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  1. I'm not saying he hasn't got a penny or enough to fill the gaps but he isn't the cash cow some people believe he is.
  2. I strongly suspect your right and if that's the case we need to play him. He may not be the keeper he was a year or 2 ago but he is head and shoulders above what we have.
  3. Explain how they were wrong, one was an opinion and everybody is entitled to them, even you. Please enlighten me why your so confident Chansiri has money.
  4. I said we should have gone into admin before Milan took over. Had the EFL applied the deduction this season like they probably should then we would have been down. I have yet to see anything to convince me Chansiri has a significant amount of money to spend and currently we are shopping in the free transfer market. Next.
  5. And has any thing I said not happened. If you remove your blue and white glasses it's very very predictable.
  6. He couldn't take 12 points in the entire 2nd half of the season and we are expecting him to get 62+ points minimum for us to achieve safety, call me sceptical but I can't see it and what's more we are wasting another glorious opportunity to sort this club out.
  7. Monk won 2 games in the 2nd half of the season, I have zero faith in him what so ever. At a well run club he would have been sacked months ago.
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