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  1. I've asked my MP if he can keep North Sheffield under lock down until June 2024. My ST will have run out by then.
  2. We aren't allowed to go and watch.
  3. The Owls take on out-of-form... insert team name here... just sends that horrible feeling to the pit of your stomach
  4. Has anyone had any communication from the club on ST refunds for this 20/21 season? I haven't and I certainly stated last year that whilst happy to accept the tv package for last few games, I wanted refunding for missed games this term. At moment could happily ask for the 3 years back that are left. DC has taken all hope away.
  5. You lot are gonna cost us £100M sponsorship
  6. One of the nicest moments I've experienced at Hillsborough. A terrific player and great guy.
  7. All you foookers are going to cost us £100M+ sponsorship
  8. https://www.facebook.com/EFLBantz/videos/139173241342082/
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