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  1. Correct point... other teams would waste time. Boot ball out. Go down injured etc etc we just go back to the walls and invite em on. Need addressing. Cost us 7 pts in 3 games.
  2. I’d say Rhodes is done with us. Doesn’t want to be here. Be gone in January imo.
  3. Reckless tackle early on was lucky not to get yellow. Blatantly obvious he would get on in the game. 7 yellows now and could avoid most if wasn’t so rash. Yes we want him get stuck in but sometimes unnecessary silly tackles. still a legend tho
  4. Such a work horse. Quality player. But feel his job be easier if wasn’t so isolated. For a sort of front 3 we playing , Harris and Reach both stay really wide and most of time too far away from Fletch. He wins the headers or flick ins with no one in support. Needs Fessi sitting in behind him so can work off him. Give Fessi free role in front of midfield and in n around Fletch. Option to support wide men when need be. Sometimes feel for Fletch when runs his crackers off with no one to support him.
  5. Did well tonite. Didn’t put a foot wrong. Well done foxy lad.
  6. Needs be in a free role behind Fletch. Did well tonite. Think Reach been poor last few games. Tbf hes not been that great all season.
  7. Maybe same who’s paid 8 for Hector who contract up in summer!!!!!!!
  8. Rid of Rhodes is a priority... 1. Not good enough 2. Totally lost interest sell Winnall for 2m if poss. Not the answer for me, think league 1 player. Think we we need a quick striker and quick winger. Harris one side, quick winger other (Murphy not sure up to it as yet) Defence n Midfield ok for now.
  9. Borner is a rock. Does lack in height like when Keiffer Moore nearly nodded in. He just does it simple and quality. He absolutely loves it. Fans favourite already.
  10. Time for Fessi to knuckle down as he’s not had a run in the team what seems like years. Sure we’ve been through more managers than he’s had games recently Will be like a new signing and hopefully a good one if Monk can work well with himand get him firing on all cylinders. I’d go to say it’s his last chance with us. Id play him off Fletch, maybe just behind him. Fletch works so hard but seems isolated a lot. We play ball for his head but no one there. Defo start him at Cardiff. Can be such an asset he need some to play.
  11. I’d say Big Dom was solid last few games. Bit of a beast n takes no sh!t like him a lot
  12. Thought it at the game and having watched replays I’d say should had two pens on Saturday. Fletch was quite clearly pushed in the back whilst in the air. Defender never went for ball. Keeper completely wiped out Murphy and was nowhere near the ball. Yes Murphy had already headed it but was split second later keeper flattened him. Got be a pen. (Cant remember if that was ruled offside anyway)
  13. Our young en put FIFA 14 on yesterday so we had a game. Me SWFC Him ENGLAND. smashed him 4-0 but looking back at the players we had then. Only 4 years ago but seems soooooo long ago since had these players. ones can remember were..... Palmer Nuhiu Lee still with us obv. Reda Llera JJ Antonio Best Semedo McCabe Loovens Buxton Oneyayu Kirkland Maguire and lots more... made me think who who would love in team now when at their best, Reda Llera Semedo JJ Antonio all be welcome in my book. Thoughts....
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