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  1. Easy this,Birmingham City in Jan,1969,FA cup 4th round,their supporters that day just roared them on,leppings lane and some parts of both the south and north stand were rammed with Brummies,I can honestly say in ALL my years going to Hillsborough,I have NEVER seen support like that,when they sang "Walk On" at 1-2 to them,it was a sea of blue and white and it was DEAFENING,there wasnt an inch of that end that didnt hold up a blue and white scarf,even the NW corner as its now known,its stuck with me all these years from being a kid,they were an absolute credit to a very good side,over 52,000 that day in the ground
  2. If the season isnt finished by the end of May surely its an unfinished season and will be classed as such, so void. The prospects for the following season starting on time dont look good,restrictions could last well past summer. The most important thing is that as a nation,we all pull in the same direction and wipe this thing off the planet,and turn our support to those who are trying their best to fight it. The recriminations will come at the inquest,which will be VERY interesting,but untill then,lets stay safe and heed the advice
  3. Definately whole hearted Il give him that! Guess I cant hide the fact I never liked him,that never changed from his 1st to last game,he was clumsy and awkward and had a 50p shaped head,like Sam Ellis,god knows what our scouts saw in him,there was some real talent about at that time,our scouts must have been on dope. He moved to cardiff and got something like 16 goals in 20 games,2 against us FFS and a hatrick at blackpool or somewhere,then reverted back to 6 for the season,the 40 odd grand we got for him was daylight robbery,about our one good bit of business for about 8 years. Him and Steve Downes were shocking buys,wed have been far better off buying Greenhoff off leeds and Macdonald at fulham,saved a good few quid and got some hungry young talent in
  4. Not watched it,but is this the game where Warboys shot and it only just stayed in the ground it didnt get any better after, he went around 16 games without bothering a keeper,way out of his depth in the upper leagues
  5. If only....rumour was we were offered him for 5M in Chansiris first season,lets not dwell on what might have been eh.......
  6. Close but no cigar. it was 1968,you got the rest spot on
  7. Quite liked Bolder personally,we played swindon one night and he must have made 15 saves,some of them were real quality stops,we won 2-1,we should have been 4 down by halftime they were allover us,his reflex saves were stunning
  8. Woohoo lets spunk another 50 mill on some more garbage
  9. I cant see football bieng played untill next year,this virus is a real game changer and will have far reaching consequences for years to come on social structures world wide
  10. Were its gone wrong for me was in the transfer window,2 strikers and a winger? Our need is in defence and CM,especially when most games we have one up front,weve now got 7 strikers yet weve been shipping goals,we needed an experienced keeper,big commanding CB,and a strong CM,which Iorfa could possibly be if theres cover at CB,in which case we could have brought in a FB. Our recruitment is so bad its beyond belief
  11. Nay need to worry boys,Carlos wants us all to play for him in bloody portugal next window,even Jordan,all together now "Were in the money the futures sunny"
  12. Dont agree with Ashurst,he started the climb back up the table and begun to sow the seeds of positivity,got us upto 8th in his first full season,bought some decent players,Tynan,Paul Bradshaw,Jeff Johnson,Leman,Rushbury,Richard Walden and gave a debut to chris turner
  13. Lets not pretend we dont know its going to be Bullen
  14. Murphy a lot didnt come off for him today,but he never put his head down and kept goping and was the one bright spark in quite possibly the worst owls performance for some time. Lee was a big miss,at least he works and does the basics right,like shutting down the man on the ball and putting in tackles. Iorfa at least tried to take the game to Brentford and when he did we looked a threat. The rest,woefull,almost as if theyd gone on strike,abysmal
  15. The players have stopped working,that third goals a total disgrace,from their own area to a goal in 3 passes,Da Cruz backs off the defender who brings it out and passes into MF who casually strolls past Bannan who never attempts to close him down,the attacker goes between fox and Lees and its when hes in the box that Lees attempts to challenge,the attacker curls his shot past Dawson and its game over,four players never made an attempt to close down the man in possession,its as though theyve gone on strike. The supporters are being let down,its a disgrace
  16. Would have thought a fair few league one sides would snatch our hands off for the 250K we paid,unless his value drops this weekend,as it most likely will
  17. Course it is the football club has its own twitter page,and the majority of the first team and predominantly the youth players are all on social media,football has a HUGE social media profile,so managing that side of the media is absolutely a players responsibilty
  18. Suprised Monk didnt give the kid a run out against City and look at him in a competative game,not like hed set up to win or owt
  19. When will the t shirts mugs and keyrings be on sale in the store?Just asking for a friend
  20. Social medias all part of the game today,players that cant handle it need to get in people who can to do it on their behalf,not like they cant afford it is it?
  21. Chairman Chan will squeeze every last penny out of whatevers left watching the club in whatever division,we will always be the most expensive club to watch
  22. Poor from us that, no ambition whatsoever,we should have worn all white tonight because we surrendered when the game kicked off
  23. Not byased or owt but its Kieran Lee yet again from me,3 weeks running,never wastes a pass breaks up play,gets in the box,I dont get the negative comments about Lee on here,hes head n shoulders above those around him,wins headers when hes no right,gets his foot in,works bloody hard ALL game right to the last kick hes still trying to get us going foreward. The only player on the park to get close in performance was Murphy who always busts a gut and has really tight close control,but seems to sometimes overplay or over think,just feckin shoot kid. Defensively its a joke,lets totally feck zonal marking off and take a man each and stand on his toes so he cant move because its just not working Monk,its gunna cost us big time. Of the rest,mediocre,FF came to life 2nd half,Fletcher looked tired,Lees had a bad day,but his densive buds sold him down the river,Palmer and Fox looked allover the shop,Borner still looks like an action replay,Iorfa was steady though not put under any pressure which is when he wilts,Bannan overplayed it yet again,10 touches when one foreward pass was what it needed. We sat way too deep let Derby dictate the game,and 3 touches in our box was all they needed,game was over in a flash,one of the worst away records in the entire division made us look like a bunch of idiots,no one took responsibility to bring the backline up we invited derby on,they went for it,game over
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