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  1. No way will I pay to watch a competition that involves reserve teams In my opinion, this competition should be boycotted
  2. We only went in that one time, it was dead, we bailed for the Stone House They didn't shut that in 88 did they?
  3. First place me and the future wife went to on our first date summer of 88 Not sure if it was still called Crazy Daisy then
  4. There's a fair bit of bed wetting going on in this thread Have faith brothers There's still plenty of time left in the transfer window
  5. Had to have a word a couple of times with people shouting racist abuse One young guy mid twentyish sat next to us on the Cantilever, it must have been a cup game because it wasn't his usual seat, he shouted a racist remark at Antonio Another time a group of 4 or 5 lads sat immediately behind us, again all mid twentyish, all well oiled, one of them shouted something racist at an away player, in fairness to his mates they all seemed embarrased for him, it was during our last visit to league one, so about 10 years ago.
  6. We haven't moved stands but we were told we were getting new cards, so I presume everyone is.
  7. I suppose someone has to listen to Kanye West
  8. We've had some pretty crap home shirts in that time But the Everton shirt being pulled out of a Tesco bag is by far the worst
  9. Daughter is on 44K in her first year, she can buy her own shirt
  10. For what it's worth My son loves the home shirt, my daughter loves the away shirt I think they are both poor.
  11. Love the kit launch with the Sherlocks I will be giving the kits a miss Stripes are too narrow, solid blue sleeves, big white patch on the back, not for me, the temporary kit was slightly better And I don't do red or shades of it, definitely not piggy pink
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