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  1. As I said, let’s see how these millions of new fans translate into regular crowds at run of the mill routine games shall we? Time will tell if you’re right or I am.
  2. Nah you’re right. If only we could get crowds of 500, play a game at a third of the pace, where interest will peak for the ‘finals’ and internationals whilst the rest will be a few diehards. It will resemble lower levels of non league. So yep, jealous, envious, and totally insecure. I blame my Mum for breast feeding me till I was 14!! What’s your excuse.
  3. I’m terrified of people whose brain capacity seems unable to process a certain argument by constantly harping back to some drivel about ‘insecurity’. You may think it’s all economically viable without the men’s clubs subsidising it, I personally don’t. For my ‘insecurity’ I’ll throw in the ring your ‘naivety’. When Man City ladies become self sufficient, change their name, move to their own ground, and become totally self sufficient, then you’ll be proved right. But you’ll have got bored of it by then won’t you, because everyone else will have as well, and the threads will be few & far between which is no good to you is it?
  4. I think it’s more than clear by now, that my gripe is with the hype and the increasing comparison & denigration of the mens game by inane unfounded media & ‘activists’ know nothing about football, male or female. If someone talks down Wednesday or slags them off I respond. If some halfwit who thinks he knows about football because he / she watched it on Sunday slags the men’s game in comparison then I’m entitled to respond and balance the argument. I notice most of the players have been quite respectful and silent re the comparisons with the mens game, because they know the truth. Its these one game hangers on that seem to have an axe to grind, who will be doing something else in 3 weeks when the novelty has worn off.
  5. There’s some illiterate economics going on in this thread. I’m sure advertisers will be queuing up for the big marquee events where their profile will be seen by the hordes. Will the same advertisers be queuing up to pay for advertising when the normal crowds return. 1000 according to the figures for the biggest clubs & 250 - 500 for the average. I’m all for them being self sufficient, but can’t see it happening. The mens game spans centuries to develop and it seems to me, the women’s game and all its hangers on, want everything instantly. Football league teams that had been in existence years, go bust because of lack of crowds, funding etc and non of the big clubs who subsidise womens football are anywhere to be seen. They should be patient, one step at a time, build the product through schools etc, take a measured realistic view and rein in the media & hysterical commentators who by making outlandish comparisons against the mens game do more harm than good and alienate people who were previously supportive of the women’s game.
  6. How about them getting together in a park or playing field, throwing a couple of jumpers down for goal posts, buying a ball for a few quid and playing. Or is that me being ‘insecure’ or whatever cr*p you were mumping on about because you disagree with anyone questioning your latest cause celebre. I’ve said a hundred times I don’t give a flying fu*k if girls want to play footy. I love football and to be honest when some pundits, commentators start to denigrate the mens game in an attempt to bull up the women;s version it starts to grate to be honest and comments saying so & so is better than Shearer and the ‘Lionesses’ would have beaten the 1966 Mens side it starts to p*ss me off.
  7. Might be a ‘Snidey post” as our leader puts it, but very true & quite funny.
  8. “Underfunded”?? Are you suggesting that the ladies game relies on funding from the men’s game?? Bigot. Misogynist. Are you not aware the ladies game has moved on? Their strikers are better than Shearer ‘quote’ , the Lionesses would have beaten the England World Cup winners of 66 ‘quote’. and every game is packed with 60,000 obsessed fans ‘unquote’. The days when the absolute top WSL matches attracted 900 and the slightly lesser lights got 300 are from a distant age. (About 4 months ago actually) Not be long before he likes of City, Liverpool, Arsenal etc are being subsidised bought and paid for by the throngs that will undoubtedly follow their chosen team with a Lioness in up and down the country, home & away. Mark my words, you heard it here first.
  9. Apparently they’ve got some winger guy who ripped the opposition a new one on Saturday. There were about 150 tweets extolling his virtues and saying he is the explosive, energetic winger they’ve been crying out for who was ghosting past defenders like they didn’t exist, and could be the player they’ve been looking for that could make their season. I heard a rumour, not sure of its validity, but apparently his previous club played him in any position other than his favoured one and subsequently their fans reckon he was garbage. i find it a bit far fetched. As if any manager in this day and age would play a player like this so badly out of position. As if. ???
  10. Can’t remember what I was ‘counter arguing’ now.
  11. There has been a constant trend though, of below average performances even when we were ‘doing well’. Games we should have romped, were last minute nail biters. Also, a season is a full season, not half a season. It is pointless being a ‘top three’ side in the second half of the season when the season is already over by Christmas ( certainly with regard to autos). My opinion is my opinion. I may be right or I may be ridiculously wrong, but I see flaws in his management being repeated time and again, from the relegation year ( not his squad, but still the manager), through last season, into the pre season and then the disjointed sh*t show, disorganised performance on Saturday. Just too many common denominators for my liking that set the alarm bells ringing, even allowing for being only one game in. I’m not being hysterical, what will be will be and all will be revealed as the season unfolds. As I put in another thread, this is not a vendetta against DM. No one will be more happy if I’m proved wrong but the same old lack of proactivity and decision making leaves me somewhat doubtful.
