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  1. I had a discussion with someone on here in January I suggested he's the one we need The expert I was talking to said he wasn't a goalscorer He will get 20 next season, rumour is Portsmouth and Ipswich want him I hope we go for him
  2. Dawson is under contract so can only leave if the club agree to it Who knows what Wildesmith wants And the point is, we will sign a keeper better than both like we did last season And if Wildsmith signs, and we don't sell Dawson, we will send one out on loan to get first team experience like we did last season
  3. I'm quite happy with the retained list I think NML never really looked fit, if we can get a decent pre-season into him, he may be a shrewd signing by Moore I can see us looking to bring in 3 centre halfs, so we may be slow off the mark again, unless we can get Storey and Dean back I also think we will bring in a new keeper, If Wildsmith stays, then I think we will be looking to sell Dawson I presume we will only be offereing one year deals so I don't think Luongo will stay, not sure Hunt will either We need a young hungry striker, some people won't like this but I'd be trying to bring George Hirst in
  4. Not a chance Dawson will be number one here next season
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^This 100%^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I can't understand the love in, he's been a good player for us when fit, but it's time to find someone younger, fitter, and cheaper Moore could have given Hutch another season and he might have been injured for the majority of it We can't take that chance
  6. We did last season BPF, Dawson and Wildsmith We will bring in a new keeper If Wildsmith stays, either he or Dawson will go out on loan
  7. We will sign another keeper and send one of Wildesmith or Dawson out on loan like we did this season
  8. Chansiri doesn't reduce the price of old kits by much anymore When the new kit is out, the old kit might be reduced by a tenner
  9. He was cheap He's our Wiredu How the hell did we get him here We know he belongs here
  10. I think the away shirt is the worst we've ever had In my opinion pink is the colour of pigs and suits the porkies at Sheffied 2 We'll change both shirts again this season Chansiri doesn't drop the prices of old outdated shirts
  11. It's from Toffs If I remember right they have a fitting chart, just measure a shirt that fits you well from under the armpit across the chest to the other armpit, it's a great shirt
  12. I've always bought each season's home shirt, and always worn it too Last season was the first time since I started buying shirts with my own money, that I didn't buy the home shirt I bought this instead It bookends my shirt buying history because it was the first shirt I bought for myself in the seventies It's an absolute classic, blue and white stripes front and back, no silly white patches, and stripes on the sleeves too The club will have to come up with something pretty special for me to ditch this
  13. I've never been in a box, don't know anyone who has to be honest
  14. I've always thought games would be better if keepers weren't allowed to leave their area like in 5-a-side Teams wouldn't be able to condence the pitch by pushing up to the half way line knowing they no longer have a sweeper keeper It would open the game up knowing a team could just drop a ball over the top of a defence who sit high to play offside
  15. Released players don't become available until the 1st of July Loans from premiership teams can take a lot longer There's no point stressing now, nothing will be announced until 1st of July at the earliest.
  16. It all depends on who else is in the division There's not many southern clubs past London in the Championship, other than Bournemouth There's plenty of midlands teams I don't know what the travelling support is of both clubs, but I would guess Bournemouth supporters have more travelling to do than Middlesborough
  17. The fact that the list hasn't been released yet suggests the manager is trying to talk out of contract players in to staying I think wages may be a sticking point, we will probably be offering all out of contract players less than what they were on previously because the deals that are due to end were awarded when we were a championship club I don't expect Wildesmith to stay, but you never know.
  18. If they only played each other then that would make sense Whereas teams like Portsmouth are quite close to Plymouth geographically, but still a great trek for Sunderland Hence Sunderland have more travelling to do than any other fanbase in league 1
  19. Statistics can be used to bend the rules Here we have Sunderland 2nd in the table for away following But someone who benefits from using a different criteria, i.e. percentage, has twisted the facts It's similar to the table put out earlier in the year where we were well down the list because we were selling just over half of our available seats. The stats had our capacity at 39,000 while our average attendance was around 22,000 Statistics can be twisted to suit an argument We haven't lost to Man United or Liverpool in over 20 years, which looks like a great record until you dig deeper and realise we haven't been in the same division for that length of time.
  20. That was before he had the Desso He's 4ft 7.5 now
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