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  1. 33

    My epic story

    I thought you told me it was Jimmy Savile?
  2. Almost relegated two clubs in a season. Good job them pesky fans saw through him and one club was spared.
  3. 33

    Well this is awkward

    Did he shoot any closer to the goal than Joey managed...?
  4. Heart of MidLothian Sponsored by Vatican Taxis
  5. A 4... ?Joey had a 'good' game then
  6. 33

    tom lees

    If I were Tom, now that Hector is here, I'd be worried about keeping my place never mind the Captaincy. TBF he's never really 'Wanted' the armband. .
  7. Yep The Clapping is JOCesque
  8. Don't agree J sorry I reckon Pelupessy is decent at shouting
  9. Forestieri is our best player by a considerable distance. He has his temperament and sometimes it gets him into trouble. The secret of good management is getting the best out of your different characters and abilities. Sometimes it needs a kiss and a cuddle, sometimes the arm around the shoulder to tell them they are good at what they do or that they are better than they are currently performing and sometimes a quiet word. Occasionally it needs the other sort of 'quiet word' and now and again a good kick up the arrse. Jos seems to be finding a decent balance. If people think that managing the FFs of this world should only involve the last few then they really REALLY ought to think thrice before they post porcine tripe. .
  10. Is this the thread for 'Jos Out' posts...?
  11. "I want you back" Jackson 5
  12. Well done Wednesday Good comeback and a good point. Thank bugggery for Bannan.