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  1. I think you're right I think he went for Pulis before Monk Chansiri stated in his press conference that he had spoken to Pulis before I've also seen somewhere, can't remember where now, that Pulis said the time wasn't right before I'm not a fan of the way his Stoke team played the game, but I'm willing to give him a chance I just hope that Chansiri does by providing him with the tools he needs Otherwise, we'll be looking for another new manager in 12 months, to do yet another rebuilding job
  2. It looks like Chansiri is learning from his previous mistake You can't bring a new manager in and not let him appoint his own staff It took Monk over a year before he was allowed to bring staff in
  3. I'm a big fan of Brian Laws too He probably had the worst hand dealt to any Wednesday manager in the last 20 years and made a right go of it
  4. Dom's got one of those chins like Jim Carrey had in Me, Myself and Irene
  5. What a player Beni Carbone was Some people think Forestieri was great He wasn't fit to lick Carbone's boots
  6. I remember the recent game against Birmingham Birmingham had Gardner on Bannan trying to disrupt him I also remember seeing bannan throw a bit of an elbow at Gardner to stop him grabbing him Gardner got booked and then got substituted I can't remember what I had for tea yesterday, but I remember little things like this.
  7. They were there for the play off semi's This was their line up for the second leg at Villa park which ended 0-0 Randolph, Shotton, Fry, Gibson, Friend, Howson, Clayton, Besic, Traore, Asaombalonga, Downing Subs- Konstantopoulos, Da Silva, Leadbeater, Bamford, Cranie, Harrison, Gestede If he couldn't get that lot up, he's not got a prayer with us Enjoy your football
  8. Just listened to Lewis I think he's wrong when he says Pulis never had a squad to challenge He was in charge of Boro when they lost in the play off semi against Villa The following season after signing a host of players, he took Boro backwards, and only finished 7th Boro's squad was far better than ours and included the likes of Patrick Bamford, Adama Traore, Hugil, Downing, Danny Batth, Aden Flint, Martin Crannie, Cyrus Christie, Ben Gibson, Johnnie Howson, Fabio, Britt Asombalonga, Adam Clayton and many other players who would walk into our squ
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