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  1. You understand that we have an over reliant attitude to play everything through bannan when he’s in the centre and that first season under Carlos we played as a team spreading the goals and workload across the squad our team is better when bannan is on the left we play better as a unit when he’s in the centre it’s like the Barry bannan show, we look for him all the time
  2. I’m sure even for 10 million we could go and get another winger plus someone like Gayle I’m up front if we could off load Rhodes too even give him to Norwich to balance the books we get that speed up to 4-4-2 with fletcher and Gayle up top you could even go with a midfield two of Hutchinson, lee, or luongo and play bannan left and Harris right ( is still go and get another winger )
  3. There was plenty of reasons mainly over playing kids and banishing senior pros from the first team. Complete inept and far too stubborn to change. Quite possibly our worst appointment as a manager in the clubs history
  4. Think fletcher is more effective with a partner they get to reap the rewards of his hard work I don’t mind playing 4-4-2 too, I think we have better shape my concern is and it’s the same whatever formation we play when we are not creating or finding a way through we seem static. We need to be better and finding away through and testing keepers more it’s like we never have a plan B against huddersfield whilst we didn’t have a huge amount of a chances we seemed to have created enough chances from different ways which was much better
  5. I’m a Jos believer too in the sense I believe he hasn’t actually ever worked in football and he somehow blagged his way into our club like that whole Georga weah cousin thing and souness thingy years ago
  6. Fletcher will get around 15 goals plus this season the guy is a complete workhorse I bet even the biggest of defenders know they’ve been in a game when they’ve played him I love him give him another 2 year contract it’s not like he’s going to lose that yard of pace
  7. Sam winnall scoring whilst playing in a front two shouldn’t be a shock to any of us I’m chuffed for him he’s always had passion and a desire to do well 442 could work for us
  8. Bullen is the coaches version of Semedo you don’t let that attitude, dedication and effort leave your ranks it’s infectious. It was either back bullen with bringing in more backroom staff or bring in another manager and his backroom staff and let bullen return to his coaching room bullen will be key players, club, staff etc and shouldn’t be underestimated. However if bullen has ambitions of being a first team coach/ manager there is a time when he needs to go and rest himself in that role with someone and I’m guessing when that opportunity arises for him it maybe his time He’s part of Sheffield Wednesday and will always have a role for me
  9. Bruce was reshaping the club on all football matters he had a vision and philosophy and plan for the club modern managers are head coaches we needed somebody who’s been around football in this country for a while because I believe the club needs a strong character. We have an inexperienced chairman who means well but isn’t there yet no director of football but I’ve never bought into that role but perhaps it helps our club and no chief executive not that these rarely grasp football matters, Bruce brought in scouts and fitness coaches and started to build us for a certain way. Has Monk got this experience only time will tell there are not many that would have topped or equal Bruce for me for now though he gets backing because poisoning the appointment by not supporting him before he’s had a game is not going to achieve anything I understand the disappoint from some but let’s get behind it it’s done now
  10. Think he’s going to be our best signing this year and considering the start Borner and Harris have had that’s a pretty good signing he’s been unlucky because the teams been winning but he’s nailed on to start against toy town and then hopefully keep his place against his old club
  11. Odubajo, reach, Palmer thorniley can all play there if it’s a transfer bringing in funds I’d sell we need better and I’m sure one will arrive in January or failing that penny will be recalled in January even if he turned into Roberto Carlos fox would still get slated by someone here best for everyone to part ways only question is have we got enough cover until January, can we pick up a free transfer for a few months?
  12. I think with all the history and now SAG and the councils latest drama regarding exiting the ground if it’s feesable Noel is a good time to bulldoze the thing and build a new stand designed for the modern age and incorporating all SAGs power tripping safety rules it’s tired anyway with poor facilities I’m sure we can loose that stand for a season and use a section of the north or family enclosure for away fans entry and exit into the ground will need looking at for segregation but I’m sure it’s possible for a season for us to get it completed
  13. I often think it’s an ego thing we want to win football matches by playing out from the back not for me you can do that when you’re three up get the points on the board first
  14. It’s not all about starting every week reach again as proved his worth like every season he’s been here his versatility is key by having him in the squad it can cover around 4/5 positions. There won’t be many match-day squads where reach is not in I think as the season progresses Harris and Murphy will make those wide positions their own and the recognised center mids in bannan Luongo lee and Hutchinson will be used more frequent in the the middle however with Tuesday Saturday Tuesday fixtures, injuries, suspensions, and fatigue I fully expect reach to play more than 35 games in appearances Even if he doesn’t have that one position this year here’s an excellent squad player and I mean that with no disrespect it’s a squad game
  15. Bullen, loovens , Semedo dream team i think if bullen gets gets the job though somebody like loosens could be realistic as they’ve worked together for a good few years and could become part of a management team that moves around together in the future I’d like to think that bullen gets the right balance though and should definitely bring in at least somebody with experience a very good number two would be the best option he needs the best backroom and coaching team assembling to help him achieve like Any manager would
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