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  1. Land of fire t-shirts on sale in the club shop Monday so looks promising
  2. Would imagine that went out of the window once his son got all the vile online abuse
  3. With DC doing the recruitment wel most likely get a Lemon
  4. Only for the wage packet, who wants to manage a club that cant spend any cash, recruits poor players and has a history of not paying them, has an owner that cant add up and doesnt know what year it is,when he does his sums, I mean come on how tempting is that?
  5. You just know that at least 10 people will give him the MOM in the player ratings thread. Just cant believe some people watch the same match!
  6. Fizzed that up by not preventing the cross, should be outa sight by now
  7. Its like theres more than one Luongo on the pitch, the blokes everywhere
  8. Byers best position is deffo on that paper, heart of a mouse, we must have better in the Us, we couldnt have worse
  9. Both in the 80s mine, one was at chelsea when the police escort just melted and chelsea fans just came from every direction in huge numbers and it became a battle all the way to the station and man city a night game wed parked down a derelict side street and couldnt remember where the car was persued by at least 100 man city fans, stumbled on the car by accident and roared away with broken windows and bricks bouncing off the bonnet really hairy, still managed to take a few out with some well aimed debris along the way. I remember the night in Donny, league cup 2nd leg, id got locked up and they let me go just as the train had left, barstewards, and four pubs emptied along a street to the station as they made me out as an owl, i just stopped to get a 2nd wind along the way and knocked the closest two clean out then legged it to the station and had to jump in a taxi! Happy days!
  10. That would have been some miss, promotion and a match in the same day
  11. Not much point DC would just use it to pay Bannan more wages
  12. Only Wednesday could find a messiah that turns out to be their worst nightmare. This carp wont end well with Chansiri, hes just not in the real world, wel do well to come out of this with a club left to support and a ground to play in!
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