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  1. Is it really a wage cut, if they're getting it back when football season resumes? It's a non story.
  2. We cant touch ball against championship teams, never mind those players
  3. At £43 on the south, as potg fan. You have to look at what else that money can do. Food for the week for most people. A swanky gym membership with a pool, jacuzzi and sauna. An hours massage per month. Enjoy your own money, instead of contributing to another man's wage. Go when the quality of football deserves the ticket price
  4. I think he's got the potential, attributes and age all on his side but it's just a case of whether he wants it or not. Also think Penney's long gone, after what he's experienced.
  5. St Pauli vs. Osnabruck next. Penney vs. Van Aken.
  6. Annoys me when people say "Let's get relegated and get rid of everyone" The first players to go....will be the ones we need. We will be stuck with the high earners. Like Sunderland with Cattermole and Rodwell etc...nobody will take Forestieri, Bannan, Westwood, Lee, Rhodes...only way they leave is when their contract is due. Will Fletcher resign for League One wages?
  7. Bridges have been burned. Which is never a good thing. Accepting what a manager asks and applying yourself to the best of your abilities, is the minimum us fans deserve. Surely they can't be?
  8. Are they happy in defeat? Have they given up? Effort in training? Everything we don't see
  9. I suppose we can choose to believe Monk or not. If the attitude or character of Westwood and Hutchinson is in question. Then, it is total disrespect to the players on the pitch, to chant their names. There's no point in doing it. They're gone for the time being. If there's an ounce of truth in it, people should turn on the players, stop treating them like gods, they're soaking up all our hard earned cash and don't have the integrity to act like a professional footballer.
  10. Yep, definitely going in the right direction aren't we
  11. Can't question his loyalty, when he decides to get on the bus Get rid, 31 next
  12. Shaking his head thinking "How is this possible, I've been incredibly generous to this group of undeserving rubbish and this is how they treat me"
  13. Must be painful for all those that travel. The highs aren't that often and when they are, they've become meaningless. We need a new approach, a new system to believe in. A bielsa type appointment
  14. £43 on South against Derby. And look what we're arguing about. The system shouldn't allow any player to mean more than another.
  15. I might have been to afew Citeh games Think I've spoiled football for myself though, seeing the amount of abuse Raheem Sterling gets, even from their own fans. They talk him down like he's a league 2 player and hurl abuse. Kinda showed me, there's no nirvana in football, bar keeps getting raised until its unattainable.
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