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  1. Bluesteel

    Fans yesterday

    Rotherham fans when you see them always seem to tap into that Paul calf stereotype somehow. Plus that accent
  2. Bluesteel

    Summer Sort Out

    I’d honestly release pretty much as many as possible including the likes of Baker who are now early 20s and look ok but not top end of this league. Perhaps keep lee over the summer and offer him terms that reflect the circumstances as he is a unique player but other than that we need to overhaul as much as possible.
  3. Bluesteel

    We need a Kieren Lee

    Clare gave us a bit of that briefly. In terms of carrying the ball forward himself. Probably why we were looking at George Honeyman too.
  4. Bluesteel

    Hooper and Lee ...

    I think it will take a good few months to even get match sharpness back. We’ve seen that with loan players here like Stuart Holden who had been excellent pre injury. Wouldnt be surprised to see Hooper move on but I expect Lee might train over the summer and see what happens.
  5. Why the hell would Alan Nixon know how much we are charging? He’s not the psammead. Were going to charge them all £40k a week. In fact they wish we would, just so that they could keep going on about it
  6. Bluesteel

    Jos to Westwood :It's 'financial.'

    I think that’s a fair point but a separate one. Dawson has come on a lot this season and I think it was more of a case of planning for next season when the finances really become an issue. These players need to be ready.
  7. Bluesteel

    Jos to Westwood :It's 'financial.'

    I think from jos’ point of view he was thinking long term. He needed to shave the wage bill and force a few to move on and we can earn from younger players. So in that sense he was right and most clubs think that way. DC seems to have a different approach
  8. Taking nothing away from CC he was great the first season, his cv has been like that, instant impact. He talked well and was part of that fashionable clique of having a complex philosophy and in comparison the likes of Bruce would be seen as a “dinosaur” by some at the time in that mindset. Second season the cracks started to appear and his dogmatic approach was a problem. Had we gone up it wouldn’t have mattered but he became very pessimistic in style for a manager who didn’t want any pace or strength in his side. Since then we’ve basically been hamstrung within the rules and as CC slowly lost the plot and the derby, that was the first glaring time that we needed someone to come in and take charge. Luhukay wasn’t the man, neither he nor Carlos would be open about anything other than the coaching side. As matters got worse the silence grew. Bruce, like Laws, is a salt of the earth guy who will tell the truth but we know he has been able to perform in those circumstances so his positivity isn’t misplaced. He knows the basic ingredients don’t always cost the earth and I’m just glad we have someone who might do something unfashionable like sign a nasty centre half or a player who can carry the ball up the pitch.
  9. Thats if she actually has the money though, it was debatable if she was a bit of a Sheard up at Newcastle. I think DC is getting signings like Iorfa in now, loans will be free favours, hoping and sensing that as more clubs breach 39m the rules need to change. If not then Bruce has to work on a shoestring which he is capable of.
  10. Bluesteel

    Just dawned on me...

    I agree with this, particularly with luhukay who was a personality vaccum. We needed a figurehead and communicator to relate to. I thought CC was great at first but after a while he said the same things and both previous managers would only talk football. Bruce takes a wider remit. Nonetheless, Brucey bingo does apply and we will hear the terms “we will dust we selves down and go again” a fair few times!
  11. A club with our heritage being bought by Red Bull would be criminal. Even if they gave us a blank cheque.
  12. Bluesteel

    Winnall to Sunderland ?

    It would be a good signing for Sunderland but he does need games and could break down again. I hope he gets his chance here
  13. Bluesteel

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    Shrewd. I think he might’ve had an injury but was representing his country a couple of years ago like lees when we signed him. Tall and fast full back who had been linked with the top division. Better than what we have
  14. Beggars can’t be choosers. We have a relatively solid side but no pace
  15. Bluesteel

    Sam Winnall to go on loan ?

    Whilst he needs games, we should give them to him here. He’s a different player to what we have, nippy, quicker of thought not sure why we keep pieing him off.