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  1. Unfortunately they will pick up They don't concede many goals And when you defend as well as they do, you've always got a chance It's always nice to see them lose though
  2. I like how Monk is closing all the windows and all of the doors Soon he will be able to throw all the meat on the barbecue
  3. I think we were in a false position in third place, the squad just wasn't a top three squad A few players threw their toys out when they were told they wouldn't be staying And performances dropped Simple really
  4. Staying up? We're only 12 points off the play offs
  5. I'm a big fan of Monk But I'm an even bigger fan of whatever it is you've been drinking
  6. You can see that Colin has been at that club They over rely on lumps up front They play for free kicks, corners and throw-ins They have cheating arseholes like Tomlin I have a deep disliking for Cardiff
  7. I'd just like to add Although Monk has been here a year now He was only allowed to sign his first player last month
  8. Some of us have been behind Monk from the start We can see what he's been up against Two games in, two wins, two clean sheets A team performance today where everyone put a shift in The players are buying into the Monk way I think we've got one of the brightest young managers around We just need the Monk haters to get on board, then we can achieve anything I feel we have a few disappointed supporters today Even when we win, some have to search for the negatives Cheer up people, we won
  9. I thought the midfield three, Bannan, Brown, and Luongo were awesome Bannan dictated play, Brown put Windass in to score, Luongo was like a wasp It was never going to be pretty, Cardiff are a difficult team to play against The back 3/5 stood strong Windass ran his socks off Rhodes can score if given chances I also thought Reach was very efficient when he came on
  10. I've gone for Luongo for that challenge on the half way line that took their player out and got himself booked Had he not done that, Cardiff had a charge on our goal with plenty of minutes left
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