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Community Answers

  1. I remember the picture he put on Twitter with what looked like his finger in the dog so to speak.
  2. Absolutely predictable he would leave, yet people still choose to believe he would play league 1 football for a car crash club.
  3. Both aren't of the required standard to be the long term number 1. In the short term they are at there level but better is needed moving forward.
  4. And Wilson who's treatment of him was nothing short of a disgrace.
  5. There were some decent keepers about but I would place him above Tim Flowers and Ian Walker.
  6. Best keeper never to play for the full England team.
  7. Chansiri won't sell him, he is family. We will just wait till we run his contract down and let him leave for nothing. It's the Chansiri way.
  8. The sooner this idiot fucksoff the better, hopefully he will do it while we still have a club to support.
  9. You can just imagine Chansiri Snr saying, now then you little shitehawk, thas not getting another penny until tha tells thi bestie to fuckoff.
  10. Sign him up, if he is a fraction as good as his dad he will be better than what we have already.
  11. The news that Stuffing boy has take n a back seat is the best news in years.
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