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  1. Go to bed about 9.30 for a couple of hours. Get up at 1 and swith mobdro on. Watch match. Back to bed for a couple of hours. Go to work.
  2. Honestly it's been a lifeline to watching matches back in the UK. It's free to download as long as you have android, for some reason it doesn't work on apple devices. You can cast it to a smart TV or Chrome cast and it's as good as having the full sky package. The sad thing is the time difference, things me and my wife would watch at night are now on in the morning here
  3. Which areas are Wednesday

    I'm a Stocksbridge lad and know it to be a MASSIVE Wednesday area, you can count on one hand the amount of grunters that live there, may I add that's not because we have 10 fingers on one hand.
  4. Have you got mobdro, if so you can get the match on there. Also if I'm right in thinking our clocks go forward on Saturday night so it will be a 01:00hrs start for us, work is going to be fun win, lose or draw.
  5. Colin's Comments

    And this is why we will be playing championship football again next season if he remains our manager.
  6. C'mon Owlstalk, let's hear it for Carlos.

    Do I like Carlos, yes. Would I go out on the lash with him and buy him a pint, yes. Am I happy with how things are going, it's looking better. Do I think Carlos will take us up, No.
  7. Almen Abdi

    He's not thou is he, I think Watford knew he coming to the end of his time hence why they were keen to let him go. Abdi in the form he showed in the EPL the season before we signed him was head and shoulders above anything we had or have at the time.
  8. Almen Abdi

    Totally agree, really thought we'd signed a class player who could take us to the next level, looks like we've been sold a pup.
  9. Tom Lees

    When you look at the fee McGuire went for you'd have to ask how much is Lees worth. Given a choice of the two I'd take Lees every day of the week.
  10. Ross Wallace

    Nearly as farcical as the amount of times Hirst played for England.
  11. Tom Lees

    There has been interest from a few clubs but has anyone actually come in and put the money on the table.
  12. Tom Lees

    There are worse defenders playing in the EPL, why any club hasn't come in for him is a mystery to me.
  13. Sheffield Football - police costs revealed

    There will always be notorious areas in any city whilst people choose a life of crime, use illicit substances and whilst poverty exists.
  14. Sheffield Football - police costs revealed

    Thank the government for that one.