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  1. Theres better sides than Huddersfield in League one, looks like were in for a tough ride, weve nothing uptop and pose no goal threat, better hope the defence is as good as some people think it is
  2. Without Loovens to hold his hand, Lees just looks standard, again its symptomatic from the recruitment room,that they never identified a suitable improvement on him and many others
  3. If the recruitment mob have run the rule over BPF and deemed him good enough then heaven help us. We need to ditch Steve Bruces stooges and build a stats savvy recruitment tank of our own
  4. Priority booster points to guarantee admission on sale soon, grand a point
  5. So in the three years since JH left we havent been able to discover a better RB. That really doesnt inspire me with confidence in our recruitment policy.
  6. Hannover finished last season 3 places above the drop zone, must be worth a punt to go down this with JB at the back.
  7. Replacing him with worse wouldnt be that easy either, hes right up there for me in the worst CBs category, he was awful, king of ball watchers and over to you claude when it came to taking responsibility
  8. Hes played in a back 3 quite a lot at his last club
  9. He was a very good player in a very decent side,an integral part, Alas that decent side is no longer, time has moved on and the club has gone in a totally different direction to the one he thrived in.
  10. Big John for me, if he got on the end of a cross he was deadly
  11. Ive not seen the 75% in what i read only this : Relegated clubs The rules apply to all clubs and there is no moratorium for clubs relegated from the Championship. However, Transitional Arrangements are in place whereby clubs are allowed to exclude the wage costs of all players that the club signed pre September of the relegation season, if they were signed on contracts in excess of 3 seasons.
  12. Southgate has got England to the last four of each of his last two tournaments, thats a huge improvement on every manager in the last 55 years. If he does the same in his next two, the laws of averages say hel win one. Thats a HUGE step forward for the national side,and massive step in the right direction
  13. We cant afford Bannan in this division he signed his contract after the september cut off for wage inclusion in the accounts, and in league one you have to submit a monthly statement of turnover to wages which cant exceed 60%
  14. Jordan Rhodes was world class at this level for udders, time its an absolute killer
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