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  1. I honestly think Rhodes will be our main man under Bruce next season. Bruce is the man that help Jordan rediscover his scoring touch.
  2. Used to work with a lass who's daughter was living with Ryan Bertrand about 8 or 9 years ago, at the time he was just braking into the reserves and he was on over 30k and wasn't even a regular starter for the 2nd team. Absolute madness.
  3. Saw the title and thought this was going to be a thread on how to beat our FFP problem this season.
  4. If Frank Lampards Derby win all there games I will swim back from New Zealand.
  5. It's simple, wevery game is a must win game as the teams we have to play are in the same boat as us, a win for us is a loss for them and 3 points better off on our total. Win our games and we finish top 6.
  6. -25 and counting, I think it would be fair to say you've not thought this through properly
  7. And that my friend is what separates great goalkeepers from good goalkeepers.
  8. Player of the season for me has to be Westwood, he has gone from 3rd choice to the best keeper in the league, who would have thought it.
  9. Throughout my time following Wednesday we've been blessed with some quality keepers, Bolder, Turner, Hodge, Woods, Carson and my all time favourite Pressman to name but a few but I'm starting to think this lad is better than them all. Absolutely head and shoulders above anything in our league and I include the current England no 2 Butland in that. It's no coincidence that our results and form have turned round since his his return to the squad. Absolutely needs tying down to a long term contract with the option of coaching once he hangs up his gloves. Fantastic again yesterday, crucial save at 1-0 and helps lay the foundations for our team to go and win comfortably. Please Mr C we have fecked about enough this season, lets get this sorted asap.
  10. With our form and how Bruce has us playing its other teams that are fearing us, plus as we have so many of the teams around us to play it really is in our own hands.
  11. I've always liked a cherry bakewell, or an almand slice myself.
  12. I'm not up on who plays where and when, all I do know it's written in the stars we will do the grunters in the semi finals and Villa in the final.
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