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  1. I dont mind villa park,had some good days and nights there,the cup semi in 66,Joiceys hatrick against palace......... But Grealish is a total nob,the petulant flick at Pessy should have got punished,hes a talent,but hes got that immature streak running through him that will always make him an easy target to wind up and get him sent off
  2. legendaryswan

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    Theres always been a bit of an edge around the leeds games,I recall them back in the 60s,even then there was a hostile atmosphere and an extra buzz about the game. But its not a proper derby like playing the scrubbers.
  3. Weve some BIG players to come back still,and some have yet to hit form,Im optimistic we can push on from today,January will be a big indicator,stick or twist time.if Burnley come back for Reach with a big cash offer dont think we will be able to refuse it this time
  4. legendaryswan

    Holte End

    Villa fans really complimented us today,or the ones i met did,to say there not happy would understate it,can see why the wonga Bruce has spaffed and weve virtually dictated the game for all but 20 minutes and barely looked troubled .....
  5. legendaryswan


    Had a reyt game today,never gave up,ok missed a couple,conjured up a goal worthy attempt out of nowt with his bycycle kick,that would have been a reyt goal,worked his nads off,fair play to the guy,won us the game,cant fault him.
  6. legendaryswan

    Villa Highlights from Sky

    Think he got caught in two minds and made the wrong choice........if in doubt hoof it out,safety first hel learn
  7. legendaryswan

    Does Forestieri start against Leeds?

    Hes a huge player for us,would be harsh to push Mathias out when hes just beggining to come onto form,be a great assett to have from the bench though,the kid changes games quickly and thats where hel have to start for me
  8. legendaryswan


    Penney has taken his chance really well,got a bit of a roasting for half an hour of the stoke game,but came back stronger 2nd half,which showed character,hes strong offensively and showed he has quick feet today,was a real thorn down the left,hel get stronger with games,still learning this league,but looks a big assett
  9. legendaryswan

    Rub It In, Jos!

    Gotta say I was suprised when I heard the side and the formation change,but ya gotta hand it to Jos today,it worked a treat and we were more than worthy winners,think the villa can be thankfull it wasnt by a bigger margin
  10. legendaryswan

    Marco Matias

    His time heres been blighted by injury after injury,but hes comeback well this season,hes working hard for the team and looks very effective. Has he done enough to earn an extension........im not sure,il reserve judgement,he certainly has ability and lots of it,but wel soon have the likes of Hooper & Winnall returning,for now the shirts his by right but hel be pushed for it in the comming weeks.
  11. legendaryswan

    Villa Man of the Match

    Ive plumped for Fletch,thought he was a right handfull all game,Villa struggled to contain him,when he missed the header I thought wed blown it. Strong performances from Lees & the excellent Reach who looked more like the player of last season today. Joey P also upped his game with Penny a constant thorn down the left & a very promising debut from Hector. Young Baker struggled today,kids got a big heart,but not sure hes ready for the championship just yet in all honesty
  12. legendaryswan

    Daniel Pudil

    Not a fan of DP in the centre,but he had a stonker today,and that clearance prevented a certain goal so a massive well done pal
  13. legendaryswan

    Villa pubs

    I go in the little owl,its in Chelmsley wood about 10 miles off the ground,Ive a few mates around there,all villa lads,banters good,not heated all friendly,all welcome,good grub as well
  14. legendaryswan


    JL must see more sicknotes then the quacks at the hallamshire