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  1. We would if we had won the Premier League. You never know?
  2. Wolves ticket details

    Operating or performing?
  3. Daily star today

    and there in lies the problem. He's a cart horse.
  4. Danny Batth

    He'll be ready for retirement now.
  5. was it? and why?

    How old are you? Ours were re furbished when we got them
  6. was it? and why?

    Don't know the exact year but I had one in junior school. and a wooden desk with an inkwell pot, but we didn't use the inkwell pot, well only for bogeys
  7. #SWFC North Stand back in the day..

    The edges of the pitch are rounded off, like an iPhone. Steve Jobs must have got the idea from us.
  8. Right, sending this data to the non SWFC thread for our porky visitors.
  9. As if. No, it wasn't. Could be rounduns then?
  10. Bottom Three

    We'll probably buy him.
  11. Blast from the past - Lee Chapman

    She had them punctured Snoots.
  12. Blast from the past - Lee Chapman

    I liked his wife.
  13. Oh look, feed him and the poacher scores. Well done JR, one of many to come I hope.
  14. Well done Jos Luhukay!

    Bag of busted spanners.