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  1. legendaryswan

    Sorry about this...

    New injury,hips fine,bust his knee ligaments,on the mend walks without pain,following normal procedure hoping to be in training next month,over eagre to prove his fitness hes GUTTED,caught his studs during a run out with the kids
  2. legendaryswan

    SWFC - The Future. Do we have one?

    The football league needs to set a more stringent set of rules for clubs falling out of the prem,they shouldnt be allowed auto admission,there the prem/skys problem,chucking them enough wonga to make them auto certs devalues the championship. Needs looking at seriously
  3. legendaryswan

    Forcing high earners out?

    Fletchers wage is easily found as 28K becuase we trumped blackburns 26k offer,their manager blurted it out in a bbc lancs interview
  4. legendaryswan

    This side after international break

    JL needs to stop tinkering with his defence and keep a settled back line for every game,im fine with resting the occasional striker/MF player especially if that players fatigued but the constant changing of the match day XI creates inconsistency,players develop and understanding through regular games together
  5. legendaryswan

    Mark Warburton

    They do go Walkabout quite a lot
  6. legendaryswan

    Fulham manager

    Id take Gray back in a heartbeat,its a no brainer,hes a superb judge of a player,a solid coach that builds from the back,ok its not swashbuckling football,but he knows his stuff. DCs first and worst mistake was losing this bloke,he lost a diamond and swapped it for a 20 quid man,if we could tempt the guy back to S6 it could prove to be best transfer DC ever made.......
  7. legendaryswan

    Reasons to be fearful

    Friday will be a clash of contrasts,the scrubbers bargain home grown buys,and our ineptitude in the market. The fee we paid for Van Acken would have hired both Venancio and Sasso and still left money in the pot,the fee we spaffed on Rhodes would have left Jos room to shape his own squad. JL is left mopping up CCs mess,if replace him,it will more than likely be another journeyman foreigner,who will fair little better,the mistakes have been made and putting them right will be a lengthy painfull process. It was great to have an owner with cash to spend,alas it needed spending wisely otherwise we were no better off,which is the case. Cant see the rain bieng any help to us on friday,just means theyl move the ball quicker,as they have a pace height and strength advantage,not withstanding a more savvy manager and the confidence of good form.
  8. Hey dont get no ideas your not cumming across our lasses arse,thats my job
  9. legendaryswan

    Police escort friday night

    Not bragging or owt but is the police protection for their mob? Because we just battered their "big boys"all over the petrol station last time out,they didnt stand a prayer,twas all arranged as these things normally are,but they just melted& took a "PROPER pasting" sames comming again boys,wel all be in your boozers pre & post match. Never seen a bigger bunch of cowards then there lot,they just pick off innocent fans when they know well where the action is because we tell em
  10. legendaryswan

    Well done Fletcher

    Has he proved his fitness in the jocks U23s yet then? Thats Fletch out for the season next then
  11. legendaryswan

    Ian Holloway

    Well weve had a portugese,then went dutch,my moneys on either a french or spanish coach this time around,moderately successfull in the lower leagues of his respective country or other EU country about 4 years ago. Should have hired Karanka when he was free,that boats sadly sailed now...............
  12. At home online,with our gurt chuntering away in the background how "Its only bloody football" Il dry bone her arse if we dip & she utters that crap yet again this week
  13. legendaryswan

    Team for Blades

    Westwood Nielsen Hector Thorniley Jones Hutchinson Bannan Reach FF Fletcher Joao
  14. legendaryswan

    Jimmy Seed - BBC article

    I knew a bit about Jimmy,I read an article as a kid about the "Great Escape" but I didnt know about the rest,fascinating read that and a great insight into the life of a former Owls hero and his life both before and after his time with us.Really enjoy reading stuff like this.
  15. legendaryswan

    The Big Positive from Today

    We could have got done by six today,and yet we controled the first half,they had one shot on target. 2nd half they just waltzed through our defence like they were all traffic cones