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  1. All that running they did for Bruce in pre-season is paying off. Players might be pysically stronger to avoid injuries
  2. I didn't notice that, but did notice boo's at every mistake he made.
  3. His confidence is very fragile, first half for me, 6/10. Missed alot of chances to run forward, pass forward etc.. Second half much better but by no means man of the match. Harris, Borner stood out and yet again, Fletcher's workrate is unmatched.
  4. I work every other saturday, I'm screwed every way possible. Went from a season ticket holder to a member, now not even a member. So I'm probably falling out with it.
  5. Yeah true, hopefully he makes the right decisions more often than the wrong ones
  6. The variables of following football are constantly changing and it's so annoying. So you buy tickets when they go on sale, to get the better seats, 2 adults please...That'll be £72...chuff me A week later, Oh it's on ifollow, £10 - could have saved £62 plus the rest it costs (drink, transport, food) It almost makes you want to hold off buying and risk not bothering. Goal...hold on a minute...VAR check...no goal, scraped his little finger nail.
  7. One thing I've noticed alot of teams do this year, is start their weakest players first. Give them a chance, they know whats behind them. Your season can only go from strength to strength with better players behind them. I'm not a fan of chucking players in straight away. They haven't earned the shirt. Our formation also looked a right mess at the end of the Millwall game, Hutch at RB?
  8. It probably takes defeat to second guess... Luton game is a huge game already for him.
  9. Thinking very left field. There doesn't need to be an appointment. Bullen is very well looked after by Chansiri. Chansiri is happy. Bullen is happy. We're entertaining to watch. We're happy. Everyones happy. No appointment needed
  10. Apparently Bullen is very well looked after by Chansiri, so dont feel bad for Bullen whatever happens
  11. Prices dependent on how well we're doing. Painfully simple
  12. Odubajo looked a class above against Barnsley. It's his shirt to lose for me. But then again, I wasnt keen on Harris starting at Reading or Murphy starting against Barnsley prior to the games, so I'll leave that decision to Bullen.
  13. Brentford's fire sale approach every summer will stand them well for years to come. Maupay - 20m - 2019 Konsa - 12m - 2019 Mepham - 13m - 2018 Woods - 6.5m - 2018 Jota - 7m - 2017 and add to that list, many players sold for 3, 4 and 5m Stadium payed for, future guaranteed, decent location in London.
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