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  1. Think luongo will and Wildsmith will turn us down luongo for a better move wildsmith for more regular playing time hunt will sign on back of being reassured we are going to be making the signings to improve us Mendez-Laing depends on what offers are sniffing about for him Generally thought hutch would get at least another year he could arguably be put as a player of the season he was consistent through out again maybe it’s just cone down to lowering the average age I also know he can be a strong character ( not saying a bad egg )
  2. Good, that sounds very healthy money thing we know about chansiri is he hacks his managers and it seems we have a more diligent way in spending money maybe because it’s tighter maybe because he’s learned or maybe it’s because we have a better structure and be more settled, or a combination of them all either way I want to see a longer term vision this irrational spending over paying on poor quality and chopping and changing managers isn’t good hopefully this sounds like we can build something long term the end of the season we was playing attractive football ice nothing against with how Moore wants us to play We’ve turned the squad over which we probably need to do the other half this season but the signs are they’re on and off for a decent pairing in them too it certainly looks more positive than it did this time last year
  3. He thought he’d get a bigger move and more money, but then nobody was bothered
  4. There’s a number of reasons, A lot of positives from it and I had a great year and was very humbled. And yes a part of it is cost the world has got expensive in the last 6 months which had put my business costs up and my customers disposable income less. So it would be irresponsible for me to spend the money in the current economy crisis this needs to settle down more and with the likely hood of everything going up again soon in predicted October time. I’m cautious about committing the money that could be used elsewhere there’s loads of other factors too, however I wouldn’t think this would be right to share on here without discussing them with the club first and again they aren’t anything major just personal and opinionated from a customer point of view but what I would say is anybody that his debating it, if you can try it, it’s a positive experience, the staff are loverly, the food is very good especially for stadium and large scale event catering. I filled the box every home game, 10 people in the box a real mix of guests and everybody loved the experience and for experience that’s what it’s about it’s a great way to watch football some people have an expectation that it can be snobby it’s not the case at all there’s some right beer monsters in their and surprisingly you always bump into them on away games too
  5. Make referees and officials have to justify their decisions we see managers, players and even pundits review and give their verdict on games but officials never come out abs give us their verdict. Whilst I don’t claim it to be easy job in my opinion they are over protected in that they don’t have to come out and justify what can sometimes be viewed as blatant cheating maybe if referees got interviewed 30 minutes after a game to review and be able to explain how they come to some awful decisions then not only would they be strudent in making them but we would have more understanding thete could be a weekly show like the football league one abs match of the day where experts speak about the performances/ review controversial decisions with the interviews and praise good officials and performances i also think some rules are daft like only flagging for offside when the player touches the ball or goes through why so late putting the flag up, if a player is offside flag it the ref can then chose to play on or not players could get injured in overstretching or challenging for a ball they don’t need to because they are already off side it baffles me why they play on for this reason rant over
  6. Had a box for the full season last year not renewing this year though will probably just sponsor a couple of select days as a match day sponsor
  7. The club may of offered wildsmith a deal he won’t be on much for what a second third choice keeper will be on but like Dawson, Wildsmith has to be playing first team football now if that’s in league 2 and building his way back up that’s another thing if I was wildsmith and I suspect when Dawson’s contract finally runs down he’ll sign for a club on a free on a 2 year deal as number 1 or the strong position to be number 1 hrs got plenty of years to find his level playing regularly now realisticly he’s never going to be our number 1 but he’s done a sound enough job in making up our goalkeepers for years and that’s come through our academy, now we bring the next young one through and look for a second / first choice replacement hopefully the next youth product kicks on that bit more to be one our number 1
  8. Andy hinchcliffe made only 23 less appearances than waddle hinchcliffe 86 waddle 109 yet one is a legend and one was a flop, they both was at the club 4 years
  9. Just out of interest what did paxo actually advise on we know chansiri said he was an advisor but did we know on what he was actually advising on? it seems to be an assumption it’s to do with transfers ( it might be ) but where has this come from, I’ve never heard of anyone say or link paco to a signing or the negotiations apart from owlstalk ( granted I’m probably wrong as it seems that what he does ) but for all I know he could be a commercial advisor advising of ticket prices, marketing, structure, social media, ground development, I could probs to find out my own answers by googling tbf
  10. Would have smashed that too if we got the allocations it’s a great following
  11. I think differently our decline and the affairs the club as gone through over last few years in embargo’s, youth players leaving points deduction massive drop in league position and relegation as a lot to answer for then you look at what everyone has had to suffer financially not just covid but this year in huge price increases on energy bills, food purchases, fuel general big inflation and look at the attendances not only against anyone else but ourselves it’s the 6th or 7th highest attendences we’ve had in 15 years 10th best since dropping out of the premiership in today’s cost of living that’s amazing I Also think if we had better away teams support we would have increased our average attendances up to be something like 8th best average since the premiership league days that in my opinion is a huge success
  12. How longs left on his contract probably just entering his last year now so is he doubtful if they get more than 5/6 million I just don’t see many teams outside the premiership paying fees anymore in today’s climate either way 20% of 5 mil will cover 2 weeks of losses from the covid season
  13. Like the all yellow kit with light blue shorts like the gold kit we had with purple stripes loved the black kit with yellow stripes and against most on here I really liked this seasons pink shirt I do like a good white kit too infact under chansiri I think I’ve liked all his away shirts
  14. Is that marijuana he’s smoking? so it is true
  15. I can see him being a committed pro but personally apart from a couple of winter months I don’t know what would give us a reason to sign him Even when he was fit he was on the bench more and players like Palmer ( not a critiscm ) we’re selected above him so I’d like to think there is much better options out there that we would look on to step or use it seemed we only favoured big dunks when we had our massive injury crisis, he got injured which was unfortunate to him at the time because he was on form but not for me, dean, that big 22 year old tall lad from is it Gillingham who I know nothing about apart from reading owlstalk, both seem on paper to be the right steps to overhaul this squad and make it much more competitive that resigning dunkley I’d also think with him signing for us in the championship he’d be a big earner in terms of what cbs are paid in this division and that’s ok if he’s in the starting 11 pushing for a promotion but can you see that with us? im not critism dunkley he’s got obvious strengths but he’s be an overpaid underused player IMO and for the money we can do better
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