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  1. Gibson being a board member st Middlesbrough in 1986 when the liwuidators were called in shouts hypocrisy to me
  2. Lees has tbf to him been much better since he came back into the team following Thorniley's injury. That said he has still been the odd poor game which included a very poor performance a Deepdale last week. He was a stand out poor performer in the first half of the season, among others it as to be said in fairness. Tom doesn't strike me as a natural leader and if Hector were here then he would be a shoe in for me. Under Bruce I would hope and expect both Tom and Jordan would improve but my opinion is that Jordan overtook Tom this season. Yep he now needs to wait his turn but with Hector we would have three very competent CBs at the club.
  3. Kivo Why are you bringing politics to a football forum? I am sn-owtraged. 33
  4. Pathetic response Fortunately there are a minority of silly snowflakes in this country. Do you object to playing the national anthem at any sporting event? .
  5. Could we have Hooters bars on the concourse please?
  6. Then some Snowflake would be starting a thread saying how outraged that they are because they can't make the re-arranged game.
  7. Two LADS behind us were discussing how many Million we would get. They settled on between 1 and 2. I didn't have the heart.
  8. Think Prince Poundland bought the banner
  9. So if The Queen had died yesterday and the club decided to have a minute or two minute silence would you be passionately against that too. If Prince Charles were being crowned this weekend and they decided to play out National Anthem would you be passionately against that as well. The bloke's new King was crowned this weekend and he asked us to join in. He feels passionately about his King. Is he wrong to feel like that? Foookin grow up lad
  10. HIS football club Anyway FFS it was a few minutes Bloody Snowflake Society
  11. I would've thought you would have wanted to get your money's worth Kivo...? Extra entertainment and all that.
  12. 100% agree if he's here. Loved it when he picked the ball up for the second Pen. Hooper had pointed to Dave and Hector fooked em both off with a 'I'm foookin having this' moment. Lees was hiding somewhere. For me if we can get him, I'd be pairing him with Thorniley next term.
  13. I'd sell any of them other than maybe Bannan to keep Westwood and try to sign Hector.
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