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  1. I said the same last season. I thought we would reap the benefits of keeping the squad together, get to see the best of Jordan Rhodes etc... It's just not straight forward.
  2. James Maddison's 22m fee says Noriwch can pay his full wages or do one
  3. Yerry Mina for Columbia. CB. 6ft5. Had less than 5 games in 12 months for Barcelona. Looks a right prospect. Wonder if we've still got Barca's loan department number...
  4. bigash_swfc

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    The key word we lack as a football club is infrastructure. We dont have the correct people in the correct places. The volume of staff needed with best interests of the club at heart. Purely how I see it, nothing factual.
  5. I'm a massive Alex Lopez fan but reports say he's done. Suffering with Sciatica. You'll have to translate from spanish. Link: http://eldesmarque.com/vigo/celta/noticias/110906-alex-lopez-se-queda-sin-equipo
  6. bigash_swfc

    Our fire sale

    Looking back at Luhukays previous clubs, he likes change. Change stops players getting comfortable. Change gives youth a chance.
  7. To be fair. I think we are paying huge wages for a team that hasn't had a year in the prem recently. Comfortable earners making a tidy living from Chansiri, whilst ruining our dream of progression. Our league standing clearly shows we got recruitment wrong but our wage bill clearly shows Chansiri is committed. Good times will come.
  8. Interesting. 31. Seems to have good experience and playing time over his career
  9. I'm thinking 5-3-2 requires athletic ability. Our traditional forwards Hooper, Fletcher, Rhodes don't have the strength of Nuhui or Joao, the pace of Matias or the ability of Forestieri. We've got a wealth of players to play with in the transfer market, not even mentioning Hirst and Winnall, I reckon there's room for 1 more after a tinker.
  10. Umar Sadiq. It's happening. Striker on loan at Nac Breda last season from AS Roma. Big lad. Jos has connections at Nic Nac Breda, hence setting up our friendly. Nailed on. Possibly.
  11. bigash_swfc

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

    "Coldest place on earth" between Nov-Feb
  12. West Brom have started to put bids in for players. They have bid 7m for Bobby Reid at Bristol.
  13. Suppose I was complimenting him and saying he's done in the same post. Being brutally honest, I was a Jones fan but I wouldn't want to turn upto Hillsborough and pay to see him in the team. He isn't a top 6 potential midfielder, no sentiment when it comes to parting with £40