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  1. Is Jack Payne a good free agent? Released by Huddersfield, was on loan at Bradford City last season, played 27, scored 8, assists 5.
  2. Good post, in my opinion, which isn't worth more than anyone elses but it's how I see it. Forestieri's isn't good enough for 90 mins anymore. Alot of factors for me like height, style of play and more so previous injuries and operations. A flash of brilliance is guarenteed but over the course of 90 mins, a month or a season....I'm not seeing enough to change my mind. Saying that, Rolando Aarons, who I thought looked in good physical condition, also didnt play enough games
  3. Pop it in the rumours thread? Especially when it makes no sense to sign him
  4. Funny this, because this morning...A guy at work said "Bruce isnt here for the money, he's here to do the best he can and if he can't do his best, he won't be here"
  5. Katrien escaped this mire, it seems. Somethings rumbling on we have no control over. I believe players will be lined up, Bruce may even be frustrated. Doubt FA will have any urgency over helping us resolve the issue.
  6. Last 2 seasons suggest we'll start playing in March, when contracts want renewing and 80% of Championship teams have given up.
  7. We just cant look at anyone with the love goggles on, he's been a brilliant servant and I wouldnt be unhappy if he resigned. Just thinking of age and increased chance of injuries, we cant rely on any 1 player.
  8. Holographic wall mounted video replay of Reda's tackle
  9. I hope you're right, as it stands Danny Ward value is currently 14m and Hendersons value is 10m roughly. Westwood on a 2 year could be a burden to the club.
  10. The 14m Leicester City backup? Over the course of time, he's been brilliant but he's not the be all and end all. Them Leon Clarke pea rollers he let go past him still haunt me
  11. He's a good keeper but I always remember how good Danny Ward was for Huddersfield, in their promotion season. Looked a cut above Westwood in our semi final - He was a loanee! - as was Henderson for United. Doesn't make us more defensively sound, if he signs and we miss out on Hector.
  12. Seen a few reports saying "Owls set to sign Odubajo, after he was released from Brentford" Lets get it right. He wasn't released!, He had the choice of a further year and refused. The option was on his side, not the clubs. Shouldnt the headline read "Owls set to sign Odubajo, after the player refused to trigger additional year at Brentford" Long winded but factually correct. He's a very good freebie.
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