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  1. Cook beat Wilks to toe poke his second goal from a corner
  2. Would he get his pint served quick enough, and would he be allowed to take it in the stand?
  3. We can't agree a transfer fee with Hallam.
  4. Tragic change of ability since his injury.
  5. No, booked, for starters. the number of subs available won't help preventing timewasting. Player goes down, requests treatment and after all checks except tonsils, sub comes on for him, therefore they are not down to 10 for a moment. Clubs will always work something else out.
  6. Let's just get behind the team again eh? Those wishing to discuss Chansiri can do so away from the game.
  7. the linesman on that side of the field could be 50 yards away - they usually go with the defending left backs.
  8. idea of a 'marker' is OK but the linesman has to remain square with the defence in his half.
  9. But if a ref can (maybe) award an indirect free kick in the penalty area while he hold it too long, attitudes will change. Didn't this happen to Chris Turner (?) at Blackpool one night when the 10 second rule came in?
  10. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/kemar-roofe/verletzungen/spieler/141350/plus/1 Would we have to extend the treatment room?
  11. Gordon Banks got clobbered with loads of bananas when he approached the kop goal in late 60s.
  12. Tony Simmons?? Haven't we already had him about 40 years ago - a ginger nut?
  13. Good luck, Sam. When you play the pigs - just be yourself! Get 'em tw@tted.
  14. yep, understand the permission bit, but without permission if agents and every bugger is tapping up players, no wonder they can become unsettled.
  15. Can't understand how clubs can discuss personal terms to players contracted to other clubs. Or is it just permission then chicken : egg?
  16. I hope those who didn't like JJ would at least admit that if he ever got the ball and then lost it, at least we would be defending 60 yards further up the pitch after his run.
  17. He's now joined Wimbledon on loan. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62178333
  18. Yes. At half time 4-0, I thought it couldn't get much worse. Souness? Jeeess!
  19. You lot moaning about kit remind me of the scene at 8 minutes in 'Golden Gordon' Always worth watching the whole lot.
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