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  1. Does she do a turn...?
  2. Could be worse He could’ve started Buttercup again
  3. Beautiful..

    Needs more cladding
  4. Jacob Butterfield

    On the evidence of Clare's one game versus Buttercup and his many I think I'll definitely go with the Lad
  5. Jacob Butterfield

    He isn't as good as Potter or JOC One decent and one almost average game Generally a lazy passenger
  6. Butterfield

    Needs to be fúcked-off ASAP
  7. RIP Sincere condolences to all family and friends
  8. Should’ve been Tuesday’s team plus replacement for Clare Accept the Dawson argument too But we have a struggling Prem team at home having just had a corking performance midweek Everybody is up for it and then he names that chuffing team. Seems JL isn’t Nowt like knocking the wind out of everyone’s sails Hope I’m completely wrong and Buttercup gives a Xavi like performance
  9. Young George

    DC has frozen him out not the other way round
  10. Young George

    We shouldn't be throwing money at unproven potential that, if it came off, would send this club into orbit when we can guarantee improved returns by spending 6x as much on seasoned professionals like Buttercup who have the track record to get us out of this league.