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  1. Always liked the yellow away shirt with light blue trim and shorts nice to see it make a return
  2. Far better than watching TV with the missus, live show every time
  3. Once met a mate in the magnet after work for a couple of shandys and went out a sidedoor for a fag to see two ten year olds run off carrying the fag machine up southey hill. Went in a week later and two gypsies were having a tear up, went out the front door for a fag and four riot vans and 3 cop cars were there, dogs and armed plod and we got pushed back inside to a full scale tear up with stools windows and anything you could name getting trashed. Went back a month later and two girls about 12 years old were selling BJs for a packet of fags while their Mum was munching chips sat on the wall sticking the fags in a tesco carrier bag. 2 weeks after it was shut, opened briefly and then it never opened again
  4. Hope it works out for him, brave decision, Derby look like the titanic on its maiden voyage, but then so did we last season with so many comings and goings. Lets not forget, hes an Owl at heart
  5. Two runs down the wing and hes done, cant even run back after the 2nd one, Ive seen fitter 90 year olds in the london marathon, best of luck to his next employer, work rate isnt one of his attributes
  6. Hes got limited ability, but hes good enough to get us out of this division, he didnt keep rotherham up, so he wont keep us up
  7. Promotion itself brings bigger costs players that were on league one salaries will want championship wages, most likely already in their contracts, extra staff for larger gates
  8. They can put together a side capable of getting out of this league, but not staying out of it, their budget wont alter that much once promoted and thats my issue with us copying the same blueprint. We need to think ahead and bring in enough players with the ability to keep us up
  9. Read this elsewhere. Really feel for the bloke So sad to hear.
  10. His crossings around the 30% mark, as are his long balls, hes got 3 assists which isnt too shabby but needs to be at least treble that at RWB, he has missed a couple of really decent chances, his passing in the opponents halfs a touch over 60 % which is half decent, he loses a bout half of his one on ones, but way more than half in the air, but that will be mostly due to standing in at CB. He gets cudos for filling various roles, hes guilty of losing possession a fair bit as well. After all these years to be still reliant on two fairly average RBs speaks volumes
  11. Palmer lacks ability. but his workrate is 100%, he bleeds this club. Hes not blessed with talent or the fine attributes that make a player great, but hes never let his standards drop and hes a model pro.
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