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  1. He isn't wrong to be fair, old Calamity Cam will cost us points and Monk his job.
  2. It's never to early for gin, whiskey, beer or any other alcoholic beverage for that matter.
  3. At least it's a company who actually exsist and its ligit.
  4. So is my gran and she has been dead for over 13 years.
  5. Show some ****s or be pragmatic. I prefer pragmatic, it saves a lot of unnecessary heartache in the long run.
  6. Of we aren't back on plus points after these games then we will be relegated this season.
  7. More "how in the name of god did you keep your job last season, you were saved by a pandemic and now have no excuses". Don't rate him as a manager and he won't see the season out.
  8. The safe money is a goal after 88 minutes. Get on it.
  9. He has been well backed by Chansiri. He has his backroom staff now. He has his own players. He has no more excuses.
  10. What an utterly bizarre signing, plays well Derby recall him, plays poor and doesn't score and we can keep him and pay part if not all of his wages. Absolutely ridiculous.
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