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  1. Do betting companies let you have credit accounts? I have to deposit to bet, not bet, then pay my debt at the end of the month. Anyone who has a problem with gambling should use the daily, weekly, monthly deposit limits facilty on their account.
  2. DC wanted to know how Jim got his personal mobile number. Jim was being clever, didnt go through the proper channels so when DC told him to do one he spat the dummy out.
  3. Yes, i did the same, Kept wondering that if this was L**ds, then they would every expert on the planet telling them who should take over, and what next for Bielsa?!
  4. cuda wuda shuda, we cuda have scored another and everything is better.... cuda conceded, 1-1 MELTDOWN!!,
  5. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/efl-owners-rich-list-coronavirus-3016761 bit out of date but still relevent i think
  6. Di Canio scored "that goal" for West ham.... everything before was forgotten... unless you were Nigel Winterburn.
  7. Me personally? Or in general? The pigs went out of the cups and so did Leeds in their promotion seasons... less games... more rest and not chasing a cup final that they wouldn't get to.
  8. Glad to be out, save the players..at whatever level.. we need to close the deficit..keep as many players fit as we can... staying in the league is the main aim.. can't rely on the appeal. Last 2 seasons... l**ds and the pigs went out of the cups early and then could concentrate on the league... they were promoted
  9. Can you get the replica shirts with the sponsor on?
  10. Every fan hates any opposition player.. however good they are.. sign them.. you love em!!.. they sign for somone else after a year or two.. hate them again. (With the odd exception)
  11. Talksport mention 12pt or 9pt deduction, Adrian Durham said he'd heard it was 9pts, but that is still to be confirmed.
  12. Unless you have a ready made squad, you have to give any manager the chance to change things, Brighton gave Graham potter a 6 year deal... it's a plan ..long term... over 2,3,4 transfer windows you get the players you want in, get rid of the dead wood and build a squad to get promoted, consolidate and build. Alex Ferguson was 1 game away from getting the sack at Man Ure..... Nicky Butt's goal saved his job, and the rest is history.... Ralph Hassenhuttl.... loses most of his best players, loses 0-9 at home, 90% of people expect him to get the sack or resign.... doesn't happen
  13. Oh, if that is the case then he should definetly go! As i've seen on facebook, they all know best about Covid 19, bringing up kids, cycling , jogging etc..... so they must be right.
  14. 9 games to play, 27 points available. unlikely but not impossible. Depends on how other teams come out after lock down. I think we would probably play better without a crowd moaning and slagging players off.
  15. When is the FA Cup quarter-final draw? The draw will take place this evening following the conclusion of Manchester City’s clash with Sheffield Wednesday. If the game doesn’t go to extra-time and penalties, it will get underway at around 9:50pm. 9.50 draw it is then!
  16. We smash middlesborough and forest away.... We just got our turn in the quagmire of the championship.... it's just the way it is.. its poo... look at other teams... all going the same way.. beat the top 6.. then lose against the bottom half.... just the championship rules... we just need to break the rules!
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