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Community Answers

  1. Not many 'I'll take him myself posts' on this one.
  2. Well done Mackems. Hope you smash Wycombe. Enjoy your weekend.
  3. There were a number of flares at The Reytons gig other night at Magna. Looked great.
  4. Well said lmc Top post. Enjoy the evening everyone.
  5. Attention required Attention required Attention required
  6. Winner of this tie to go up IMO. Also hope the winner is promoted. Best of luck. UTO
  7. How the flip that section of the North isn't allowed to be sold is beyond me. There's a chuffing steel wall, then an empty NW corner then seats screened off at front and sides of both lower and upper Lep. Ridiculous.
  8. IF and it is a big IF we beat Sunderland we will absolutely flipping smash Wycombe at Wembley. No fear whatsoever. Happy we got Sunderland in semis as they the only team who know how to play in the atmosphere created at Wembley. The winner of our Semi will have 50,000 there against the 20,000 that they can muster. The winner of our semi will be the ones that go up. If we don't then I hope Sunderland do.
  9. Stuntman's knee I'd certainly rather be playing a team on a 10 match unbeaten run than a team with a 10 match winless run. We just know how that book reads. Well done M'Lud C'MON WEDNESDAY...! UTO
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