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  1. This^^^^^^^^^^ He's way too good to be playing deep, he needs to be at the cutting edge
  2. Under Jos The clean sheets weren't all down to Westwood, I would argue they are more down to Bruce The young keeper kept a clean sheet against a Bristol side who put 3 past our neighbours
  3. I'm going to go against the grain here, he's a top keeper, as good as anything in the Championship, but you have to remember he suffers from injury quite often If Bruce is given a choice between Westwood and Hector, I hope he spaffs the cash on Hector I'd be sorry to see Westwood go, but we have two good young keepers We currently have no one to replace Hector If we could keep both that would be awesome, but if cash is limited, I wouldn't want us to blow the budget on Westwood
  4. Voted Nilsson Best right back in my lifetime Far better than Zico, Mel was a great player for us, but with Nilsson we’re talking world class I always remember the league cup final when everyone said their speed merchant wonder kid Lee Sharp, would tear us a new one Roland never gave him a kick
  5. First half when he went to head the ball back to Dawson, the crowd held their breath thinking he was going to put it on a plate for Bristol's striker Then he sold the striker and the crowd a dummy, by deliberately missing the ball and letting it drop at his feet He had a really unusual stance, his arms were outstretched and his right knee was in the air I've not seen a move like this since the 'crane technique' in the original Karate Kid film
  6. ^^^^^^^^This He goes around like a Lannister without a drink Smile man, smile
  7. I just wish he'd play higher up the pitch, sometimes he drops so deep he's in touching distance of the two centre halves, Hutchinson is the same He showed against Bristol the damage he can do when he's higher up the pitch
  8. True But even if Dem Blavdes gave their tickets away, it still wouldn't tempt me to go there
  9. When I went for ours I was the only one in the queue So the number sold is at least 2
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