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  1. Why would he give an interview, how thefuck can he defend the state of the club. The blokes an embarrassment to football And the sooner he fucksoff the better for all concerned.
  2. I know your a super fan but how do you plan on being in both stands on Tuesday.
  3. No one tells the blade shater he shouldn't go to the match.
  4. The only thing at the top of his list should be a new manager if he want to save his investment.
  5. It isn't difficult, seems like all you have to do is turn up.
  6. Darren Moore is worse than Alan Irvine and that's saying something, the man is a truly awful manager.
  7. Dress it up how you want but 6 points from those games is absolutely disgusting.
  8. The league table shows you just how poor this league is, we have been pisspoor all season and still we are in touching distance of the play offs, with this squad we should be walking this league and our current form is unforgivable. Sadly we are run by an idiot who doesn't seem to care about this club or his investment, if he did this clown would have been sacked weeks ago.
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