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  1. Hirst would score 50 in his league if Waddle were supplying. With Harris n co probably about 20.
  2. They have had a family tragedy unfortunately. Lost sister in law up in Blackburn. She went to school with my son. Poor lass, 27/28, no age. Cruel world.
  3. Not being able to pass a ball 5 yards flipping affects me
  4. Never seen anything in him and frankly wonder how he gets on the pitch. That said he does and if Bannan played further forward maybe it would help. On the shybo front I can put up with people who aren't that great if they at least put effort in which Joey seems to do. Can't say same for likes of Harris, Reach and Co. One useless and lazy, the other nesh and too often lazy. My wheelie bin could do a better job than quite a few of the so and sos. .
  5. Crossed into the box Rhodes scores Whod've thunk it
  6. How do we keep managing to sign players that rarely play?
  8. Bought a 5 year ST. Reyt pleased with myself... Not. Would happily take a refund but for the fact I meet the kids at footy. Only plus point about going or potentially going again given recent seasons... As has been muttered by Reading Owl... 'It is the hope that kills you' At least I was able to go in the 90s. Just hope the kids see similar one day.
  9. Love the way you are trying to keep us as upbeat as possible in the current circumstances. Love the shirt. Love the logo. Love you too. X
  10. Got 3 seasons left on mine and the lads are the same. I couldn't care less what the potg prices are and would rather we had high 20s turning up than high teens I just want to feel like I want to go to a game, because at the moment I don't.
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