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  1. This is getting daft. This supposed to be rumours thread. Sort it out
  2. ozzieowl


    Already got Dave. Just need the Chas
  3. ozzieowl

    Reece Burke

    Kin is new name for Doyen
  4. ozzieowl

    Lap of honour

    You either wasn’t there yourself or wasn’t looking hard enough. Ill wave next time.
  5. ozzieowl

    Lap of honour

    Yes is that ok?
  6. ozzieowl

    Lap of honour

    Oh yeh Abdi the forgotten man. They should all make an effort imo.
  7. Who was missing? didnt notice Jones, Fletch, Hooper, Hunt, Boyd, Fox, Westwood or Van Aken
  8. ozzieowl

    Jamal Lewis and Onel Hernandez

    Hernandez was lively all game. Never stopped trying make something happen. Would have liked to see that Maddison to see what people rave about
  9. ozzieowl


    Build a team around Fernando n Barry.
  10. ozzieowl

    Skipper next season

    Fred n Joey both captained their previous clubs. Maybe one of those. Yes hutch be good but have to shout from the stands. Lees not vocal enough imo but then again I thought Loovens was very quiet in recent times. Think Pudil be fantastic but maybe only here another year.
  11. ozzieowl

    Fernando Forestieri

    Can see him doing well at wolves n them coming in for him tempting him with prem.
  12. ozzieowl

    Who to move on?

    Written in the stars is a swap deal..... Winnal n Buttercup.
  13. ozzieowl

    Michael hefele

    Fully blown c0ck but thought was decent when seen him play.
  14. Who’s this Hope geezer. Not Hallam Hope I hope. He’s crap
  15. ozzieowl

    Man of the match

    Can’t believe Buttercup wasn’t in the running. Deserved MOM for not entering the field. Voted Rhodes. Thought worked nuts off for most of game. Did 3 or 4 great defensive header clearances too. Chased ball down more than usual.