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  1. ozzieowl

    Forestieri goal v Lincoln

    Great goal. Looks so much different from that angle than from stands.
  2. Yeh there was mega loads of premiership scouts at Lincoln. Had to take him off at half time too so he could haggle with them all.
  3. ozzieowl

    Back from Lincoln

    Yes was Preston. Looked lively defo. Few small players today... Preston Fessi Bazza Hunt Baker Kirby (bench)
  4. ozzieowl

    3 strikers

    unless ive missed something then.....errrr.....NO
  5. ozzieowl

    Team Spirit at #SWFC

    looks like an advert for teeth whitener
  6. plus Kean, Hirst and possibly Clare. 1.6m for Hunt and surely 25/30k a week plus saving for them lot. Just Fox, Jones, Matias (maybe), Rhodes and poss Winnall to go. saving another 100k a week wages. probably wont miss any of them either.
  7. ozzieowl

    Defence without Venancio.

    Put Pudil int middle. Van Aiken left n Lees right. Sorted
  8. ozzieowl

    We have Forestieri

    Shorts look same as home kit
  9. ozzieowl

    Spot the difference

    Yeh fotty quid difference
  10. Reach’s tash tho. Jeez
  11. ozzieowl

    Brum in for Bannan?

    Why the feck would Bazza want to join brummers. If for any remote chance he did then have to give us Jota n 5m+
  12. ozzieowl

    Rory McArdle

    He is
  13. Jesus??? Gabriel Jesus... when we signed him. Brilliant but he’d be better up front.
  14. This is getting daft. This supposed to be rumours thread. Sort it out