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  1. Wednesday went into a downward vacuum after the betting scandal,Brown was a shadow of Buckingham,lacked ambition and vision,his judgement was clouded by his beliefs,he made some awfull decisions on players,he didnt have the skill to manage at the highest level. But the blame for the decline was in the boardroom,they were so far detatched from football and how it operated and what it required they just sleep walked us into oblivion,millionaires applied to be directors,but the board ALWAYS turned them down,it wasnt untill Mandaric rode up that we finally rid ourselves of the cancer that was the directors,an old boys club that took more out than they ever put in and used the club for tax rite offs and bigger pensions
  2. Les Green was a very good keeper,but cloughie replaced him with the much taller Colin Boulton,as Green got done on corners too often,Boulton was the rams no1 for 7 years straight
  3. Liverpool at home,stick a big banner across the lepp justice for Juve you scummy tvvats
  4. Exactly this,home fans deserve better,weve not made S6 a fortress like it should be,although weve put in some good performances,at times weve been very abject and not really stuck two dominant halves together
  5. The gloves are his to lose now,hes grown into the role as the seasons progressed,he can improve his kicking,any sport is about focus on your weakspots and improving. Some credit must go to Westwood here as hes worked with Cammy and passed on his knowledge which is great to hear
  6. Great reaction tonight,closed down and won 2nd balls,found space and moved the ball quicker looked a lot more switched on tonight,cant criticise any of those on the pitch tonight,very good allround team performance and everyone played their part,really pleased for Sam Winnall that should give the kid a big boost. Not an easy place to visit and I wasnt expecting a win in all honesty,so really chuffed tonight. Just wish we could be more consistent in our performances
  7. Great to hear all the positive comments,pleased for Foxy,its all deserved,his application and workrate have been consistently high,as have his standards. Its a huge turn around for a kid whose career here looked finished a few months ago,fair play to the lad hes turned the negativity around and rammed down some peoples throats. Whod have thought hedbe one of the first names on the teamsheet a few short months ago. Well done Morgan Fox!
  8. Mowbray had our defence sussed from the previous game @ ewood park,saw the weakness an they played on it,he outfoxed Monk,they played little balls just in behind the space the fullbacks left between the CBs along the outer 18 yard line and cut them back in,with their strikers following in behind,shrewd bloke who obviously has monks defensive tactics up his sleeve,lucky not have been a cricket score. If it was easy enough to see from the stand why didnt Monk react to it ? they used the same ploy the entire game
  9. 10 signed photos of the Scummy leeds slayer Adthe the Devil,as he known in L postcodes
  10. ACL injury by sounds of things,not off twitter but someone on insta told me about two hours ago
  11. Very hard after a performance like todays,to change that side in all honesty,and Reach put in some blinding crosses today,swapping wings with Murphy at times,looked like the Reach from last season.
  12. Good move for him,Blackpool are a decent side. Hel get regular game time there which will aid him,hes a great attitude,works very hard and has all the attributes,apart from height. Hes certainly got a decent future ahead of him.Best of luck kid
  13. Stuart Gray,easy choice,left the club better off than he found it,operated on a shoestring,got results from the training ground,utilised what he had to its best affect,we wouldnt have our head in a noose like we have now if hed stayed here.Our loss in a huge way
  14. Dont see this as monks problem,its more to do with the players,Monk was waving the defence to come up. Hes not brought a single player in and hasnt had a pre season with them,hes having to get his thoughts across in training sessions.
  15. Sticking 6 past leeds is always going to be a game to savour and would be my pick. The night at Brighton was quite some night,we withstood an onslaught,the tension among the Owls fans was unbearable,the joy of that Wallace special and the emotion at the final whistle,very memorable night and would come a close 2nd. As was the victory over Arsenal,all be it the league cup,they played a strong side,injuries helped the cause,but we were on fire that night,it all clicked,Wallace AGAIN,was outstanding,would be me 3rd choice
  16. Doubt very highly that eufa would sanction a league formed on those terms,which would harm the league above it,namely the prem as it has to have functional promtion and releagation to comply,so the prem would veto under those terms
  17. I went for Lees,it was a day when the defence was severely tested,thought he put a shift in and covered Iorfas ass for the most part,the guy had a busy afternoon without much help,bit harsh on Fox who likewise put a decent shift in. This game showed us up as ligtweights in physical type game,the ref bought quite a few non contact challenges,but stoke did a very proffesional job on us and won cheap free kicks,they looked fired up,we looked in holiday mode.the MF barely won a second ball,as a result we were under constant pressure,think you gotta give stoke some credit,they made us look bang average,they were quicker to the ball and hungrier in the tackle
  18. Too many players had off days,two through balls where the player never moved,Luongo headed on to Harris who stood still,and Palmer played in reach behind,who likewise didnt move about 10 minutes after. For some reason Nuhiu and Rhodes just doesnt work,Winnall seems the better partner for Adthe.
  19. Certainly came to make a statement,with his effort at goal early doors,looked ok nowt special,they got a nose bleed went they went over halfway,early scare apart which Hunt had a hand in. Never look back,its all history,look to all your tomorrows Jack,unlucky bud,nice save from the kid in row 40 from your thunderbolt like.
  20. Caught a trailing arm or hand in his boat of on of our CBs,either Lees or Iorfa,happened too quick for me to see clearly. Was mystified by the change,just bring the FB on and switch Palmer? But hes rejigged the entire back four,Iorfa looked rusty at RB untill last 15 minutes
  21. One thing Ive learned all these years watching footy,its not the sums of money you spend,its the wisdom in which its used.And thats true even in todays game
  22. Im going for Palmer today,seemlessly switched to LB,two shots both on target and a goaline clearance that was critical,had that gone in,theyd have brought defenders on and closed it out.
  23. In a few of the papers we were linked with him while he was at southend,what a signing that would have been!
  24. George Best,he was some player,always played well at hillsborough too,superlatives are often used to describe him and all are accurate. Even our own fans loved watching his skills and applauded him,I once sat a row behind three teenage girls with owls scarves on and they screamed and stood up when he was on the ball or used some of his magic,twas like being at a beatles concert,long day,great game as well
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