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  1. Tony Kay - Sheffield Wednesday

    Met him at a pre season game at Southports ground about 4 years ago,I was in their club having a few beers,I mentioned my dad knew David Layne and we got talking about football,colourfull guy,lead an interesting life.He had some teriffic stories to tell,sadly I cant share any of it otherwise Id end up in court
  2. 1967 Norwich away FA cup 5th round

    Its not just you pal,it was FAR more enjoyable way back then,and less commercialised,the game has had the life sucked out of it,for the good of the few
  3. Your an Owl where do you live

    Takes a strong man to do both
  4. Adam Reach Interview

    Id hate to think where wed be in the table this season without Reach,or of hed got injured,hes more or less played every game,even the cup games,the blokes been head and shoulders our best player this season,hes covered or tried to cover everyone and set us going. I wasnt sold on him in his first season,but hes surely been a class apart this season,the extra responsibilty has added another dimension to his game as well,he makes mistakes.........dont we all,think at times he takes on too much,but its not hurt him,hel take a lot from this seasons struggle,and itl make him a stronger charachter going foreward. I think he should handle bexit
  5. 1967 Norwich away FA cup 5th round

    I didnt go to the Norwich game,but I saw it on MOTD,got tickets for that heartbreaking QF at the bridge though,played chelsea off the park only for baldwins scuffed shot to trickle over the line with no time left to pull it back,I can still see it now after all these years,the cup was cruel to us in the 60s,teased us then shut its legs!
  6. Mcburnie

    Hecky wants him @ weeds and hes a leeds boy if im not mistaken,PH said hed make him his first signing next season......if hes still there of course
  7. His form of late has been brilliant and his influence is clear to see,hes a proper charachter,and you can see from the players reactions on the pitch hes popular with them. IMO it would be a BIG mistake to let him go,he wouldnt be replaced cheaply either. Sign him up!!!
  8. Joey Pelupessy

    Thought he looked far better beside Hutch on saturday,possibly his best game for us yet. Overall id been underwhelmed before last saturdays game,much seemed to pass him by,but he mucked in saturday and was a lot more involved. Hopefully,in a better side,theres even better to come
  9. Caption Competition

    "Honest,I just grabbed Winnalls but cheeks and hes gone mental"
  10. Cant wait to see him back in the side,great lift for everyone,good news at last!
  11. Well done Wednesday.

    Leeds looked poor in the final 3rd,and weve levelled the same at ours in recent weeks,but they seemed to want an extra touch too much. Poor quality game,us having half a side out didnt help the quality,draw would have been a fair result,thought leeds had the threatening posession,but it was broken up way too easily. No wonder prem viewing figures are low with the likes of Brighton Hudders,Bournemouth,Palace,watford swansea stoke burnley,,half of europes never even heard of these clubs,the prems only got itself to blame,personally Im hoping they get their wings clipped
  12. Hypothetically...

    Wed struggle to sell Rhodes in all honesty,hes not fired on four cylinders since months before Boro signed him,he was struggling at Blackburn for goals when they bought him. Boro had our knickers down,its our job to rekindle that fire & get him scoring,we payed for that potential,do that and youve a 30M player on your hands,he scores goals for fun when hes firing on all cylinders
  13. FFP and avoiding an embargo

    Dont really see us selling anyone we dont want rid of,a few wages will fall off the payroll this summer,the accounts team will have taken it all into the big picture,wel scrape through like a few others
  14. Hutchinson vs Pearson

    PNE always goad FF and play to his temperament by sticking in late tackles,or did under SG. They set up very defensive,overly cautious,but break quick on the counter and flood foreward in possesion,be a good game at our place,theyve not lost an away game in a few months
  15. Nice to see a few familiar names back today,wasnt a stellar performance,but even a mucky win up @ the filthy end of yorkshires welcome anytime. Adthe for me,hes been strong the last few games,takes the fight to the opposition,plays with his heart on his sleeve,Hutch was strong,as were Hunt & Lees,thought Pelepussy had by far his best game in an Owls shirt,be nice to hear others views