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  1. The question should be, why would you swap promotion chasing Doncaster for free falling Sheffield Wednesday. Strange decision.
  2. You forgot Rhodes, that lad has had dogs abuse on here.
  3. There two people to blame for the state of our club. Stand up and take a bow Dejphon Chansiri and your illustrious advisor, you have achieved the impossible, you have taken a reasonable team and spaffed millions of pounds at it and the end result has been nothing short of a disgrace. Sadly I feel the best is yet to come.
  4. New keeper needed, Westwood is to injury prone and its hard to justify his wages for the amount of games you get out of him. Wildsmith and Dawson are nowhere near good enough.
  5. How sad is it when you have to rely on Rotherham getting a points deduction to have any chan6of avoiding relegation. I can honestly say I've never felt as disconnected and embarrassed to be a Wednesday fan as I do right now.
  6. So as we have long suspected there is no plan what so ever. The man is a complete joke and sadly that reflects in our club.
  7. Not according to Chansiri, he allegedly knows nothing of how the club is run.
  8. But on planet Chansiri it's only a small amount of customers that are negative towards him.
  9. The only direction he needs to go is the direction of the exit.
  10. Regardless of whoever is managing this club whilst every Chansiri and Stuffing Boy are here there is only one way this club is going.
  11. It's takes a special kind of incompetence but boy this lad has it in bucket loads.
  12. I fail to see how this is accurate, our ground alone is worth 60m........... allegedly.
  13. Relegation this season and we will be worth precisely fuckall, Chansiri will be lucky to get a can of Skol and a packet of Aldi's cheese and onion crisps.
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