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  1. Their front 3 n Cairney decent. Maybe Mawson at back but rest are meh. Borner will handle Mitro. Palmer will do ok with knocwank n Hutch will say hello early doors. 2-1 win.
  2. What’s this sudden love for Fox over Palmer. Fox will get skinned by knockheart (sp). Fox done well of late but Palmer faster
  3. So with them stats of 30 games without scoring more than 1 they must have won all 30 1-0 A’s they beat us today. Cracking run of wins. Them Cowley’s doin a reet job
  4. L for Lee Bully Bullen. Saying that ones for Lee. Glad we sang his name end of match cos he had walked off like he was sad
  5. Me en they try charge subscription to read friggin news. Ridiculous idiots
  6. He needs stop listening to Roger the dumb man
  7. Oh dear that’s horrendous. Speedy recovery Harry. Wawaw
  8. Cowley bros done cracking job but somehow feel like end up like Nathan Jones at stoke if came to us. Out of depth but great lower league. Obv never know till happens.
  9. No Barry. Serious? him n Harris changed game tonite
  10. Nuhiu offers so much more than Rhodes and Winnall. The latter two were crap tonite.
  11. Odd time Fox does a silly crap pass but puts a decent cross in at times. Played well tonite majority of time. Still reckon Palmer got more about him tho. Jud played great
  12. Agree about Fox. Would have been crucified. He did ok today. Nothing special but ok. But prefer Palmer. Iorfa at RB too.
  13. Agree poor apart from FF didn’t get that much of a chance really. Adthe made a difference n should get more minutes.
  14. Time to play him RB. Had high hopes for Moses but not really shown any real quality. Horrendous today and cost us the game cos all they did was score two pens. Did f all else. As bad as we were.
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