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  1. bigash_swfc

    Team for Boro

    Does it take him needing a point to prove to get going? Last year, everything aligned for him. - He wanted to prove the fans wrong. - He wanted to keep his shirt. Keeping Rhodes out the team. - He wanted a new contract. I wonder if Jos has set him some achievable goals, but then again with Winnall coming back, competition limits opportunities but hopefully we'll reap the benefits on the pitch.
  2. bigash_swfc

    Team for Boro

    Fletcher Onomah-Reach Penney-Bannan-Pelupessy-Palmer Pudil-Hector-Lees Dawson Better ball retention without FF and Matias, pass that ball, make boro work Don't let them dictate play
  3. bigash_swfc

    Commercial department missing a trick

    I think the market for this type of media is limited, dare I say it's a christmas gift for your dad or grandad, a nostalgia gift... For the younger generation, there isn't enough time to consume the media they want too, nevermind media they don't. Netflix, Gaming, TV, Other Sports, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook etc....working, school, college or uni. No time at all.
  4. Don't let Pulis fool us. Flint, Ayala, Downing. Friend, Hugill, Clayton, Gestede, Batth, Fletcher, Howson, McQueen They've got quality in depth, which has not been involved in International duty
  5. bigash_swfc

    International Round-Up of sorts

    Jamaica won 6-0 against Bonaire. Couldn't see a line up, expecting Hector to have played.
  6. bigash_swfc

    Team for Boro

    I see soo many people make this mistake. The balance is incorrect. Hector is not left footed. One mistake away from being made a scapegoat and people saying send him back. We have 3 LCB's Thorniley, Pudil and Van Aken. Hector can step into midfielder and do pelupessy's job and drop into defence when we're in trouble.
  7. bigash_swfc

    The room for improvement

    I think this is a bad trait of football fans, lets not crush the belief Jos is instilling in them. We're fans, they look to us for support, not calculated reasons as to why they need replacing. Edit; I see you may have meant improvement by progression and development within the group
  8. bigash_swfc

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

    Or the valet parking attendant who brings you your rental car
  9. bigash_swfc

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

    I had 3 weeks in Vegas in July, expected a large resort fee, so tried low balling the tips. They have no shame "Would you like to tip now or after your service" at the buffets It felt similar to walking up fargate and getting asked "Have you got any spare change"
  10. bigash_swfc

    Total Football.....Jos Style.

    I think Brentford away was a blessing looking back, soo disjointed and they didn't put a shift in. Whatever Jos said at full time in the dressing room worked. Seen some real unity since then.
  11. bigash_swfc

    We'll Get Stronger

    It won't happen because you have a right footed CB, playing at Left CB. Hector would get made the scapegoat for a mistake made whilst playing out of position. Fans wouldn't realise this, they'll want Hector out the team and Jos gone for making such a silly mistake when we have Pudil and Thorniley who are both capable at LCB.
  12. Trust Jos and Remy. Westwood is 34 years old. Do you want.... A) 6 more months of Kieran Westwood Or B) the next 10 years of Cameron Dawson's progression into a top keeper. If we keep choosing option A, we go backwards....with a team full of aging stars If we choose option B, we will progress
  13. bigash_swfc


    Easy to become deluded after abit of success last season.
  14. bigash_swfc


    I really like this signing, he was treated poorly by Aston Villa, so will no doubt carry a chip on his shoulder (so to speak) Replaced in the starting 11 by Miles Jedinak, now Jedinak is 34 years old. A classic Steve Bruce wee wee tail up, I believe Onomah had a chance to stay at Villa for another year but Tottenham blocked that idea due to lack of playing time. If we show Josh Onomah trust, we will be better for it. If his England Under 21 fellow midfielder James Maddison is worth 25m, then Josh maybe a 10m man atleast