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  1. ozzieowl

    Is the Pope dead?

    Spot on tho
  2. ozzieowl

    “Keizer” Hector

    Moments of brilliance then gives ball away with a w@nk pass
  3. ozzieowl

    Talk about defensive!!!

    There’s no urgency. It’s like they being forced to play
  4. If u say Reach has been a left back n Barry sometimes hangs back then only Joao is a attacking player in this team. Strange set up here.
  5. ozzieowl

    Passing out from the back

    How many times do we have to do it before realise we not good enjoy or realise they closed us down to stop us doing it. Pointless putting ourselves under pressure just to end up hoofing it anyway.
  6. ozzieowl

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    Not sure if I’ve missed owt. Has it been said we having new stadium?? anyway big plot of land on shepcot lane. Think it’s big enough. Next to M1 which is good but traffic n parking may be a problem.
  7. H Stoke. D A Forest. D A Villa. L H Leeds. L H West Brom. L A Bristol City. W H Boro. L Only 5 points I’m afraid. Doom n gloom but some tough games there. 
  8. ozzieowl


    He’s done that at half time last few home league games. Last one out n hardly warmed up. Seems strange.
  9. On TDD who got the best deals. Us with Hector and Onomah or Oinks with Washington and Johnson i dont know enough about about any of em tbh.
  10. Strange but only one where doesn’t say which club at
  11. ozzieowl

    final team

    . Westwood Palmer/Baker. Lees Hector/Thorniley. Penny/Reach . Hutch/ Pessy . . Onomah/Lee. Bannan. . Forestieri. . Hooper. Joao Fletch Dave Dawson Winnall Neilsen J.Lee Van Aken Pudil Preston Wildsmith No room for.... Fox Boyd Jones
  12. ozzieowl


  13. ozzieowl


    Dawson Palmer Hector Lees Penney/Reach Piazon 2021 legend Hutch/cat Masonda Abraham Forestieri niiiiiicccceeeee
  14. ozzieowl


    Swap all four for Fox, Boyd, Abdi & Jones. Deal or no deal?