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  1. legendaryswan

    From a Wigan fans forum

    CC was all quick fix,were paying the price now for his failure to get us up with his squad,overpaid overaged players,his tactics for the play off semi v hudders cost us the game and quite possibly promotion,when it came to the crunch carlos played it safe and never gambled..........thats why hes a journeyman manager,he had no bottle
  2. legendaryswan

    Spurs Consider Josh Onomah Recall

    Jos struggled to get a decent performance out of him........funny how once hed gone,the lad looked a different player,the introduction of some of the more senior players obviously helped the kid and he was begging to come good just as his injury came......shame but we move on
  3. legendaryswan

    Paul cook

    Next season looks worse than this,it all be loans or frees bud,wel be slashing the wage bill like crazy,rest of the up contracts will have to lapse to save cash just to tick it on,weve massively overspent,neah mind we got a day at wembley lol,wel struggle big time next season,this terms just the rehersal
  4. legendaryswan

    Paul cook

    Done well at the lower level,is this his first crack above div3,hes made a fist of it,nowt spectacular,its getting tougher at this level,we lack pace and height in most areas and all our forewards lack impact,Joao & Winnall apart,too predictable,its like watching a film youve seen many times before,it just unfolds in the same old way,and then we bought Rhodes LOL DC must be on crack,He trusted Carlos way too much,got swayed by his trust........heavy days ahead bro
  5. legendaryswan


    If were serious about getting out of this league then we need to move away from the old fashioned big targetmen that can bag 7 or 8 goals a season,and bring in mobility,movement and pace
  6. legendaryswan

    John Marquis

    I do think this kids got a bit about him,good movement and hes worked on his upper body strength since his millwall days,good eye for goal,and by all accounts had a very good game up at preston in the cup,so he can compete at this level. It would be a bold gamble for me,but if hes around the prices quoted,its surely far less of a gamble than Rhodes was........
  7. legendaryswan

    Well done Nuhiu

    Came up with goods when it mattered,and bagged us a massive day up the smoke,Il drink to that Cheers big man
  8. legendaryswan

    Can Hector play against Chelsea?

    Wel soon find out,cant see why not,be interesting if he nods in a late clincher for us
  9. legendaryswan

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    We couldnt get the ball off em shocking and if this is the new management structure its not a great start. Theyd won 6 on the spin did they not watch how they played and come up with a counter plan,it didnt work...... not agreat start is it?
  10. legendaryswan

    John Marquis

    I could live with that,as long as dave goes to finance the deal,not sure how many takers wed get
  11. legendaryswan

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Hes the new Wim Jonk
  12. legendaryswan

    Efe ambrose

    What wages would he be on at Hibs,unless hes on 40K hel never fit in
  13. legendaryswan


    Mathias is quick,hes like shat off a shovel
  14. legendaryswan


    Transfer incomes a revenue stream,one in which we are lacking,we buy but rarely sell,look at the cash Peterborough have brought in through speculating on lower league strikers.In the modern era its all part of the football business. I dont see why he cant seal a permanent move we bought him...........
  15. legendaryswan


    Alas JRs best days are well behind him,boro had our knickers down,lets hope its a lesson learned.Hopefully he can seal a perm move to Norwich,wel take a massive hit on the fee. We could have speculated on some non league kid or an in form lower league marksman and saved a fortune.Rhodes was down to Carlos