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  1. No matter how big n snazzy pig store is in meads I’ve never seen anyone in it. Sure was only done to out do us. Can’t pay with price of rent.
  2. Not saying I agree with OP as I don’t know what Reach earns. But there’s a lot of experts on here who say OP wrong but have no answer to what he earns. So how do you know it’s wrong. I know fact Jones was on 50k
  3. I’d stroll around looking disinterested for 90 mins a week for 30k a year never mind a week.
  4. He was only on 50k a week actually. Fact
  5. Defo correct Rovrum won’t get promoted. Unless if they win tomoz they get about 60 points.
  6. What a clown. gonna look stupid when we send them down. bet his deal falls thru when they in league one.
  7. Wish TL quick recovery but hope he moves on. not good enough imo. Too many mistakes in him. decent defender now n then but can’t pass a ball for toffee
  8. Always been ok with Derby since recently. got family who Derby fans and always used go Pride Park n they came Hillsborough. But since been called ‘Frank Lampards’ n ‘Wayne Rooneys’ that reet winds me up n was supposed be getting massive buy out now this Alonso buying them then would be funny see them down with us. two big scalps down. But then again what a set of tinpots rovrum are
  9. I can’t see this ‘Lees been best player this season’ hype. He’s slow, he can’t pass a ball, very prone to mistakes. on big money and no where near worth it. League one player at best.
  10. It’s all just gutting to witness. deserve relegation tbf. tinpots just beat qpr 3-1 because fighting for their lives. we lose 4-1 to them not arsed to fight for lives
  11. That’s what majority of players are. Definitely earn far too much for what they giving. stupid costly mistakes. of all the teams we have played I’ve not really thought wow they are good. live not seen a better performance from any team the way we played v Cardiff. yet how come only done once this season. proving some are capable but inconsistent. so defo OVERPAID
  12. Barry staying put.... he signed a new contract because he wants to stay here. On good enough money that prob won’t get elsewhere. Doesn’t want up sticks as happy family. captain of club he loves. League one team for me..... Westwood / New / New Urgohide / New Dunkley / New Iorfa / New Galvin / New Hutch / New Lluongo / New Bannan / New Harris / New Green / New Windass New New with 13 decent additions I’d have confidence of competing in league 1
  13. Moore has had zero impact as a new manager bounce. More than likely cos it’s the players. They just aren’t good enough. Totally lacklustre, disinterested, weak, slow and clueless. 4 managers this season can’t do anything with them. Good riddance to most.
  14. Wouldn’t want that arrogant pig anywhere near our club thanks
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