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  1. And when Matt Penney would come in handy next season in League 1, we'll not have him because we didn't give him a chance now
  2. We're making teams look good. They have so much freedom. We are very static. We close down when we have too........don't put pressure on the player receiving the ball. I think the injuries have dampened the spirit in the squad
  3. We're just trying a younger team under the wrong circumstance. Here Dele Bashiru, Hunt, Dawson, Penney etc...minus 12 points in Championship, keep us up and guess what we'll get Aiden Flint to shout at you when you put a foot wrong
  4. It's such a tricky position. Imagine being the youth of any team, worried about letting the team down. The remit being, must avoid relegation. This is not the correct circumstance for youth to thrive. All I'm seeing from our players is we'll close down - when we have too....and the youth being too scared to grab the game and take accountability. Sheep will only grow into wolves with game time, we need to afford them
  5. This is why, if we want to reap the benefits of our youth. Hunt, Dele Bashiru, Urhoghide, Dawson, Wildsmith, Waldock etc... They need to be playing regular. And to play regular, they need to drop down a level to get 40/50 games under their belt.
  6. This Brentford team will be around the top 6 this season. Its been easy work for them tonight, we're not at they're level. Years of building, selling, scouting, developing all coming to fruition. Can't put the blame on any one player for us tonight. Brentford are a much better run club.
  7. Always impressed with Brentford. Forward thinking club.
  8. Remember when we went 4-5-1 in the past and Jeremy Helan, used to drive us forward with his direct dribbling
  9. Horses for courses. Valuable player for this seasons remit. Premier league teams are not preparing a 30m bid tho.
  10. Terrible ain't it, how you get into enjoying abit of footie at certain times and then it gets taken away from you
  11. It's well sneaky. Sky are moving games to prime time slots. 8pm Saturday for Newcastle Man Utd. BT Sports Box Office are showing Saturday 3pm kick offs for £15 also.
  12. Do you not think greed will take over....when they see this PPV service doing well. It won't flop because of the size of the fan base for these premier league clubs.
  13. I think its a generation thing. I can tell you've seen better times as an owl and you seem quite bitter over the prospect of waiting around while we create some youngsters to be proud of. I think the penny has dropped and we're slowly introducing more young talent into the team. Your hand is kinda forced when you're in league one, as its a must to get out those who don't contribute.
  14. Well I suppose we are papering over cracks with 31 year old CB's. I like Aden Flint and I think he's a top player. But we're hardly developing the next Ben Godfrey to sell on for 25m.
  15. Signed up to a 12 month contract with sky, 2 weeks ago. Just makes business sense for them, they're never going to pick Burnley vs Palace for £15 PPV
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