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  1. I'd like Moore to stay, but it's not a clear 100% answer. Look what Alex Neill did at Sunderland, in such a short space of time. 1 Transfer window, signing Patrick Roberts and Jack Clarke, complete master strokes that really did a number on us, having 2 sets of quality young legs down each flank.
  2. Human, as tho he can still be hit, like everyone else but also, I think that fight made him humble. Normally takes an L for a fighter to be humbled but Khamzat became humble in victory. I think he'll still be champion
  3. Acca for tomorrow, probably cursing it now but here goes... Piera Rodriguez to beat Kay Hansen Mike Mallot to beat Mickey Gall Raquel Pennington to beat Aspen Ladd Tecia Torres to beat Mackenzie Dern £5 pays £45, should be a brill night looking at the card
  4. Crazy, Du Plessis was a champion in 2 organisations before joining UFC, was looking forward to seeing him fight. He was scheduled for Chris Curtis, Anthony Hernandez and Kevin Gastelum for the weekend, all pulled out. Hopefully the Ian Garry fight goes ahead, Irish kid, undefeated. Made his UFC debut with a KO win, in MSG at 23 year old.
  5. I'll be betting on Du Plessis, Gastelum is over rated in my opinion. Well past his better days
  6. Been a brilliant few weeks for the sport, no UFC this weekend due to Wrestlemania but we're back with a monster event in UFC 273 Some future main carders on the prelims, I think Ian Garry and Dricus Du Plessis are decent
  7. I was confused with loading my ticket onto my membership card, As my card had a different number, to the card it wanted to put the ticket on. So I just selected print at home, and this reminds me, I've still got to print me ticket off
  8. A team with very little will always spend wisely and make it count. Whether our fans like it or not, alot has been spent here and we still lack that raw talent you can see competing in The Championship week in, week out. Homework is very hard to do, when you can't trust anyone that helps you. Surrounded by snakes and vultures in this game. Just pay, pay, pay is all Chansiri can do to attempt to keep us happy. Michael Smith at Rotherham, 18 goals, 6 assists - 2.9k per week - we have over 20 players on a higher wage.
  9. Ive been caught out with the members games for £10, waited all season for them being a tight bugger
  10. Vote for someone who'll be here next season?
  11. Would be such a treat to see that, I think Islam submission will be my bet. And I really hope Bobby taps.
  12. Must admit, I was on a betting streak until this event. Had Buckley to win via KO and Daukus by Submission. £5 would have paid out £50ish. They both won but Buckley seemed reluctant to go for the finish.
  13. Cutting it fine SWFC. There's only 4 home games remaining with a Saturday 3pm kick off, where ticket prices haven't been announced. Cambridge - 12/03 Cheltenham - 26/03 Wimbledon - 02/04 Portsmouth - 30/04 Atleast 1 "Members Day" - looks like we'll be lucky if we get one.
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