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  1. I'll be satisfied if after the points deduction, we finish the season 1 point above the relegation zone And that sends Middlesbrough down
  2. Can't beat the feeling when Wednesday put the ball in the back of the ent
  3. How some people were wanting the Cowleys I think wet dream would be more appropriate
  4. No one has mentioned the shot he had at Forest I've only just remembered it It was similar to the one from out wide against Leeds, and missed the far post by inches Quick turn and shot without even looking I'm really surprised it wasn't shown on the highlights
  5. He's good, very good in fact, there's not much between the two of them
  6. So did Chris Waddle And he was the best player I've ever seen in a Wednesday shirt
  7. I think some are still sore that we didn't get the Cowley's
  8. In his ineffective games, he still puts a shift in, the stats say he always covers more pitch than anyone else
  9. Nope, it was definitely Fletcher's substitution
  10. He's got his critics, not me mind, he'd be one of the first players on the team sheet for me Okay, he's suffering from a lack of confidence at the moment But what an absolute corker of a cross for Rhodes second goal, best pass of the game for me Another thing I love about Reach, his first touch is usually superb, he seems to pluck the ball out of the air killing it instantly
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