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  1. Doesn’t look like he’s played much in the last couple of seasons. We need someone who can play 40odd games comfortably
  2. In a 442 you need your rb to be able to defend first and foremost. Like Hunt before him, Odubajo was known more for getting forward. He looks shackled going forward with a winger in front and then a bit exposed as a traditional right back.
  3. Completely agree, we then did the same with Carbone. Both made into toxic assets. Perhaps a bit of xenophobia amongst a club with an old fashioned identity and already starting to lag behind the times. Foreign players were still a new commodity with their fancy boots and their attitude was clearly deemed mercenary disrespectful and “bigger than the club” but in truth that has only got worse since and clubs have probably learnt from us in that sense.
  4. In hindsight he faded maybe a couple of years later and we should’ve taken the money. But we still got good money from Southampton for him. There would’ve been hell on had we sold him and I think that’s the fear the club has had about selling players rather than having plans for a quick replacement or two to better the squad and appease fans. We saw it with the Italians too. Rather than big them up and sell them for profit, the club questioned their character and turned the fans against them so they could get rid at a loss but minimise criticism!
  5. To be fair Danny was a top man manager who got the best out of star talent I don’t see the point of a manager change unless we have a clear better option though
  6. I remember at half time thinking we needed to change something but it was difficult to think what as they seemed to have our number. It was the example of how that team when on it was excellent but also fairly toothless if a couple had an off day. Sometimes less talented players who have that physical presence or a bit of pace just make it a bit more awkward. We saw a bit of that when Nuhiu came on, I think it was the first time they had to deal with our strikers
  7. We were too bothered about our old image as a club and relationship with the FA and it’s cost us.
  8. He made a name for himself further forward and is good at that but he was the best/most efficient tackler in the league before we got him and I think we need someone like that at the base of midfield. He is fit enough to get forward when it matters.
  9. The difference was the solid spine they had to stifle us and then they would expose our weakness to pace out wide with Robertson and Odubajo. They had a few good chances, what never appears in the highlights is that I am sure we had a decent free kick saved from Wallace early on
  10. Despite all that we struggled with a more physical and “boring” team. If we get there again I hope we have learned from that
  11. I wish I’d drank less so I could remember more of the build up (the best bit)
  12. Don’t they sometimes have options for a another year which never gets announced?
  13. Probably a victim of his versatility. But ideally he can play anywhere in the 3 of a 4231 formation. Or wide in a 442. He’s entering his final year though so we might need to sell.
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