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  1. It's a horrendous shirt I hate modern football and the trend for playing in the away shirt even when there isn't a colour clash We should play in blue and white stripes every game unless we are playing a team who play in blue or white
  2. They should get free tickets for the away game of their choice The club take our travelling support for granted Players coming over to the supporters to clap after a defeat really piisses me off When I've been in the away end after a defeat, I just want to strangle every player in a Wednesday shirt
  3. BPF Hunt Iorfa Dunkley Brown Adeniran Luongo Bannan Windass Beraninho Shodipo
  4. Wing is a good player, but I think he's a bit star struck by Bannan He needs to man the feck up and grab the game by the horns Or he will just become the new Pelupessy whose first thought is to give it to Bannan
  5. I can't go to the Shrewsbury game, son is going to a boxing do in Donny Feeling a bit relieved
  6. I hope he's not like that in the dressing room Sometimes you have to put the fear of god up some people or they take the piiss
  7. Last time I went there was under Irvine, we had a player sent off but would have lost anyway At least we kept all 11 on the pitch this time Although Hutch did his headless chicken bit where he gets needlessly booked
  8. Anyone seen Moore's interview yet? He says we weren't quite there today Weren't quite there? We were miles away Plymouth could have scored 5
  9. BPF 4 - Uncharacteristic mistake that started the rot Hunt 3 - Will he ever nutmeg anyone? It drives me nuts how often he tries this Iorfa 4 - Made to look ordinary Hutchinson 3 - Hot headed show pony Palmer 4 - Heart's in the right place, unfortunately his feet aren't Wing 4 - Needs to start influencing games and stop being a passenger Byers 3 - Wrong type of midfield player for away games at this level, power and pace needed, he possess neither Bannan 3- Needs to stop believing the hype and move the ball quicker Johnson 3- Forgot he was playing Sow 4 - Starved of the ball Gregory 3 - Wrong type of player to lead the line in away games at this level Man of the match - The away support
  10. BPF Hunt Iorfa Dunkley Brown Wing Adeniran Bannan Corbeneau Berahino Shodipo
  11. The whole point of playing out from the back is draw teams out, then play through the gaps Teams have found out that if they don't press our back four when we have the ball, we will give them the ball anyway We played with no target man, Gregory is what we used to call a shiit liner, he isn't physical enough to lead the line in this division Bannan and Byers just slowed the game down too much Wing needs to start taking the game by the scruff of the neck and stop being in awe of Bannan Rethink needed Mr Moore before the crowd turns
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