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  1. Must have been a great experience for those young lads that played against them,imagine being that age and playing against the absolute class the faced,all be it WELL past their prime,thats if Razor ever had a prime
  2. Bannan for me,thought he had a big game for us,Palmer played out of his skin again on his wrong side and Fletcher worked tirelessly once more,big Adthe showed us a glimpse of his last seasons form with a strong performance. Blackburn were always in the game even at 2-0,thought they played really well at times but defensively they were slack at deadballs,Rothwell really stood out for them.
  3. Weve got a run of tough games comming up,this being the first of them,after the miserable run we had under JL its remarkable that weve got to this stage of the season with something to actually play for.......... Theres no reason with the way were playing we cant go to Stoke and expect to win,be a tight game and we have a couple that are showing signs of wear n tear.which is normal at this stage of a long season,The PNE and Villa games are the real biggies. Bring em on lets give it a real go now,theres nowt to lose.COYO!!!
  4. Preston are on a roll,be a big game at deepdale,could all hinge on that game for both clubs. The way were fixed striker wise is a massive worry
  5. He looks very rusty,stays put when he should make a run,cant pass cant chuck a throw in,struggles with control........he can only get better
  6. Westwood - 7 Iorfa - 5 Lees - 8 Hector - 9 Palmer - 6 Reach - 7 Bannan - 8 Hutchinson - 7 Aarons - 7 Fletcher - 7 Nuhiu - 5 Not the greatest of games,especially first half,thought we came out and upped it 2nd half though,used the ball a lot better. Not a fan of two big lads uptop,but I suppose the injury situations dictated that selection
  7. Proven goalscorer,needs a run of games now to get back in the groove,well capable of 16-20 plus goals a season,should be a nailed on starter
  8. Dont recall us having many injuries when tony toms was in charge of training under Charlton and Wilko,so the training grounds not the source we need to stop buying weekfannys
  9. Tudgay,loved scoring against the scrubbers,but the screamer he hit at the sty was worthy of winning any match,think he scored 3 times against them from memory
  10. We got suckered into playing it the way they did,lesson learned. Well the likes of rovrum are one of the few sides to have dominated the scrubbers this season,thats EXACTLY why we should be looking at what they did and how they went about it. Its all well saying weve got the quality,we all said that last time they rolled up here.The one thing in our favour this time is weve played really well in our previous two games which gives us a platform.
  11. I watched them play at Rovrum in november before our game with Derby and Rovrum absolutely battered them,they were allover the scrubbers like a rash,but didnt take their chances,they got caught on the counter but should have run out easy winners,guess thats why rovrum are where they are,but the scrubbers were second best allover the park that day and mugged them for a jammy point. It was 26-6 in attempts at goal in rovrums favour
  12. And the reason it was that low,is most of the casuals and stay aways have now found other means of entertainment
  13. Everyone on here must be up the duff,fish with hendos? Fish fingers with gravy and yorkie puds,think Im gunna pewk up
  14. Brucie said Winnalls about two weeks off,must have an account on here,so Hooper must be done,but ya never know may make last few games from the bench. Any play off chances went up in smoke with the crap run under Loo key,we should have stuck Bullen in earlier wed be right in the mix now if we had,look at Hutch now,hes in the form of his life & playing like a one man midfield,hes even tackling players shadows and still winning
  15. Fox,hes played really well of late,and his two outings at the lane hes done really well. I can see the sentiment off playing young carlton down the left,but hes not suited there.its a headache we could have done without,Iorfa looks like quite some player but you cant knock Palmer since Jos left,hes been a star turn the past few weeks,and I was never a fan of his at all but hes made me eat mi words so good on the kid long may it continue
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