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  1. What about a cheeky loan bid for Lee grant 4th choice at Man Utd behind de gaer, Henderson, and heaton and in his last year of his contract my guess is they’d rather loan out Henderson or Heaton and keep grant as back up but he’s always been north and might want to put himself in shop window this year, has connections with us and might fancy a potential promotion on his CV
  2. Reach is a classic in how poor we have been to turn over and make profit on a player I bet we could have been looking at 8 million plus the year and year after he had his own goal of the season competition instead he fizzled out and went for free same with fessy and others
  3. Again you could be describing George Hirst there young lad done well through international youth level obviously Hirst isn’t going to break into the English national side there’s a start difference between that and Northern Ireland but at senior level has done the square root of f£&k all I get his young and we’ll thought after but comparing him to Harry Kane because they both play for Tottenham and play centre forward is blind hope at this stage the comparison to George Hirst is the same just at the other end of the spectrum my point is Troy Parrot is going to be his own player and as of yet he’s done nothing really senior 2 goals in 32 appearances Patterson got 9 in 43 last year in a higher league can we afford to be the team that beds him In to senior football or not in our small squad if we had the strike force of 4 years ago maybe but to ask the lad to lead the line? It’s a gamble I think personally I’d like more experience in that role or someone who’s already showed the promise to deliver at this level or lower level
  4. As he actually done anything in the misters leagues yet? Not having ago it just appears he’s a name people get excited about but fails to deliver George Hirst esq!
  5. We say Paterson isn’t that man but 9 goals in 45 isn’t great but when you think that was in a poor team in a higher division with less attacking threat and intent to what we will have this year couple with that he played half of his games in midfield and you can’t rule him out we’re looking for a bit of a s£&thouse Patterson is that I think he can more than deputise in that role if we have to start the season off with him granted we have no depth and you’d rather improve of Patterson than bring in a back up for him Patterson had a knack off bullying and getting the ball over the line surely with what we have around him in league one that would be enough out it this way as worrying as it might seem if Patterson is our number 9 all season starting every game central in a front three I’d expect him to get 15 goals plus it’s only an improvement of 6
  6. That will buy him 4 months before they realise remember big Daves debut and odd job couldn’t leave his boots as a footballer
  7. You are 100% right with hard hat time especially from one of the most pessimistic fans on this forum this is an obscene suggestion Hirst has literally achieved sweet FA in professional football nothing in Belgium, Leicester, or Rotherham to suggest him to do anything here is bizzare especially his past with us Putting that a side he kid couldn’t lace Patterson’s boots. I’m still questioning if he has a level above youth in him or if he’s another “ had so much potential but did nothing guy” he needs to drop to conference to prove he can play with misters
  8. Here’s a list off free agents according to transfermarkt Anyone anyone think might be realistic on a free before it’s here or the loan market https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/spieler/vertragslosespieler/statistik/1/plus//galerie/0?ausrichtung=Sturm&spielerposition_id=14&land_id=alle&altersklasse=&wettbewerb_id=alle&seit=alle&yt0=Show
  9. There is a difference in realistic and pessimistic
  10. Charlton was front runners for him a few weeks ago with interest from blackburn Middlesbrough and Rotherham I’d like to think we can offer him first team football as a regular in an attacking side so he could be our main man but if he wants to stay down south think charlton would knock it can’t imagine he’d be on a fortune up until last season he’s had a non career in the non leagues and lower leagues at 26 and on the bank of last season he’s going to want best contact he can I’d imagine but I’d margining financially should be well in our grasps and we should defo be in for him as one of two strikers needed
  11. Think we will be in for another 4-7players GK CB LB CM Winger CF CF priorities in order for me would be CF CF winger GK CB CM LB we need depth in attack to mix it up change the game cover form or loss of it and the obvious squad issues like fatigue fitness and suspensions
  12. Looking forward to kitting my kids out in these one boy one girl I actually don’t mind both, Cam we get a decent sponsor for the front now
  13. Have you heard his interview on radio Sheffield sounds like Moore had quite the effect on hunt signing saying how he’s wanting him as a senior pro because he’s brought in a lot of youth Goes on to say what Moore wants from him and how they are wanting to play attacking possession football which plays to hunts strength offered him a one year deal to have a crack at promotion with a further option that way both parties get to have a feel for what’s happening before extending hunt spike highly on what Moore had to say I very much think Moore had something to do with this and why not maybe it was an agent call that came around quite quickly but I think Moore knows that this will improve our squad and how we can play
  14. Always like a good punky video its my guilty pleasure now im addicted to these
  15. I bet you still find something to moan about when we’re challenging for play offs or better though despite thinking avoiding relegation is our best hope Jesus wept, this squad is still growing and it already shows a cut above half of the division granted there’s areas we want to improve like everyone Put it this way we will be closer to the top of the league than the bottom of it
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