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  1. Desperation from the club agreed Bought 3
  2. Still got 4 years on ours? And NO have I flook read all the thread. What should I do?
  3. Got to keep the boys n girls. Well done Wednesday
  4. Some on here need to grow a pair of b0ll0x We are away to dirty Leeds not scummy Liverpool. Eminently winnable game. Good luck Wednesday .
  5. Better than our Captain When you consider who we haven't sold when the opportunity presented itself it defies logic. An injury to two of our three centre halves, two of whom are injury prone and we are then reliant on an injury/suspension prone midfielder Good luck Jordan
  6. Gooooaaaallllazio For 10 man Cardiff 3-3
  7. Even foookin Lawrie Madden sounds animated
  8. Decent Hope we can with a relatively settled attack and support that we can start to convert more
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