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  1. I won't believe until penguin says it's happening.
  2. Sadly it's never really got going for him again after an amazing first season with us, the odd glimpse of brilliance here and there but not enough to warrant the wages he is on.
  3. I'd love to give afuck but as you can see the old fuckjar is empty.
  4. Few 1st team regulars have found out that they have no gaurenteed place in the starting 11, Lees, Westwood and Forestieri to name but a few. It's not a dig at them and they are still quality players but just shows you that we have some very good strength in depth for certain positions. It also shows we have a manager who isn't afraid to make the big calls.
  5. Add Dawson to that and you have the making of a very very good team.
  6. Why are people so surprised, we were never going to get a full season out of him, yes he is a cracking player but so was Hooper and both have poor injury records. Fletcher along with others would be out the door come the end of the season, there are better, younger players out there and his wages would go along way to moving the club forward.
  7. The amount of f**ks given lays between -1 and 1.
  8. If reports are right and 1 or 2 premiership clubs have been looking at him , one of which has had our pants down with George Hirst then I'd be looking for some serious cash, absolutely top dollar and move him on with said money being reinvested in the starting 11.
  9. Think he is taking the mic a bit if you ask me
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