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  1. Pigs shirt int pigs shop at meadhell reduced to £27.50 and they prob be in playoffs. be an idea to follow suit and get rid of stock
  2. Just watched a replay n Pearson said Dean but in real life was actually Pato
  3. I parked in there n missed scrapping. What happened
  4. Thought he did a job on us today. Lots ran thru him. He was all over place. can’t understand why people boo’d him like. neither could he either
  5. I’ve read loads of fans slate BB over the years and always thought bizarre. Anyone who questions his ability, quality or commitment don’t know anything about football. Every manager praises him, every player praises him, opponents praise him, teams set up to stop him playing and as yesterday proved they couldn’t stop him. Absolute quality player and if we had lost him fans would then have realised what is missing.
  6. Ogbene looks dangerous but as of other week he had 1 assist all season so his crossing not so good me thinks.
  7. I was saying same. Why use a mucky ball like that. Couldn’t see it up other end of pitch near end of game.
  8. Obviously not every new player fits well n works at any club... seems quite a few haven’t this time round. in an ideal world we need better than..... Marvin Shodipo Sow Wing we seem to have a lot of injuries still, ones that need operations too, do we need look at training regimes, training staff, training facilities im sure if had a settled and our best squad regular we would be doing far better even under DM
  9. Don’t get this!!! doesn’t say linked to us.
  10. Think some were telling him to get up n he told em to F off. People said he did it other week too. I like passion but won’t win fans doin that
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