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  1. Agree we have the wrong players for pulis football he wouldn’t do anything with this squad
  2. This is the fringe line up I would imagine the next game we will be seeing closer to our starting line up Coleman and pulis though.... oh dear
  3. I think our strikers will be ok I’d like to move a few on and get a bit of pace up there but I think they will have a lot more space and chances this year we have pace down each side as it stand Odubajo and Harris down the left is frightening and iorfa and reach down the right worked last year you’ve then got forestieri, Joao, Penny, day Palmer and bannan that can all fill in round those wide areas strikers will be getting better service pace down the sides and a Keiren lee bursting into the box we are a complete different team to last year
  4. Forestieri is one of the best at this. It might not be much for him to do but it gives the people he’s showing up for so much. amazing gesture and glad the youngen enjoyed it here’s hoping our Nando shows is that first Fessi season I’ve a feeling we are going to be quite the team this year
  5. Maybe a bit harsh on Bruce he was poached by his boyhood club he turned it down twice before and he will see this as his last chance being in the twilight of his career. He’s had his head turned and it’s harsh on us. Very few of us would turn down Wednesday if they came calling. It just hurts us because we had a man that was perfect for us and we wanted the love back we gave him. That said I think we now need to start looking after ourselves get the best deal we can out of this make the right appointment quickly and hope this does not have too much of an impact on our plans and next season. Bringing a new manager in st this stage with their training and philosophy and time to put his stamp on the squad will do us no help but it needs to happen so let’s do it as quickly as possible and let Bruce just f£&k off and fail for that cretin of man who’s ripping the soul out of what was a very respected club
  6. It feels like we’ve been cheated on some flash git has come on to the mrs and she’s had her turned. It won’t last and it won’t work out for her but the damage is now done let’s get a quick a decent divorce settlement and hope we land another beauty and those other two can fail together such a shame
  7. Or on the other side Tom Jones - she’s a lady well he’s all you ever want he’s that kind you’d like to chop and put in dinner he looks great on your plate And impress any date hes a winner he’s a cabbage woahoah oah hes a cabbage talking about a brucie cabbage now the fat c.unt has gone
  8. You was working as a manager in Sheffield S6 when they called you. they phoned you up, and fu.cked you up, got right in your head made you want to ditch our blue but now your stood at Lincoln hearing our lads sing Successful will be so easy for you So fizz off mike Ashley and take your poo club with you you know that’s just what you should do don’t, don’t you want us. you know I can’t belive it when I hear you want to leave us Don’t, don’t you want us you know I can’t believe it when you say that you don’t need us It’s not too late to find you think you’ll change your mind you better change it back or we will both be sorry don’t you want us Brucie dont you want us woahooooah sheffield all the way boys
  9. This is why we are under the embargo as soon as we update our software we can get our accounts working in a more sufficient way and get them in on time how on earth are you meant to type anything up to the EFL standards on that thing as anybody got an old pc that dc can borrow for a few weeks then we can start spending again
  10. Honestly looking at that list I’d rather give it bully no joke not that he would be my number one choice but he would be top of that list
  11. Be a disaster if Bruce left I’ve never felt as comfortable having a manager in charge since big Ron
  12. You can resign players under a soft embargo players can only be signed on a free under a wage cap if it satisfies the EFL I think the rumoured amount is under 12 or 10k per week in wages
  13. Thought I was going to open this to read they had re-signed Rhodes
  14. Still had pace and that’s an outlet and a recovery you gain ten yards with that in your locker
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