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  1. 7 bookings already and Leeds up next What could possibly go wrong
  2. No, not his Tallywhacker The tackle in the box in the second half Awesome
  3. He's better than some people think Man of the match tonight
  4. I just wanted to mention Morgan Fox How good was he against Cardiff That tackle in the second half was awesome, I thought their player had beat him for pace, but Morgan got there He's a very good defender who does the basics very well, but for some reason we have a section of our support that don't like him I had Borner MOM, Iorfa a close second, then Hutchinson who had his best game for ages, and then Fox
  5. Read your own post You're a glass half full type We have a good young player on our hands You talk of facts, I gave you a fact If the referee had done his job right, Dawson wouldn't have conceded I noticed you didn't comment on his great save down at the foot of the post You're a critic not a supporter
  6. If the referee had done his job against Cardiff, Dawson wouldn't have conceded But yeah, let's have a go at a good young player
  7. We should hire the same Manchester University fella and see what he makes of Brammall Lane
  8. When people say it evens out over a season What they're really saying is Sheffield Wednesday lost a goal that shouldn't have been given While Cardiff benefited from a goal that shouldn't have been given There it's evened itself out
  9. I like him, he will get better with more game time
  10. Depends if you're called Hutchinson or not
  11. We were done by the referee And not for the first time
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