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  1. Deepdale for me. Clear he wasn't going to change.
  2. Really sad Like Carlos but he has lost the players and at a loss for ideas One dimensional, one paced, one tactic and only one outcome
  3. Save Our Season
  4. Save Our Season
  5. Be a "Great Point" though when 'Big D' gets on. Cmon Wednesday get the win for us uneducated lost souls
  6. 25th biggest club!

    West Ham bigger than Villa? Stoke & West Brom bigger than Leeds & Rangers Crystal Palace (never won a trophy) bigger than Forest and Wolves Reyt
  7. Hardly a crisis

    They were all "Great Points" according to 'Big D'
  8. Carlos will tell us why we are as boring as fucck at the promotion party
  9. Line up is shiit Our play will be slow, ponderous and predictable tippy tappy dullery. Expect us to be 3-0 after 20 mins
  10. Cmon Carlos... Front foot from the off eh? Lets start taking the game and our talent to the opposites. WIN
  11. Scoring from free kicks

    Criticise Megson all you want, but our free kicks were awesome then. Half expected a goal every time. Now I expect it to go for a throw in or goal kick P1sspoor
  12. Deepdale First game of season. 6000 Wednesdayites. Loads of promises of positivity and we go and play an untried selection with tactics so negative it was barely believable. Playing not to lose. DULL and has got DULLER