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  1. That's it, Tony I see him sometimes at matches He knows my name but I can never remember his
  2. The coach is still at the club I've got a lot of time for him, he's a top bloke Can't for the life of me remember his name
  3. Not a prayer Another local lad who'll never be a Wednesday legend He'll regret it eventually
  4. That's surprised me, I didn't think it would be that high Shall we compare his goals 250 games, a decent fullback would be into double figures How many has Liam got?
  5. I've said it before, he's a very good athlete Works tirelessly up and down the pitch His defending has improved immensely, but it needed to I'm not mention his ability to cross the ball The fact he's played so many games for Wednesday, is a reflection on how bad we have been as a club, and not how good he is as a player Love his attitude, love his workrate, but we'll never be more than a run of the mill Championship club until we get better players Neg away guys, but Liam is a cheap option, that's why he's stayed here so long, he just doesn't possess the quality that will help sustain a promotion challenge How many assists has he got in those 250 games, 4, 5?
  6. Gary Madine's equaliser against the pigs at Bumhole Lane
  7. I think what he tells supporters and what he tells the PFA will be completely different It's got to be He can't rock up to the PFA and say, don't worry guys, I'll cover the players wages Same as a lot of clubs, we will always struggle with FFP until we get promoted If all the other clubs are applying for wage reductions, we've got to do the same
  8. That's the road going into Middlewood hospital as I remember it before it became the housing estate You can still see the original end of the road next to the footpath that leads out to the road My aunt was a nurse there, and on some paydays, if I was at her house, we used to have a drive up there I also believe the footpath at the top of Eastwood, just before the entrance to Middlewood Lodge, was the original road up to Kingswood Hall Some right nutters used to live there I believe one still does This is the path I believe used to be the original road I could be wrong
  9. Hunt could whip a good ball across, but he didn't do it often enough for us I think part of the reason was because he had Ross Wallace ahead of him, who in my opinion was a far more dangerous crosser of the ball I think we've missed Wallace far more than people realise, if he hadn't had to go off in the Huddersfield play off game, I think we'd have won that game by a couple of goals I remember a corker of a cross from Hunt in front of the kop, when he landed it straight onto Winnall's head, who scored
  10. Don 't think I'll ever see a Wednesday player putting in a performance like Waddle did against West Ham Another one I liked was Terry Curran's role in the Boxing Day Massacre
  11. They were still in front of us after the Carlisle game It was our win against Brentford that turned the tide
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