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  1. Hutchinson,he was everywhere,winning tackles,headers,driving foreward,inside left,inside right,fullback CB,CM,CF,had a stormer.
  2. Offensively he offers plenty and looks a handfull,defensively hes indecisive and dithers or mistimes tackles. Calamatous for the goal,he got both hands round the smallest man in the box,who then squirmed out of his grasp to head in,had the player not scored,it most likely would have been a pen anyhow
  3. We have,theres two new beds in the hospital wing,those two wore the others out
  4. The bigger you dig the hole,the further the EFL make you fall,might not be the wisest policy given our past in the transfer market,ageing multi millionaires sending in sicknotes all season
  5. Not really,Ive supported Wednesday all my years so I know were more likely to be the next Lincoln City
  6. The huge bombhole in our accounts from the reckless spending means any fee for Lees wouldnt even make a dent,so its not worth even contemplating
  7. Age is catching up with him,he no longer has that blistering pace that made him a threat out wide,centre is his best position,as he can still motor over a shorter distance
  8. Both our FBs got a roasting today,but we had the extra striker and that made a huge difference as did FF,he drags the side foreward and makes things happen,skillwise hes a cut above the division,and when hes on song,hes a class act and that shone through today,yes he muffed a sitter,we muff em most weeks thats why were a champioship side,were not clinical,but at least today Fletcher had some support. In fairness to chorlton,they had a horrendous injury list,but gave us a game,nice touch from Fletch at the pen,the keeper tried his best to shake him,but right under the refs nose,he got it back with interest and didnt like it,shot his gob off got booked,kharma *****!
  9. An old lass on a mobility scooter would look good alongside Fletcher bud,theyd go about the same speed
  10. It was certainly more watchable and a far more honest game,far more open and entertaining,untill we started playing in europe,English sides employed more european type tactics,reference Don Revie and his constant trips to watch madrid and their tactics were employed by leeds in the 60s,he called proffesional,we called them cheats,these days its rife in english football. I barely watch europa or champions league these days,but back in the 60s/70s you wouldnt miss it,if only to see the antics of the euro sides,diving,spitting,time wasting,getting opponents sent off,it was pure drama and the european sides were the queens of drama. These days its hard to seperate them,at least we played hard english style football back in the day,these days both sides just fanny about its totally unwatchable
  11. Dawson Boerner Lees Hutchinson Reach Bannan Luongo Odubajo FF Nuihu Winnall
  12. Ive no problem with an Owls captain urging or doing his best to inspire players out on the pitch,thats what leadership is all about. Bollockings should take place in the dressing room,away from the supporters and the rest of the squad,thats the mark of a leader,if he bollocked me on the pitch,Id just chin the little to$$er,he certainly wouldnt do it twice!
  13. Not a single name on any of those lists would make my all time XI, bench included,during almost 60 years of watching Wednesday. Most would struggle to make a reserve XI.
  14. And then you sober up when you see us at the top end of the wages table
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