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  1. I’d have actually gone 3 years I was just matching his previous How olds bannan he still puts himself about extremely well inthibk with these it’s a like a Keiren Lee type if your naturally fit you’ll keep going maybe start slowing down a little heading towards your mid 30s
  2. Imagine being a fan of team signing reach and googling his highlight real you would be creaming your pants some of his assists and goals have been nothing short or world class I’m not making out he’s a bad player by no means I want him to sign. He’s never going to break a leg in a tackle or get you a diving header through a crowd of swinging legs but the lads got quality in a delivery and finish that few in this division can match hes always available to play and he gets some miles in on the pitch for me he’s always better on the left
  3. Was it Steve Watson we had quality player even at end of his career but his knees was that shot he never trained with us did the business when it mattered though
  4. Non of those play like Sam Hutchinson it’s like comparing Defoe to Andy Peter crouch They play a different role even though sane position
  5. Maybe not he didn’t train too much under Carlos and performed well maybe he plays 2 in 3 or 1 in two in squad rotation plenty do that snd it’s going to be needed anyway my point stands Hutchinson brings a quality we are Lacking a bite we need he improves our team
  6. That’s it Bannan hints at wanting to stay club withdraw offer and re submit a new offer a quarter of the value He then leaves for free
  7. I mean if your trying to make yourself look like a bit of a muppet you’ve smashed it out of park sam Hutchinson disciplinary record is awful hes had two reds and one yellow in 5 games yes but his last sending off was in 2017 im going on recent form not his career and it’s all I can go on no it’s all you can go if it fits an inept argument but your trying to make it for your opinion plus Sam Hutchinson is a player that will pick up bookings it’s his game and comes with his job role out of interest how many bookings has our other midfielders had
  8. I think you’ll find that’s called acknowledgment and what I took from that is they will be announcing how they are going to engage when they have formalised plans to do
  9. Your suggesting that like either of want to compromise reports suggesting cook turned down Cardiff because he didn’t want to compromise that suggests that cook knows what he wants abs isn’t at a stage where he’s willing compromise yet and who blames him he’s a sought after manager who wants a long term deal on a championship club and the authority to manage that team he’s earned that right he’ll get it too when the right opportunity comes up
  10. Sam Hutchinson improves this squad in my position gives us something we haven’t got and can play two positions we could do with depth at present it’s a no brainier for me
  11. That myth where he’s been available more than he hasn’t over last 3/4 years hutch improves this squad We’ve missed him this season and for those reasons alone it’s a yes from me we can asses at the end of the season nothing wrong with 6 months and an option to extend
  12. Can’t fault is come and get me plea and I still think he’d be a good addition for most teams in this division thing is with brown he’s a certain type of player that needs to be played in that creative attacking role he will suit some games more than others but the team and it’s mentality has to be right to get the best from him reminds me a bit like Mcgugan not so much playing style but more that but of quality / luxury that you have to build into your game plan be interesting how the rest of the season turns out for him I
  13. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/10/19/report-injury-ruined-crystal-palace-mans-summer-exit-now-faces-three-months-out/%3famp I’m not saying we should or shouldn’t sign him but it looks like he’s going to get a move this window even if it’s just to put himself in the shop window for january As things stand championship is probably his best option for a permanent contract I’d imagine there’s a few at the lower end looking at him as an option and I would be suprised ( again neither for or against ) him joining us to the end of the sea
  14. Think we would all want three wins however I’d take 1 loss 1 win 1 draw as long as the loss was against Everton anything else is a bonus need those points on the bus what I would say is despite the good results from other teams we’re not far from closing the gap and making the battle for survival between 6/7 teams I think we will have enough but Christ we could do with a bit more in this squad to get us over the line
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