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  1. Willock hasn’t done anything to get a starting slot. If we are even interested. Remember Sanchez Watt...
  2. Many thought Gray might’ve been a poor choice when staring relegation in the face after Jones. But he wasn’t. Will have to see with Woodgate.
  3. Ameobi is probably in a similar bracket to Harris in that he’s got a few things to work on, but both players if under contract would be worth a few quid as any player with a bit of pace and flair is what other teams want. Whilst they may lack a bit of consistency or end product if either of them signed then the squad is instantly improved from an athletic point of view.
  4. that’s directly comparable Money talks and we clearly need to raise some, but it’s whether that team could actually afford him I suppose. I suspect the reason Nuhiu has stopped here under so many managers is because he isn’t a top earner, offers something different as an impact player and seems to be quite good at generating some team spirit. So unless it makes a big difference financially or unless he wants to go I suspect we will keep him.
  5. Will be able to earn a packet over there.
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