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  1. If Westwood has had a bad game I’ll allow it everybody has them what I will say is he as pretty much so when fit been more than excellent for us and I wouldn’t throw him under the bus because of one performance every game I’ve seen him this season ( about 10) he’s been excellent or more than done his job I wouldn’t dream of starting a thread calling him out for one game. I’ve not seen the game but he’s allowed a bad one
  2. I don’t want to come across patronising or anything like that selling tickets, bedrooms seats for me is a specialised area if wanting to achieve best possible sales, revenue but most importantly bottom line profit there is an art to it that needs to be monitored on a daily basis and most hotels with bedrooms over 50 will actually employ a revenue manager for this purpose it’s about finding the break even then squeezing every penny out of the sales as this becomes bottom line profit. Very hard to explain in brief so I’ll attach a link in short Converting the same theory to stadium ticket sales you work on ASS ( average seat sale ) RevPAS ( revenue per available seat ) GoPAS (gross profit per available seat ) all are good measures to drive and monitor the performance ultimately it comes down to GoPAS https://www.amadeus-hospitality.com/insight/what-is-revpar-formula/ happy to answer any questions on this
  3. You should price your tickets like air line and hotel room prices you have so many tickets priced x and if you sell them in time windows depending on how many you sell in that particular window will depending if your prices increase or decrease for the next window it’s how you maximise your sales for the best price and get more bums on seats why football clubs haven’t taken up this approach is a mystery when you look at half empty stadiums all over the country
  4. I had a dream about her too to say it was a wet one would be an understatement. I really should have watched a different film than the titanic
  5. If you take a lead and only have a one goal margin like we do quite regularly it’s natural other teams will put more pressure on us and we will give more fouls away in defending the lead I’d prefer our league position over a lower foul conceded stat I get your point though the key for me is get the second goal or two goal margin and try and knock the duck out of the opposition
  6. Think this is very intelligent pricing winter months build up to Christmas unless you have desirable fixtures like rivals or Derby’s attendances start dropping it happens with everything regarding disposable income this is bound to encourage more people go who would normally give it a miss I’m one of them with a young boy and expecting another this month I chose my games with the help of sky and the way tickets are priced this would certainly encourage me to hit a run of games even if it was going to be freezing part timer I know, but priorities change and I don’t have the luxury of going every game
  7. How on earth as Rudi, Jonk, and Jeffers not walked into that team
  8. I bet everyone of the teams having a look at us would take a draw for that reason I’d say it’s the championship I’d be looking at going for at least 2 points per game haul 10-12 points is a fantastic return no matter how we got them we’ll end up with 4 now I’ve said that
  9. It’s actually 1.33 points per game at 442 and those are a little misleading Middlesbrough was a fantastic result only a fool would change that for its next away game leeds we was unlucky not to get the points against a very very good automatic hopeful team across the board we have some fantastic results I think both formations work well for us depending on fixtures
  10. We are a left back, centre forward and winger away from being serious top two contenders in my opinion we say it every year this year is there for the taking but as it stands we’ve got ourself in a really good position not sure if penny could be that left back and not sure if we can get any deals done for any of the other two positions I’m convinced we are stuck with Rhodes and winnal they could have been our hope to get players in but I can’t see anyone touching them good place to be in lets eta go get a result on Saturday
  11. Westwood would have dropped that clown dawson would have stopped him point blank on his line but would have missed him if he had to come out and get him edit sorry cammy I’m a fan really
  12. Agree he can play anywhere across the the front three as we play or two wide positions and central with the stadium sale and João what is our current financial position anyway are we at breakeven or have we gone to just meet the 39million losses were allowed I don’t think we will get anything for Rhodes or Winnal not much for winnal anyway but a player exchange plus 5million say may sweeten them depends on both our teams ambitions in January Huddersfield signed him on an undisclosed fee but the rumours was about 1.5 million so it might be a decent return for them think he’s signed up to 2022 though I think thought he’s be a great signing for us if it could happen but like you say my guess is Huddersfield will put a 15 million plus price on him
  13. Well they’ve not pulled any trees up in doing so
  14. I wonder how much it would cost to get karlan grant from Huddersfield still young pretty young strong and quick and seems to have found his scoring boots last couple of seasons be interesting to see where he ends up if Huddersfield goes down he’s the kind of younger striker if he looking at and could make ya a real handful when we switch to 442 he can play on both wings but his favoured position is CF he could make an instant impact but would definitely make a great replacement for the ageing Fletcher longer term
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