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  1. Speaking to a Boro supporting mate. Lewis Wing is a brill player, who he wanted involved with their first team this year. He's surprised he's dropped leagues. Marvin Johnson is hot and cold. He did want Johnson to stay but only on a 1 year deal. At 31 this year, is it wise we offer him 2 or 3 years? I doubt it. Could be a hold up over length of contract way he was talking.
  2. Att just followed Anthony Joshua. I know it seems unlikely, but he's training in Sheffield at EIS, I'd pay his tram fare to Hillsborough every Saturday #NewNumber9
  3. Yeah we can only hope. He'd have to be good to dislodge Aderinan-Bannan-Loungo
  4. I've just looked at his record and he couldn't make Portsmouths starting 11 last year while out on loan. He completed 90 minutes once, in a 3-1 loss at Bristol Rovers. Abit unsure about this lad.
  5. It's a great first game to see what level we're truly at. Charlton finished 7th last season, joint 6th on points. They have a solid manager for the league in Nigel Adkins and have signed 27 year old Stockley from Preston as their big summer signing, around 500k. They have lost Chuks Aneke though, who signed for Birmingham. He played 38 games, scoring 15 for them last season.
  6. He can go to Rotherham. Like Stevie May should have.
  7. I've been very off the boil recently with MMA. Been away afew weeks and missed 3 or 4 events. All set for this weekend tho. Shame we've lost Amanda Nunes but I'm sure it'll still be a PPV worthy card
  8. Looks abit like a Kai Havertz type of player
  9. He was fitter in his final 4 weeks here, than he was in his entire 4 year contract. He'll be fine at Huddersfield.
  10. As bad as last season ended. I'm finding myself being pulled back in. Recruitment has been spot on.
  11. We can only hope he's a good edition. But just like when we signed Premier League players Abdi, Jones and Boyd It's evident looking back, the hunger and ability wasn't there to beat younger players twice a week. Just another stop gap, that won't be good enough next year. (upto Johnson to prove us wrong)
  12. It's going to be an extremely frustrating year for sporting events, can't see fans having much confidence outlaying hundreds of pounds for tickets, hotels and flights etc... Can see they'll be alot of postponed fixtures too for the football
  13. Reverting to type. Is it a coup. Or is it stagnating a position we could be developing a youngster who could grow with the club.
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