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  1. Picks outsome delicious 40 yard passes,defends like a 40 year old nobby stiles,the blokes a car crash and you cant teach football its a natural ability youve either got it or your crap. He wont improve under Bruce,Guardiola,mardiola or anyone else,he wasnt even rated at his previous club,only DC,CC and paxo know why we spaffed any cash on him,hes poor end of.
  2. Even thats way above us,lets face it hes gunna have to be peanuts & take a wages haircut to move here,pretty sure chelski will know were upto our necks in grief,rests up to Hector,much as id REALLY love to have big Hector here,hes not the only decent CB on planet earth waiting for a club,we just need to find him
  3. He played in fits n starts,injury didnt help,neither did having a looney dutchman in charge..To be honest if Bannans in CM id like to see a well built enforcer with him so he gets the time to pick his passes,hopefully not the hairyfaced aussie thats currently on a free fron Villa
  4. Gary Monk must have spaffed the lot,now hes bitter........sore loser
  5. Has he nowt to say about the parachute payments that are cranking the spending up
  6. We should sue Gibson,Rhodes was daylight robbery at that price
  7. I recall that one really well,ruled a goal out and Liverpool went up the other end and scored,three quarters of the pitch were covered in cushions,ref buggered off up the tunnel and everyone thought hed abandoned the game,he came back out played about 2 minutes and blew for time with a good 3 minutes PLUS injury time still left,cushions never stopped raining down so he basically pulled the game......to$$er even the scousers in the North that day called it daylight robbery,ref gave them every decision,think it was Arrowsmith that scored the goal for them. It was on YTV sunday afternoon and guess what,they edited the cushion throwing out and cut the highlites to strait after the goal,pu$$ies
  8. Not Germany,France, make no mistake the french are willing us to leave,weve sided with the krauts so many times to stop france getting their way swallowing up billions of euros in the process,the krauts are dreading us leaving,their influence will come to the front from october and theyre loving it
  9. Summer of 69,the start of the slide.Thered been unrest all season long,Marshalls tactics had proved deeply unpopular among the players. I loved McCalliog,as most of us did,but watching him score the winner late in that wolves game in august 69,was like a dagger in the nutz,still hurts after all these years,my first real taste of what being an Owl fan would be like LOL
  10. Yeah thats the guy hes in norways u21s hes scored 4 times for them,played in Germany for cologne 2,thats 4th tier i think,but now back in norway. Like you say not a great standard,could be owt and nowt but this kid says weve been showing an interest.Hed be pretty cheap
  11. Guy on my facebook says were linked to this guy Birk Risa playing in germany,LB
  12. The most scottish players in an english football league side...................................
  13. Ive seen a few belters,Bobby Moore,Bobby Charlton,Jimmy Greaves,one player I used to enjoy watching was Peter Knowles at Wolves. That irish beatle was one of the greatest I ever saw,George Best he had more tricks than a brazilian,like the ball was tied to his feet,he was a genius of a footballer
  14. That could be perfectly true,if you strip away any bonuses and appearance awards,mind you Rhodes wont be getting any of em of us this season. Its not Just Rhodes,a member of the rovrum playing staff reckons FF is on 80K a week here,bet he heard it of mardiola
  15. Winnall will be the new Rhodes next term,hes got the hunger for success,Rhodes lost that hunger somewhere between blackburn and Boro,we dipped out,worst business DC ever did,he signed a reputation,just like Boro did
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