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  1. Our current form and Gary Hooper

    "Look Carlos, I'm a fish, I tell thi, I am a fish!"
  2. Academy Products

    Clubs and players progress at different rates. Money allows a quick fix. Young english players aren't given a chance. Imagine watching England in 5 to 10 years from now
  3. Flares on Sunday

    Wait till Margaret pulls one out of her flask, then it's time to worry
  4. U23s v QPR

    Q) When will young Hirst be playing in the first team? A) He won't be here long enough
  5. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Giving him credit, he may have asked for a central role to avoid further injury or so he could try and recover from the injury
  6. Wednesday frontrunners soon

    I'm his mate Piego
  7. Wednesday frontrunners soon

    I think it's time to prepare for them sky & bbc cameras of the premier league. Diet starts tomorrow.
  8. We will hammer United

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves. We're only just starting to get everyone on the same page. United have had this from their opening game.
  9. Swfc v cologne

    Type of team we need to play in a friendly next year. Make it £49. Supply and demand, Category A friendly. An FFP breather
  10. Stick Or Twist

    Sadly on his more recent performances, we're more likely to see; - A red card - An Injury - A lack of tracking back/tackling Can't carry passengers in these games
  11. Stick Or Twist

    Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere... With Boyd being out, if Wallace needs to come off at any point. Kieran Lee has played on the right before. Bannan tip of the diamond, Reach on the left, Pudil left back - or Morgan Fox etc..We've got some options. Almen Abdi and Marco Matias could possibly play cameo's but hopefully not in the derby
  12. George Boyd

    That's Kieran Lee getting 90 minutes at Cardiff then, Wallace will get replaced by Butterfield, Lee will play on the right.
  13. Joost

    We'll learn something new about him every game. Kenneth Zahore will be a very tough test on Saturday.
  14. David Jones

    If you look at the game football manager, how they rate a player by listing abilities, Hutchinson wouldn't come near Jones in many categories. Anticipation, Concentration, Composure, Off The Ball, Team Work, Vision, Positioning and Decision Making I'd give Hutch Bravery, Aggression, Determination and Work Rate. It's soo easy to see how Hutchinsons attributes are endearing to many fans but Jones allows us to play better football and WIN, WIN, WIN