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  1. It's coming Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yes, that's a fair and well balanced opinion, I agree.
  3. It's about missed opportunities Neil. Sterling couldn't hit a cow's ar *se with a banjo.
  4. You would if we lost and had to beat Belgium to qualify, and we do have a history of that. Think Iceland, the team not the shop
  5. I nearly missed the winner from Kane last night as I was outside watering my plants. Couldn't decide whether to use miracle grow or not, in the end I just used water. Enthralling second half wasn't it?
  6. Dronfield Blue

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    They're trying to concentrate the tournament into a small area
  7. Dronfield Blue

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    I fancied Spain, until they sacked the manager. My next choice would have been the Germans, but leaving Sane out seems daft. So, I think Brazil may be in with a good chance. England, will scrape through the group stage then out the next round.
  8. Dronfield Blue

    Just got back

    Well done Jos. He has rescued what could have been a disastrous season on our 150th anniversary. UTO.
  9. Dronfield Blue

    Jos Lucky lucky Man

    No, he lost 3 on the bounce, passed it now.
  10. Dronfield Blue

    Wes Foderingham

    He's not Scottish then?
  11. Dronfield Blue

    Surely not the new #SWFC kits?

    I like the white one. Not representative of SWFC, but looks cool.
  12. We would if we had won the Premier League. You never know?
  13. Dronfield Blue

    Wolves ticket details

    Operating or performing?
  14. Dronfield Blue

    Daily star today

    and there in lies the problem. He's a cart horse.