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  1. We took a huge leap forward under Chansiri but since the penalty save at Hillsborough we have been stuck in a rut and have returned to mid table at best which has hurt as it was just meant to be the start and had things happened differently we could’ve maintained a challenge. We were told that we were working within FFP but nothing of the sort and key opportunities on player sales we’re either missed or snuffed our with injuries or EFL charges. The latter not being the owners fault. Let’s bare in mind - FF had a charge hanging over him for 3 transfer windows putting off the likes of Fulham - Winnall would’ve likely been sold but for shocking knee injury - Hooper, Lee, Westwood, Lees, Forestieri, Fletcher, Hutchinson pretty much all injured at once. Perhaps a former managers fault. I think it’s worth remembering though that since Luhukay left: - We brought in a proven English manager who subsequently shafted DC but earned us £3m quid. Brought in another English manager. - Sold Lucas Joao and Hunt for a combined total north of 7m - Worked to a tighter wage structure with players on closer to 15k a week rather than 20-30k. Pulling out of the Hector transfer evidence of sticking to that. - Hired a recruitment team who have looked to apply a methodology to it. Resulting in Borner, Luongo, Harris so far. - Have looked to bring through younger players but have also not shied away from some expensive loans from the premier league. I think the signs of things changing have been in place for some time. The problem is that the playoff failure and spending that season is catching up with us after our mode of operating has since changed. Perhaps the series of embargoes we’ve had holding us back was punishment enough Communication on all this has been non existent though and everyone seems trapped in a retrospective situation. Time to draw a line and move forward.
  2. I think we have 14 days from the issue of the written decision? The risk with appeal is that the punishment could be brought forward as it would give third parties the right to enter the fray ie Charlton. At the moment they are closed out. But in any case it sounds like the EFL appeal everything they don’t like so they don’t become a target themselves which presumably also allows third parties to have a say. So we might as well get involved
  3. Possible off the field issues. Not really a Parkinson player
  4. Goode would be ideal as a captain type and still young. But don’t fancy our chances as much now given others will want him
  5. If the wage cap comes in this close season then restrictions on losses may be a thing of the past. The impact on transfer fees is unclear but in theory if DC had money and was willing he could buy players but the wages would be under the 18m a season barrier.
  6. I was keen for us to get him in too. But I was pleased with Monk too given what he’d done at Birmingham and Leeds
  7. We will have to wait and see what our squad is like but that 07/08 squad was cobbled together. No one in there like Lees, Bannan, Borner, Luongo. But the likes of Grant and Tudgay are better than what we might have. It’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges anyway given the league is so different but we looked awful for 6 games and stayed up so that in principle shows it is do able and that is the attitude that will need to be adopted. Not sure you can really say that about Derby at this stage.
  8. I saw on twitter the other day a reminder that we lost 6 on the bounce under laws at the start of the season and we stayed up so it’s do able! We might have some company on minus points too
  9. Of course. He’s a battler and exactly what we need. Can play a couple of positions
  10. I guess Darlow could take his pick in this league. Won’t come here and I’m not convinced we will get another keeper in. Even though we need to or make use of KW
  11. Can see it now. Concede early. Dawson/Wildsmith forlornly picking the ball out the net several times
  12. He only ever seemed happy there. Didn’t want to stay in the Burnley job did he. Not that he would come at the best of time’s but he doesn’t strike me as a character to rally the troops
  13. Jonson Clarke Harris has been scoring and might fancy the step up. He’s a bit of a scrapper. Hugill is meant to be off to qpr I think. Chris Martin would be handy but I wonder why he left derby. People like Hogan and Gestede havent done it for a while and are a bit in the Rhodes bracket, for the latter I’d rather just get Nuhiu back for someone to go long to in the last ten and help some more skillful younger players/loan players. There’s always Vadaine Oliver for some old skool sh17housery 🤩
  14. yes, I was thinking of an old fashioned centre half too.
  15. I guess we could be fielding close to an u23 side next season so at least try and get quality ones. There must be one or two seasoned campaigners in the EFL who would fancy this for a season or two though. A few have made the step up in the past and done ok.
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