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  1. Get well soon Tollerton's Dad
  2. 33

    New Kit

    Not a Million miles away
  3. Just put £150 @ 50s/1 on him being top scorer in Championship next season. Odds now 16s
  4. 33

    Sean Clare

    Well done Penguin
  5. 33

    New Kit

    Away kit is Lime Green with blue/white diagonal stripe aska Peru stylee
  6. 33

    R I P mum and fly high

    RIP Tink's Mum
  7. 33

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    Shiit or bust Let's go for it Spend Spend Spend
  8. Lime Green Peru Stylee Away Kit FACT...!
  9. Very very close indeed All to do with German mentality for fluoro kits and players lines of sight etc A bit like why goalies wear fluoro kits Well done
  10. Defo Stripes with collar and black shorts Away kit is lime green with blue/white diagonal stripe aska Peru stylee Keeping the white and gold third kit for another season