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  1. Great day out at Preston but inevitably the big following and fun in the run up to the game is soon dealt a blow once kick off arrives. Maybe without the 5000 plus vocal and expectant Wednesday fans there will be a pleasant change in outcome.
  2. Yes Jordan... Cow's Ar5e with the Banjo
  3. That is one very assured series of interviews.
  4. Get behind the fella Get behind the team See where it takes us
  5. Fresh start He's the new Gaffer. Get behind him. Get behind the team. Crack on. UTO .
  6. Can't see someone like Pearson working with DC. On top of his previous comments about managing in Sheffield and recent health issues it seems an unlikely pairing. Similarly any other 'Name'... So we will either dipping into the unknowns from Europe... please NO. Or we are looking at the likes of Cook, Cowley or Lowe who are amongst only a few with any sort of record, be it mixed, recent or lower league success and hope they can operate at a higher level. Be taking a punt again but won't we in any circumstances. LOWE for me in thi
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