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  1. You're either ALL IN, with the lifestyle required to pay a reasonable price as a season ticket holder. Or you're subjected to price fluctuations depending on form. People aren't daft though, £46 to sit next to someone who's paid £23 We're all Wednesday aren't we? Walk up fans are treated as though we're not.
  2. Never Fear, D-Taxi's is here. Who would have thought the D standed for Drone? Arrive at the game in style, Members only, £1200 each, no lift back
  3. Cardiff haven't lost at home. Hope nobody is thinking it'll be easy. A point might a good result, considering we're losing alot away from home Millwall, Preston, Hull City.. I'd take a point, keep us in mix
  4. Bristol City journo says they have failed in their pursuit of Wilfried Bony and Gary Hooper, signing former Sheffield Wednesday forward Rodri, after Benik Afobe's injury.
  5. It will take 2 minutes for a Blackburn Rovers executive to find our ticket prices online and realise how much of an affluent bunch we are in S6.
  6. £46 on South against Leeds for a televised game. So we've accepted a fee from sky and charged our own fans (possibly) the highest ticket fee in the league.
  7. We rinse our own fans, don't worry about that. Well we try but attendances show 17,000 empty seats. I was a season ticket holder 2 years ago, when work allowed me to be. Regularly had several mates join me, used to move my seat often to get seats together. It became too expensive for them as potg fans, now I'm experiencing their pain, horrendous knowing the guy sat next to paid £23 on South and I'm paying £43.
  8. 4-5-1 and we'll have a chance. Forestieri, Lees and Hutch back in contention
  9. We didn't give Hull City any respect going 4-4-2 and lost. We gave Wigan the respect, 4-5-1 and won. Rock and Roll vs. Total Control. Should have approached Hull differently.
  10. We're in an identity crisis. Hoofball happens when we play 4-4-2, the game basically turns into "lets have a go and lets see who can take their chances" When we play 4-5-1, the game is more controlled, we may have less chances but also out opponents have less chances. 4-5-1 gives our opponents respect. We did not respect Hull City.
  11. Doesn't matter if Winnall plays behind Fletcher. He's a striker. Will not support Bannan and make a 5 midfield when defending like Reach or Lee, who are tireless with their closing down, even though one might be abit weak in the tackle. All this "play 2 strikers" brigade that might have convinced Monk to give it ago has completely negated all the good work we've done to have Reach, Murphy and Harris in the same team, with Bannan and Hutchinson supporting them. Middlesborough was a complete one off btw, won by set plays
  12. Change, change, change. Until we find something that works. We're a 4-5-1 team unwilling to accept it.
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