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  1. That's the thing about Wednesday, just when you think we've hit rock bottom, we find an even lower rock bottom I want DC to sell up, not sure Alonso is the man though
  2. We will sign him and then find out he can't play for us til next season It's the Wednesday way
  3. In a team that throws regular crosses into the box, Jordan can be prolific again If Rhodes had played in a Howard Wilkinson team, he would have scored 40 a season
  4. We need to cut the wi-fi to Vaughan's house just to make sure he's not tempted Or kidnap him or summat
  5. We could end up not needing stadia All that is needed is a pitch, surrounded by massive 30 foot advertising boards Or instead of stadia in it's current design with stands that stretch back Just have corporate boxes one on top of the other like Hyde Park flats The die hards could watch the game in total comfort in corporate boxes away from the elements This pandemic is going to change many things I still think a few clubs will go under
  6. A bigger building would be needed to house all United's trophies And I'm not kidding I used to take my son to football training there (in his Wednesday shirt before anyone asks) Their foyer is littered with trophies, there's loads of them
  7. I think we will still go when games are on the traditional 3pm slot 12 o'clock kick offs can do one, I detest them with a passion And night games would depend if my son can take me, if he's working I'd prefer ifollow It's the same with away games, I'm only allowed short distances, like Baaaarnsley
  8. That was my second thought Whatever gets you through the night pandemic, and all that
  9. Oh b@ll@cks I thought after this season, I'd only have one year left on my 3 year season ticket Are you telling me I've got 2 Will this nightmare ever end?
  10. Calls himself a Wednesdayite Get fizzed Just another rat leaving the ship
  11. I don't think Coventry played well In my opinion there were two shiit teams on display It's just we were more shiit than them Does Thompson not rate Patterson? He takes him off quite often and leaves him out in a game where we need a target man
  12. If only they would let crowds back in So we could all stay away in protest
  13. Westwood 4 If Wildesmith or Dawson had conceded those 2 goals they'd have been hammered Palmer 4 Could be useful next season in League 1, being a league 1 player Penny 4 Another Mark Platts, looked like a world beater at a young age, then disappeared up his own arsehole Lees 4 Got beat up by their striker Borner 4 Another one who will be at home in league 1 Reach 4 What the hell has happened to this guy, it's obvious he's going Pelupessy 4 Couldn't take the ball off my wife in a phonebox Hutchinson 4 Looke
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