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  1. West Stand concourse at half time

    Did the pigs have rope ladders?
  2. Next Manager: Lee Bullen

    Daftest post I've seen in some time, and that says a lot.

    Imagine if had this squad. Do you think wouldn't have had the team fired up for this game? Come home and take us to the promised land. Neg away, I care not.
  4. The sheff united goals

    I stand corrected.
  5. flat 4-4-2

    Is that in braille?
  6. Keep your dignity

    I was quite impressed by their performance, much better than I expected. Tactics were spot on too, and they had the flexibility of changing tactics. We were polar opposites.
  7. Open letter to Mr Chansiri

    Agreed in the main, but Carlos is walking a bit close to the edge.
  8. The sheff united goals

    Carlos says he's the best centre half he's ever worked with?
  9. Jordan Rhodes

    At the risk of repeating myself, put him around the opposition box and get some balls in to him to feed off. I agree TB, hope he has a blinder.
  10. Fish aren't attracted to magnets. Lovely day forecasted for Sunday, nice and warm, unlike the pies.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday 4 : 4 Chelsea (Milk Cup)

    Kicked off on Penistone Road after.
  12. Sheffield Wednesday 4 : 4 Chelsea (Milk Cup)

    3 nil at HT and were behind 4 -3 before drawing 4-4. Imagine the meltdown on here if that happened today? Wilkinson out!
  13. Sheffield Wednesday 4 : 4 Chelsea (Milk Cup)

    Bog roll coming on from the kop at 2.04, remember that well. Cracking game.
  14. north west corner

    Think we should concentrate on beating the scrubbers rather than a head count
  15. That idiot Kevin Gage

    Ex pig player with a pub at Dronfield.