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  1. Clean sheet against a very recent Prem team but let's have a moan and a pop. 4 points first two games. Anybody seriously not take that 10 days ago ?
  2. Happy Birthday Liam. Buy you a Pint in the White Horse later
  3. When he came we knew he was good. Think many believed he was past his best. WOW... how utterly incredible was he? That stepover... The best full backs in the country fell for it... time and time again. It looked so obvious... But still they fell. Magnificent player. .
  4. Imagining South Park with The Devil, Sadaam Hussein and Tinks
  5. A bit like JJ without the swagger, excitement or occasional mesmeric run and finish
  6. Can't do our appeal any harm. That said... Let's just get on with starting well, keeping it going and shoving as many f**ks up the EFLs jacksey as possible.
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