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  1. All together now, "Always look on the bright side of life"
  2. I was at a fundraiser in september last year,a few football people were there,including chairmen and board members and a few ex pros,the main topics of conversation was the wage bill at SWFC and how the hell do they manage to pay their players such vast sums,one chairman said theyd made a loan offer to a prem club for a player reaching the end of his contract who wasnt figuring in the managers plans,and the club had given them the nod to talk with his agent about terms after theyd agreed the loan fee,only for the players rep to say he wanted the same terms as FF @ Wednesday 80K but was willing to defer bonus over 5 yrs and they left him to rot in the treatment room! So many more,but I cant betray trust,but the funniest was when Jos left,its said we approached Burnley about talking to Dyche,who was apparently given permission to speak to the club,and just kept muteing his phone,and every ******** in the room was laughing so theyd heard it before,god it was an awkward night,you really got the impression every other club was taking the mick
  3. Youd have to be on crack,spice,heroin and be a serious alcoholic to think EH would entertain the Wednesday job. His missus got a nose bleed from being so far north in Burnley,so its a non starter
  4. From a side that's just won four of its last 23 league games, sounds a pretty tall order
  5. I remember the games,went to both,they were a curtain raiser to the 1970-71 season,Wednesday were in group 1 with Napoli,Juventus and eventual winners swindon town,the first game was an exciting 4-3 win over Napoli with Steve downes and Alan warboys both scoring twice,followed a week later by a dull goaless draw with Juve,there was slightly over 10K for the first game and around 9.5K for the Juve match,we then went to italy for the return fixtures and lost both,hammered 5-1 in naples,and then 2-0 in turin,we finished bottom of the group of english clubs,made up of wolves,middlesboro,west brom and sunderland. Napoli topped the italian group,but the final descended into chaos and got abandoned,with swindon 3 up just after half time and they were awarded the trophy on merit.
  6. Stoke,no idea what was said or done that day,but we just fell to peices after that game,something went off at the britania in the dressing room,because we didnt look the same side after that game
  7. If colin was in charge about 8 or 9 isnt it?
  8. He reminds me of big Reda a lot,pacey and dangerous down the flanks,but centrally his positional sense and awareness is very poor,at times he looks dead clumsy,not sure how easy it is to coach out instinct,if you can coach that out at all. With the ball at his feet in full flight hes got the desire and determination,his sheer size and presence make him a threat in these situations,just like Reda was,Id move him back to RB or RWB where his assets mask his deficiencies better
  9. Hes been a fantastic player here,saw his debut,v Bolton at right back,where he had a decent enough game but didnt really nail it. It was under Stuart Gray Lee begun to really flourish,switched to the middle,not unlike Wilf Smith in my early days,Lee saw more of the ball and his attributes shone through,he became an integral component in the reign of Carlos,of a very mobile and alert midfield that could thread passes through a needle,he weighed in with vital goals and became a HUGE favourite for his never say die attitude.always missed when injured,sadly the injuries caught up with him in recent seasons,and hes become more of a part time/bench player. With the need for a settled squad that contributes to as many games as possible,Lee looks to have played his last game for us. Thanks for some great memories bud,all the best for the future
  10. Paul Cook,done a reyt job this season,solid record of promotion,hel be miffed at getting relegated
  11. Keep playing like this and were nailed on to get out of this division next season
  12. Wed struggle to reach halfway way in the table if they GAVE us 21 points,so taking 21 off is going to totally ruin us
  13. Loved his time here,big hearted player that always gave us full commitment,took some cruel abuse at times,but always came back from it,I think were gunna miss him,sods law says hel rack up here with a more appreciative set of fans next season and score against us,its part of football folklore that you never really appreciate what a certain player does untill he returns to show you. Best of luck for the future big fella,thanks for the memories
  14. His stocks fell this season,hes dropped more clangers than Dawson and Wildsmith put together,hes let some really soft ones get past him
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