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  1. A lot of clubs after him,Barnsley are one,even Liverpool have checked him out, hes got superb performance stats
  2. Perry NG off to Cardiff for an initial 350K,Very shrewd bit of business from them. Exactly the type of business we should be doing,but never do!
  3. If the club settled on a style of play,ie attacking so 433 or 4321 the recruitment of managers and coaches would be a lot more straight forward. By appointing managers with varying styles you wind up with a disjointed squad,as players that dont fit the next manager get left behind. It also means you can still buy players that fit the blueprint as and when they become available even if you lose a manager. The recruitment at the club has been poor for a number of years,it needs addressing asap.
  4. Very talented footballer, sadly wrong club and at the wrong time,certainly had all the skill,but in a mainly struggling side,his talent was wasted. A move to a better club may have been the making of him,and his career may have been totally different,he had quite a few clubs watch him,we reportedly turned down 100K for him at one point,hed have flourished at one of the bigger clubs, West Ham were really keen,but the price tag put them off and a few other clubs.
  5. Anyone who can pick a best eleven out of this squad either takes too many drugs or just has a vivid imagination
  6. Paul Cooke wanted him for Wigan last season,VERY good player,had to sell Windass to raise the cash thats how he ended up here. Theres interest in Ben Pearson from a few clubs so he could be outgoing.
  7. Brentford wouldnt touch him with a bragepole, there a progressive club,they dont have advisors they have a dedicated team that scruitinise every facet of a targets game,then check his physical and mental health,look at training records,then look at if he fits the clubs style of play and wage structure. Brentford are light years ahead of us,but then so are most of the division
  8. I do get why we sign these players, I just dont or cant get excited,you just know theyl have cocked this up somwhere,hel be either on the treatment table for months or on wages noboddy else would match
  9. Yeah there all that good were in a relegation scrap,the lot of them,borner apart were squad players at their respective clubs. That tells me the 20 clubs above us recruit far better than we do
  10. Absolutely dread every signing we make,the record of DCs advisors is incredibly poor, we just recruit poor players with poor history,and this one will follow in that vein.
  11. I would absolutely love NP to be our next manager,I strongly believe hed make us a force again. Alas I cant see him working with DC and his two advisors,Pearson is too strong and outspoken,so it wont work.
  12. Given the circumstances weve done way better today than I was expecting,ok its only Exeter,but there a capable side at home. Shaws had a stormer today,not flawless hes made a few gaffes,that run at the end just crowned his day,its early days in the footballing life of this young lad,but hes displayed all his talent today. And its hard not to give similar praise to other young lads whove maybe not had that stellar moment,but non the less grafted and not looked out of place,ALL were a credit to the club today,big WELL DONE lads to all of them. Thought it was a proffesional perfor
  13. Not me but my old fella did,back in the day v.Liverpool, a trio of teen scousers sat 3 rows infront of us,Id be about 7 or 8,and they were using very colourfull language. He asked them once to tone it down, I could feel his rage from my seat as they carried on, the 2nd time he didnt leave any room for doubt that they would all need a dentist and he grabbed the biggest lad, !about 17 by the coat and pulled him upto his level. Never heard a peep out of them for the next hour despite them scoring!
  14. Just shows what a manager can achieve if you employ SMART recruitment.
  15. Luke Jephcott,only 20 YO, lots of clubs looking at him, be suprised if we were one though! Same with Harry Pickering at Crewe hes got brilliant stats, again we wont be picking him up, Brentford or Barnsley will be way ahead of us
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