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  1. I think he’s exactly like that which can work but it’s one dimensional. He had spells at Forest and Ipswich and it didn’t work
  2. I could see via the way he talks as to why someone who felt the squad had a mentality issue would see him appealing. But he’s too one dimensional, he can’t empathise with players who simply didn’t have what he had and can’t understand why it’s not Man U circa 1999 any more. He’d just fall out with everyone.
  3. It used to be about 6m of revenue But now there is a salary cap so perhaps revenue from PL has gone up. But it means it is difficult to retain or sign players of any quality
  4. Maybe but Gray had been an assistant and even had a bit more managerial experience.
  5. NT is doing what we wanted a manager to do, find that balance between keeping a spine in place whilst encouraging some expression going forward. The only glaring issue is that he hasn’t done this in 18 years and we’re in the bottom 3 so if we start losing regularly what happens then? DC would get lambasted if we didn’t appoint a recognised manager and went down.
  6. When sodje was on form and there was a bit of space to run onto the ball he was very difficult for teams to play against. He had two really bad injuries here though.
  7. I have read this one https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/sport/football/blackpool-fc/armand-gnanduillet-opens-his-blackpool-exit-why-he-turned-down-offer-new-contract-and-his-failed-move-charlton-athletic-3019067%3famp Seems the type who is out for himself but also pretty desperate to prove himself in the championship
  8. He was in bucket list mode when he joined us. The cricket thing, he did seem to have an affinity with SWFC so that was ticking a box too until a more meaningful opportunity arose at NUFC. I thought his dealings in the summer there were shrewd with wilson and Fraser coming in and they had some results early on so what is happening now is a surprise. I don’t think he’s achieved that much more or less than Rafa though and one was the messiah and the other is disliked. The issue is the attitude of the owner at the club.
  9. I guess with Toney he had been at Northampton before Newcastle got him. We need to be the newcastle in that scenario and then actually play him. But with the signings of green and reported interest in Pickering it’s encouraging that there is an eye on the future. An unnamed club was after Sam Gallagher at Blackburn too and I wondered if it was us. I wouldn’t mind more battle hardened and experienced players in the mix too though between now and the end of the season. Gnandulliet with a point to prove til the summer might not be bad if we are short of funds. We have
  10. Wednesday are always very generous aren’t they? I think we took a few tonkings away at Exeter and Orient that season. Was so embarrassed
  11. Yeah I guess so. I’m thinking more that they are liked now
  12. Probably not no. Just the two relevant ones where I gave my current opinion on it.
  13. Emerson Thome Miguel Llera Graham Coughlan Lee Bullen JP Mcgovern Chris Brunt Steve Maclean Kenwyne Jones Ben Marshall Kieran Lee Des Walker Matt Hamshaw Seems a fairly safe list
  14. We’re done for. Had some momentum and seemed well in the mix and now everyone else has won whilst we’ve been stuck at home.
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