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  1. He always reminds me of Brian Glover the football scene on Kes, wants to take everything, think everything revolves around him but sadly isn't that good.
  2. Step forward Ryan Lowe, we need him as our manager ASAP.
  3. He has been well backed and isn't producing. With the squad he has the results and performance are way below par. I honestly feel things won't end well for him and his record suggests he isn't the man that will turn this around.
  4. Best stirker we've had in a long long time, shame he couldn't stay fit.
  5. Bring forward His Ginger Highness to remedy this problem. #itsallaboutwinning
  6. I think the very minimum Chansiri is expecting is top 6 given the level of backing he has given Moore. I would surmise that if we are off the pace come Christmas Moore will be no Moore.
  7. Long story short, Moore inherited poo, he might do well if we give him time but you think Ryan Lowe would do a better job.
  8. Ryan Lowe springs to mind but it's a bit early to talk about changing managers. You couldn't judge Moore after the clusterfuck that was last season, he will be judged this season, sadly we can't afford to be outside the championship for long and for once Chansiri has backed him with a decent squad at this level, time is the one thing I don't think he has the luxury of.
  9. Jury is still out on him but 11 points from 7 games with this squad is far from good enough.
  10. You don't choose Wednesday, Wednesday choose you.
  11. We are in danger of looking like a decent team this season instead of the shower we've seen over the last few years, good signings all in early, decent kits by a proper manufacturer which was out on time, Paxo relegated and team affairs handed over to the manager. For once things seem to be heading in the right direction.
  12. I remember the picture he put on Twitter with what looked like his finger in the dog so to speak.
  13. Absolutely predictable he would leave, yet people still choose to believe he would play league 1 football for a car crash club.
  14. Both aren't of the required standard to be the long term number 1. In the short term they are at there level but better is needed moving forward.
  15. And Wilson who's treatment of him was nothing short of a disgrace.
  16. There were some decent keepers about but I would place him above Tim Flowers and Ian Walker.
  17. Best keeper never to play for the full England team.
  18. Chansiri won't sell him, he is family. We will just wait till we run his contract down and let him leave for nothing. It's the Chansiri way.
  19. The sooner this idiot fucksoff the better, hopefully he will do it while we still have a club to support.
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