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  1. Van Aken seems be getting game time. Doesn’t look like he’s offski. expected him n Winnall to be gone this window. Not heard anyone after our players really until last few days with Joao. Reckon most of that story is just from those pics with DC 2+2=5 n that
  2. GVB... young. Up n coming. Fit as Mrs. Bully needs stay in coaching role n keep learning. Not sure he’s manager material tbh.
  3. Let em spend cos wasting big fees on players unproven in prem or absolute clowns. Obv could do well but it’s a risk. Seems like apart from Ravel they planning for next season in champ. Maybe CW can get them firing who knows. Ravel good player but don’t think he’s prolific is he? Brentford amazing at getting massive fees for players never heard of. Unbelievable really as soon as we mention fees for our players it’s classed as a joke. first time I’ve noticed them actually signing players for decent fees too.
  4. Compo A fine Point deduction. Yes pls. Take them to the cleaners DC. Nothing to lose.
  5. kits on sale tomoz. Swfc site https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/july/time-to-levelup/
  6. Yeh cos Chansiri would sell him one or two of course. I reckon he be last person he would sell too
  7. This is the kit Lincoln wore on sat not one in Joao pic. So that hair cut is wrong.
  8. Anyone know who usually follows Hughton around as coaches
  9. I’d imagine he’s working on it. Hope Bruce gone by tomoz n Bully can do friendly game.
  10. Is it possible for DC to hold out for his 6m, drag it out till Ashley appoints someone else. have a new manager ready to take the reigns n put cabbage on gardening leave shafting him from getting a job. Hope so deserves it
  11. It’s great that Bully always stays to help n advise new manager on players n what’s been happening. 9 times out of 10 all staff go with manager n new man is clueless till settles in. Good on ya Bully.
  12. I’d imagine Bruce n Agnew didn’t go on team coach as would be quite awkward. clemence bullen n haslam were at stocksbridge and I didn’t really notice Bully talk much to clemence. Bruce has shown his hand in the interview today without trying to say the wrong thing but ballsed it up a bit. as chansiri showed with young hirsty that he doesn’t bow down to anyone and doesn’t necessarily need the money so will do all he can to make it awkward for Fat boy n cabbage patch kid. And so he should. Good on him. Will have my backing all the way. Loyalty goes a long way in my book n I reckon Chansiri is that way out too. Dig your heels in DC n get full compo n feck the pair of em. Reet pee’d me off nah n I loved what SB was doing for us.
  13. Me n lad went... sps looked lively int warm up n thought may give us a game if well up for it but.... wasnt to be. Was a stroll int park for us. Didn’t need get out of 1st gear. Just played keep ball. was too easy really. Players wise: Dawson - had nothing to do, did spoon a kick out of play that was poor but that’s it Baker - got down line and got some decent crosses in Big Dom - absolute beast, didn’t need break his stride n strolled past players JVA - did well, nice finish at end. Fox - disagree with earlier poster, did well, always made an option out wide n available. Didn’t need to bust a gut. Hutch - this guy is immense, always wants ball, pinged few inch perfect long balls, captain today n should be Lee - again immense player. Missed him. Movement, vision, quality. Harris - can’t believe how small he is but well built lad, quick as sh!t. Could be good option for us. Nando - again disagree with earlier poster as he was nearly always available. Moved about all over. Just seemed to hold back a bit as not to rip pee out of them cos was far far superior. Just seemed to have fun n looked happy. Just what we need. Winnall - looked ok took goal well, tried few good runs but nothing major from him. Again no need do too much. Dave - sluggish first half. Missed simple header. Held ball up well second half. Don’t think wanted to bust a gut. Has a laugh with Nando and stayed last on pitch signing autographs n pics with kids, spoke well n very respectful. was great to see the boys again and glad played a strong team. well done to young lads that came on too as didn’t put a foot wrong. Was gutted then to hear SB interview to which obviously off once compo agreed. He was exactly what we needed n quite possibly upset our season.
  14. With all this going on we are losing time with any new signings. Potential Bruce targets could disappear. All very quiet n hush hush from club. Dont seem to be any rumours at all now. Harris not been announced as yet as he?
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