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  1. 33

    45 minutes

    My wheelie bin is better
  2. 33

    Last day for 1867 tomorrow

    ^^^ Agree on the shares Oh and try buying a redbull Wednesday website
  3. 33


    Yep Brilliant except for the scoring bit
  4. Both should start next match imo
  5. 33


    OUT from me
  6. 33


    Hector/Thorniley is clearly a better partnership. Lees on bench for me
  7. 33

    It’s sickening

    Stopped logging-in Sat PM if we haven't won as the numpties have usually foooked off by Sunday Fox and Palmer, the usual suspects, did okay yesterday. Thorniley showed he is now ahead of Lees, even if it was just those defensive headers lol. They were further than most kick it. Overall it was disappointing that we couldn't convert the chances we created, but isn't it nice to be creating chances? A little more confidence to have a go in front of goal and that conversion rate will improve. More players are starting to get in or closer to the box to support attacking play but it still needs to develop. We will be fine.
  8. 33


    End result not good enough
  9. 33


    Better than Tom
  10. Our best CB pairing
  11. Mellor = Scouser = Somebody else's fault Meggo = Winner = All that matters
  12. May Ginger prayers and peace be upon you...
  13. Winning is all that matters
  14. Sublime Mi' Lud...! Welcome to Hillsborough Steve Bruce Let's start turning HMS PTL around and get her sailing in the right direction. C'MON WEDNESDAY...! UTO
  15. 33

    lee Bullen

    Condolences and best wishes to you Lee and your family