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  1. If he’s being paid and hasn’t moved he should be available for selection.
  2. Bruce was very good at massaging the egos of these players and we went on a good run. Other managers might kick against that thinking more of a team. But the problem arises when the others aren’t as good. I think it’s important that we use the players we have until the summer and move them on then if there’s an issue.
  3. I haven’t blamed the manager. I just said that if I were him I’d put Westwood back in goal. Garry Monk is as good as we will get for a side looking to make the jump from mid table on a budget
  4. I have no idea. If he won’t go on the bench then it’s poor from him. Nonetheless, I’d still be keen to get him back in the side as he’s our best keeper.
  5. I dunno. Does Westwood actually do that or is it a rumour?
  6. not sure common sense and jumping to conclusions are the same thing to be honest.
  7. Westwood was rightfully dropped. Now after a couple of errors Dawson should be dropped for Westwood. It’s the only fair way to do it
  8. I’ve been impressed with him. Just needs to work on his shooting and final ball. Hes been our main outlet all season though so it’s difficult to be the primary threat all season. It’s gone very bi polar on OT again. Wind back a month and a bit and the mood and opinion were very different
  9. Realistically how many go? Lee, Hutchinson, Lees, Forestieri, Pelupessy, Wildsmith, Winnall. I think we’d keep Nuhiu and Fox. Fletcher depending on a wage. Rhodes might actually go now as it wouldn’t trigger extra payments to Boro. In terms of our best starting 11 most would be under contract. Reach would be in his final year and a decision would need making on him. I’d keep him.
  10. Definitely good at strengthening the squad despite the cost to himself. It’s a lack of outgoings that usually costs us. Watch us make the playoffs only to have points deducted.
  11. Can’t see him being like Wallace who was typically a player who liked to get a cross in and was excellent at that. Windass’ game has been more about getting goals but his aspiration to play up front has suffered from being played in deeper or wider positions. I think that’s why he left rangers
  12. Is anyone heading out then? I remember Windass giving us a hard time in a friendly for rangers. Seems quite raw but physical and aggressive. I think he plays wide right too?
  13. I think results picked up after he came in. Bullen had been running out of steam a bit. I think Bruce was a charismatic guy and he also acted as an advisor to the chairman. Whether monk has that clout with DC I don’t know. I think finances are dictating backroom staff and sacking a manager to replace like for like would be more costly. I can’t see a better candidate than monk that would come.
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