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  1. Really should be hearing this I’d take a horrible hit and run right now and get that deficit closer to one but we don’t look like scoring let’s hope a decent team talk changes things
  2. Number 1 is Roland nilsson And number 2 is Roland nilsson And number 3 is Roland nilsson And number 4 is Roland nilsson......
  3. Don’t mind that team if we’re on the front foot would have liked to have seen some injured layers back in the fold hopefully a few are on bench
  4. Love this thread welcome back tinks heres a to a speedy healthy recovery
  5. If you watched the 5 minutes leading up to Patterson coming off every time we cleared our lines it was come back anyway it made sense to put an extra man at back two up top was achieving nothing and we needed more behind the ball
  6. Always looks like he’s just come off a night shift down pit and still battles like a warrior love old shark eyes
  7. Very underrated can do a number of jobs across midfield and the team but this new defensive role Wow puts in a right challenge and can play a bit too hope we go to a more natural 3 at the back again soon though when we’ve players back fit because Massimo dropping in saw the return to Bannan creeping deep early Luongo bosses that on his own so bannan can play higher normally
  8. Let’s hope so, I’m hoping for a few reach specials this year if they keep playing him on the left and his confidence grows
  9. Is it me or every game we play like this the pressure we invite seems to start earlier I swear it will get towards the end of the season we will grab an early goal the spend 85 minutes getting peppered
  10. Keep saying it if we play 3 at the back he is a ready made natural left wing back
  11. Think it’s going to be a very tense season we don’t seem to have the cutting edge yet maybe that comes in time to go and extend a lead to 2/3 goals which means we are always going to be under the cosh in the last 10-15 minutes our efforts are their to be seen and watching games like that I actually feel like I’ve played init especially at the end this season will send me grey but the wins are much deserved can’t help but thinking we need something else that said when our defence is up and running maybe we are set piece masters
  12. Considering our injury Problems and two late additions with little or no training plus flint no first team football of late that could have quite easily been a game where we justified dropped points but it’s the maximum haul and hopefully our squad is stronger next game I thought 11-13 point but with 3 in the bag and 18 to play for that’s a great start potential banana skin avoided
  13. Let’s hope marriot can form and understanding with him and be clinical because Patterson literally does all the hard work a complete and utter pest soft penalty but his drive to get anywhere near ball won us that mom for me
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