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  1. Winnall

    Hope he comes back and gets a chance when we change manager in the summer
  2. Bakary Sako

    I suspect we will go back in for the guy at Swansea that we missed on deadline day
  3. "Too good to go down"

    Sometimes those fixtures seem to suit us. As long as Hooper is fit I think we will score enough to keep our heads just above that. It sounds like we will shuffle the pack in January too. Heard Lees could be off.
  4. There was no lack of effort in that performance and I think if we are on our arse now then a few years ago was unthinkable. I think a change is needed as the style of play we have adopted is only tolerable if it gets results and it isn’t any longer. But a bit of perspective is needed.
  5. I don’t think he’s a bad manager, he could go elsewhere to an “underdog” and do well again. But my feeling is that things have run out of steam here and he has lost the momentum he had. Even if the players did play for him tonight his approach no longer works as well and more importantly his dismissal of the need for a few strong and quick players has cost us promotion. Once that momentum goes it is difficult to recover. Players he has remained loyal to and built the team around are now either getting on a bit or not fit enough to last a season. I can’t see him staying beyond this season in any case and given that this season is almost a write off, we need to be thinking about our next move. The Wolves game is/was an odd “judgement day” as the writing has been on the wall for a while.
  6. Doesn't deserve Sack after that

    No one should get the sack after a single game against the likely champions. But he should be moved on for the blindingly obvious reasons that have been present since the derby defeat.
  7. Van Aken

    Reach was our best player. Van Aken gets skinned 1v1 far too easily. After the speech in the summer about needing a player who was good 1 v 1, on the ball and in the air. It leaves you scratching your head. We need defenders to defend first and foremost
  8. I thought we deserved a point from that, it was a typical plucky display that we are capable of doing when we are expected to get well beaten, but unfortunately this time we couldn’t create anything meaningful. We made Wolves look fairly average at times but ultimately they had that moment of quality and I thought they defended well too. As usual we looked comfortable on the ball but it’s then turning that into a threat. We cant get into the channels and really lacked speed or physicality prior to Nuhiu. Van Aken rushes in and gets needlessly skinned each game which is a worry. Thankfully Loovens was calm and collected. Fox struggled with the overlap. Wallace is playing as if his better days are now behind him. Adam Reach was easily our best player, he is coming into his own as we all hoped. I can’t see Carlos going and I don’t think we played like a side wanting the manager out. But ultimately we just don’t look good enough. The injuries are a valid issue but when the squad assembled have pretty much the same attributes (ie light, slow, technical midfielders) we have brought this on ourselves. The playoff losing side needed a different facet to it and in my view only Reach and perhaps Fletcher have truly added to it.
  9. The said thing is he is probably right and DC will keep him regardless
  10. He didn’t agree this a few months ago.
  11. James Wilson - Linked on loan

    He’s been living off a couple of goals for Man U against Hull a few years ago. We do need pace but we have that through the middle with joao. It’s in the wider areas where the priority lies, although that’s probably where we will end up playing him!
  12. I think he got a bit of a surprise coming from Dyches fitness routine to CCs 5-aside training. Not saying that caused his absence though, he didn’t look particularly settled when he did play. Another experienced professional struggling to adapt to our “way of playing”.
  13. Paul Hurst

    Thursty Hursty
  14. Paul Hurst

    Its whether Smith can get enough results though. His Walsall sides sometimes did enough to make the playoffs but Brentford haven’t been any better than us this season points wise.
  15. Paul Hurst

    Hurst would be an exciting choice in the short term at least. It depends if he can handle the step up. Someone like Dean smith is the happy medium as he has stepped up partially already. Big Mick would be my ideal choice though, experienced, has had plenty of success on modest budget, fairly big character. Would keep us fairly organised whilst adding a bit of pace and strength to the team too. Some of the others play nice stuff but leak goals