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  1. Bluesteel

    Heard it’s Pardew

    Folks at West Ham said that if he was made of chocolate he’d eat himself
  2. Bluesteel

    Alan Nixon

    I can see that. But being too open with these things on an official basis doesn’t help when it comes to negotiating future deals I suppose. We will be in dialogue with the EFL and it’s much harder for them to expect us to cut costs when half our team is either injured and we have shown an intention to prevent any appearance monies, move others on and build a more youthful and cheaper squad for next season.
  3. Bluesteel

    Alan Nixon

    We still have to pay them. If it’s true about a contract extension then we need to reduce losses to avoid further sanctions. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are working to an EFL action plan to avoid the worst of it.
  4. Bluesteel

    Alan Nixon

    Because we’d have bigger fish than the EFL all over us. With losses of 20m plus a season if you don’t have funds you can’t pay wages
  5. Bluesteel

    Alan Nixon

    The irony is that villa actually had a funding issue. We don’t, it’s just the football leagues rules which make it feel like we do.
  6. Bluesteel


    There is truth in it. But whether it happens remains to be seen. I think we’re in a tight spot in that most of the more “exciting” candidates would probably take us down but if we stopped up they’d be more attractive in the summer.
  7. Bluesteel


    We had an interest him weeks ago. So I’m not sure what happened since
  8. Bluesteel

    Alan Nixon

    It could well be Bruce, if he wants it. Will be interesting to see what Nixon says i think he’d do a better job of engaging with the supporters. His teams don’t always have a clear identity from what I can tell, but in terms of experience and someone who can communicate relatively well with the media it would be a step in right direction.
  9. Bluesteel

    Adam Reach

    Like it or not he’s one of our fittest and most consistent players and our hopes rest on him. Brunt was very similar by the end of his time here.
  10. This has become an issue of fans vs manager and the players are caught in the middle. It needs spelling out to the powers that be that Jos needs to go, if that happens then maybe the atmosphere will improve a bit
  11. Bluesteel

    JOS OUT!

    Its not only the managers fault, but he isn’t doing his job correctly and he’s also the easiest to change. I used to think he was doing ok and it was more of a need to find someone more relatable but he isn’t getting any organisation into them at all. English based players expect instructions and he himself suggests players should sort themselves
  12. Bluesteel

    JOS OUT!

    Not if their job, however difficult, is to get the most of what they have and fail.
  13. Bluesteel


    We are running out of saviours though aren’t we? We need to keep him fit over Xmas.
  14. Bluesteel

    Two full backs needed

    They have been pivotal for us since CC came here. They were the only width and pace in the side and not much has changed. They could rarely defend anyway but now we don’t even get the attacking benefits. We can get into ok positions but the final ball is lacking.
  15. Bluesteel

    JOS OUT!

    His craic about the fans living in the past is misplaced. We know we are a midtable side. But we are wondering why we are turning into a bottom three side. If anything we are recalling the past before 3 years ago and we know what a basket case looks like.