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  1. LOLZ

    True Being able to laugh at yourself is a great quality to have Not everyone can do it
  2. LOLZ

    Haha, not a bad effort But this one was better
  3. Has Anyone Else Written This Season Off Already

    Call her back and tell her to stay off the juice
  4. The issues at Sheffield Wednesday go way beyond Carlos

    I don’t buy that Pretty much how it was across the city 18 months ago In that time we’ve spent 20 Million, United have spent peanuts, yet they look the team most likely to get promoted
  5. Has Anyone Else Written This Season Off Already

    I was expecting top two this season I wrote that off after the first 5 or 6 games Unless we have a massive change of fortune, we’re looking at lower mid table It happens, Brighton missed out on promotion, they then narrowly missed getting relegated, before failing again against us, then kicking on We haven’t got anywhere near enough goal scorers in the team If Hooper gets injured, we’re fecked
  6. How many years have you supported Sheffield Wednesday?

    First game was 1962 v Aston Villa Remember nothing about it, I was 4 My dad and his brother used to take me throughout the sixties, started going with my mate in the early seventies, he stopped going in the late eighties when he got married I had a season ticket on my own throughout the nineties Started taking my two kids in 2000, my son was 4, their first game was a season opener v Burnley, we lost 2-0 It was good of Wednesday to get my kids used to losing from the beginning, no point building their expectations up for no reason.
  7. just watched penalty decision back 4 times on ifollow

    I watched it on Ifollow too Like the op said, clearly a dive
  8. Loovens

    I watched the game on Ifollow The red card will get overturned Loovens didn’t touch Vydra Vydra waited while Loovens was alongside Then he went down, no contact at all
  9. carlos will be r8ght it will come good

    I’ve got more chance of being an astronaut
  10. Record everything under Mr Chansiri

    Record number of shirts sold Is that the actual number of shirts sold, or the revenue the sale of shirts brought in At £55 a pop, a reasonable amount of sales would be enough to break the previous years record
  11. Listening to Carlos, I’m starting to think he’s a bit deluded. He is so stubborn he wil not or cannot change his ways, he just sticks to the tried and tested even when it’s clearly not working. And listening to his press conferences, his office is fast becoming bullshiit central.
  12. I bought two of those medals, I think they're a nice keepsake
  13. One player away... now we're three away

    I don't know the ins and outs of what we've paid for whom Rumour is we're paying 4 installments of 2 million per season over the 4 year deal for Rhodes, a total of 8 million Just need a manager who can get him to score goals now, and he will score goals in the right system
  14. One player away... now we're three away

    The most telling statistic for me, is that two years on, swop Reach for Pudil, and that's pretty much the same first eleven as we have now So in two and a bit years, we've changed one player, despite spending somewhere in the region of 20 million That's a recipe for disaster in my eyes