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  1. If I missed anything please say
  2. Thanks Nev as I said in the video I see both sides but also see both sides being a negative let’s see what happens next year if they cut it again if any other clubs try o think there a lot owners wanting to do what we will be trying to do an emulate it if this works
  3. Thank you, there no clear winner in this just lose I understand our chairman wanting to run it like a business (which is great to hear. At the same time they're doing things for the community of the fans and cutting them off to bring it in-house is not right.
  4. It only update there where and they where my thoughts
  5. I was more saying that it bouns him being a Wednesday both fan and played for the club he been at the club for a while working with the under 18 so him already being part of the club is a good thing. It more just nice to see us using people got a club (also don't know what the club going on with ffp might have been the only choice) You saying that about the academy but we had another good year last year with the academy Ramsdale and Wilkisonoing to Man city you not going to turn that down are ya? With the chance to work with pep and his team. You can't stand in there way with that and you never know might help us in with loans from City. I do see what you mean about the academy it needs a lot of things doing to improve and we could be doing a lot more with. We miss them on them in getting kids to play for the academy I feel. Also, where has he said this about the citing the lack ambition at the club if he has said it I missed that bit. FF was just frustrated by the game and like said getting kicked all over the place and lost his cool and we know he has done it before but will be interesting to see what happens with the FA Yeah we got three good keeps coming up lets get there playing time up The QPR thing is just mental it just shows you that FFP is a joke that doesn't work in the way it set now.
  6. punkyhorrors


    http://priceoffootball.com/tag/sheffield-wednesday/ The price of football does a great job explaining our current ffp and says in that the manager will have no wriggle room for the summer transfer window which is showing. I Kind of like that DC is looking at the club as what it is a business not throwing money at the club like his is plaything. He running the club as a business as that what it is I think people forget that. If we are under an embargo let the kids step up and see what happens there no point in having a youth set up if they're never going to get first-team football. We have shown in the past that we got some good youth player.