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  1. agree with most of this but it was the lack of a real physical spine that cost us the most.
  2. Pace, aggression and strength in the core of the team is a must and goes a long way in English football. You need that bit of quality on the ball too of course but it’s something Carvalhal refused to acknowledge. You can’t do it with technical players only. When you win playing flowing passing football it’s as good as it gets. But likewise going to Burton and getting bundled over isn’t fun either. This approach is much more consistent and harder to deal with.
  3. He made an impact as he does everywhere but couldn’t keep it going. I think he lost his touch with most of the squad who are still here. Whilst 2015 was great I am enjoying the more pragmatic style of fast wingers, big centre halves and powerful strikers. I think that you don’t need to play as well to get a result because you’re just an awkward team to deal with. With a passing side you have to be on it 100% each week for it to churn out the wins. also, imagine if Garry Monk was on the radio touting himself for a job abroad. He’s shameless for it
  4. like Bruce before him I think he just keeps it simple, plays to our strengths and doesn’t get dogmatic about playing the ball/game in phases (CC) or out from the back (JL). The issue with this team has always been the mentality when we were about to achieve, it’s debatable whether we’ve solved that given all the late goals we’ve conceded from winning positions.
  5. Like Rowett he is very good at getting that extra 10% out of the team he is managing. It’s just his transfer record which has been questioned.
  6. Not sure someone training with Newport can claim a big wage. Has the physical characteristics we need if he’s up for it though
  7. First half was awful but we shouldn’t have conceded. No corner. Second half we did what teams used to do to us when carlos had us playing pretty but ineffective football. Had the legs on them in dangerous areas
  8. Nuhiu when on form is a decent player at this level and hasn’t he scored nearly 50 goals for us? His problem has always been consistency otherwise he’d have still been playing Europa league football. Instead he plays well to earn a spot and then plays like a drunk the week after
  9. Always to be taken with a pinch of salt. But you can see the change in approach with the newer buys and the amount that will be saved once the legacy players move on.
  10. Imagine if we sold the stadium and then snaffled some compensation from the EFL. If only. I wonder if we reached an agreement with the former EFL boss only for the new one to fail to realise. It does seem like weve just aired our case to the world though when we should be keeping our powder dry on the detail for the actual hearing
  11. Chansiri pays his bills. Exploited a loophole but might have made a bit of a hash of the chronology? I don’t know. it all seems a bit like the EFL are ready to take out their frustrations on someone after other clubs have complained and we may have given them an avenue to do so whereas others might not. I was under the impression we had an eye on FFP so it’s dissapointing. But ironically the EFL are more of a threat to the future of our club than the owner propping up a loss making industry. They are a joke with their admin style punishments.
  12. A fire sale in January would be closing the door after the horse has bolted. We are charged for previous breaches and I don’t think we can be punished for the same thing again after. I could see us moving a few on cheaply who are out of contract though. Maybe even FF.
  13. He’s been a revelation at the back but we’ve learnt in the past that you need to sell when the big money comes in. Unless of course the points deduction gives us a clean slate. We can’t be punished twice!
  14. Will be handy when the points deduction hits.
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