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  1. Dronfield Blue

    Andy McCulloch

    That makes me feel old, He was a work horse 100% effort. Quite a formidable partnership with Terry Curran. This was the early 80s, 37 years ago!!!!!!!!! I was only a snip of a lad at 22
  2. Dronfield Blue

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    I'm pro Megson and I think he could do a job for us with our current situation. I understand those that don't agree though, and I respect that. .....but you're wrong
  3. Dronfield Blue

    Pre Derby Remembrance Gaffe

    Rhymes that, I like it. Liverpool is
  4. Dronfield Blue

    What’s going to happen...

    Squad of players no, available players then I beg to differ.
  5. Dronfield Blue

    Manager solution......what is it?

    Pep will be getting fed up at City soon.
  6. Dronfield Blue

    FAO all our fans going tonight

    Any more info on what it was? Bizarre.
  7. Dronfield Blue

    Already a txt from a blunt

    You got hiccups?
  8. Dronfield Blue

    Already a txt from a blunt

    Is he an imbecile?
  9. They do, but you have to be up there to exploit it.
  10. I'll take that at half time. I would say that if we defended like we have tonight in other matches this season we would not have one of the worst defensive records in the league. Well done though, 100% effort.
  11. On a positive note, yes they have had a huge amount of possession, but Dawson has only really had one save to make the penalty. The best chance of a goal was for us, but it fell to Fox. Had it fallen to my nan, we would be 1-0 up.
  12. When Jos goes take that thrower Fox with him.
  13. He's as much like Aguero as tango is to George Clooney.