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  1. Is he out of contract end of season?? 50 k saving a week right there.
  2. Love big Dave. Not been his best this season but still offers something different. Some teams don’t know what to expect n don’t know how to handle him. Can be a complete nuisance to defenders. Winnall was getting bullied. Got frustrated and knew a yellow was coming. Adthe comes on and held defenders off. Brought people into play. scored great header (called it btw) think brucie will keep him for a different option oh n Matias is shocking and goal was lucky
  3. It’s good we playing teams around us and are 6 pointers. Win those and we in thick of it. Playing bottom teams gets difficult at this stage as they fighting for their lives. Normally where a few teams slip up.
  4. Lost 1 in 15 since dross went. That’s an amazing achievement. Hate to see dem pigs doing so well. Last 6....no losses and let no goals in. Arghhhhh
  5. Aarons on twice v pigs. Soccer AM
  6. He chucked washing machine all over place. A must signing int summer and I’m sure he’d love to settle here
  7. Nuhiu on instead of Boyd and we would have won that game. They wouldn’t have known how to handle him . Reckon his hold up play would have allowed maybe Reach to push on bit more. Boyd up front jeez, put a shift in but chasing shadows.
  8. Just looked and we have a tough run in thru April. Very tough. Think left bit late and should have took more points from Millwall, Reading n tin pots. 6 points extra there and we would be in playoffs already. Shame but prob don’t deserve this season anyway.
  9. Bruce will have great contacts and have players in mind already but main priorities for me is Sign Big Hec, Aarons and Lazaar. They all fit in nicely and have talent. The added pace has been very welcome. Aarons reminds me of ole Regi Blinker the way he moves etc. Out if that list. Yes Williams was good champ player plus Kebano for opp side of Aarons be good addition.
  10. They sold out if the original anniversary one. They sold more than they had. Id ordered one to be let down. Ones they have left are lighter blue face that wasn’t limited edition but same price. Thats why they have some left.
  11. Tbf Carlos gave us the best football in first season we’ve seen for 20 yrs. lost plot a touch but that wasn’t DC’s fault. now Jos I believe he took bad advice from someone.
  12. Bruce is fantastic to listen to. Seems a gentleman. Talks the truth. Knows his stuff. If anyone is to get us back to the promised land this is the guy as long as has the backing and not got his hands tied. Absolute quality well done DC
  13. Bruce is a proper manager. Knows his stuff. did his homework. Got our lads working hard. Some look different players. Great team performance. fantastic game
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