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  1. Most of my Blunt mates were shiit houses, there’s only 2 or 3 who were decent lads
  2. It's true mate I used to go out with around 30 mates, I think 5 of us were Wednesdayites
  3. I've told my Blunt mates that Chansiri has found a loop hole that wipes out our debt and gives us a massive transfer kitty, it's cooking the books and a bit dodgy, but the football league can't do anything about it because it's not strictly cheating, although it really is. They've all left the chat Pretty sure they are firing emails off "Well let me tell you Football League"
  4. Not sure I’d want to be part of a group that had me in it
  5. The other thing if we have money to spend Perhaps @Kagoshimaowl will get a good nights sleep and stop worrying
  6. If we are able to buy players, I hope we go for up and coming youngsters who have a re-sale value And not aging journeymen looking for a final payday
  7. If you forget you've ever banged someone it sounds like an ideal situation to me Every time is like the first time
  8. Not before time too Clubs should never have been allowed to stockpile young talent
  9. We better sign someone soon or I really fear for some of the delicate flowers on here
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