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  1. 5 man midfield or we lose heavily. Reach in middle with Hutch and Bannan. Jos was playing tactics too advanced for the older players to learn. He got it right several times, something which alot might disagree with be we did very well against all the top teams under Jos.
  2. Joshua vs. Miller Khan vs. Crawford Spence vs. Garcia DeGale vs. Eubanks JR. Canelo vs. Jacobs Fury vs. Wilder 2 If you like Boxing...
  3. bigash_swfc

    We've not replaced Wallace

    Helan could run! Physical attributes are important. Rotherham showed that today with all the knocks we took
  4. bigash_swfc

    We've not replaced Wallace

    Hold your horses Did we ever replace Jeremy Helan or Alex Lopez? Sasso or Venancio?
  5. bigash_swfc

    DO we trust the players

    I think today was a little taster for what's to come. And by that statement, I mean we are going to get absolutely battered at Hillsborough in the derby. We're regressing, in order for Bruce to have a look. Obviously it needs to happen but the job surely is a bigger task than Bruce envisaged.
  6. bigash_swfc

    Not good enough

    Can see why Jos used Reach in the middle now. We have absolutely nothing in central mid
  7. Any team half athletic will do good against us. FF isn't good enough to start games. Bannan needs to be in a 5 man midfield. Boyd is 5 years past it. Hutchinson isn't a CM.
  8. Disgusting this. I'm not blaming Bruce at all tho, hopefully he can turn it around. Congrats Rotherham. A team that makes every penny count on the pitch deserves it against our lunatic transfer approach
  9. We sound terrible on the radio. This is the result of several poor transfer windows. Absolutely nothing in central midfield. Fleck and Norwood won't let us touch the ball in a couple of weeks. Haven't heard Joao's name being mentioned since half time.
  10. The problem with little club syndrome though. They make every penny count. Every player will be a fighter, despite lacking quality. And they'll have been preparing for this fixture for weeks.
  11. Initial reaction. Risky from Bruce. Dropping Fletcher. After thoughts, we can't score anyways what are we risking? Haha
  12. bigash_swfc

    Summer Sort Out

    Iniesta is wanting to leave Japan, maybe he can take David Jones wage?
  13. bigash_swfc

    We need a Kieren Lee

    We could do with him now. Correct. But just wait till derby day and we can't combat Fleck and Norwood. It's nice to think we'd beat them. It's nice to think we're the better team. But at this moment. We need to accept and respect their league position. Starting Boyd is a complete failure of planning towards next season.
  14. bigash_swfc

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Come on Doom Howson, we need lineup hints! Is Kebano starting?
  15. bigash_swfc

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Just checked Millwall fans forum, they think it's easy tonight. Throwing predictions around of 2, 3, 4 and even 5 nil. Quite ballsy to say their 20th in the league.