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  1. Given most of them have big questions on their fitness we will struggle to move many of them on. Winnall, if he’s desperate to go, was a good opportunity to raise some very good money and even he got crocked. I don’t think we will see as much movement as we might expect.
  2. Would we have gone down if he didn’t score that? I can’t remember!
  3. Used to love match magazine when I was younger, I remember this one along with “Collyoakes” and “Dans Pet Rescue”
  4. I think all this stuff about the game moving on is rubbish. It’s a combo of Rhodes losing confidence, being played as the link man and us not creating as many chances as we possibly could. When we have created chances he hasn’t been as lethal as we’d hoped, in some cases he has missed some easy ones. So as much of this is on JR as anyone else. But I can’t help thinking that he will go on and do well somewhere else.
  5. I Could Watch This All Night Long...

    Yep if it’s done randomly it can catch them off guard. In terms of fouls, how about the push on Venancio by Wilbraham for Bolton’s equaliser, it was the most blatant shove and jump you’ll see. So perhaps we deserved a bit of leniency here. I think centre halves should be able to cope with that, too many of ours are not big enough which is why I’d have a look around before signing Venancio.
  6. He did ok the pre season just gone. Then he missed from a yard out vs Sunderland...he seems to have lost confidence
  7. Traders need access to Dixxxooonnnnns
  8. Joao and who.

    4 2 3 1 would suit us I think, especially as Hooper, Joao and FF benefit a bit deeper and wider, they could play in the three as could Bannan.
  9. Another great day at leeds

    I don’t think we were very good, but it was an improvement on some recent games. We are still very open at the back. A few people mentioned Heckingbottom for the job here but as we are seeing at Leeds so far it may be too much for him.
  10. Another great day at leeds

    I remember a game at Hillsborough when a blizzard hit and it was a key relegation run in game against Palace, Warnock might’ve been manager. We were 1 up until the last kick when a shot seemed to loop up in the air it was just about visible in the snow as it went in. I don’t think the palace fans could even see it and all you could hear were seats snapping back up into position as fans stood up and left in an eerie huff. Hopefully that moment was as surreal and frustrating for them as it was for me that day!
  11. Nuhiu

    We did and other than the 4 year contract I think that was fine. Fletcher is more consistent in front of goal and offered a more tall aggressive option than Hooper and FF. However I think when Nuhiu comes on, you can still see that he even offers something different to Fletcher given that he is just a giant. He has that awkwardness you can’t really deal with. We are committed to Fletcher for another 2 years and it’s unlikely we will be able to move him on so Nuhius future will depend on whether we can afford him.
  12. It should be, but given the reliance on the same 11 who are now all burnt out and the poor showing offered by the backup players he signed, it speaks volumes.
  13. In terms of his goals to games ratio it probably is, but under Gray I think he scored more. Needs a few more to beat that.