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  1. So we’ve had 70 pages worth of rumours so far!!! supposedly linked with Kebano Ambrose Milosevic yet signed no one. Dont think any of these gone anywhere else as yet, only maybe latter on trial at Wigan. So may still sign any of them. Hopefully lots work behind scenes getting right players in who can improve squad. Brucie must be one WhatsApp to his contacts
  2. ozzieowl


    Lol omg
  3. ozzieowl


    Abuse? Get a grip fgs. How you know we wouldn’t have won without him. What a stupid comment. But it’s ok to abuse Abdi then. Oh jeez
  4. ozzieowl


    This is a forum guys. A place to discuss footballing matters. pay good money to watch our team play. Have every right to discuss each n every one of them if want to. There no scapegoat or comparing to Fox so chill ya beans. Mearly a view on how he played today. Plus think it’s generally how much he offers most games. Prob count on one hand how many great games he’s had in all time he’s been here. For me he’s one of those players u like and want to do great but doesn’t.
  5. ozzieowl


    He was poor all game. Think if this Kebano link true he’d be straight in Matias’s spot. Sorry u don’t think worthy of a thread boss!! Will DM u next time see if it’s ok
  6. ozzieowl

    Man of the Match - Wigan (H)

    Old Foxy in 2nd place. How times have changed people abusing him n booing him to now praising him. Food for thought.... booing a player doesn’t bode well for his confidence and helps no one so stop booing our own players on the pitch. (Or cheering when subbed) he has rose above it and won a few fans over. Well done Morgan lad. today he was steady away and made no mistakes.
  7. ozzieowl


    Don’t really like to slate players but what does he bring to the team. F’in w@nk today imo. Headless chicken. Chases ball to look busy. Loses ball constantly. Very rarely end product. would put Joao on a lot earlier. Is is he out of contract in summer?
  8. ozzieowl


    Yes cos today’s game is a ‘Generation Game’
  9. ozzieowl

    Neeskens Kebano

    Seem to remember him and Aluko ripped us a new en other year
  10. ozzieowl

    Chairman’s statement

    I read it as the ‘decision ‘ is just deciding to inform us we are in the sh!t. I thought he had announced in haste at the forum that our (fans) monies don’t make any difference. Looking back at club 1867 as I’d say a failure... hat can this new scheme entail? Not many can afford to invest in 3/4/5 yr season tickets all at once. Plus that’s a quick fix and in the 2nd,3rd,4th n 5th season there’s no ST monies coming in. Find it all bizarre. What has Brucie been promised. If he’s been told nowt to spend to strengthen in jan and possible full embargo in summer with 11 out of contract, surely not inviting job prospect apart from 2m wages. unless out of contract players are allowed to re sign under embargo rules n we keep most of them !!
  11. ozzieowl

    Fresh Blood

    Estimated prices... Rhodes 8m Abdi 2m VA 4m 14m spent and none of them play. Absolutely bizarre. imagine the wages wasted on them.
  12. That’s what’s desperately needed to move forward. This group of players have gone stale. As someone mentioned in another post that we hardly strengthened or shipped players out since playoff defeat. Obviously new signings don’t always work but competition is needed to kick players up the ar$e who take things for granted. Yes injuries imo have been the major part of our demise, we must be the unluckiest team ever with length of time players are out. Summer can’t come soon enough
  13. There’s a couple want keep like Bannan, Fessi n Westwood but if it meant getting rid of rest and getting fresh squad that’s better then go for it. I’d get over it
  14. ozzieowl

    Luton manager joining Stoke today

    Looked a bit of a d!ck other day on touchline. Swinging arms around n that like he didn’t know what he was doing. Done a job there so far tho.