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  1. That Kolloli looks a player. Makes u wonder why not at higher level at 27. Yes keepers n defenders look shocking on that video but his movement n finishing is quality. Still got hit target no matter how bad opposites (cc) are. Sign him up. Love a none known gem me.
  2. extended his contract so wont go for nowt when sell him. once again i repeat he wont play under bruce again
  3. Blighted by injuries. Another right back. Sign him up. Can never have enough right backs
  4. We will be ok with FFP. Just got rid of 17 players think that may add up to a few quid. Majority of those wasn’t in first team and few on big wages.
  5. Hutch n Pelupessy. Agree maybe fast striker. But if got few fast wingers feeding Fletch, Austin, Fessi, Joao may be ok with that.
  6. So..... linked with Julian Borner - prob signed already Moses Odubajo - prob signed already Nick Powell - would be decent Charlie Austin - would be miracle sign up Westwood, Palmer, Lee and Hector reckon add couple of fast wingers and we’d be sorted.
  7. No way that will be our line up. Bruce will sign more than one player to be in his first team plans.
  8. Nah mate. Oh maybe a little if don’t get Westwood n Hector.
  9. So busy Thursday then... Westwood 2yr deal Palmer 2yr deal Lee 1yr rolling Odebajujebobooja 3 yr deal Big Hec 3yr deal which will make u get a Borner 2yr deal
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