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  1. But who says this? Sacking Pulis wasn't free. Andre Green was a free signing but we've offered him enough to beat 5 other Championship clubs. And If we end up with Jokanovic as manager. Then we'll end up with possibly the best option available. Which again, doesn't scream skint.
  2. Why is it so easy to swap and change managers but we can never swap this Paxo guy
  3. Wasn't spouting that rubbish when tha was bouncing kid. Lets show a little bit of gratefulness
  4. Isn't Pearson going to be as tough to deal with, as say Pulis? Think we need a head coach, like Carlos with a huge bonus to get us promoted next season. Keep everyone motivated. If we sign the likes of Andre Green without a manager, then keep these signings coming
  5. Guarantee he hasn't been on Owlstalk again after hearing about Jordan Rhodes.
  6. What good does it do trying to make him as unhappy as possible to leave? I mean, no chairman has put in anything like he has and the way he is treated online is appalling. And before anyone lists his shortcomings and our failings, Im well aware but we're better with the devil we know, than the the devil we don't. And by the way, we beat alot of clubs to Andre Green. He definitely has the desire to build his asset
  7. Max Holloway. Simply brilliant performance
  8. I view it very differently. I believe everyone wants the payday. Look at the names we've had...Carvahal, Monk, Pulis, Bruce, Luhukay. Everyone wants the gig. DC has a huge gut feeling to make, knowing hundreds of managers/coaches want the payday. He's always gone as good as he can get. Wouldn't be surprised if we end up with someone like Michael Laudrup
  9. Guarantee nobody is more aware of it than chansiri. That's why I believe he's turned the corner
  10. Bannan 500k? Reach 3m? Lees 800k? The lad has a lot of potential for his age, you pay for potential. Not those high weekly earners who've already peaked
  11. The way modern football works, Liam Shaw alone could be worth triple the amount Reach, Shaw and Lees are worth before the end of the season
  12. Adding value to the starting 11. For example, players like Liam Shaw, Andre Green, Dele Bashiru, Alex Hunt coming into the team etc.... Instead of signing players like Jones, Abdi, Emmanuelson, Wallace, Pudil, Sougou etc...players who had already primed
  13. What we need is for chansiri to turn the corner. Start building value within the squad. I see we're starting to make this happen but he's made alot of fans very unforgiving with the ticket refund situation I suppose.
  14. And its a load of tosh, that you think a football club owner wouldn't try to give the clubs fan base what they're asking for. In hindsight, we're only annoyed but football isn't a game where everything is sunshine and rainbows
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