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  1. He did but he didn't leave us up shitcreek, nor did he get us in trouble with the EFL and we were never under an embargo under his ownership.
  2. Exactly, that's how he makes his money.
  3. God knows, what I do know is I'm hoping like feck Red Bull are still loitering with intent like they were last November. They are looking to break into the lucrative English market and we have been talked about as one of the teams they have highlighted. I can but hope.
  4. At the rate he is financially ruining us it won't be to long in coming.
  5. Milan had far more money than people gave him credit for but he wasn't in it for the long haul, like a property developer he bought clubs on the cheap, spent the bare minimum needed and sold them on at a profit, that's how he made his money and there is nothing wrong with that. He knew his business, we were in safe hands, we saw year upon year progress and he made a profit, everyone was a winner.
  6. Exactly, sadly it attracts people with money looking to make more money, to do this you have to know what your doing, sadly our owner doesn't.
  7. That's not going to happen any time soon, I dare he'd sell up but he isn't going to give us away.
  8. We've been under more embargoes than Colonel Gaddafi, I fully expect us to be under one from now until this shitty mess is sorted.
  9. Can't argue with a word of that and as far as I can see all the more reason for him to sell up and move on.
  10. Business, you either have a head for it or you don't. People bang on about Chansiri being a successful businessman and I can find nothing that backs this up. Now Milan, he was a successful businessman, he left a blank canvas for Chansiri to draw on and he has made no more than an amateurish scribble with some very expensive pens. The difference between success and failure is knowing what your doing. Sadly Chansiri doesn't and now desperation has set in hence his stupid actions, we are royally fizzed.
  11. Plus investment from one of the most controversial families to walk the earth.
  12. Completely mismanaged by an owner who has no idea what he is doing and being advised by parasites who are having his pants down. I ask this hypothetical question to anyone. If you were a multimillionaire businessman who had just bought a football club, you sack your manager as you want to bring in your own man, a man who has experience and can get teams promoted, a man with a proven track record of success. Who do you appoint. Surely the sane answer would have been someone like Jokanovic who was available at the time. Not us thou, let's employ Carlos, no success, no track record, had more clubs than Tiger Woods, hadn't managed in years, hmmm that was always going to end well.
  13. There is no room for sentiment, to move forward we need to break with tradition. I have zero problem in selling out to a faceless corporation such as Red Bull and tapping into the untold riches it brings if it brings us promotion and competing at the top levels in English and European football. Football has been ruined beyond all recognition by sky and the obscene amounts of money in the game, it is no longer a game for the common man on a Saturday afternoon, now its a multi billion pound business. Sadly teams like ours who cling to our moral compass and traditions get left behind and can not compete anymore.
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