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  1. Middlesbrough have been forced to release a huge amount of players. Rudy Gestede. Adam Clayton. Ryan Shotton. Marvin Johnson. George Friend. Johnny Howson. Daniel Ayala. Now considering Monk used to manage Boro. Would he look at any of these?
  2. A reluctancy to keep prodding by the EFL, knowing the court costs and the extent a proud own will go to.
  3. There's nothing to complain about today. Top dog performance.
  4. Now we've cleared out "The Non Contributors" I'm hoping for a fresh start and fresh approach. Actually enjoyed watching that today and its been a while since I have.
  5. 2 players under 26 who contribute. Iorfa and Dawson. Says alot about our club. And especially the fact a player like Morgan Fox, who won the fans over. Doesn't want to stay. Or a player respected like Fletcher, won't stay for the final 8 games
  6. We need younger, more athletic, players capable of playing 90 minutes. Thanks for the memories Fernando, but our rebuild starts now.
  7. His pace is better than his delivery, he's better a little more in field, than actually out wide. So if he was brought in to supply the goals, its not a straight forward yes. But he does have ability and a premier league fitness we haven't seen in a player for a while
  8. It's an honest opinion, 2 players under 26 who regularly contribute. Can't escape that. It's not exciting. Quick fixes have bottomed out.
  9. I'm not falling for any rejuvenated optimism. We still have our short comings, which will take years to fix. The most simplistic way to put it. Under the age of 26. We have 2 players who contribute regularly. Iorfa and Dawson. Zero potential coming through. Not building for tomorrow.
  10. Who knows, players who complain about the fan base might look like world beaters when football returns. Fully expecting Odubajo to sign for Barcelona in August
  11. It'll take our comfortable lot atleast 8 weeks to work off them dark chocolate digestives and custard creams
  12. A player that would fair better with young legs around him, doing all the donkey work. Sadly we've got too many of these now, even players who work extremely hard have peaked age wise. We don't have the tools to unlock certain players potential. Rhodes and Bannan are too prime examples.
  13. So you wanna be a football club chairman I hope Dejphon loves stress.
  14. Every old man or un-athletic man would want to play in a team of extremely well scouted players. Youth and energy When you're a team like brentford, you have to make every penny count. They are doing just that. Bannan would be a backward step for them
  15. Hungover as one can be. The ball coming towards my head 200mph on the north stand, central row 10. Couldn't possibly head it back, head was already spinning. Leathered it one with a right hook, all north stand applauded. Split decision victory by tko
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