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  1. Because I like making them and they help a little bit with my illness and keeping doing things so I dont have too many fits.
  2. Bought it when I went to Amsterdam thought it was quality looking flag and love the design of it.
  3. Not aloud to class it as an attic bedroom due to it not having a door or something like that to be fair what we got told when we moved in. To be fair normally got the green screen up not work out how to do it live stream yet
  4. Nope attic that been turned into an office but still doubles up as an attic.
  5. Thinking of going live on youtube if anyone wants to come watch and chat in live chat join me on my channel
  6. Yep pretty much I watched last year review I did on and it was very simlar season I think with all the contracts talks and stuff I dont think bruce that stupid to not have other players lined up if he dont get some of the to get them to sign and end day no one really knows what going on in the talks at the end of the day seen some people say we offer more wages and less years some saying it 1 year deal and low wages at end the day I can take both sides from bruce and westwood.
  7. Might have that violin solo next season when we got up. No mohawk at the moment so it hat and beard combo
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