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  1. Every single time one of these threads are started. It's a line up that's never been tried together. Even after 2 wins and a draw, our fans still want change
  2. If the punishment for the sale of the ground is a personal fine to DC. He'd keep us. If the punishment is for the club, by his wrong doing and therefore showing a lack of judgement, I think he will look into a sale.
  3. I've stopped too. I love the game, find the premier league fascinating but there's just no buzz at Hillsborough, despite the league position. I haven't got any season ticket holders or potg fans running upto me saying "did you see you this, did you see that" We're in the reality era, cursed by social media to make every penny count and pics of half empty football grounds dont look appealling to anyone.
  4. Better 2nd half than I ever envisaged seeing, against a young talented Brentford team. We wanted that more. Nice to see, Well done Wednesday
  5. Everything about Brentford is built for the future. Talented young team.
  6. Dawson, Iorfa and Borukov. The 3 most raw talents we have in our squad. We just dont know how good they can be. If we're talking 15m, Chansiri needs to accept and sign 3 or 4 players with raw potential.
  7. Just looking at Norwich's team. All the youth and energy they have. We're a million miles away from that. Developing our own. Then there's the pigs model, Identifiying lower league players with big aspirations - Basham, Boldock, Lundstrum. More achievable, but you have to do your homework. Miles away from that. We always sign players who've had a taste.
  8. The difference between them wasn't as clear as night and day, but I would say Marco did more closing down and is naturally fitter then Nando, probably why he's ended up back in portugals top division Matias. 34 games, 7 goals, 3 assists - 2018/19 14 games, 1 goal, 3 assists - 2017/18 Forestieri. 27 games, 6 goals, 1 assist - 2018/19 11 games, 5 goals, 1 assist - 2017/18
  9. Don't often agree with thee but I thought the same, a Matias type. Especially first half. Forestieri was coming in field from LM and contributing very little.
  10. We did look better without him on the pitch. And we'd have looked even better if we shipped him out and had Matias on that pitch today We miss his willingness to run at defenders
  11. Murphy shows willing to run at defenders, just like Harris. Dont see Reach doing it as often and unfortunately Forestieiri has abandoned that part of his game.
  12. I believe so mate, understandable why fans want to see him back but facts state he is not able to return to his better days
  13. I said the other day, "Forestieiri is done, part of the problem, not the solution" Got negged a million times. Bannan just confirmed it. He's given up. Played 90 minutes, 6 times in 2 years. Surgery must have hampered him. He's looking to pass, instead of the driving meaningful runs we used to see. Be lucky to loan him out in Jan.
  14. Only way out of this situation, is to buy youth. Raw potential. Clean slate, build again. Find another Antonio Get Jos back.
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