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  1. Kasey Palmer

    Used to go to school with a lass called Kirsty Palmer, now she was a legend.
  2. Returning Players

    My money would be on Westwood on the current form of Wildsmith.
  3. OFFICIAL - Pelupessy signs

    Welcome lad, hopefully your the missing powerhouse our midfield has lacked for the last few years.
  4. The word clueless springs to mind.
  5. Joe wildsmith

    Did you never see Pressman.
  6. Happy Birthday Fernando Forestieri!

    Let's be honest, anyone with half a brain cell can see we are a better team with him in it.
  7. F.orget E.verything A.nd R.emember....

    For everything a reason.
  8. Squad bloat/clutter

    For me no one in the squad is irreplaceable, everyone has their price and as long as who ever comes in to replace them is of better quality then I wouldn't have a problem with anyone leaving.
  9. Villas-Boas

    Last place he wants to come with an injury is here, he would never been seen again.
  10. Ludicrous money in football

    It makes a mockery of the system, sadly I can't see a lot happening to them as long as they go up which lets be fair is nailed on.
  11. Fingers crossed this lad can pull it off, he talks the talk and his record suggests he can walk the walk, let's just hope he is fully backed and left to do what managers do.
  12. Hutchinson injured again?

    The only thing that cost a manager his job this season was his dire brand of football and shocking results. As for Hutch, good lad, great player when fit it sadly those days are getting fewer and fewer.
  13. The tactics for the Huddersfield game and for not walking after it.
  14. Jos Luhukay's first press conference

    Is that his transfer budget.