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  1. With the exception of last season he has been a very consistent performer for us, as for his agility it is second to none and some of the save he pulled off pre injury were nothing short of world class, one or two errors have crept into his game pre injury but id put that down to fitness over form or ability. Still our number one and still the best keeper outside the premiership.
  2. Westwood is a much better all round keeper than Wildsmith and Dawson at this current time. Wildsmith and Dawson are definitely ones for the future and more than capable of covering injuries. For me Westwood is number one, one is back up and the other goes on loan with a recall put in place should Westwood get injured.
  3. Blue and white


    The step over king will always be Sir Chris Waddle, no one could, can or will ever do a step over like this man could.
  4. Blue and white

    Jos trimming the squad

    I've said for a while that the squad was far to big and unbalanced, it's long over due a cull. Shouldn't need more than two players per position.
  5. Blue and white


    We're all whelm aren't we
  6. Hmmmm where else have I seen a team blow a golden semi final chance before.
  7. Blue and white

    Ricky Moate Update

    Brilliant news mate, here's hoping you continue to make a speedy recovery.
  8. Might have something to do with the fact he has the best scoring record of any striker in this league in recent history.
  9. This is coming back to bite us on the arse. Why we would lend a potential promotion trivial our best striker beggars belief.
  10. Blue and white

    Venancio not coming back

    That will do it every time
  11. It wont be Abdi either.
  12. Blue and white

    Venancio not coming back

    Just watched the clip, I'm not very good at speaking Portuguese so I'm going to have to ask the question. What part of what he said means he isn't coming to us any more.
  13. I completely disagree, any one for PDC or GDB
  14. I'll give you a clue, it won't be Hooper, Lee, Hutch, Fox or Jones
  15. Blue and white

    Remember when

    There was a time when he was, however one has progressed the other has played for Carlos for 2 seasons, poo happens.