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Rotherham lads

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6 minutes ago, victorturner said:

I thought DM had lots of friends in the game and that way he would be recruiting lots of young players probably from big clubs to come and play for us. Seemingly he likes to get older players by raiding other clubs at this level who have already performed at a low level and maybe this is the way to get out of league 1 . I am just surprised. 

Remains to be seen. But I think he will hopefully try and do that. If we went down that route alone I don’t think we’d address the frailties that cost us last season. I suspect he’s under a lot of pressure too whereas at say Donny he had all the time he wanted but very little money.


Its really important that we build on this experienced spine with some younger legs our wide. If Wilks came in he’d be quite young still 


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13 minutes ago, parkfieldowl14 said:

Well,You've certainly chucked a Nuclear Grenade on their Messageboard.They've just alerted the IAEA a few minutes ago about a Meltdown.lol

We’d better be careful, they might end up alerting Section 5.

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4 minutes ago, legendaryswan said:

Rotherham Owls should be taking a minimum of TWO coaches from now on, weve really pushed the boat out for them this week.

Statement of intent made boys, no excuses




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