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  1. If Pelepussy were playing he'd be MOM
  2. If Rhodes had a machine gun and a barrel of fish, he'd go hungry
  3. Sorry but however poo they were none of them deliberately left their best players out of the side for a season.
  4. Is Bullen the worst bloke we've ever had managing the team? Don't think so. Unproven but the football I'm watching is better than quite a bit I've seen over recent past. Inconsistent yes, the worst no. Is Jos the worst bloke we've ever had managing the team? Without a shadow of doubt.
  5. Agreed Ref easily conned and not strong enough. We would have done much of it too though in similar circumstances. Did you take your brolly today?
  6. Agree R91 but hey, it's a lot better than play it across the back 3 or 4 times then hoof the f00ker to their defence which was the only tactic that Carlos and Jos used previous two seasons.
  7. Agree we played a lot to him and more so as the game went on, but he looked the only one capable of opening them up. We did try other avenues though... Murphy saw plenty of the ball on the other wing but did nothing with it. Reach, Hutch and Bannan all saw plenty but did nowt that worked either. You are right about the support play though but do think we are better than last season. It just didn't work today and Millwall did what they needed to and did it well.
  8. Think Palmer sub was due to his yellow. I'd rather slot Reach in against 10 men than Fox. Don't know if Iorfa was tactical or not but Hutch played pretty well in the role but like everyone else, including Bannan couldn't deliver the key final ball. I personally would've chucked Nuhiu on to give their CBs a tougher time but easy to say now. Played well but not our day today in that final phase.
  9. Westwood at fault for the goal. Rare mistake. It happens... Players had plenty of ball but the final one was just not there today. It happens... Luongo was a shadow of the player that came on last week. Rhodes was a shadow of the player we thought we had bought. It happens... Bullen's substitutions were positive and I can't really (unless using hindsight) fault them. We varied our play, particularly in the second half but our players just weren't good enough today. It happens... Millwall defended like Lions and got the breaks when they came. We need a 'Cooper' in our defence. It happens... Played pretty and pretty well but just weren't quite good enough with that final phase. When we get it right somebody will get a battering. Get up and go again Tuesday. UTO
  10. Play your best team and let the opposition adapt to you. Players coming back from injury have to earn their place back in a winning team. Great for merit based selection and team morale.
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