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  1. Carlos has got a job we only hire out of work managers,cant see any legs in this
  2. I love Bully,hes a great bloke and hes served this club loyaly,Im not sure if hes got what it takes for the top job.I saw him after the Hull game and he looked stressed to feck. Id hate to see the guys Wednesday association end in tears on both sides,but if Stuart Gray was to come in as his assistant,wed have two very popular figures at the helm,which you feel would unite the fan base
  3. A vote for David Wagners spoilt ballot paper,hes the boss at Schalke and wont come here,mind you Id get out of england quick if I had to live in huddersfield! I wouldnt be opposed to a few on the list some decent CVs if they apply,Karanka,Monk,Rowett all know this division well,Moyes for me is the standout,get him while you still can
  4. Think hes been unlucky in that the jobs that came along were at clubs in dire straits,which has lowered his stock,you dont get recommended to be the next Man Utd manager for no reason hes a bloody good manager,Id rate him FAR higher than Bruce and wouldnt be unhappy to see him get appointed. Otherwise Id like to see a young guy with a fresh approach and most definately English or British
  5. There ya go told you hed resign ya to££rs
  6. Blue n white hooped socks and Id have spaffed my load on that......if our gurts mate was in it like,but yeah like that good effort
  7. Make that 6 decades,weve been used n abused,investment was offered at various stages,but the bourbon crunchers made it a closed shop,they were scared of bieng eclipsed or having to match the fortunes offered and empty their own pockets,shamefull really,that they held onto power for so long
  8. Suprised hes not gone for Moyes,decent manager,decent tactician,bags of prem experience,did a bloody good job at everton on a meagre budget prem wise
  9. Wants to manage in the prem,I cant blame him for that the championships a tough league to get out of with all the P&S and the prem fails with all their cash
  10. And employment law is very flawed with lots of grey areas,but youd hope that with the mags already having made an approach that would cover over any grey
  11. Then it comes down to length of contract,which I understand is 12 month rolling,which hes 5 months into,and a judgement of FAIR compensation,which youd expect to be basically the next 7 months wages at the very best,which wont be 4.5M as is being qouted
  12. Theyve terminated their contracts via resignation
  13. F1 isnt sport its a procession,Red bull chase ferrari who chase mercedes,they all lap the lesser cars and it happens every single race every single year. The cars should be just parked on the grid in random order and when all the red lights go out they all run for the cars in a free for all, first to touch the car gets that ride
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