how he is been treated.
  12. Blue and white

    Caption competition

    Look at may hair Lucas, it flips this was and that.
  13. Blue and white

    Make no bones about it.

    Quality player, absolutely atrocious hair. Get it shaved off lad.
  14. Blue and white

    The gaffer's post match interview

    We havent got time. If Chansiri is to be believed it's this season or shitstreet.