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  1. What was it Basham cost uniturd about 30K,no need to overspend if you do your homework, you cant tell me they looked at 250 CBs and he was the best, basham would pish allover him,no doubt for a fraction of the wage
  2. I saw him at Mansfield in an FA cup tie,I think it was Halifax he was with and he was absolutely crap, had a really poor game,he ballooned the best chance they had,he was quick as a flash,but couldnt hit a barn door and drifted out of the game after an hour and i think they took him off
  3. To hit 80 points plus next season two things need to improve. Wel have to more than double our scoring rate of 40 goals this term and halve or better the goals we conceeded this term which was 61. At the start of this season i predicted from the current squad and the formation we used the most goals wed score worked out at 38 so I wasnt far wrong. I dont see any reason under the current leadership to have any faith in this summers recruitment,I reckon we are in for a pretty tough campaign which hopefully acts as a wake up call to our politburo. We have the perfect opportun
  4. The big question is......How many CBs did VS Zulta Wotsitsname have to look at before they decided on Joost van dyke then?
  5. The moment you refer to supporters who have seen the club through some very thin times as customers is the moment you fence yourself in. No matter how poor your dialect is,you dont ever alienate your own -people. Chansiri has failed to meet his objectives, and failed the club, hes made it almost worthless,if we were on the LSE our shares would be worth less than toilet paper, his tenure has to rank amongst the very worst in terms of chairmen weve ever had.
  6. Are they as sexy as the owlettes were? just asking for a mate
  7. That was a very good strip,its right up there for me with the yellow and sky blue away kit we had,which has always been my favorite
  8. Best thing he could do would be to step back and put someone in charge thats already done the job and been successfull, he needs to realise hes just not cut out to run a football club. Let the guy bring in recruitment experts and lets starting building a football club.
  9. As long as we dont get hit with any further embargoes or point deductions we could finish mid table ish,but more lower end than upper. Again its all down to recruitment which just fills me with dread, we will have to carry some of the floaters we signed this season.unless we can move them on.
  10. Certainly not a chansiri fan, called us cheats and said we were paying players over and above their salaries,cited FF as an example
  11. His chairman certainly isnt, hed have been toasting our demise last night for sure. Ive heard him slag us off.
  12. In fairness it wasnt the rams that sent us down, it was the crap we played the rest of the season,blowing a 2 goal lead away to Luton of all places,crap like that sends you down. Still weve new lows to sink to next season, and Derby wont be long before they join us,with Birmingham no doubt,Fleetwood apart itl be almost like home What a joy
  13. He probably will at the club he signs for
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