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  1. bigash_swfc

    Reach as LWB

    Jos is doing the right thing for the long term. It just means certain fans are forced to lower their lofty expectations. We could come out of this season with 3-5 academy players as solid championship footballers
  2. bigash_swfc

    Big Sam anyone?

    BigSam; Hi Chansiri, I'd like to register me interest in t'job Chansiri; Hi BigSam, well, there's no job going but I'll keep your number BigSam; Cheers Chansiri, It'll only take 60m and we'll be up Chansiri; Hi Siri, delete BigSam contact
  3. bigash_swfc

    Reach as LWB

    True mate. Liam Palmer in CM for the cup game. Wildsmith O'Grady Neilsen Van Aken Preston Hunt Palmer Jones Boyd Fletcher Matias Borokuv on bench
  4. bigash_swfc

    Big Sam anyone?

    Funny thing is, When a manager gives youth a chance, they tend to stick around longer and fans can see what they trying to achieve. Our fans want him gone, abit thick by some of us. Jos is probably the best man for the job, right now.
  5. bigash_swfc

    Reach as LWB

    Thorniley's posistion to lose now. Likewise with Ash Baker at RWB. We have no options in CM at present. A drastic move would be sticking Liam Palmer in there purely for his energy.
  6. Looks like I was in on the deal. And another one Max Power to Sunderland, expect full steam ahead
  7. Michael Hefele. Huddersfield Town to Forest. Undisclosed.
  8. bigash_swfc

    Almen ad thi pants down

    Wouldn't it be nice to see him donate decent amounts quite regularly Or even help people attend matches etc... Or make a statement of how frustrated he is at being injured Or treat the chairman for his continued support. Do something.
  9. I really doubt it for some reason. It could have been a question at the Q&A for the chairman.
  10. bigash_swfc

    Sean Clare

    The last remnant of a Carlos mistake
  11. bigash_swfc

    Our Player values

    I don't hate anyone, Just rolling round in circles, laughing my arse off that the chap I qouted thinks Rhodes is worth 1m+ 6m+ atleast
  12. bigash_swfc


    Will people stop saying 3-5-2, because I want to pop Forestieri on the left. It's 5-3-2.
  13. bigash_swfc

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Good news :-) Well done Chansiri
  14. bigash_swfc

    Our Player values

    Crown jewel Reach 15m Forestieri 12-15m