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  1. We have had far worse defenders than Bullen over recent years.
  2. Big Mick would be a massive upgrade on what we have now, absolutely what we are screaming out for. We have a big job on our hands when the season eventually ends and I can't think of many better to take on the challenge of rebuilding this club.
  3. Clueless manager who was completely out of his depth, was and always will be a one season wonder.
  4. I would give my right arm for that team, that manager, that set up, that kit and that badge. How does 30 years feel so far away.
  5. This was the start of our fall from grace and what a fall it's been, it's not quite been on the scale of Coventry or Portsmouth but I believe the best is yet to with clueless and stuffing boy running the show.
  6. Sad news, if only Dave Richards had listened to you when you told him it was time for Wilson to go. RIP true fan.
  7. I have had first hand dealing with Trevor and found him to be extremely helpful and professional, he was a top bloke and went the extra mile to help me with my request on behalf of my son. My main worry is Mr C and stuffing boy.
  8. And sadly the shitshow appears like it's going to carry on and on and on. I will tell anyone who is willing to listen, his leadership of the club isn't going to end well and he shows no signs of learning from his mistakes.
  9. Didn't mind it at all to be honest, we've certainly had worse.
  10. Give it a rest John, your getting a bit boring now.
  11. I sincerely hope your right, sadly I just can't see it and the fact we are even in this mess boils down nothing but sheer incompetence.
  12. There is a small matter that we went massively over the 39m we were allowed to lose over the 3 year period. Whilst Mr Chansiri has been cleared of any wrong doing on a personal level there is still questions to answer as to how we came up with a 60m price tag for our ground when it is worth a fraction of that, the accounts weren't submitted on time which raised suspicion amongst the EFL and the sale was back dated . Like I say, whilst DC appears to have gotten away with it on a personal level we as a club still have a case on our hands and one that could have significant implications for our club.
  13. Are you related to John Cleese by any chance. I'm literally wetting myself at your replies, all I have running through my head are various Monty Python sketchers. In fact you shall be forever known as John.
  14. Not guilty your honour, I don't even know who the guy is behind Portsmouth and nor do I care, I think all today's excitement may have sent you a bit silly. I have stated on numerous occasions are club is rotten to the core, from top to bottom. I have stated DC and stuffing boy will take this club to the brink of oblivion and I'll stand by that. I have stated that the money wasted over the last 4 seasons has been nothing short of criminal and it was only a matter before FFP was breeched. I have stated that being propped up by 3 companies that don't exist doesn't sit quite right. You seem like a righteous man so please tell me. When did you last take a D taxi. When did you last drink Elev8. When did you last see the business Chansiri attached to anything other than SWFC. Listen, Is it just me who finds that a little odd.
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