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  1. Bluesteel

    The future of Joao

    Was not a fan of his prior to the season just gone, lacked any fight. But this season something seemed to click, like he’d matured. He looks a very good prospect now, at least when he has space to run with the ball. I think he could still improve in certain ways as some games he doesn’t fancy it and doesn’t get across his man/waits for a ball to find him/hides behind the defender (Boro away a case in point). Would be good to offer him an extension though based on what he has shown recently
  2. Bluesteel

    Clare rejected us??

    Yeah, which suggests it’s personal!
  3. Bluesteel

    Clare rejected us??

    Yeah, they are all factors as you say. But proving yourself capable by playing first team football helps determine market value also. The club should’ve swallowed its pride and got Hirst playing somewhere regardless as it would’ve boosted the cost at appeal.
  4. Bluesteel

    Clare rejected us??

    I don’t think it will be big money, but his first team breakthrough and goal coupled with his experience in the lower leagues will all count favourably, arguably moreso than Hirst who hasn’t played senior football. I just can’t see Gillingham paying even a few hundred grand for him.
  5. Bluesteel

    Clare rejected us??

    Whoever gets him will need to pay us, so I think that will rule out the likes of Gillingham.
  6. If we play various formations including 532, 4231 or 433 then it will see some of these players being used differently rather than 8 vying for 2 spots. For example 4231 (supposedly Jos’ typical formation in Germany) you could have Nuhiu or Fletcher as the centre forward and any of FF, Joao, Matias, Hooper, Bannan could arguably do a decent job in that role behind.
  7. Agree with that, its about finding the right mix. But if you go far back enough for many of the championship players they have usually played at a lower level at some stage.
  8. They’re not journeymen just because they’ve spent time there. You do need quality but players like Mendez Laing, Shaun Morrison, Leon Clarke have all surprised this season. Players like Calum Wilson, Sam Clucas, Kieren Lee and James Maddison taken from league one. We can’t afford to buy these players from the championship at the moment so picking one or two up at the early stage wouldn’t be a bad idea. Of course there are plenty of flops too, but that’s the gamble, it’s making sure you don’t rely on them.
  9. Jay Fulton is another one who does that kind of job. Was on the fringe at Swansea
  10. There has also been suggestions the club might’ve cancelled a loan whilst his future was undecided. That reduces the amount of evidence to present at tribunal where they estimate value based on games and goals and what open market would be. I know tribunals are different which is why I think anything we get from them for Clare and Hirst will be dissapointing in comparison. They are usually worth six figures based on past cases but heavily laden with triggers so you don’t get much up front.
  11. Yeah, but if he did the job like McGovern did that would be forgotten.
  12. The market is inflated, if a young English player has a good season he is worth six figures easily. Hirst probably could have played this season but there was a fall out there. We should’ve played him or sent him on loan to boost the tribunal fee
  13. Yeah, probably a dissapointing one!
  14. Bluesteel

    Harrison Reed

    Presumably our wing backs and attacking mid players will do most of that. Hutchinson’s distribution isn’t as strong as some of the others but having someone to stick a foot in gives us better balance. No idea if Reed can do that but that seems to be what the feedback is
  15. So Jos mentioned that we will need to be creative in the transfer market. We’ve had a thread on potential premier league loans, I wouldn’t know about Germany or wider Europe, but how about players to consider in the football league who at face value appear to be doing well. Some for consideration - Sonny Bradley -centre half- Plymouth Argyle - a bit raw perhaps but 6ft 5, scored 11 in 89 for Argyle. Known as being your typical no nonesense centre half. We have younger players to bed in, including Neilsen but I think we do lack a nasty side and having a goal threat and some aggression from set plays would be welcome. Out of contract this summer. Has interest from Scotland and League One but could be worth a shot in this league when you look at the success of flint and Morrison. Omar Beckles - Shrewsbury- another tall and powerful centre half who made the team of the season. Less of a goal threat that Bradley. - Marc McNulty - Tin hat time here due to his blades connections but 29 goals this season. Pretty quick, runs in behind and has that natural knack of finishing that Winnall and Hooper have. In the last year of his contract next year and Sisu like a sale. If we are forced to move some on, he may be less of a gamble than say Marriott who could cost 5 times as much. - Jordan Shipley/Tom Baylis - both started the season in Coventrys U23s but formed part of a decent footballing side for Coventry. Both quite rangy and direct and could be worth considering if Clare leaves as expected. Shipley in particular looked handy in the playoff semis. Jamal Lowe - Pompey - A player taken from non league by Portsmouth and perhaps still under the radar at the moment but evokes memories of JJ, tall and fast. Scored 6 this season, two assists on the final day, someone to work on. In a similar bracket to Adelakun of Scunthorpe or the more expensive Ameobi at Bolton - Carlton Morris - Shrewsbury- on loan from Norwich and perhaps unobtainable/unsuitable at present as the goals have yet to be added to his game. But looks to have the attributes that are popular in the mould of Calum Wilson and co before him. Him alongside Maxime Biamou at Coventry are worth keeping an eye on. Derrick Williams - Blackburn - has impressed at left back/wing back for a couple of seasons. Blackburn may not be willing to sell after promotion but one to keep an eye on. Marcus Maddison - Peterborough- has been discussed on here previously but is a versatile winger/forward/cam who has 10 goals and 21 assists to his name. Probably out of our price range but I think he’s one who could step up and do very well for someone. Whilst I’m not advocating signing too many from the lower divisions, a mix of players wanting to prove something with some experienced quality players could be a good thing. It’s always interesting to see who is on the way up.