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  1. As already said there must be some statistical evidence but I don't see the advantage. If we leave someone upfield then they invariably leave two back. If we pull everyone back then most teams will leave one back although Brentford didn't which was both unusual and refreshing to see from a football perspective. So leave one up we are 10 versus 8 players in or around the box. A 25% numerical advantage. Pull everyone back then we are 11 versus 9 and so a 22% numerical advantage. We also then have no out ball and we certainly seem to be defending 'deeper' at set pieces if this is possible and certainly seem slower coming out to second or third phase play. At West Brom it contributed to their winner imo. Was talking to someone about it today who reckoned it was Dean Smith at Brentford who did the leaving 3 up. Meant opposition defences were then faced with the problem of whether to send the centre halves upfield for the corner thus potentially reducing the threat. Interesting stuff .
  2. Yeah but just imagine the size of the MASSIVE BAN that Forestieri is going to end up with as a result of all this...
  3. Bannan is a twohat for how he has a proper go at other players, particularly the young ones. If he could foookin pass or shoot straight and spend more time playing in the their final third rather than ours, pretending to be a centre half, then he might have something to shout about.
  4. FF is head and shoulders better than anyone else in the squad imo
  5. Not sure I've seen a Palmer Scapegoat thread for a while. Suppose as Fox playing well now and Dawson on the bench we need to go back full circle.
  6. Anybody suggesting that Joey and Hutch are a similar level or similar players need their bumps feeling
  7. Showing your own standards boys if you think that was good. First response comparing him to Hutchinson and the last to Nicky Butt. Enjoy your lager tops tonight
  8. TBF he was outdone by Murphy
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