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  1. and the post are even wider than that! 24ft x 8ft (or to remember easier 8yds x 8ft)
  2. encroachment is never applied. If it was they would be very long games. it happens almost every penalty if you look for it. However, not blaming that for the result. We seem to be mentally weak if the slightest thing goes wrong, and $ hit ourselves.
  3. .........and yet a certain female steward apparently asks "Do you want to be removed?"
  4. and watching the match rather than doing her job
  5. Atlas & Norfolk. Used to belong to Firth Browns in the late 70s when we played 'em at tennis.
  6. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/172909-anyone-remember-the-old-sheffield-wednesday-shop/page/6/#comments See Tommtpolyfilla's comments on page 6...............
  7. Didn't the shop originally have a portacabin near the floodlight pylon SW corner? Also mini cabins inside the ground. On memories, anyone remember the big tree that was roughly between the director's entrance and the river - late 50s I believe, when my dad taught me my religion at weekends.
  8. It's mingin'. Like red & white, 'gone in't wash.
  9. We can pass around from the back and go past their defending forwards, with a series of passes. HOWEVER, once we've done that we are too slow moving forward, and what happens is their 2 forwards come back into play and can defend again. To look at it from Plymouth's view, their forwards were nearly always defending and they had 10 outfield players between the ball and their goal. Corbeanu seemed to move things a bit quicker. I would have thought that playing from the back was to draw opponents towards you and create space for our others further forward. We'll also struggle with 3 in midfield if the wide forwards are not prepared to assist them and defend, and yesterday we were too lightweight.
  10. Think he needs a leather biting strap. Seem to remember years ago at school a drop of phenolphthalein gave folks the runs (allegedly)
  11. And another............ Incidently Simon Weaver another Owl will also have the delight of stepping onto the pitch soon - he manages Harrogate.
  12. Sorry, was only joking about opposite word order. Keep up the good work!
  13. Only if he's better than what we have - which at our level is unlikely. Windass will do for me!
  14. Wardsend road is the location I am always reading about on here.
  15. Yeah, can't see Nigel Pearson fitting in a size XS.
  16. Someone else suggests it may be an internal switch. Sincerely hope that Tim doesn't leave, and it's him with a chance. He's been walking the 16-18 miles a day with little or no help since the bloke from Donny left allegedly under a cloud. Kiddy, Robbo and maybe now Tim - hope not!
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