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  1. Turn tv on crack a beer and settle down to watch the game, opponents score and switch tv off
  2. That’s fantastic, good luck and full respect to Richard
  3. Gotta agree with this, best I’ve seen for years Bannan unbelievable
  4. Just gotta say, Wow just Wow. Fantastic performance
  5. Don’t know about that mate, I’d back you up if you did that,
  6. Sure I saw it on the news a few weeks ago, the residents had to move out
  7. That building with the slope has been pinged because of the cladding failing fire regs ain’t it?
  8. Not been to Fagans for years used to be good fri/sat night and Sunday dinner time
  9. I had my first jab at rovrum leisure centre in and out in under 10 minutes very smooth organised and friendly big thanks to all, no side effects at all.
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