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  1. Can all the governing bodies just ban them from their respective competitions now if so it would be an independent league with nothing to play for and will soon dissolve also who would sign for them if it becomes a pointless league or hit every club involved unsustainable fines stripping their finances and relegate them to the lower leagues
  2. I’m not sure chansiri could give this club away for free at minute when he bought us the club was on the way up now- transfer embargo’s huge crippling debts, most of the squad both senior and youth are out of contract we’ve sold the stadium, and we’re heading towards league one if he bought us for 30 million we must be worth minus 30 million now
  3. Strikers needs chances to score goals goals give strikers confidence strikers need to be on pitch to convert chances myth or mystery?
  4. It’s time to give up pal delete all accounts, throw away all evidence of Sheffield wednesday remove all associated friends from Wednesday take up fishing or something if a 5-0 out of this season upsets you the most it’s really game over for you. Just don’t do it to yourself walk away if we’re in league one next season we might hit a few of those results I wouldn’t want it sending you over the edge
  5. EFL are are bunch of one-a-bes that abuse their power, they are like clueless dictators that over police. I get having rules within our justice system but over ruling that is just ridiculous and does nothing for improving the game or the clubs
  6. Apart from having no squad left next season Going on last seasons cut back premier league prices for premier league quality chansiri will be announcing an affiliation with the dog and duck and signing their over 35s tap room team
  7. Think having our points deduction reduced will have upset a few at the EFL we need to be whiter than white for those clowns not to Throw the kitchen sink at us what do we do........ ........be the last team in the world to file our accounts
  8. Think we will fall short with Wycombe and Coventry that said the teams we have to play have very little to play for so we might get an element of on the beach going through the motions performances and is turning them over our last three performances have certainly giving us belief we need to follow today up with a win against qpr and then I’ll start thinking differently don’t want a red card dodgy pen own goal or nearly ifs and nuts results just a win
  9. Yes it is your an appalling customer try be more supportive and stop damaging the club
  10. That will change when we beat Cardiff
  11. What’s brought this on pre kick off
  12. Our best manager since big Ron hit the ground running but ultimately fell short no manger before or after have gone close to getting near the premier league and the football has been dire as a football goes best I’ve seen since the 90s yet today’s fan will always be critical managers inherited his squad and were backed and they failed much worse put it this way, with everything that I’ve seen pre and post Carlos id have him back
  13. Got a lot of time for Westwood but unless his wages come drastically down to fall in line as second / third choice keeper ( which it won’t ) them I think it’s his last season with us reasons for this he simply misses too many games to be paid a top earner first choice keeper in our position
  14. Cracking assessment especially him ending up on loan next season again when he’s a free agent. Who’s going to be loaning him out?
  15. Doesn’t ravel play left side of centre midfield ( banans position ) I know BB hasn’t been on his best form as late but it still seems a hard call to drop him so where would Ravel play? I’m sure we all think from the bench to start with as Izzy brown as 0 impact from the bench behind the striker? Out wide? One of the Centre mids?, in a central 3? Where’s he fit He’s got flair but it’s going to take him some way to get going I’d think
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