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  1. How long did it take them though genuine question don’t know it only seemed like a few weeks but the everybody must have know before surely it seems like we’ve just started to get the ball rolling
  2. I don’t think they have enough time to pass the plans put the measures in place get the players ready for competitive football Arrange the fixtures and travel plans and play the fixtures all within a 6 week star and shortening No chance I’d say if it was a green light now it would take 8 week to start playing I’ve no real basis just assumption and I don’t know I’m guessing a bit down the line these preparations are to have started the conversation but less than 6 weeks to mobilise and play your first competitive game seems tight 4 week uncompetitive pre- season? Then back in action maybe but they need to call it soon to get back playing for June
  3. I don’t think players and fans doubt there attitude semedo was a cut above he had a like ability X factor about him such a nice bloke you don’t get that very often especially with egos and lifestyles footballers have he connected to the fans through 100% commitment on the pitch and a grounded I feel honoured personality and love being here mentality. he was like the friendly neighbour next door
  4. Was from an era where we had started with a football committee that seemed to really work that committee assembled a very good team at a reasonably price why it disbanded so quickly I don’t know we’ve not seen the same level of recruitment since last year was a step towards getting back to those levels but I fear this was a large part down to Bruce hopefully We will see fruit of the recruitment team Bruce put together before he left over the summer because it’s going to take another 3 windows at least to sort this team out summer , January, summer
  5. Your blinded if you can’t see what semedo brought to this team he’s a classic that attitude can be worth so much more than talent effort, attitude, popularity in a round the club and you question him being a limited footballer Losing players like him and loovens has been a disaster because how they was off the pitch was fundamental to what got off everyone on the pitch you need 2-5 of these players in ever squad they knit the squad together and have everybody with focus and good attitudes personalities are huge in any working environment and footballs no difference but your right he was a limited player give me 5 semedos over your van Akens, rhodes, bates, anyway. semedos and lovens should have become our squad fillers/ fringe players over any of what we currently have
  6. When running any business you surround yourself with the best staff you can from top to bottom especially in areas where you might not be as strong in if chansiri can not identify financial or performance wise what’s going wrong he needs to recruit those who can if he can’t listen to them or see this it’s his fault the book will always stop at him and it’s not like he’s been at this 6 months now he’s not experienced enough or strong enough to be the pig headed control freek that he is hire a chief executive or a director of football or even both and alongside them you set the vision the budget and the time frame then trust them to execute you put targets in place with reviews to ensure they are on track to achieve and you support them the best way you can as far as I can see we start every season with the words we want promotion and no clue or plan in how to achieve it Bruce was the only one I believed in chansiri a reign ( and Carlos first season ) had a chance of delivering it because he was adding structure and identifying holes in the squad ( pace) that needed to be addressed he had a vision and a plan chansiri has a wallet and dream
  7. Nice to see Lee getting game time played a small part in all three goals too he really is busy and can pop up everywhere that lad
  8. Monks problem is he’s got to get to the summer to have a massive clear out Pretty much all out of contract players will be gone and that leaves a fresh new lot coming in with hopefully the personality’s and attitudes monk wants rest is he open to loans or transfers and this is the problem of monk wants that overhaul he needs to be in a job and he needs to find away of winning soon otherwise he won’t be the man to see it through
  9. They did last year when Jos was sacked and if they don’t improve results the manager gets the sack if he doesn’t play them and results don’t improve the manager gets the sack the manager does himself no favours by losing games but getting beat in them convincingly by the divisions worst sides when he is choosing to freeze players out You can do it when results are going well and performances are ok but when questions start to be asked answers need to be given
  10. Hutch will play again we are not good enough without him
  11. If I remember monk banged on about making the players understand their roles and not over complicating them so all know there roles and what do to he play us to suit the players he as every squad is different and you play to you players strengths fast forward I think monk needs a rethink in his methods or approach to what he thinks are the players strengths because they’ve defo played better than this
  12. It’s pretty simple to me if monk wants to save his job and get to the end of the season where he has a lot of movement to rebuild with the out of contract players he has to turn results around he has westwood and hutchinson sat at home whilst we are getting out played by all the division if this is how he wants to discipline and manage the squad then he has to pay the price if he’s looking for work next year otherwise use what you have and manage then accordingly until you have enough to manage without them if I was monk I’d make a defensive midfielder or two a big target in the summer and play Sam for the rest of the season I don’t want to come across harsh on Dawson he doesn’t look like he’s lacking in confidence but his form as dropped as have the teams this needs addressing either give wildsmith a run or westwood needs to be recalled we can not keep having these performances and results whilst we’ve got two senior pros sat at home it’s the managers choice to exclude them and like jos it cost him his job if they are a problem then you look at the summer window to fix it but the problem isn’t the summer it’s here and now and you have to pick your best 11 or pay the price
  13. There’s billionaires come from nowhere but. I’d imagine there’s a lot more attractive propositions than us to buy in the league or lower and invest to get up the size of the fan base and stadium means nothing these days plus our stadium as history only offers nothing as business here’s A question though If some one did buy would they still have no money to spend due to us being over FFP limits and looking likely to be for the next few years or close to them guess is they couldn’t spend until the business is brought under those limits so they would be buying a business they couldn’t invest in for a few years Barnsley Luton and Rotherham are better propositions for investors rather than us any would be investor would want us to tidy our annual accounts up and that’s going to take another two three years I think chansiri knows this too
  14. Megson is an older version of monk all heart passion and fight these lot need cuddling or sacking off
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