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  1. "You see them clowns over there, how do we get the most out of them"
  2. Full 90 minutes for Joost Van Aken

    One of the players to build a team around next season. Joost Van Aken, Adam Reach, Barry Bannan, Tom Lees Jack Hunt, Kieran Lee, Sam Hutchinson, Lucas Joao Gary Hooper Fernando Forestieri Some right quality there, imagine if we can add some successful recruitment to that lot!
  3. Probably January/Feb, stood out for me... Working night shifts and then paying work colleagues to swap Saturdays, so I could get to Burton 0-3, Birmingham 1-3, then getting shown up against a poor Hull side in a 2-2, being unable to compete in most games this season, then witnessing another poor game against Bolton 1-1. Probably left me abit bitter, with what I've gone through, so a season ticket holder lost but a member gained, I'll get when I can
  4. Picnic Tables

    If the GPS says George is clocking up the required miles Then sorry Matt Penney, you're staying at Mansfield
  5. Give him time, afew games have passed him by. However its not often we beat Derby & Leeds, he started both.
  6. Yeah, I think in a 5-3-2, we're seeing our certain strikers attributes shine. Whether it be Nuhiu's strength, Joao's dribbling or Matias pace. Jordan Rhodes attributes like anticipation, heading etc...are all reliant on the team and delivery.
  7. West Brom are extremely likely to come in for either of Hooper, Rhodes, Fletcher If we needed to release an asset to let Jos have abit of freedom in the market, I'd be happy.
  8. Ross Wallace - Injury

    How likely is he to get better as a player? Unlikely. How likely is he going to be make the 11 every week? Unlikely If everyone was fully fit, is it a hard choice between himself and Reach or FF for example? Unlikely. Sorry Ross.
  9. We scored that goal, exactly how we should be playing with 2 big men upfront! As direct as possible
  10. Ross Wallace - Injury

    It was my opinion, nothing too far fetched. Hope he finds a good home next season and can perform to a decent level. It is what anyone with a brain cell, who wanted to carry on playing pro football would have done. So good luck to Ross, been a great servent. I'd be disappointed if he re-signed, tbh. We need a new direction and we've got plenty of experience in Hutch, Bannan, Lee and not forgetting our ancient artifacts Jones and Boyd
  11. Ross Wallace - Injury

    I wouldn't have called it fake... However.....(here we go, I know) It was a very timely veteran move to get rid of a niggle on our dollar, so he can find a new club for himself next season.
  12. Sam Hutchinson for centre back

    More like the big lad who plays for Huddersfield, Michael Hefele, 27 year old, helped get Town promoted. Played only 2 Premier League games this season.
  13. Sam Hutchinson for centre back

    Got a feeling we'll get some big techinal german Center back, who is very comfortable getting play ticking along...
  14. So what next

    Big Adthe banged 2 in against Leeds and got in Octogan for a scrap
  15. Well done Jos Luhukay

    Big win without all his tools available. Well done!