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  1. Some players just aren't fancied because you cant upset the apple cart. Boyd didnt play under Carlos or Jos. Played nearly every game under Bruce hasnt he?
  2. I stopped having a season ticket due to working every other weekend. I paid the £90 and even the games with benefits etc...double discount fell on my weekend to work. Can imagine alot of people are in the same shoes, part timer by circumstance.
  3. Who would bid 8 million. Norwich may decide to keep Rhodes, could they take a gamble on FF? Would they snatch Hector? Pigs, could go for Hector. Villa, if promoted would likely be in for Reach and Hector. So we need Villa promoted, to be clear of FFP
  4. I may have missed it, I think the uptake on the gold membership was extremely low, so nobody probably cares but... There was supposed to be 2 x £20 games for gold members and several £10 off games (double discount) I only counted 1 x £20 game...
  5. I think he'd be a good signing too, stats are decent. 26 year old, 38 games, 6 goals and 6 assists from a defensive midfielder. Bannan has 2 goals and 9 assists.
  6. The risk of buying players who've had it better elsewhere. Heard there's now a ban on the chairman entering the dressing room on a match day. So that probably tells you there's 2 sides to every story
  7. Squad chops itself down though. 11 or 12 out of contract, 4 loanees returning to their clubs. Imagine still needing to sell, in order to buy after losing 16 players
  8. Honestly feel, our squad is being the most looked at by other clubs.
  9. I think Bruce will try and bring down the average age down, so it doesnt make sense squad wise or financially
  10. Forestieri hasn't completed 90mins in a winning Wednesday team this season.
  11. If your happy for him to be Top Earner and not contribute like he did 2 years ago, then thats on you. Matias is out performing him by a country mile everytime he gets a chance. But it looks likely we'll get rid of Matias to keep paying FF a kings ransom
  12. Borukov continues to exceed expectations. 18 years old.
  13. IMO, first thing you want from any footballer, is for them to be athletically capable, for 90mins. I don't think Fernando is athletically capable. Then after that, You'd want their quality to shine through. Fernando clearly had the chance to thread Matias through, a simple task, failed again. It was time to get rid, when he wanted to go himself.
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