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  1. I saw him at Nottingham Xmas market last year. He was ice skating. Not very good actually
  2. Met loads, spoke to loads n got lots autographs for young en. ones stand out more... Gary Shelton visited our class in comp. He lived on lad at schools road in Beighton so got him come in for a talk. Leon Clarke at training ground grunted a few words, most miserable player ever Mel Sterland spoke to me while both having a pee in toilets in local pub. Phil King. Me n mate on way back from skeggy n drove past him stood on verge at j31 M1. I said that’s Phil King there so my mate slams breaks on n reverses back n we got out n spoke to him. Team coach had dropped him off for his Mrs to pick him up on way back from Southampton. Had pic took with him. I was reet embarrassed but that’s what my mate was like, just didn’t gi a crap. Best thing after he said who the hell is Phil King ( not a footy fan) haha Benito Carbone. Bumped into him in meads just after Di Canio got the Red for pushing ref. Tried asking him about it but did a lot of shrugging shoulders etc, don’t think spoke much English. Antonio. Arranged to meet him at training ground so he could give me his match worn shirt for my lad. (Vs weeds when Kirkland got slapped) spoke to most of team in car park asking if he had arrived yet, Rhys McCabe was very welcoming n actually came to chat, Leroy Lita ignorant guy. Anyway Antonio had forgot shirt so we arranged to meet him n his Mrs in Meadowhall few days later. I had bought his Mrs Debbie some flowers n Jnr a owls teddy to say thank u so he took them. So when met them in meads Jnr had the teddy which was sweet and he signed shirt to my lad there n then. Very very nice family.
  3. Will be offered short term deals if club want to. If not will leave. If club nothing to play for then they may as well leave to find new clubs. Play young ens.
  4. Players are still under contract so they can’t leave yet. Be strange if season had to run past players contract end dates. How would that work then.
  5. What a situation DC has put us in. Hes either a very clever business man and taken advantage if a loophole or been very naive in way he’s done things and dropped us right in the **** but what a ridiculous situation it is. DC might be banned from his own stadium for spending his own money for trying to exploit a stupid rule to allow him to spend more of his own money. Really is that daft.
  6. This season n try fight to stay up. Or another crap season next season at bottom of league all season cos we wouldn’t catch that many points up. With so many out of contract who’s gonna sign for a team with no hope.
  7. Palmer doesn’t set world on fire but what RB really does. He’s committed. He works hard. He doesn’t really make costly mistakes. Gets far too much stick tbf
  8. I would like the truth too but if he did that, expose secrets then prob wouldn’t get another job in football. Does seem to be biting his tongue in interviews tho.
  9. No they don’t but also no need to praise them either without being asked. They wouldn’t just come out n say positive stuff would they.
  10. It seems that way but Bannan n Fletch have publicly praised him, said it’s not him he’s a good manager n works hard. In one breath Bannan states team are together n that showed with goal v Charlton but then other day makes out there is issues. So is it players or is it coaches, hierarchy?? if latter should that effect what happens on the pitch. No effort. Not putting foot in. Etc etc. Sooooo puzzling
  11. Defo keep Fletch. But although Fox has massively improved is he really good enough for promotion push.
  12. Yeh could be true but how that make those set of players play so bad on the day and lose to bottom 3 team n hammered by Brentford. His outburst after Wigan quite obvious they was players playing that day.
  13. So who are they. Who are the bad eggs supposedly at fault for our demise. Been trying to work out who Monk is on about when after Wigan game he said some shouldn’t be here then reiterated after Brentford game. Here’s who played in both losses. Wigan. Brentford. Dawson. Dawson. Odubajo. Palmer. Iorfa. Iorfa. Fox. (Lees). Fox Borner. Lees. Murphy. Murphy. Bannan. Bannan. Pelupessy. Pelupessy. Harris. (Reach). DaCruz. (Forestieri) Winnall (Rhodes). Windass (Wickham) Nuhiu. Fletcher (Harris). So these played both... Dawson.... but he’s praised him and won’t drop him and got new 4 year deal. (Has he been told to) Iorfa....can’t be him bad egg, works his socks off most of time, doesn’t look like one who’s not interested. Fox.... signing new deal and praised him saying need more characters like him. Lees....could be him as he’s gone seriously down hill, has he lost interest. But why keep him as captain if so....again has he been told to. Murphy.... can’t see been him as he’s picked up not gone backwards. Plus seems Monk keeps playing him and not subbing him. Bannan....had lot of off games but seems genuinely passionate and praised monk twice Pelupessy.... could be bad egg but seems quiet tbf, tries put a shift in although not good enough, plus players him instead of say Hunt etc Harris.... has gone off boil big time, Monk hardly plays him now but doesn’t seem like a bad person So 8 involved in both with no one really standing out as bad eggs. You could safely say Westwood, Hutchinson, Winnall n Rhodes are part of the equation but only latter two involved in Wigan game only. Other involved.... Palmer....owls thru n thru Odubajo.... obv out of favour Nuhiu....not had as much game time recently, maybe he’s one. Fessi....has had 6/7 starts and see,s up for it most of time so doubt him. Fletcher....been praised and he’s prised Monk so not him Reach....mmmm maybe. Doesn’t seem the type but this toe injury takin its toll, could have a toe cut off n be back by now! Wickham.... not been here long enough to be part of problem DaCruz....same as Wickham So a bit stumped by it all as there isn’t enough real possibilities for bad eggs in the two games to make that much of a difference to a game. The story from after Brentford game where players n Monk spoke to fans been said was passionate upset players supposedly 3 of them was Palmer, Bannan n Fletch who wouldn’t say names of who it was who’s part of problem but seemed to make out there’s big ones. Thats 3 eliminated from above. Plus these are 3 senior players, why aren’t they kicking ass with the problem players. Can’t for one minute imagine Bannan n Fletch takin any crap. Monks made out problem players but just no one or enough to make such a bad influence on the pitch. It’s mindboggling. Are they aiming insinuations at someone else. Upstairs? This Pax bloke etc. Can that make such a difference on the pitch...doubt it. Bannan has spoke and said players are all good and prob to nice to each other. Bannan n Fletch both said not Monks fault as good manager it’s down to players. All too contradicting. Wish someone would just tell the truth. Seems Monk is dying to come clean to me.
  14. Think Monk was merely on about getting shut if lots of players in summer
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