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Community Answers

  1. There probably is but FML you have to have a special talent for failure to pull it off.
  2. Steady on, you might be classed as attention seeker.
  3. Millions upon millions squandered for 2 good seasons, after that it has been downhill all the way. A fudged amateurish attempted ground sale and awful football saw us relegated to league 1 where we will spend back to back seasons at best. We must hold the record for the most money wasted to move backwards and it's down to inept leadership. Your time here is well and truly up, please close the door on your way out and take Darren Moore with you.
  4. The only stats that matter are that Wigan, Rotherham and MK Dons got more points than us, everything else is immaterial.
  5. I'll stand by my prediction, we are not getting promoted under this clown.
  6. Thats not strictly true now is it, your Mrs gives me plenty.
  7. I can understand people's reactions but I genuinely hope your on the money with this, this idiot is killing our club and we need someone in who has a clue what they are doing and fast.
  8. It makes a lot of sense, it would also explain why Chansiri hasn't sacked Moore yet, he'll be letting someone else pay him off.
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