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  1. Its better than Fanny Schmelt as featured in 'The Chase' game show.
  2. That's Rhodes back in the team then.
  3. Agreed. It was a bit p1 ss poor at times though.
  4. Some players must not want new contracts?
  5. It's like the "real thing" never make life easy for themselves do they? Come on.
  6. He will use the same magic pen that he uses for the accounts and D Taxis.
  7. Weird Unless Mr C has a time machine and we can go back and alter the results? Pigs relegated to league 1 and we finish top with 150 points! Or it's just a s h1t IT system
  8. Recently got these 3 notifications from the club, one after the other. I know Mr C is cutting back, but nearly 2 days for a score update? How have we gone from 3-3 to 0-0?
  9. Both sides similar to Leeds and Villa have agreed a 0-0 draw in advance.
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