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  1. If he's put two stone on, lost 15 yards of pace and lost his right foot to gangrene I would still play him now in front of certain defensive midfielders at the club.
  2. That is what good or great managers do... turn good or decent players in to winners. Great point Sir
  3. We'd get foookin roasted every week
  4. I'd sort commercial and retail and leave Monk to sort football. How hard can it be to have Elev8 drinks on the concourses making real money. Three or four weeks tops from saying get on with it to stuff being on shelves. Just one example of poor management. Don't even start on merchandising or kit launches... .
  5. Can we get Att to run commercial & retail activities
  6. So DC reckons Waddle knows spliff all about running a football club. So they would at least start level.
  7. To see what players of modest ability for their level can achieve when working tirelessly as a team then you need look no further than S2. Semedo was also a leader on the pitch who galvanised the team around him and the support too. He would not have let teams walk all over us as we have since Christmas. To suggest Joey is a similar level is laughable. I reckon he would struggle to tackle a big breakfast. Semedo was 20x more effective. Fox has been decent this season and it has been recognised by the fans. The fans aren't daft... .
  8. Mammadov, Mammadov, Mammadov, Mammadov. Mammadov, Mammadov Mammadovdovdov...
  9. Has Neil passed out through masturbatíon exhaustion...?
  10. Fantastic post. Couldn't agree more. That game against West Ham is the best individual performance by a footballer I have ever witnessed.
  11. Perhaps it is the end of season bonus causing an issue? League position determines amount.
  12. Like JJ but without the occasional end product.
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