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  1. I think he will have another season at Rangers. It’s a safe job, he will likely improve a little on last season and then have the opportunity to move on.
  2. I can think of at least 2 who already have
  3. For Bannan to keep his crown as top dog in midfield he needs to drive forward with the ball at his feet. He’s pretty good at it but seems to revert back to the Carvalhal era of slowing play and moving the ball patiently which is fine in certain circumstances (such as against millwalls ten men) but not ideal in others. Perhaps that’s just what he’s most comfortable with but I think teams are more afraid of the midfielders who can push through the middle AND find a pass at the end of it.
  4. The run in the second half down the left was ridiculously quick. JJ would be strolling around by then
  5. Has a solid win % at all his clubs to be fair to him.
  6. He appeared in the betting this week also? Is he that much better than Rowett to cost us compensation?
  7. Didn’t expect that this season with what we’ve been up against. Just shows how expectations shoot up once you start well
  8. I think it’s a case of job done. We probably played better at Millwall. But when you’re expected to win at home it doesn’t always result in a good performance. How many times have we then raised it against the teams we expect to hammer us?
  9. Only 2 years. Need to get that sorted
  10. He needs more than just games, he needs to go up there and really impress.
  11. If he hadn’t played for us then no one would want him as manager at face value. There are better candidates not getting a look in.
  12. The idea that NUFC were not paying any compensation isn’t true.
  13. Hes just been really inconsistent, but I don’t think we have many if any better than him when he is firing.
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