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  1. I need to give more credit where its due, so here goes. The triller show, as a whole. Headlined by Jake Paul vs Ben Askren was a spectacle. I won't be missing the next one. Reason being, the energy, the uncensored commentary, the musical performances, it was boxing entertainment. It lacked class, that's for sure. It wasn't trying to please a TV network and that's where it won.
  2. I read something saying $500,000 which is his highest career payday. Worst thing I heard all night was; "Askren has never been knocked out by a punch in MMA" "That's because because he's never faced a YouTuber" I felt embarrassed as an MMA fan
  3. When you watch UFC: Gastelum vs. Whittaker Liam Williams vs. Andrade Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren In the same night and the best performance comes from Snoop Dogg, you know its been a poor night.
  4. Askren is going to get knocked out. Jake Paul while being a complete clown is extremely smart, he's paid Ben Askren $500,000 for this exposure show. Ben Askren is the worst boxer in MMA, that's the reason he's been chosen.
  5. bigash_swfc


    Expected more from Liam Williams. Credit to him for all the forward pressure, but it's not the smartest move when you're walking onto singular power shots for 12 rounds. He showed alot of heart but wasn't fluid enough to be a champ.
  6. Agree, Whittaker should take it this weekend. I do still see Usman and Shevchenko as big favourites. I also think when a fighter has their teeth done, it's not good for a fighting career. So Jimmy Crute should win Anthony Smith (who's teeth fell out against Glover)
  7. I look on Sherdog for key stats like Gym, Height, Age etc... Chase is at Jackson Wink, Arlovski trained with them for years, so if anyone knows a game plan to beat him it's them. Arlovski will also want to show he's improved now he's at American Top Team. I ain't touching that fight
  8. Good luck, if you manage to get a fight mate. Looking at the fights this weekend, I don't see much money to be made. Early picks are; Whittaker Levy Cortez Ramos Never been a fan of Gastelum. He's not built for 185lbs in my opinion.
  9. On and off, I've caught up over the years. I really love seeing the specialists at work. Mackenzie Dern was last weekend, Jiu Jitsu world champion. Interesting to see her use her heel, at one point to break Nina's grip for the armbar. I can't see me training to be honest, I have a really physical job, think I love swimming because of no impact on the joints.
  10. That's brill mate, My earliest memory was seeing UFC 1 to 10 in the local video store, picking them up as a youngster and my dad saying "put them back" That was it, until I could start buying the dvds myself about 5 years later. UFC 40's - Ortiz vs. Shamrock & Liddell era
  11. How old are you mate? I'm guessing early 20's? I'm very jealous you're training in MMA, I really the love the sport, although I'm 36 and have never specifically trained in any discipline. I'm pretty much set in routine and stick to my swimming to keep fit. Ive been hooked to MMA since the days of Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock.
  12. Pay some owlstalkers to go to League Two and conference matches. Tickets, travel, pie and ale money. £100 max pot - Scouting mission. Spread the net far and wide
  13. Boom. Finally having some success with my method betting. Younger or taller bets only.
  14. I love football but when it's glaringly obvious that you can't trust those who represent your team, blind optimism can only go so far.
  15. I avoided it on my acca mate haha. But my prediction is....same as the Brunson fight, but Vettori will finish Holland by submission.
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