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  1. As above, but sign Hector if at all possible.
  2. Pep couldn't do anything with that shower of s h1te
  3. Good job Rovrum couldn't hit a cows a rse with a banjo or we'ed be 3 down.
  4. Poo. Rovrum will go down, we are playing a L1 side and they have created the best chances. SB has his work cut out.
  5. Mines working on IPTV but slows then speeds up really fast. A bit like the old Benny Hill sketches.
  6. I'm getting ready for when we are playing in it of course.
  7. Or MUFC V PSG? I'm going split screen. First 15 minutes all Wednesday. Have we ever played PSG?
  8. Big discounts for Wednesday fans at Specsavers, this week only.
  9. Ignore him. This season is about a clear out and a rebuild for next season. That's what SB is good at. Give him time.
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