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  1. Butterfield

    I've not seen enough of Butterfield to say he's better than Jones. Going on achievements, you could argue it's clear he's not as good, but hopefully he achieves something with us.
  2. Forestieri

    I think he'll come back with a point to prove. An eagerness to repay Chansiri for paying his wages in his dark times. He'll come back like a man possessed.
  3. Do you agree with these valuations

    Don't put the lad down, look at what we are resorting to as a national team and you can honestly say Reach has no chance? Dominic Solanke Lewis Cook Angus Gunn Ruben Loftus Cheek Jack Cork Jake Livermore I think he's closer than alot of us dare to dream
  4. Do you agree with these valuations

    Adam Reach - worth 12m plus. Michail Antonio SWFC - Forest - West Ham Hopefully Chansiri will keep investing in the squad, so we keep our players with potential. On current form, he's not far off the England team.
  5. Palmer

    Psychology. He sees Adam Reach progressing and thinks whys that not me! He can be what he wants to be. Only takes 1 player to raise their game and raise a team, look at Leon Clarke, 33 in February. His last big chance in football and he's taking it
  6. Last year, he was forcing it. It was frustrating to watch. This year, he's found a way to express himself and everythings coming naturally Starting to get what we paid for.
  7. Reach & Fox

    Does Fox no good to play 1 game and miss 6. Reach and Pudil preferred over him at LB, he adds width, creativity and is a threat in the box
  8. If people don't go, then fair play to them. But for those who justifiy their reasons on a online forum, soley to manipulate and get others to follow suit. I think they're proper shiiite supporters the club doesnt need
  9. Woah lets not get ahead of ourselves, I cant even find a mouse mat on the website
  10. :-(

    Steering group - chansiri concerned over online negativity Owlstalk nothing better to do's - I'll get him good, at the next opportunity Pathetic
  11. :-(

    I choose not to be a sheep and be told "Chansiri is mugging you off" I see a wealth of talent in that team, that hasn't clicked yet. It might take George Boyd returning from injury and we'd be in better shape. Recruitment hasn't work but money has been spent, I don't think he's mugging me off - I'm not joining Nigels army of keyboard warriors
  12. :-(

    I worded it extremely wrong pal, my comment was aimed at the OP, I was disgusted with his choice of words within this thread. It just came across extremely bitter and manipulative, almost trying to get fans to side with him and make it as difficult as possible for Chansiri. There's just no need, I'm neither pro Carlos or anti Carlos, he's as good as his tools, the investments hasn't been spot on. We still haven't replaced Alex Lopez, we've gone away from 4-5-1 etc...
  13. :-(

    If you've got 400m to show us how it's done, go for it.
  14. :-(

    It wasn't a dig at the fan base, has it may have seemed. It was more of a dig at the OP, for trying to manipulate and be as harmful as possible with his silly words. I admit, I'm frustrated as hell, just like anyone, but Chansiri has done nothing but good for us. Our fans never thought we'd see Rhodes in a Wednesday shirt. Chansiri made that possible. Hasn't clicked as of yet, but when it does, the moaners will still be moaning
  15. It's better to be hungry, than comfortable.