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  1. Correct. "Heres some horse shít, now eat it." "Ok then"
  2. I'll pass thanks, looks like its cut through the tendons if it does that to your arm, talk about w****** wrist
  3. flippinghope not bàstard thing looks like its had 15 pints...look at the gut on it
  4. I'm going to leave it as surname on mine just to be a twàt 😁 Edit: second thoughts might change 'surname' to 'positive' that should get me through the ques as asda faster
  5. Crazy man.....bet you spend most of your evenings angry 😁
  6. They can all go for me, fed up will the all of them.
  7. Murphy Lee Bannan, sounds like an Irish bare knuckle champion
  8. Only if I can have one with me sticking the rods up, with a speech bubble shouting "get Beswetherick on"
  9. Could do with another 2 months off to get through all that lot
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