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  1. Fringe players and a few kids, Alex Hunt needs game time, try Iorfa at RWB if we play a back 3, Dawson obvs, if Sows not gone stick him uptop
  2. Stockdale -8 saved us the points Ihiekwe. -7 looks more @ home on the right Heneghan. -7.5 won his headers and looked solid Famewo -7 promising start Palmer. -7 looked more at home when moved FDB -7 showed glimpses, held it up well near the end Vaulks. -7 more to come from him hopefully Bannan. -6 bit off colour yesterday, silly card Johnson. -6 still not firing on all cylinders just yet, but some strong runs Paterson. -5 really struggled to get into the game and bring in others and another daft card Windass. -6 worked hard, another that looked really frustrated
  3. Not fussed over mercenaries looking for one last payday @ our expense. The market we need to be in is the young promising and upcoming, get the best out of them, ship them on for a decent wedge and repeat.
  4. His crossing radar was way off last saturday, one decent cross all game, the other 10 were all over hit, his mum must have bought him new boots
  5. Hes 37 in september, one for the future
  6. There was a passage of play where we lost 5 tackles in succession, 3 in MF
  7. Stockdale -4 whoever scouted this lad wants a rocket Iorfa -3 Hes been poor for quite some time and doesnt look like improving Heneghan -5 steady lost out in a few headed dual, one of which was a goal Ihiekwe -5 won most of his headers, was left very exposed by johnson Hunt-6 struggled to make a telling impact, but did ok when he got the chance Johnson -4 crossing was way off to much pace on, caught out of position numerous times, failed to follow the ball in when well placed for what would have been an open net Byers -6 flitted in and out, passed and competed well, but got outmuscled a few times too Dele-Bashiru -9 will have impressed his admirers, if he keeps that form going hel be a massive asset Bannan -7 passed it well as always, and found space Windass -7 had a decent 1st half but faded after an hour Gregory -6 struggled to affect the game, didnt really get the right type of balls to run out, stupid pulling the player down when hes on a yellow
  8. Hes going to need that character if he plays like that every week
  9. Meh, I had her last year .....and her sister
  10. Not a performance thats going to inspire anybody, players or supporters. Fingers crossed its better when it matters starting in 7 days time!
  11. A cardboard cut out of Loovens would be better than iorfa, hes a carcrash, 90 degree vision, he couldnt recognise danger if it had DANGER in big red letters, reads a game like a blind man.
  12. Adenirans gunna struggle for pitch time after this signing
  13. Loved him when he was here but.... we need to move on and build for the future. Lets be reyt, if Reading werent in financial strife he wouldnt be there, clubs werent queing up to sign him when we originally released him.....
  14. It raised a few eyebrows when we let him go as I recall, he was very well thought of by many who watch the kids play. Ive only seen him twice since hes been @ dale and hes looked decent both times.
  15. Leave it out he was 32 when he came here, his future certainly wasnt infront of him was it? Ok he had a bit of an indian summer and looked the part in a few games, class player that he once was, and showed glimpses of that in the wide open spaces that is S6, he was never the player that he once, was how could he have been at 32 Dear me, wednesday fans just cling to any lifeboat, even when its sinking, where was it we sent him falkirk? He managed around 25 games a season. Lets be real
  16. We have to stick our best 11 out every game, we arent in the best sub league, players like Francis and Waddle came here long after their best days, just to top up their pension pots and lay on the odd display once every 5 or 6 games
  17. I remember all the blunts telling him he should have bought them instead when DC took us over from MM, christ theyd have been league two now in macron shirts, if only we drunk more carlsberg
  18. Dawson, very useful player scores goals creates chances attack minded like Azaz thats just joined plymouth on loan again a very decent option and a bit taller than Devoy wouldnt have minded Azaz here, think hed have been a huge hit, reminds me a bit of a young Carlton Palmer. Id have taken Cadden over reece james all day long, not sure about tucker, but we never showed any interest in him anyhow
  19. All the sheep that say Chansiri has learned from his mistakes, hope your reading this
  20. Wow a thread about squad numbers, who cares? its not like they ever get numbered 1-11 anymore. Stick their weekly salaries on their backs, 20K passes to 6 grand whose disposessed by 2K, far more interesting
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