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  1. I think bannan is quality and our team relays far too much in him ( that’s not a bad thing ) what it means is we have to raise the quality and style around bannan to bring out the best of him 5 goals and 11 assists last season tells me he’s effective keep bannan add more pace up top and out wide with runners getting up to support aka Keiren lee style and watch bannan pull those strings he’d be causing havoc with how he sees a run and picks a pass. Bannan needs more options and he is key to our success solid keeper solid central defenders solid holding defensive midfielder box to box late runner midfielder Barry Bannan playmaker pace at full backs and out wide Solid forward / target man / goal scorer I’m sure we can all slip names in there and know where we need to be recruiting get those wide areas and fullbacks Improved
  2. What this tells me is we haven’t seen anything of onomah that we can expect yet. A poor manager and then injuries gives us nothing to go on but if Bruce wants to Persue this then he knows better than what’s been served to us before maybe Bruce knows onomahs true attributes and how he can be played maybe Bruce knows onomah will fit in well with next seasons style of play and philosophy and he’s got a major role to play in it and maybe Bruce knows onomahs potential better than us but knows after last season he can get a very good young player on the cheap or maybe we’ve seen the true onomah and Bruce needs his marbles shaking
  3. Decent highlight real that but we’ve all been here before couldnt make out his position it looks like he can fill in at both wingback and wings for me I’m not against these kind of transfers the doom part of me thinks Marco part two but you can’t complain based on his greatest hit reel
  4. I thought we had senior players in them I seem to remember a few years back when we had floro and Co maybe Carlos or pre Carlos days we had them mixed in
  5. Do t they normally split the squad for a few friendlies I seem to remember playing stocksbridge park and Sheffield Hallam either at the same time or same day and I went to Hallam it was halftime the squad and u23s and the other half and u23s went to stocksbridge
  6. And so it should do what I’m saying is anyone that’s come from the academy isn’t on 30k a week they will be on low wages for a first team squad member
  7. Surely the club would just say to his agent he is available to go and then let the agent do the marketing rather than the club putting it on their own website which is imagine in mainly visited by their own fans not prospective buyers anyway that video makes him look a world beater he scores all kinds of goals he’s probably the most frustrating player we have if Joao had fletchers heart he’d be playing in champions league
  8. I can’t see no reason why we consider moving thorniley on from our academy id assume very cheap for a first team squad member I’ve never seen him have a bad game even did a job at left back cam see him having a long career with us he’s out Cb version of Liam Palmer
  9. My gut feeling and there’s nothing to really suggest this is that van Akens time with us is donor limited I think he needs a minimum of loan but I can see him being one of those bizare players that we can get a transfer fee for 1-2 million. Probably go back abroad.
  10. Rumours are rumours we arnt signing them all every chance we arnt signing any or even been in for them regarding cbs my guess is we will go in for hector and another Cb and look to get van Aken out one way or another next seasons pool of cbs lees hector thornily iorfa new id be happy with that too
  11. Not according to Owlstalkers it won’t didn't you know all players legs fall off at 30 we will get 3 years tops out of him on a serious note I would imagine the intensity of training will go up with him in the squad I also think this could be the kind of energy Bruce will go for he is very busy always looking to close down. Does a lot of dirty work but doesn’t have all those limitations that usually come with the role. This could be the type of player that will make bannan actually look better than zidane
  12. Someone’s a negative Nancy bruce says he likes him and wants him back but he needs to speak to Chelsea we rumoured to have sold our ground we need a centre back or two It’s rumour mill season and Owlstalk verdict is hector is not coming back im going out on limb here to say hector will be one of our top targets and we will be trying to bring him in on a full transfer
  13. Surely someone like Fulham will come in for him premier league money, London based and they love pace in their team
  14. If rhodes is not going to be starting next year then these are the sort of deals we need to be lapping up far too long we’ve stockpiled expensive players and kept those huge salaries sat not even making our match day squad we need to start getting these players off our books thankfully releasing a load last year has made huge strides into doing this this gives us a rare opportunity to not only get another potential huge earner off our wage bill and recoup some of the money We’ve already recouped some of few we paid for him in the tune of over a million from Norwich In loan fee plus what ever that 6 figure bonus was so anywhere from 3 million I’d say is great damage limitation hes just too expensive to be sat on the bench or in the stands so let’s cut our losses and get this squad balanced selling rhodes and winnal will be a big plus for us and if we can get a disable fee for Joao too this could be fundamental in reshaping our toward line allowing Bruce to bring in his own forward and getting that strike force down to four again. Fletcher forestieri nuihiu New Speed and Power thats some condenced options for us right there
  15. If he had more aggression in his play and challenges he’d be playing top half of premier league the guy has real quality. Never injured he’s one of those too that covers more ground in a game than you think and always playing 90 minutes versatile and that left foot when in range is worthy of winning any football game. Hes added more assists and goals to his game this year be interesting to see where Bruce plays him next year though i get the feeling Bruce wants quick direct wide men does reach for this mould? Will this be complemented by reach and a quality attacking speed right back? whilst I’m happy for reach to fill in in other roles he’s not aggressive enough to play in centre midfield especially in a two for me and his feet are not quick enough to play behind a central striker I also think he’s not an impact player or a player to be wasted on the bench
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