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  1. Sounds another crayon eater whoever he is.
  2. Of course he moved for the money. Every job I've left is because I wanted more money. I'm in it for the money, for a better life I and my family will lead. He's 30 too, probably his last shot a good wage as a footballer. Just stupid when people say this, absolute hypocrisy of the highest order. Did anyone ask him about his delivery he made to the Rotherham ground last week
  3. "A 3 bedroom semi in Sheffield" Wonder how many premier League players these days can say that.
  4. Brilliant player, loved him at Hillsborough
  5. Think there is only one person that thinks it will
  6. Nice to see him beat that "Alpie" to score too.
  7. Forgot how much Terry Yorath looked like dog the bounty hunter
  8. 2 goals of the season both for very different reasons.
  9. Gotta love the who ma on Owlstorque this mourning
  10. Reading???? They've got less money that us
  11. The did have blue and yellow striped nets in the 90's I did wonder why
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