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  1. Wolves sign Nelson Semedo jeez. RB so Dion prob offski. welcome to Hillsborough Dion Sanderson.
  2. They didn’t really we just hardly moved. Obv u get marked but u got try lose your man. Create space. We don’t. Numerous times today we took that long I’m surprised throw wasn’t given other way.
  3. So u saying cos not in their friend circle u can’t use names that they known by? so as we don’t know them we must address them as example ‘Mr Bannan’ etc etc. Barry sounds like an old man n Bannan (surname) is what u called people at school. So he’s Bazza... end of
  4. They’ve not friggin changed. shocking today. No movement. need working on. only negative for me
  5. Thought he was gonna start crying at one bit
  6. Also it’s good we have CB’s on form n good back ups.
  7. Said before n say again he got abuse for a bad mistake v piggies. He was never that bad. When first came he was pinging 40/50 yard balls with quality till manager stopped him doing it. Proved that today. Given run in team will do him good. can see him being dropped tho when Dunkley fit. id have said Dunk would replace Lees. It he’s stepped it up
  8. Anyone else just bored of all this transfer news ( well lack of ) look on here n [email protected] and same old shyboo. hope we taking time to get right players in but I’m sure swfc are the club that takes the longest drawn out transfer saga in the country.
  9. Just about to mention Hogan. where brum got all dollar from.
  10. Tonite was carabao cup too. What’s this efl cup u talk of 🤔
  11. All gone quiet on DaCruz. (Awaits the ‘good’ n ‘thank god’ comments) 😂
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