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  1. Can't believe this. I and a few others were fannying around trying to sort a pass out by phone on the bridge. I've 2 printed ones from 2 sources at home I prepared for Saturday to be safe, but as there would not be 10,000 for the U18s I thought it would not be needed!
  2. Correct. Owlstalkers when picking a team always assume that we're in possession of the ball for 90 minutes.
  3. ..........and add Jimmy Mullen & I can't see Brian Hornsby
  4. Play offs throughout the leagues have reduced the chance to blood a youngster or two in the end of season 'dead' matches.
  5. u18 play Preston in youth cup next Tue 7pm at Hillsboro' I nearly set off for it tonight!
  6. Don't think I've ever met another profession with such a high proportion of comedians as footballers.
  7. Sorry if it's already mentioned, but great stories about Bully in the star https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/phonecalls-pep-talks-and-coffees-in-the-park-an-ode-to-lee-bullen-sheffield-wednesday-legend-and-great-human-being-3519960 Sorry if it's a pain using their website!
  8. Yes. Think he was subbed at half time.
  9. can't bring Beevers back...... HE'S LEFT FOOTED ffs.
  10. In my opinion for the corner he had the ball inside his left foot and possibly going out. what happened was the outside of his left ankle was tapped by their player meaning Johnson played it out.......... .........or should that have been our foul for their guy 'kicking' Johnson? not looking for an arguement, have another look if you get chance like i did on telly.
  11. Expecting? maybe summat in last minute sales, nobody left footed.
  12. Always gets a "massive" in when he mentions us on telly.
  13. Was funny when he used to try and 'tee-up' his goal kicks on a marker cone!
  14. Oh well at least I've just managed to print off my 48 hour pass for the game! Then I bloody find out! Stay safe folks!
  15. if we get a pass from 3.45pm on Thursday, will we get kicked out at half time?
  16. Repeat and it gives you 48 hours. see you on the NHS site on thursday evening.
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