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  1. Was about to say the same. We aren’t really in debt. only write money off if it owed to someone else but it’s not.
  2. Has he I thought was his 300th other day for us. Was that in total. He went on loan dint he.
  3. Didn’t realise Jones was back there.
  4. Teams at bottom are picking points up. Wigan/ Dingles etc. Wigan one below us now and were bottom few not so long back. who do u want to go down. for me... MardyBoro Dull shity udders and Charlton as back up.
  5. Don’t get all stick Palmer gets. played 300 games for us so can’t be that bad. can prob count on one hand how many times he’s let us down if he has. reliable. Versatile. Hardly ever injured. loves the club. Fan of the club. Boyhood club. ridiculous.
  6. No points deduction and no appeal as they’ve lost end of. who does anyone appeal to anyway when it’s with an independent panel. if we have proof they sanctioned it there no worries
  7. Yep defo one was half time so dunt count as stoppage
  8. Must have big pockets for a little fella to carry Hunt around all game. Got better of Hunt every time. Well done Kadeem
  9. Wonder if eyes on Lyle Taylor now Fletch gone (people compared them to each other) although Taylor’s interview recently implied he thought could play higher... as in prem
  10. monk has reiterated that he will make decisions people may not like. presume previous was SH n KW. dont think fletch Fox n Fessi his decisions as such so maybe more shocks in pipeline.
  11. If Monk doesn’t want him n he wants regular football then he has decision to make.
  12. Doubt sell pelpussy as just signed new deal. Unless was done to sell for more but then 250k not enough. seems good to have around the club. Similar to Semedo. Cheap option.
  13. Yes u can if someone willing to take them on. Sure someone would be willing to take Westwood on. Lees not one of the top earners and if we wanted rid then could sell cheap or free giving new club chance pay more wages.
  14. All the talk is about players out of contract and released young ens but Monk may have plans to transfer/release/sell others too who doesn’t want or don’t fit his plans or maybe are part of the problems in camp (bad eggs) Westwood obv not in plans (if not gonna play get rid. Save big wage) Lees seems like not fancied (I’d try n sell n get better) Van Aken (has monk ever seen him) Reach ( doesn’t seem first choice any more. Maybe will try cash in on him) Rhodes (prob try get him off wage bill as if KW goes prob be highest paid at club and hardly plays) Moses (obv had some sort of problems with him previous) We have the loan players.... Wickham (highly doubt sign him n cant afford him) Murphy (presume newc would want too much for him) Da Cruz (supposedly option you buy but depends if price right n monk fancies him) Bates (a gonna) Jones (signed till end of season but doubt long term) short term signings... Nuhiu (may not be in long term plans) Lee (as above) gone... Bates Fletch Fessi Hutch Winnall Fox going on all above we be left with.... Dawson n Wildsmith (for me Dawson not no1 n defo would need another keeper if KW n PJ go) Big Dom Borner Palmer Urgo Penney Bazza Pelpussy Luongo Harris Hunt could be a pwappa pwappa clear out and we would need shed loads of players. while can be exciting times it could be other way and a disaster. mediocre players on mediocre wages (seems fit into new plans) been said ‘young’ ‘hungry’ ‘dynamic’ or does that mean ‘unknown’ ‘cheap’ ‘no other option’ it does seem to be sounding like a must to lower wages etc and won’t be paying out for big named players again. but the ‘whatever it takes’ and ‘want big names have pay big ticket prices etc’ doesn’t seem to bode well when we still have the big tickets/shop prices. yes big wages got us in the **** but we didn’t ask for them only got told we have to pay for the privilege then to be told our money doesn’t touch the sides. club can’t have it both ways. That’s cheating.
  15. Andy... is this a genuine squad or your thoughts?
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