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  1. f**k jar is looking a bit empty, if only there was one in there to give.
  2. Liking him already, just wish we hadn't fecked about for nearly 8 weeks before appointing him.
  3. Is it just me or does anyone find that a bit uncomfortable to watch.
  4. Nothing against Gary Monk but feck me, 7 weeks without a manager and this is the appointment we make, along the way we have been knocked back by a manager from Lincoln and numerous other out of work managers.
  5. I'm lumping on Billy Smart, his circus has been here for a while now.
  6. You know you have problems when the manager of Lincoln City knocks you back in favour of staying at little old Lincoln. For the first time in my life I'm starting to think we aren't a big club any more.
  7. Jump forward 7 years, we have a rich owner who doesn't have a clue, we have spaffed a fortune on players and still achieve the same league position as when Milan left, we have sold our stadium to keep our head above the FFP shitpit, we have no manager and seemingly no one wants it and to top it off our piggy neighbours are streets ahead of us after doing it on a shoestring. It truly is a golden age to be a Wednesday fan.
  8. To be fair to Jewell, when he took over us we were in utter free fall, there wasn't a manager alive that would have saved us at that time.
  9. At this moment in time I'd take the Krankies.
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