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  1. Anybody suggesting that Joey and Hutch are a similar level or similar players need their bumps feeling
  2. Showing your own standards boys if you think that was good. First response comparing him to Hutchinson and the last to Nicky Butt. Enjoy your lager tops tonight
  3. TBF he was outdone by Murphy
  4. Great back heel there. + F O Kev
  5. You would be better entertained cleaning the dishwasher out with a toothbrush Charlie my good fellow.
  6. If my wheelie-bin was loitering in our first third of the pitch then I'm pretty sure the ball would hit it now and again and occasionally rebound to one of our players. Can't see the difference really. Other than the ball might occasionally rebound forward off my wheelie-bin.
  7. Played well last two minutes Cmon Joey
  8. Well Monk Out of his flippin mind??? Pelupessy Thought we had a Manager who at last realised he is shocking. My wheelie-bin is better. How can he be ahead of Lee? If by some miracle he scores a screamer from outside the box I will happily donate £50 to Weston Park. Please prove me wrong Joey. Come on Wednesday
  9. Megson was all about winning football
  10. Agree mate hence comment on longevity. Hopefully he can see that the grass is green enough at S6 for him to want to build something special. He showed a Swansea (which was probably a surprise to many) and at Leeds that he was able to deliver considerable on field improvement at both clubs. Having had his fingers burnt at Boro and Brum, having a supportive Chairman may be just what he needs to decide to build something. Watching Bruce get fired won't hurt either. Here's hoping...
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