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  1. Bannan isn't a Captain. The way he berates others, particularly younger players but doesn't have the balls to tackle more established ones is just one example of why. Out of current then Borner or Iorfa
  2. Where's Vivo...? Cracking picture tho... .
  3. Take one game a a time see where we are last game of season
  4. Exactly why Monk needs to flook off certain types of individual and be allowed to build his own squad.
  5. Was there, heard it... bloody horrible
  6. Yes but just like all the doom mongers before the Leeds game, all we can do is give it a go Seems to be the Wednesday Way that we do well when least expected and then crash from a great position as per 3rd at Christmas Take each as it comes mate. Today was a pretty decent performance compared to the abject poo of Feb/Mar. Small positives but I'll take them. .
  7. Well played Wednesday. Looked like a team. Good to see.
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