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  1. Just a rumour...

    I’m not sure Haslam and Thompson would be Chansiris style I’m out
  2. I think DC is getting a rough ride. The committee idea was a bad one and it was rectified. Half the managers people want wouldn’t work with a committee. He appointed CC and funded improvements to the team. Many owners try this and do not achieve two playoff near misses. His tinkering with the kit, badge and failing to deliver a new kit is bad, but in the context of the wider success I can give him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t agree with the pricing but it is only an issue if the team isn’t up there. He has to make the right decision now though as we are at a crossroads. Whoever is chosen needs to be allowed to manage recruitment
  3. Michael Vaughan

    What position does he play?
  4. He probably would be for any club that is the underdog. I would expect him to pop up elsewhere and do well as he did here initially. But there is a lot of baggage associated with his tenure now and the mood around the place reflects that. When it gets to this point it’s hard to turn it around.
  5. So Much For Being A Man Of His Word

    It was finely balanced in the summer, but I thought stability was needed and that we had the opportunity to kick on and change a few minor things. We’ve done neither. Whats worse is that I don’t think the league is as stretched this year in terms of clear quality. The teams who have been up for the fight are the ones at the top, the idea that footballing quality will shine through seemingly doesn’t apply this year when you look at the table. It’s about earning the right for the points and we haven’t done that enough. Carlos is talking about working on things but he has worked on them for two to three years and we are still unable to deal with the worst sides in the division. He is an underdog manager and would probably get the likes of Brentford promoted, but as soon as we are expected to show up, his teams don’t.
  6. It seemed after his home debut goal that he had found the perfect fit. But since then nothing has gone right for him here, the last two years seem to have been a real crisis for him.
  7. Something isn't right

    This is more akin to Arsenal losing at teams like Watford. Something that happens more often than it should whilst the manager pretends it isn’t a big issue.

    And a pint glass full of wine
  9. Some of the stuff people say about him suggests distorted memories. We used to start games really slowly under him too
  10. Interestingly, the club he works for now have the same King Power owners as Leicester

    If Allardyce was interested then we should do everything within our means to make it happen. Would likely mean a change of operation for the chairman though.
  12. It’s a bit like when Dave Jones used to tell us that no one could do any better than him. Then Stuart Gray proved him wrong quite emphatically. All managerial changes are a roll of the dice, the only logic to it is whether the manager can work with the current squad (something Birmingham ignored) in terms of general play style. But after 3 years of the same issues cropping up and no signs of improvement, it starts to look quite illogical to keep doing the same thing.
  13. Wildsmith

    Wildsmith has looked more confident than Dawson, but away from Home the defence lacks organisation as he seems a bit unsure. I agree a loan is a better idea and we could use a more experienced back up.
  14. Jordan Rhodes

    Presumably he is injured now in any case. Typically we loaned Winnall out and FF is injured, so that leaves Hooper, Fletcher and Joao. It would be a great chance for George Hirst if we weren’t cutting off our nose to spite our face with him.