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  1. Man City play with one up top what do you suggest with the pool of strikers available any two from attey winnal and rhodes? we also played two up top for those three games at Christmas, how did that work out? formations mean nothing if you don’t have heart and fight and christ we have terrible options to start up top
  2. I think what this comes down to is consistency and mentality we have a squad full of talent but we don’t have the mentality to compare how we play to our noisy scrubbers across the city they are light years ahead wilder as built a team full of nobodies but they all have the win or die trying attitude in them to fight for everything with a manager of the same ilk they give it everything we only do that in the big games I believe we have the right manager in charge I don’t believe he will have the time to turnover this club to be that promotion winning Leicester team or wilder team (shudders) it would take at least 4 transfer windows or 2-3 summer windows it needs to run through the club, to have the fight, togetherness, passion. Players need releasing and replacing with heart and bottle a bit of talent in there and you can coach the rest having weak players who don’t want to play or declare themselves unfit not guts or heart players like abdi questions over westwood and FF we changed our culture and ended up with two many fancy dan premadonas and we need more warriors we need more fletchers and borners this is not a quick fix managers don’t get time to have a long term plan and monk will effectively be gone before Christmas after 1 decent summer transfer window and the cycle continues the club need to identify a culture they want and stick to it no matter who is in charge managers like Carlos could never manager a culture I’ve spoke about thats why we have the one we have today
  3. Yes I completely agree it’s all over transfer window may as well be shut there’s no more games to win points out of let’s sell the club wait no the world as come to the end I get your frustration but Jesus wept chansiri needs to be telling his recruitment team to work harder I don’t even know what monk can do with that lot today can you drop them all?
  4. Game plan went out of the window on the sending off already trailing it was going to be tough when Dawson made the save it hit the wood work hit him and went in it was going to be one of those days still many of teams have been a lot more stronger and resilient with 10 men and at home the score line and manner of defeat is unacceptable monk as asked for three attacking players to bolster his attacking threat with a full time recruitment team, scouts and negotiators Im dissapointed we haven’t identified and negotiated these players we have a month to sign them but a whole year to work on the deals so I’ve no idea what they do for rest of the year i understand that we have to wait on many deals because other clubs are waiting for players coming in or keeping their options open but deals are getting done and we have already let two go so I don’t 100% buy into we couldn’t have strengthened by now Monk needs his attacking options I said in a pre match thread that we look weak uptop and apart from Harris our bench doesn’t look like it could be positive if we are to trail a game and need to change it the need for at least 1 striker and FF is a minimum I’m not going to be in the doom and gloom brigade today but this and three defeats over Christmas the loss of fletcher means that the club should have stepped up all efforts to move quickly and swiftly to stabilise our squad and results and thus far they have failed if rumours are true with the wickham deal if we’ve really dragged our heels in our situation and allowed other clubs to come sniffing then we deserve to lose out
  5. It’s a risk element how do secure such guarantors and how do they currently Persue international investors that are always investing into British projects there must be current measures in place I don’t know if you can monitor it on the quarter accounts and punish owners if they’ve agreed to act as Guarantors or investors if say their accounts if proof of funds have dropped below their agreed levels i suppose you do a FFP on the owner not the club
  6. It’s been poorly put together and governed previous chairmen were racking huge debts up against clubs and then leaving them in financial turmoil by either pulling out or not having the finances to pull the clubs out of it for these reasons I completely agree with the idea of it however wealthy chairman that are wanting to invest their own money should be able to if they can guarantee the clubs will be sustainable if they were to leave so if chansiri wanted to gift the club money and take dividends back up on the promotion to the premier league then it should be allowed if he wanted to increase the wage bill he should be able to gift the club the working capital over the a set period or act as a the guarantor for that period that way if he pulls out the club are still safe untill they can reduce the operating costs back to the original or sustainable level the EFLs rules means chairman have to find creative ways to inject cash in to the club to enable them to invest selling grounds sponsoring shirts and stands making up new bull revenue streams it’s all nonsense if wealthy chairmen can provide financial funding and act as guarantors they should be able to its their money
  7. If the EFL put sanctions on clubs and we take them to the high courts for unlawful action and win then the EFL could be paying out 100s of millions in compo for potential loss if earnings these cases will be complex but it seems the EFLs days of playing god judge and jury and the incompetence of their rulings and governence could be about to bite them in their self royal back side then can throw this rubbish about with little clubs but there rules prevent wealthy chairman from progressing and I don’t for one minute think there competencies against chansiri and Derby’s legal teams will hold up there walking a fine line and I think they will get rinsed in court these unqualified jokers have been governing the football league and got way above their station it’s about time their incompetence because accountable instead of them trying to play judge and jury
  8. Congratulations on winning the award for the most brain dead post of the year how on earth have you come to the conclusion we have only been concentrating on singing this lad despite all the media reports linking us with your “here and now players” and Garry Monk himself repeatedly saying we are looking to sign three attacking players plus indicating we are in for players but nothing concrete yet you take an U23s signing as we’ve only been concentrating on that and no other you need a dr my friend
  9. Other scouting Viewing networks also available
  10. Does anybody else think He has the hallmarks of a young FF maybe if we’ve got him young enough we can protect him better and train him not to be so controversial also do you think now he’s registered he’s the kind of player we will see feature against QPR in the cup or is it a little too soon at 20 I can see him being one we are looking to be around the first team training, i would wager he’s only going to feature in the U23s this season apart from maybe the cup train with the first team preseason and maybe a cheeky lower league loan and 21-22 season or back end of 20-21 season could be his break through it looks like we’ve paid a small fee for him so to bring a foreigner across having paid for him at 20 years and having a good look at him on trial first I can only imagine the clubs have serious Aspirations of him progressing to the first team the happy clapper inside me is telling me we could have landed a future 10 million Pound player I see nothing bad in this signing good luck lad and welcome
  11. It’s a leading role in a team where the person has to make all the running and tire the opponent out with its physical strength weakening and loosening the opposition to make it easier to score they spend most of the game battering away. The next striker comes on and then finds it easier to score Winnall did a fine job of this against Leeds he unselfishly spent the game fisting them only for big attey to come on and reap the awards from the tiring holes left in Leeds defence it’s a thing of beauty you can find many examples of this on red tube
  12. Out of everyone we’ve been linked with he’s my favourite standout to play not only the fist her role but in a front two I would be happy if he was our only business I’d actually prefer this than monk getting 3 if they are only going to become squad fillers that it ok but not make too much a difference a run of games in our team and wickham would be on fire an easy 10 goals before end of the season
  13. Hearing that Forrest are now in for him, it was only a matter of time before someone else was linked could he agent talk could be gonads could be both even they we was ever interested but I’d be disappointed if the reports are true that we was in for him and lost out trying to get too good of a deal. wickham would be immense for us and if it comes down to 25k a week in wages palace want us to pay ( rumours ) in our current situation with strikers I’d be disappointed we lost out. I’d also go as far as agreeing to one of Nixon’s tweets someone posted earlier when he said I don’t know who were going to get better for less
  14. Said it earlier our advisors will be trying to drive the best deal here I’m convinced we see CW in a wednesday shirt come feb
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