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  1. Does that include loan players that are already st the club one can hope
  2. I’m not going to say anything if you don’t
  3. Ive a sneaky feeling we can pick both Lazaar and aarons up on a steel 1-2 million for the pair, will we be aloud? I can’t see it unless I’m missing something with FFP it might be another loan chelsea will be wanting 3-5 million for hector I’d love all three but can’t see it onomah bizarrely would be the most expensive and probably not for sale and yet this is the one I’m not fussed about
  4. Think we need 17 points at least the quicker we get there the better I’ll have no fingers left doing it the typical Wednesday way
  5. Who’s forgiving those piggy fans ??????
  6. Thanks sounds a real prosect I’ll look forward to this lad breaking through
  7. Feel sorry for lad not played much at all but looked like he put 110% in probably the lack of game time then how he played / the amount he played in that short period over did him I hope he does play and build up nicely and earns a contract I’m sure a good pre-season would have him ready for next year he looked a stand out player in our team and I guess we haven’t seen the best of him I’d love to rob Newcastle if him and Aaron’s they are promotion contenders that hurt teams. If we can get the pair cheap it’s a no brainier
  8. Where’s he play boys and what kind of player love hearing about our young lads and we’ll done Conor, keep it up kidda
  9. Very much had a pig smell to it that still enjoyed it though highlight Sheffield United dropped straight back down mainly to do with the Carlos tevez saga ha ha ha nothing to to do with they wasn’t good enough
  10. could have and should have been player mayor I bet he could have sorted the north of England out he was that influential
  11. I’d have loved to have seen Jo’s coach Van Aken and have a good run in the side with how he made players worse I bet Jos could have had him scoring 8-10 own goals a year Bruce would have converted him to a striker and he’d be what we thought Rhodes was going to be
  12. I remember turning to my mate and saying we’ve signed the championships Steven gerrard on hearing we’ve just landed Darren potter I’m still ashamed of my comment now on the flip side though I did quite like the signing of Barry Horne even though he didn’t play much and he was a pensioner
  13. Instead of parachute payments there it should be written into contracts to bring the payments in line for example if the cost of falling out of the division is is about 80% turnover then this should be the case in salary changes ( but harsh I know ) amother way would be an automatic reduction in salaries 30-40% but a releagation release fee either 50% of what the player was purchased for or if they was home grown / frees then a 2million release fee. Once a club has been relegated they can start renogiation contacts. I would imagine putting players on better contracts and increasing there wages again for those mercenaries or ones that might feel they can do better will be picked up if there that good on the cheap but the relegated club can still use this to rebuild the squad like ways for those the club do not wish to maintain they can look for new clubs and if they are still left with players on high wages where nobody will buy them on the relegation clause that’s just too bad they would have to sell the better players to balance it maybe they can have a slight parachute payment on top of let’s say 15 million over 3 years id imagine this would see the relegated teams forced to balance there books and trade smartly rather than just saying here’s a big lump you have 3 years s£&t or bust
  14. You was playing as a fullback in a wolves reserve team when We met you bruce called you up, he picked you up, he drove you up here turned you into something new we find you later on playing down our right side doing things we never knew you could do. and now your not only a scary defensive beast you go and get a goal or two Dom, Dom Iorfa you know We can’t believe it when we here you haven’t bagged one Dom Dom Iorfa I bet if your a wolves fan you’d be gutted that you have gone but now your here with us to push us up the league and if you don’t get injured I know you will succeed Domonic Iorfa Domonic Ioooorfa
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