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  1. Club is a laughing stock Management of the whole club is a clusterfuck But we are reyt good at ripping-off the fans. DC hasn't got a clue. Seemingly nice guy on the outside who is good at statements Meglomaniac on the inside who is rubbish at understanding the heritage and culture of the club and Sheffield region people .
  2. Fickle Fans

    Welcome back Finlux
  3. Two decent performances on the bounce would be a first this season albeit very welcome
  4. 1867 Club

    Another clusterfuck of mismanagement
  5. Whatever he has or hasn't done previously we are subject to a complete clusterfuck of mismanagement at the moment generally and the retail/commercial elements aren't even that good.
  6. Other than I ordered 3 online and am still waiting for them
  7. Be a start if we could just 'turn it around' for two games on the bounce.
  8. Booooooooooriiiiiing Heard it all before Stick your fooookin boot up a few arrses Carlos Not remotely good enough At least you cant blame FF at the moment
  9. Could have at least offered them on a buy two get a free play-off final t-shirt
  10. BRS will be after you
  11. Really Who the foook is in charge of commercial and retail activity Seriously who is going to pay for summat that is on most prospective purchasers mobile phones We really are shiit at this stuff
  12. Kits

    Ron You may find enlightenment and a fervour in your heart. Or maybe some johnnies?
  13. horse today

    Can we get Channon to come and play wide for us this weekend? More chance of some decent service to our strikers
  14. Like Carlos but seems a shame that he isn't for changing Only one result if that is the case