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  1. Oh, if that is the case then he should definetly go! As i've seen on facebook, they all know best about Covid 19, bringing up kids, cycling , jogging etc..... so they must be right.
  2. 9 games to play, 27 points available. unlikely but not impossible. Depends on how other teams come out after lock down. I think we would probably play better without a crowd moaning and slagging players off.
  3. When is the FA Cup quarter-final draw? The draw will take place this evening following the conclusion of Manchester City’s clash with Sheffield Wednesday. If the game doesn’t go to extra-time and penalties, it will get underway at around 9:50pm. 9.50 draw it is then!
  4. We smash middlesborough and forest away.... We just got our turn in the quagmire of the championship.... it's just the way it is.. its poo... look at other teams... all going the same way.. beat the top 6.. then lose against the bottom half.... just the championship rules... we just need to break the rules!
  5. Good clearance from Palmer off the line as Well
  6. Soft penalty. However on balance of play.. deserved the win. Take what you Can, when you can.. it's a cruel league. Well played the lads.. esp bannan and big Dave. Roll on next 2 games and 2020!
  7. Thats right! and i bought the dog a water :-)
  8. Thanks everyone.... just bought everyone in the pub a drink to celebrate
  9. Didn't think it would come in.... CHEERS JORDAN!!
  10. Needs to play and score a goal.... the rest will be history.
  11. big and awkward... gets a lot of fouls against him which he doesn't deserve... and always takes a couple of defenders with him for crosses, free kicks and corners, which leaves space for other players.
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