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  1. Not sure the top photo is a great advertisement Log on to see more of Lisa Blade
  2. Murphy for me, constant threat throughout the game I know West Brom have better players than us But our lads put a great shift in All three goals came from our errors To me the game showed that with this manager, we can match the better teams, we will be a force if Monk is allowed to bring in who he wants Odubajo, I just don't know what to say about him, his heart is in the right place, but his feet aren't, he falls down more than my wife
  3. I would like Hull, Luton, and Boro But I'd settle for Hull, Luton, and Huddersfield
  4. Unintentional, been busy in the garden all afternoon mate Now relaxing with the wife watching a film called Ocean's 8 We're about 10 minutes in, and it's a bit shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh t, up to now
  5. Our goalkeeping department is as healthy as it's been for a while It will be hard enough keeping our two youngsters happy Either of whom could serve us for the next 10 years We have more pressing needs in our team than goalkeeper It's a no from me
  6. I never mentioned him being a nice guy I don't give an iota how nice he is I know he's a bloody good young manager and we're lucky to have him
  7. I really hope our supporters start to realise what a top young manager we've got Can't see it mind
  8. Yeah that's him I always thought him to be a quiet lad Then I sat behind him at an away game
  9. What's his name, he works in the ticket office and he's so helpful But he's reyt fiery at away games
  10. I was on the South Stand, the tackle was horrendous
  11. Is Alaistair the nutter that screams at away games?
  12. I thought about doing Matt Le Tissier but I can't really afford it
  13. I want to take the option where I get credit added to my card to spend in the club shop, does anyone know when it has to be spent, I want to use it to buy next season's home shirt, I don't see anywhere that states how long the credit will remain on the card.
  14. It's quiet because we won The moaners will be on Monk's back again soon enough
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