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  1. Thanks mate much appreciate this was the hardest one of season felt same as last season relegation. I will go again and do stuff during the break and pre season with what players we get in ive got some plans and working on for next season already
  2. Knappers is amazing lad. 3 times he seen us every time Gregory goals. I had the pleasure to do some stuff with him in lockdown and other vloggers.
  3. Ok my point view did not get across as well as I liked then as I notice when when we go against phiscal teams or in our face we struggle a lot It. I take this into consideration next time I do a video like this
  4. Pretty much I think we noticed it more the last 3 season but put a set technical gift players in the leauge one with out a proper unit to help out at times we really struggled
  5. We been missing someone to just sit and boss that midfield think we got the technical players but not the big unit to sit in and not get bounced off
  6. I or no one else should have to justify for like making content on the club I support
  7. It seems like at late that me and others Sheffcam had issues with trolls at the moment so if anyone see any please report or let me know.
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