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    Looks like Pinocchio that's just had his strings cut.
  2. What are you most angry about?

    True, but he's not going to keep throwing good money after bad for a mid table finish. It's all very worrying.
  3. What are you most angry about?

    Style of play and Carlos should have gone are the same thing really. Up to now 75% say those two are their main gripe. Less than 10% OK with things. Are the clappers on holiday?
  4. 1. They are a better balanced footballing side than us. 2.They have a better manager. 3. We can improve things greatly by altering point 2.
  5. I'd settle for mid table and a new manager ASAP.
  6. That was 45 minutes of sheer and utter dros.
  7. Its got f00k all to do with the derby
  8. Carlos is cold? Its 13 degrees.