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  1. Agree. Terrible. Need new team. they stronger n faster n wanted every ball. We ‘tried’ in last five mins. pathetic.
  2. Contract lengths and transfer fees always a secret with swfc. even kit releases always top secret. chuffin ridiculous
  3. Just seeing his contract out. Simples
  4. Pattersons will blind all them this season
  5. DC does own the ground and when he sells the club he will sell the ground as part of the deal. Training ground still got a value
  6. Ground prob 30m Training Ground 10m Players 15m Stock int’ shop £150 Good will 15m Worth 70,150,000
  7. Need to start v Wycombe. that is all
  8. Prob dint go down well with team mates when he was earning ridiculous money n hardly playing.
  9. Q: Can we do it in a cold wet Wednesday night in Birmingham A: Can we feckers. Spineless Most of these players are not up for the fight.
  10. Was proper annoying. I said to my lad it sounds like kids at swimming pool.
  11. Not a prayer the big dirty snake. His career finished when sacked from them
  12. Only at Swfc does it take us 6 mth to sign a free agent and ages to appoint a manager when others get linked one min n signed next.
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