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  1. 10 points from 4 and HMS PTL sets sail from every dock in the land. 10 points from 6 and we are f00kin' doomed. WAWAW
  2. Used to have a dozy two hat on the Kop who would complain Waddle was lazy every week. FFS...
  3. Very concerned that only 47.5% of fan base agree with my Very Important view of the Owen Morrison situation. Chuffin HappyClappers
  4. At the front for Reytons
  5. Fratellis much better than when I saw them when supporting The Hives a couple of years ago. Terrific set
  6. Charlton..what are we thinkin.. Set of two-hats
  7. Shame about Newport. Fancied some European football again.
  8. If he isn't paying wages on time and doing so repeatedly then it will be easy to demonstrate breach of contract. Players and staff can then just serve notice of termination and walk away.
  9. Got to be treading a fine line on breach of contract where some players who could easily get another club, such as Bannan, could just walk away.
  10. Since play-off final when we had a team to inspire, only Bannan and Hutch remain along with Palmer from that squad? Of those that have left since then, there has been nobody better recruited and anybody potentially half decent has been injury prone. Must be getting closer to the £200M mark now for DC. Ground sold and struggling as a going concern. Hopefully clearing the decks gives a basis to start moving forward, but crikey... the life of a Wednesdayite.
  11. I'd rather keep Joey than Harris, and you know my thoughts on Joey.
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