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  1. He’s what we’ve needed a real battler but with a bit of FF style quality too. A steal and after the Cardiff game he looks like one of the first names on the sheet. Just a shame it’s taken about 5 years to sign this type of player
  2. Had the officials done their job then he’d have been right as we’d have ground it out. But when Nuhiu came on no one was running off him and it became pointless. FF would’ve given us more on the counter but we were generally wasteful
  3. I thought he’d be a bomb scare at the back but he was quality on Friday. Calm on the ball and won some difficult headers
  4. If Bannan is playing then I’m not sure you can really accommodate them both without losing presence in the middle
  5. Not sure Winnall needs to leave. He’s missed a few chances but he is fairly lively .
  6. A powerful centre forward is probably the priority. Fletcher will miss games. Wingers and full backs after that and possibly some more height in midfield. These are more likely in the summer
  7. He does tend to do well in this league, like Rowett seems to get his teams organised and playing to their strengths which gets that extra bit from them. Been impressed with his interviews so far, seems to be a real thinker but must condense that down to basics for the team. I like how he looked at the stats for how playing it out from the back as a must generally loses possession and sacked it off. It’s what killed us last season.
  8. Be interesting to see if he can keep it up, was worried he’d be a bit Reda Johnson and give pens away. I think Thorniley is probably our best prospect at the back in terms of potential anyway
  9. Rhodes’ body language is appalling and has been since he missed a penalty at Leeds. Not up for it one bit and stuck in a rut. Didnt seem to be the case at Norwich. The power of the mind and all that
  10. Corry was always too lightweight and one of those players who would be excellent when the conditions suited but perhaps not in a battle. We’ve had many players like that. He clearly wasn’t treated well here but nor was he pulling up trees in the lower leagues
  11. Hopefully Fletcher can be for us what Wood was for that Leeds side.
  12. I think they made the wrong choice to be honest. Possibly put off by DCs way of doing things but at most big clubs you cannot have final say so that’s part of the culture shift for them if they want a big job. There needs to be a guard if they decide they want to sign up half of league one. Theres something wrong at Huddersfield and it’s got career staller written all over it. We provide a much more stable platform for progression. However, if they stay up you’d expect them to do ok in the future
  13. No, otherwise that’s what I’d have said. But if I was Winnall I’d be doing my ends at my agent if I wasn’t getting a game and by proxy our new boss probably knows that.
  14. He’s never had a fair crack here and it’s interesting he gets one now his gaffer shares the same agent. Fair play to him though as I believe he is easily good enough
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