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  1. With the state our clubs in I’d let the dinner lady go on a free and let fringe players like abdi and jones brew up
  2. Because you always need to be pushing forward. Even bringing players in on loan can be with a view to buy or players with certain attributes to the ones we bring in will give us time to gel in the way we are going to play new faces keeps the team competitive it keeps the te fresh and it creates a buzz around the place positivity will drive performances by doing nothing we simply bevaome stagnant and go into the summer all negative We don’t need to do much but we need to start rebuilding and refreshing now if we can get a few out ( doubtful) and get a couple of loans in this will be enough even loaning hector for the season I’d like to think we would make this a full transfer in the summer if possible
  3. Hector has a presence in our team having him hutch and fletcher through our middle gives us a bite and makes us physical. It’s hard to play through the middle now if we added pace and a bit more quality in our full back positions we will no doubt be contenders in my opinion
  4. fpowl

    Sam Hutchinson

    He’s missed most in out team for me upthere with hooper and lee when hutch plays we are completely different even with his injuries I’d give him another 3 year deal the lads immense and a complete beast in there
  5. fpowl


    Give fletcher a strike partner or get players closer to him and he’s class we would be giving teams a real tough afternoon When Joao came on and we went 442 our creativity in the final 3rd when up 10 notches absaloute class, again from the the lad
  6. fpowl


    I also think apart from the odd wonder goal Adam Reach offers nothing in centre mid hes not aggressive enough when we went 442 and reach went out wide we was much more dangerous
  7. After his first season I thought we was going to kick on what an idiot I was by far the worst manager I’ve seen I’d have utter garbage and bizzare common sense resumes and we lose 1 in 8 prior to that we win 1 in 10 bizarre
  8. fpowl

    Winning margins

    Thought round 80 mins when we was piling the pressure on for a second at 1-0 it was going to be put luck to concede by some dodgy goal/ decision glad we didn’t we deserved that today
  9. fpowl

    Sky Highlights - Wigan

    Fletcher was aswome again today Still think we could of got closer to him but he had much better today as we gave him more support and was the clear man of the match
  10. fpowl

    More attack please

    Looked much better at 442
  11. fpowl

    February Fixtures

    I thought after the brummy and hull game we could start to fly this wasn’t a given today non of them are but we was much more positive some of the play even though we didn’t get enough shots off until the goal and we went 442 was still positive we played the football in the right area. I think confidence will grow and better performance and results will follow with momentum could we be doing a hull with the run of fixtures Bruce coming in and the positivity of the cup we won’t have a better chance these next games are cruicial everyone will know that and it will give us momentum to finish strong let’s see we could come out of this run 2-4 points off playoffs and then it’s possible but I think we need more pace uptop an option one thing is a given we need to be putting serious points on the table now draws don’t help i think we we will be aggressive and go for it
  12. Think it will get scrapped after the early runners who invest and brake it get big fines we will probably see teams get bigger and bigger punishments and find ways around it some will go bust and start again at lower levels some might get relegated to these levels as it tries to maintain not braking the rules it’s impossible to police unless everyone teams will brake it every year toco Pete get embargo’s and punishments new teams will see this as a chance to compete and brake it I think the gap between the premier and championship will grow we will see more teams with lower budgets compete higher in our division as moral and limited manouvering kills the over spent teams it’s just a farce maybe what they need is to have the chairman’s willing to spend provide guarantees like assets to allow them to compete way i I see it I’d think at least 10 clubs will brake it in the next 5-8 years so how does this work. I don’t know ita only fair If the parachute payments are realistic like you have 1 year to reduce your outgoings to 50% over then reduce this over the years to 25% then brake even this gives them plenty of chances to bring it line but what they do is have extra funds to bounce back thats not right it should be about reduction and bringing them in line with the rest of the league rather that reward and giving them the advantage of better squads and more money
  13. Few points about hutch for me we are a different team when he’s init I think we play much better but onto today there was a point in first half I think where he was going to go through a player and realised he got the ball and took a delicate touch and fooled their man and played a quality ball down line, pure class but the second point that concerns me more he took on two worldie shots well they would have been if he connected right. This isn’t really a grumble my point is what would he have done if he staunched it in back of net. He isn’t equipped to celebrate those goals. He’d would off ripped his own head off and ended his career with the passion he’s got
  14. fpowl

    Line up today

    Exactly the team I’d have gone for today once Boyd has given them no breathing space bringbon Joao to hurt them we need to get closer to fletcher though and put them on the back foot Sam Hutchinson does this everytime we always play higher and get more bodies forward when we have him in the team Wigan are no mugs and have players back now we’re beatting these though 2-1
  15. fpowl


    It’s working for Rhodes at Norwich it suits everybody I’m not sure what he’d bring to our team at the moment and what he could have done for us this season with what we’ve seen all I can see is it’s doing no harm for anybody him being there let Steve Bruce come in and asses this team and have his clear out in the summer if Norwich like him enough and he carry’s on like he’s doing and ends up promoted with them they might purchase him especially with the money they will get if they like him enough but don’t go up they might table a bid anyway if he comes back to us he has a clean slate and hopefully a much more positive changing room and attacking team to have a preseason put it this was I think it’s better for everybody that Rhodes is playing his part in there success it would have been another car crash season for him here and devalued him even more