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  1. Maybe I just hope it's someone who reports on current events Doom and everyone else missed the embargo put on the Blunts But they were all over the embargo placed on us.
  2. I wonder who is replacing him, and whether The Star will employ a journalist this time
  3. The fact the referee doesn't get sanctioned is a disgrace
  4. On the other hand you could ask why should we pay someone's full wages when we aren't getting a fully fit player And we are prepared to get him match fit for Palace Surely, they should be more than willing to pay a hefty sum towards the wages, they are the club that benefits more in the long run And there should be some kind of insurance in case he's injured again, do we keep paying him even if he's out with injury, or do we agree on a pay as you play type deal Wickham's a good player, and I would love him here, but we've got to put our interests first, not Palace's
  5. Nailed mine to a tree in Hillsborough Park Got to the car and had a change of heart Went back and some bugger had took the nail
  6. I'm just surprised the referee wasn't wearing one
  7. Really? Probably showing my age My son has decided he's driving today, so if we get there early enough I'll be having a pint of that lovely Wednesday Pale Ale Under the Cantilever
  8. I hope our supporters show a bit of patience today and not get frustrated if we go with just the one up front We had this formation against Leeds, and also at home against Birmingham It's a counter attacking formation designed for us to break quickly and get up and support It worked well in the first half against Birmingham, as we played some lovely stuff, but we didn't take our chances, and Birmingham got an early second half lead I know the onus is on us as the home team to dictate play, and I'm sure we will try to do that This system with one up front works best away from home, or if you take a lead in a home game, which in turn makes most opposition come out a bit more which will leave space for us to attack with pace Having said that I've seen teams come to Hillsborough this season and last, who go behind but still sit in until the last 20 minutes then they give it a bit of a go Monk knows what he's doing, in the absence of Fletcher we have no one who really holds the line well, but if we show patience and get behind the team, this will be a big help I know a fair few supporters do have patience, but we also have a fair few of the want it yesterday brigade who just come to moan WAWAW
  9. They might have got in the squad, but no way would they have got in the team The midfield pairing of Sheridan and Palmer was the best I've seen in my 61 years following Wednesday.
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