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  1. I hope he gets us a big centre half from a league below ideally in addition to Hector, we’ve been lucky with our lack of cover here. I suggested Sonny Bradley last summer leaving free from Plymouth, 6ft 4 and scores goals too but now he looks to be on his way up with Luton. These players make you millions if they have a good season. Generally speaking we need to be looking for Bruce to do us the kind of deals no one else saw like Lazaar and Aaron’s through his contacts but there is a football league full of players able to make the step up and they are the ones who want to prove themselves and add that energy we have lacked.
  2. Dawson and Wildsmith need to be out on loan next season. I think a season at this level or league one would really sort them out. Westwood staying would be great, but I reckon Bruce might look for experience if he goes.
  3. No surprise FF has returned to his best now the court case is done. Hopefully he will finish the season strongly and either ensure we get his worth or he is ready for next season. I assume the latter
  4. I said last season we shouldn’t be keeping Pudil even though he was playing well. Can only operate as part of a central back three now.
  5. Expensive wages I suspect and will have plenty of competition. I’m not sure if he’s been unfit this season or not but he looks a good leader of a player when he does play.
  6. I really like Adam Reach and admire how he has developed over his time here. But if we got offered big money it’s time to start taking it and keeping our ability to build the squad going for the foreseeable. Go and get the next Adam Reach, start looking at Coventry City who will not have a Home next season. Shipley, Baylis, Chaplin all look decent and would add some energy to our tired side. I liked the look of Forster Caskey at Charlton too before he got injured. Playmaker.
  7. Calum Robinson, I think his contract is up and Bruce was keen to take him back to Villa. He will have plenty of offers though
  8. DC effectively owns the club and assets anyway (I think). Assuming he sells to “someone” safe who is virtually him it’s a great idea. But if it’s someone who could have their own agenda it’s very risky indeed. See Elland Road/Richo etc
  9. A vital link man, as was Keiren Lee. id like to keep one or both, but only on reduced terms.
  10. Hes loads better now than when we signed him.
  11. Looking at the market, if English clubs are interested then 6m plus would be about right wouldn’t it. But foreign sides wouldn’t pay anywhere near that.
  12. I reckon he will end up back at Celtic
  13. This group of players can’t stay fit either. Key player after key player hobbling off at key times
  14. The thing with Westwood compared to the other keepers we’ve had and the ones we have now, isn’t always the technical ability as they have all been good keepers capable of consistently making big saves (Dawson included) but he just has a bit of an attitude or presence to him that is difficult to replicate and it seems to make everyone else that bit more confident. He’s a leader.
  15. If a criminal case has come to nothing the FA shouldn’t have any further involvement in my view. If they were to ban every player who was abusive to an opponent then I’m guessing there’d be a lot of suspensions
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