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  1. Spot on mate, when Wilkinson first became manager half our fan base didn’t want him any more than they want Pulis now. The media/pundits/other teams slammed Wednesday for the “boring” long ball hard hitting football we played. Look how that ended, we had a team of miss fits cast offs and also rans. Wilkinson turned them into a winning team that others hated to play against full of hard lads that got results and gave us some great times. If Pulis can get Anyway near that it’s job done
  2. At least the drone didn’t turn up and terrify our players again, Borner mom for me
  3. Way things are going can see monk and bullen getting a game on saturday
  4. Mate after last night I’m starting to agree with you
  5. Get in Wednesday half time and only 3 nil. Things can only get worse
  6. No you ain’t mate, this is really getting silly now, give it a rest please
  7. Well that just sums it up. Buy loads of defenders and now we ain’t got any
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