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  1. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    It's up to the club to submit a formal complaint. They should.
  2. It's the lobster man's fault. End of. He's into chickens now though
  3. Sixth-highest average attendance

    Found it. http://www.worldfootball.net/attendance/eng-championship-2016-2017/1/ 1Newcastle United1.175.4422351.106 2Aston Villa738.4642332.107 3Derby County667.9662329.042 4Brighton & Hove Albion643.9052327.996 5Leeds United637.0532327.698 6Sheffield Wednesday623.9712327.129 7Norwich City606.1322326.354 8Wolverhampton Wanderers496.1122321.570 9Huddersfield Town467.8872320.343 10Nottingham Forest467.6492320.333 11Bristol City442.8922319.256 12Fulham FC441.5732319.199 13Birmingham City430.4962318.717 14Reading FC402.6082317.505 15Ipswich Town390.5522316.981 16Cardiff City380.9812316.564 17Queens Park Rangers336.1592314.616 18Barnsley FC318.7192313.857 19Blackburn Rovers291.8142312.688 20Preston North End289.9602312.607 21Wigan Athletic269.6062311.722 22Brentford FC240.7412310.467 23Rotherham United225.005239.783 24Burton Albion120.235235.228 overall11.105.92255220.119
  4. Sixth-highest average attendance

    Do you have the full list Neil?
  5. Stripes next

    You did love. You better be right about this one though, stripes are far more important than Rhodes
  6. Are SAG looking in to it?
  7. They should have had one, but that's football. Play to the whistle.
  8. All water under the bridge. Jos is the man now. Stabilise and stay in this division then build for next season. Just before that, stuff the Swans and Coco.
  9. Journeyman is not name calling Neil. It's a fact, look at his past managerial positions and his time in them. Yes, I'm bitter and twisted
  10. Carlos is a constant journeyman. He won't be with his boyhood team Swansea for long.
  11. Swansea Fans Views

    Burnley aren't bad to be fair. Dyche has done a great job there.
  12. On this Day in 1935

    Rimmer for me.
  13. Carlos press conference

    From the swans site Driving up from North Oxon; wouldn't miss it for the world. CC is going to be on sparkling form. Just picking up on the relegation battle discussion, unless we completely implode there is no way we are going down. CC has brought an enthusiastic management approach and seems to be getting the rub of the green. There are several teams / squads that are much worse than us ! Be honest, we all felt like this for at least a year. I'm booing him