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  1. Basically it's our own fault if we don't support Moore and the team then... Because we'll be the ones to suffer in the long run, if our team doesn't click NOW.
  2. bigash_swfc


    Fully agree. I'd probably support Fury 51% and Joshua 49% But...Joshua still has a chance
  3. bigash_swfc


    A punchers chance. Fury does get hit and dropped regularly. When AJ plants his feat, I think he throws a more powerful shot than Wilder. He's KO'd and dropped a higher calibre of fighter than Deontay has.
  4. Fragility that's spreading throughout the team. You have to ask questions of the captain on the pitch.
  5. Dele needs to be a regular, not because he's had 1 good 45mins. More because we need to be investing in youth. Results with our senior pro's haven't been good enough, so lets look to the future.
  6. Think we jinxed it. Marquez had a medical condition after making weight, not cleared to fight. The card is extremely weak now.
  7. He looked good, other british guy on DWCS got absolutely battered. First time I've watched that show, will be watching it again haha
  8. I bet that's to gain realistic prices from selling clubs. Wesley Fofana for example, signed for Leicester for 36m. I bet Newcastle end up paying over 50m for him alone, if not nearly double what Leicester paid. Apparently a formal approach has been made.
  9. bigash_swfc


    AJ would definitely have a chance. Although, Fury would be the betting favourite.
  10. Agree but we need a little more. I think our performances show there's a fragility throughout the club.
  11. If this was football manager, I'd be saying. "I expect a win from this game boys" "A team such as ours should be easily beating teams like this" Instead we get words of fragility.
  12. If we start asking for free tickets as compensation for the delay, it'll be on it's way, guaranteed special delivery before 9am tomorrow
  13. Had abit of spare time, I thought I'd compile a list of UFC fights that interest me this month. October 17th Julian Marquez vs. Jordan Wright (Both dangerous, don't expect it to go the distance) Danny Roberts vs. Ramazan Emeev (Have to support the UK guys) Loopy Godinez will be fighting her 2nd fight in 8 days. October 23rd Marvin Vettori vs. Poulo Costa (Big fight, I'm worried it won't go ahead to be honest. Costa's striking should be too much) Kris Moutinho vs. Aaron Phillips (Moutinho deserves a watch after not taking a backwards step against Suga O'Malley on short notice) UFC 267 & UFC 268 obviously special events. Can Hooker derail Makhachev (UFC267) Is Chimaev ready to resume world domination? (UFC267) Ian Garry UFC debut, former Cage Warriors champion. (UFC268) If Gaethje and Chandler fight lives up to the hype, can see it being a FOTY candidate (UFC268) Special mentions to Kamaru Usman and Rose Namajunas, there's afew standout people in this sport, who are ready to grow into even bigger stars. Providing they keep winning, who knows what the future holds for these 2.
  14. Sounds decent that. I thought Daukaus and Aspinall where on a path of facing eachother but.... Credit to them both, Daukaus wants the next level of competition and has just signed to face Derrick Lewis, huge step up for him. Aspinall says he's in no rush. Wants a full stadium for his next fight, whoever it may be against
  15. I wasn't aware of the T Mobile deal, kinda screwed themselves really. Journo's asked Tom Aspinall "whats next for you" - He said something like "fighting in front of fans, I don't know how I'll react to fighting in front of 25,000 fans" Yeah UFC can't build stars themselves, but I suppose they can help by giving a platform for them to excel. Apex for me, is holding fighters back now, served its purpose.
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