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  1. Had email today from v12 finance saying I’ve paid my final season ticket payment. still not had last seasons refund for me n lad. Plus owe me a West Brom £33 ticket. So now approx £800 out of pocket. Mint
  2. No disrespect but anyone who thinks we need rid of Bannan they don’t know football.
  3. Prob cos they didn’t sit back n defend for 73 mins like us.
  4. Really I think he’s vvank mi sen. He runs funny n slow. Don’t rate him at all. as for Brewster 43.5m of strikers on and shocking.
  5. Maybe TP gave his place in squad up so could register Westwood.
  6. God knows where he thinks Paterson can play cos he doesn’t seem like a RB either like he’s supposed to be originally. Not sure what his best role could be. He’s slow for one, wins some headers/flick ons but nothing becomes of them really. This so called long throw hardly beats first man. JVA’s are as long if not longer. Time will tell.
  7. Nothing as yet. Must ring one person per day.
  8. Bolasie be good shout. We got nobody with much flair at min. Bannans turns about as good as it gets.
  9. I remember buying my lad the one the owls shop did. But they stopped selling stickers so never finished it. R8 waste of money.
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