  12. Appreciate the measured response. I suppose among all the divergent opinions, nothing will happen either way regardless, certainly until a reasonable number of games have come and gone. If we are riding high and my opinion on DM is subsequently seen as the ramblings of an idiot, no one will be more delighted than me. My love of Wednesday far transcends any thought of individual pride or ego.
  13. I’m not so sure people who disagree or are “frothing at the mouth” as you patronisingly put it “haven’t got much else going on” or are even venting their spleens over one game. I get the impression it is more the fact they see the same old weaknesses from all through the DM reign being repeated time and again. Different players, same formation, same result. No one is preaching Armageddon because we nearly threw away the first game, the concern surrounds the apparent lack of the same old problems not having been addressed, albeit early days, but the worrying signs are still there.
  14. So let’s get this right. Among the Champagne corks popping from that wonderful showing, that demonstrates beyond doubt the entire season will be a simple procession to the title, does anyone not even have a tinge of “We’ve possibly been here before”. As recently as the pre season games, where the same frailties were clearly on show. As recently as a few months ago, and last season. Yeah it’s only the first game but other clubs seem drilled from the get go. Does nobody have any even slight trepidation that this looks suspiciously like ‘business as usual’. Brilliant start, score early, don’t capitalise on good start, lose momentum, lose the tempo, the rival manager (who has the ability to address issues on the hoof) alters his strategy and we are scuttling around in the last ten minutes trying to rescue something. To all the posters who call any dissenters to their own point of view “idiots” “morons” etc. Do you think Darren Moore, if the roles were reversed would have been able or willing to change things on the hoof, to negate the oppositions superiority in the same way as was done to us, which resulted in the game being turned totally on its head.
  15. This is my main problem with Moore, his ability to think on his feet and adjust to changing situations. Other managers seem to immediately recognise a problem and react accordingly. Moore reacts way too slowly or not at all.
  16. OBVIOUSLY NOT as we are not 20 points off the top two yet.
  17. Very well put my friend. My sentiments exactly. Do you think we would have gone down with a Warnock, an Alex Neill, Steve Bruce. I don’t think so, he made errors re just about every facet of the game, team selection, sub selection & timing, and the players he DID inherit looked lost at times pretty much the same as parts of last season with his own players, the pre season this year and the disheveled disorganised mess from Saturday.
  18. Your reasoning is much like the old adage ‘there are lies, damn lies and statistics’. juggle things around enough and you can prove or disprove any point depending on your original viewpoint. I still maintain, that a Derby side that had been written off due to a far greater points deduction than us, were led, motivated & coached in a much more effective manner than we were and made a much more determined fist of things than we did. I also DID put a caveat in my original post that I acknowledged Moore inherited the ‘relegation’ side but nonetheless had more than enough at his disposal to have kept us up. Going back to the comparison, regardless of all the supposed ‘mitigating’ circumstances. To still be in a potential survival situation with a few games to go, with the points deduction THEY had was a much greater achievement than our last ditch capitulation. As for a ‘flimsy stick’ to beat Moore with. I have repeatedly said I would be delighted to be proved wrong, but I, and seemingly many others can see the writing on the wall, that he just does not have the attributes of some of his peers, who have out thought DM in one to one situations on a number of occasions. Your loyalty does you credit. I stuck out for Carlos when he was found wanting and people were shouting for his head, but you end up howling at the moon as there is only ever, one inevitable ending.
  19. Not sure whether you need to lie down but you need a brush up on your maths. We got docked only 6 points and still fuc*ed it up, even when we had a cast iron opportunity in the final game to nail it. When you’ve got up from your ‘lie down’, give your head a shake and try & remember how many points Derby were docked compared to us, and out of the two teams, then see who put up the most ‘spirited effort’ in real terms. Then have another lie down because it’s such a difficult comparison, trying to work it out must have left you exhausted.
  20. Sorry but how many times do I need to repeat myself, it’s not just a reaction to one game. He led us to relegation with barely a whimper compared to Derby’s spirited effort last year with a much worse points deduction. He underperformed last year and was out thought / out managed when the chips were down. The signs in the pre season weren’t great (even allowing for it only being pre season), and then all the previous issues re surfacing yet again. I hope I’m made to eat my words, I really do, but from all the evidence, I’m not remotely convinced.
  21. 100%. Anything proactive to change the dynamic of the game. Utd tried it against Forest but Steve Cooper was wise to it, but it still better than trying nothing.
  22. Yep. Still hungover after the promotion party.
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