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  1. It’s those last 3 games for Rotherham. Three teams waiting for their holiday.
  2. Weve had it against Birmingham, Luton, Wycombe and Rotherham twice. Even if we’d avoided one or two of those we’d have a much better chance now. We have really made it as hard as possible for ourselves all season.
  3. With the financial rules that are (in my view unfairly) placed on clubs now. All clubs outside the top division need to adopt a strategy that makes the most of the academy and the second and third tiers of leagues across Europe. Buy young and cheap with the prospect of taking money in. If that money allows a club to recruit more aggressively then that’s great but my concern is that it’s all to balance FFP books whilst the clubs above pick the players they wanted. Shackling the bigger clubs at this level and getting u23 players into this league via stealth to simply buy back and give the feeder
  4. Trouble is, it’s not rocket science yet many clubs including ourselves seem to bypass it.
  5. There are many little moments like that which will add up.
  6. It’s that wierd stage of the season. Could see us all pulling off some results and it will have been those six pointers that cost us along with the deduction
  7. Are they actually out of the premier league then next season as it stands?
  8. We will break off for our own papa Js league with the mackems, Ipswich and Portsmouth next season. Maybe let Bolton in
  9. Sounds like worst of both worlds happens then if PL bottle it and allow them to do it, to retain brand. UCL the sacrifice. Other than the closed shop though with 10 games guaranteed there isn’t much difference to the new proposal.
  10. The game is now run by billionaires who now already prevent other billionaires from getting any kind of foothold. Whether that’s blocking takeovers deemed a threat or placing spending restrictions on lower leagues. Unless the turkeys vote for Xmas and knock that on the head I don’t think anything will change. Ideally a full review and reset would include these top clubs but that won’t happen. So I’d rather lose them than the wider pyramid be continually manipulated to suit 6-12 clubs.
  11. There will always be dominant clubs but even in the early 90s there would often be new faces getting toward the top end of the league and into Europe. Even ourselves and Ipswich briefly. Man U absolutley dominant because they did things right and had money and support. But now it feels like it’s the businessmen behind clubs that make decisions rather than what happens on the pitch. Newcastle takeover for example disappears and outvoted. It’s been about closing the shop so they don’t need to get it right on the pitch.
  12. It’s a rigged competition and has been for many years, gets worse all the time.
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