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  1. For what it's worth, I think your idea is very good, and the best suggestion yet I didn't think closing Catchbar Lane would work, but now you've reminded me it is three lanes wide, it's probably doable
  2. It is, but if they close Catchbar Lane, I can't see them closing both roads
  3. Good though ti is, I can see a major traffic flow problem with @Flat Owl's idea Having lived on Wadsley Park Village for 14 years, we moved away last year, closing Catchbar Lane to traffic would cause no end of problems. Traffic coming from the city centre would be diverted up Parkside Road (blue arrow), to it's junction with Middlewood Road, this junction is busy at the best of times. Traffic coming from Deepcar/Oughtibridge would either be directed along Middlewood Road to Hillsborough Corner, another logistical nightmare, or down Leppings Lane presuming Leppings Lane isn't cordoned off (red arrow) and then along Penistone Road. Personally, I think if any road is to be closed and cordoned off, it has to be Leppings Lane. The only other alternative is to park coaches on Parkside Road, closing Catchbar Lane would cause too many problems in my opinion.
  4. I'm not a fan of change for changes sake, I think it sends out the wrong message to the rest of the players Fox did nothing wrong against Luton and in my opinion deserves to keep the shirt, or what's the point in working hard when you know you're going to get dropped as soon as the first choice is fit Obviously there are circumstances that the average fan isn't party to. Tactics play a big part, the coach see's the players everyday in training so there could be an issue we aren't aware of He may employ tactics which suit one or the other better Then there's the players that walk back into the team when fit, but we don't have as many of them as some people would think For me, with the system we play, they are Westwood, Lees, and Fletcher, I know some people would add Bannan, Hutchinson, Reach, Harris, and Lee to that list, but we have such good options in midfield these days, that I'm not sure those players are undroppable I don't know what the loan agreement is with Murphy, maybe he has to play Harris is the interesting one for me, if he keeps up the fine form he will soon find himself on the undroppable list, if he's not on it already He reminds me a lot of Jermaine Johnson, he has the ability to take the ball far up the pitch and give the defenders a breather, he has more control than JJ too, and he can be trusted to help out in defence which JJ wasn't particularly good at. I can't wait to see what team is picked For me, we have to match Preston up, and play a 4-5-1 like they do I hope Bullen puts Luongo in the middle with Hutchinson, which if he goes with Murphy and Harris out wide, would leave Bannan, Lee, and Reach fighting for the final spot, but I don't think Bullen is brave enough to do that I'd have a midfield 5 of Murphy, Hutchinson, Luongo, Lee and Harris for this one I know how good Bannan can be, but we are going to be under the cosh a bit in this one, and Bannan sits too deep, I think we will need players who can break out quickly
  5. There's too many Owls and they're too close together on the blue shirt, it looks a bit cluttered, other than that it's not bad I'm not a fan of shields, I don't get the 3 waves (is that what they're supposed to be) don't like the football either.
  6. Fox is a better defender Palmer is a better athlete I think we will need better defenders against Preston So Fox for me
  7. We're voting you out We're voting you out Sheffield City Council We're voting you out Well I'm not, I live in Donny
  8. I very rarely neg people But as someone who worked down the pit, and witnessed what happened first hand I wish I could neg your post 100 times
  9. There are highlights of Francis Jeffers and Adam Proudlock?
  10. I get all that But Barnsley and Luton at home, come on, we're admitting we aren't good enough to have a right go at Barnsley and Luton at home I want a manager who has no fear of playing teams like Barnsley and Luton at home I'm old enough to remember the days of Howard Wilkinson when we tore teams a new one Oh for a Howard Wilkinson
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