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  1. The ref was clueless.hes an absolute joke,Flint was impeding Dawsons view so he was active,thats why he was stood a mile off doing his stupid star jumps,to distract the keeper
  2. Weve had two embargos in two seasons and theres question marks around the ground sale,you dont need a maths graduate to tell you weve got financial problems and will need to tread very carefully
  3. We had chances to make it safe,we didnt take them,the keepers out of position at a free kick,gives the kicker 3 quarters of the goal to aim at BINGO,be a reyt farce if we miss play offs by 2 points that will,all that hard work defensively flushed down the pan
  4. Alas flushing away all the wonga over the first two seasons means you cant afford anyone,as you try to balance the books.....bummer LOL
  5. This is just persecution by SCC,its non stop,has chansiri not paid the council tax on hillsbro or what? They really have got it in for us these ba$terds,theres an obvious agenda going on here because its two sets of rules for two different clubs under the same council,have they never looked at the sty on matchday? Its far worse than hillsboro on a like for like basis. Blunkett,Hattersley,Ashton and co need to use their influence to get on top of this poo ,its beyond stupidity.
  6. I watched quite a bit of the game from around 25 mins on and he didnt put a foot wrong,had a decent game. Wasnt easy,especially second period as it just pi$$ed it down the entire game,and the pitch was soaked,and passing on the side nearest the stand became a farce and I was expecting the ref to call it off,but they stuck with it and made the best of a bad night. Well done Liam,played his part
  7. Hes a far better player then he gets credit for on this place,99% of his critics couldnt do 1% of what he does when he pulls the shirt on,Ive never really understood the stick he gets,he plays to his strengths,uses his size,rarely gets decisions off refs beacuse of his size,hes pretty skillfull for a guy his size,FF and Hooper thrived because of the holes he made in oppos defences,hes just pulled them allover,they exploited those holes to their benefit. Very unselfish and real grafter,the very defination of a TEAM PLAYER.
  8. Potential match winner,obvious goal threat great to have him back and a headache for Monk as to how to utilise his obvious quality,add to that Murphys looked much better his last two cameos and things look a little brighter
  9. Heavy going watching that today,Wigan just have zero appetite for attack,proper park the bus and nick a point,no wonder their away following fits in a a couple of mini buses and cortina estate! I dont like moaning about officials but we had yet another tail today,who on earth lets a player handle the ball in play and punish it by reversing an obvious throw in the the visitng side be giving the throw the wrong way? Thought Id seen it all,but thats a new one,and there no 10 chucks Odubajo to the deck and no yellow? really. I went for Borner,another solid show,just from Bannan and Fletcher. Thought Reach proper grafted without much reward,set up the goal,Harris looked much better today,dont recall any poor displays,it was a bit of a grind,kind of game weve often lost in recent seasons so happy to the points from that
  10. Its in the accounts is it not,stand to be corrected but it was 10M plus 1.5M loan fee,there or there abouts
  11. Fear not JR ready to step up and repay a chunk that 11.5M transfer fee
  12. We should have loaned in a striker,one up tops no good for us,our MF isnt blessed with goals
  13. We missed the boat early doors for bringing in at least one loan striker with a touch of quality. We need a LB. SB was obviously going 352
  14. Two decent strikers would,by the time we get them in come january,wel be too far behind the rest
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