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  1. Winnall being one. Not had service yet tonite but just don’t see what he adds to the team (hopefully will score now I said that)
  2. Not good for a young pro footballer. fletch at 32 doesn’t look like ounce of fat on him.
  3. If we could only sign one player - who/what position would it be? Messi if unrealistic choice. Reality a youngish quick as, goalscoring striker If we could only get rid of one player, who would it be? Rhodes for wages Choose one player not playing regularly you would give a chance in the team. Would like Burakov (spelling) to be able make the grade If you could have one ex player back in the team playing at their prime, who would it be now bearing in mind where we need boosting at present? Chris Waddle If you could attend S6 more often but are put off, what is the one thing that stops you going more often? Nothing stops me going, go every game. If the club was to spend money on one off the field item (eg, facilities, catering, academy) which would you choose? Ground redevelopment to look like World Cup plan Choose one word to describe the season so far. inconstent
  4. Knowing our luck we won’t sign anyone this window. get a big points deduction. be fighting relegation with a spineless bunch.
  5. It all ain’t gonna happen this window. Loans at best and will be ones others don’t want. Winnall...not good enough and defo not as lone striker. Rhodes...too slow n weak needs drop a division or go jock land. Fletch...been immense this season, workhorse but he is aging. Another season maybe Nuhiu...never going to be prolific but offers a different option to bring on to hold onto a lead. Proved at Leeds can change a game too. Fessi...just can’t see him getting a run of games anymore. Reach...has ability when he wants to. Too inconsistent Murphy...must have summat to have been 12m player but again inconsistent, need better. Harris...started brilliant then went missing, can see why Colin let him go, again inconsistent. so by summer... winnall n Rhodes need to go. Fletch n nuhiu offer another year fessi prob be gone Murphy gone back Reach cash in if decent offer harris persevere defo need a lot of new blood
  6. Started a thread on this yest called Bazza Bannan
  7. We prob have worse strike force in the league tbf.
  8. That’s what I’m saying. Players need consistency and they aren’t doing. Too many off boil today.
  9. Nope....evident at Weeds game. 1st half to 2nd half. Did u go. Did u watch it? take your Bannan glasses off n admit it’s not his best role. Thats what we are saying. Not saying he’s crap but he’s no where near as effective on the game playing like today.
  10. Jeez Sally wake up. Its his position..... he’s better further up pulling strings not defending. Defenders play to him to make things happen but then he’s too deep n teams push on us. Lets put it another way maybe it doesn’t always work then with 3 attacking style mids on at once. Hutch or pele normally sit where Bannan has sat today. Luongo n Lee push on.
  11. My post isn’t slagging Bannan. I love him to bits. My question is is Monk making him play like today. Hes much better further forward. Like weeds second half. Monk done cracking job at times with what he’s got but got use best players in their best role. Consistancy is the key
  12. Monk has on numerous times got a p!ss poor squad do well and won games. None of his players as yet. Worked with what he’s got. So yes he’s done a cracking job with the odd strange decision. Hes got players like Fox improving etc etc. What you have to look at are the ‘inconsistent’ players. The ones who have proved got what it takes but don’t do it often enough. They are what’s letting club down.
  13. He needs to play bang int middle pulling the strings n providing killer pass.
  14. Did it from start not after red card. As said in OP he sat back first half last week then when we changed system n he pushed on we were better side. so what u on about???
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