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  1. Pudil

    He was goin crazy at the end and don’t blame him.
  2. Had to laugh at that ont wireless. Whoever that was take a bow son.
  3. 8 pts from drop n 8 pts from Ipswich only 2 places above us. Will be a struggle to finish any higher than 15th
  4. The Bench

    Carlos changed when he first came.
  5. whilst all 3 kits look nice i think needs slightly different styles of kit. they all exactly same just diff colours. colours are good tho
  6. Message from Jose Semedo

    Have him back in a flash even if just for his passion in changing room. Reda n Miguel too.
  7. Palmer and fox

    Surely Reach would be ideal as LWB. No brainer as plays LB or LW. Lee for RWB when fit as used to be RB and played plenty on right side of mid.
  8. Tomorrow

    We only score when Dave n Marco start
  9. Joey D How did he play?

    Can’t believe what I read from some. Jeez. Joey as some have said was playing with a yellow due to Loovens hesitation. So had to be slightly cautious all game. Yes he did make couple of mistakes with trying pass back instead of forward but come on it’s his first game with his new team mates. Despite being on a yellow early doors he not afraid to slide in with a tackle and got good foot to quite a few. Reckon will be a good addition once settles in.
  10. Dave n Marco

    What more do u want. Scored 2 and was awesome. Such a great different option for us.
  11. What a great pairing both today and Carlisle game. Assisted goals for each other. Big Dave holds Ball up fantastic. How he takes pace off a goal kick with his chest and controls it at feet is fantastic. Joaos first touch is 3 yard away from him. Marco did some fantastic running and can’t believe how fast he actually is. Maybe we’ve never seen him un-injured before. I think both deserve to start in league. Dave usually does well against boro. Not many defenders can handle him. Hope he signs new deal
  12. Venancio

    Hope doesn’t get dropped when players are back. If playing this system needs be.... VanAken / Vanancio (captain) / Lees
  13. Dawson

    Outstanding. Great to see 3 quality keepers on our books. Need sell Kean.
  14. i had same problem. let me do it for Carlisle and i missed deadline for my seats. had to print them. be r8
  15. Pudil

    Thought deserved a mention tonite. Played centre of 3 CB’s and did great job. Also reckon would try his best at lwb, often puts decent cross in.