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  1. Yeah but, with our budget blah blah blah, our squad on paper blah blah blah, tin pot pub league blah blah blah, tactics wrong selection wrong subs wrong blah blah blah, with a better manager we’d pissthe league blah blah blah, Hows about f*** off. get behind the team the manager and Wednesday. WAWAW? More like some of us are all Wednesday ain’t we. up the Owls
  2. If this is correct then it’s a massive no from me, Hutch played more and we’ve let him go
  3. Wednesday win promotion/play off final tv, now it’s time for monster trucks
  4. Dawson in goal, Palmer in defence, Brown in midfield, Paterson up front and Moore as manager. The boo boys are gunna have a jizz fest next season. Meltdown Armageddon every week on here
  5. How many legs has he got? If both are working reckon he’d do a job for us,
  6. Been a great player for us gave 100% gunna miss him.
  7. Congratulations Mackem, you lot definitely deserve it. All the best for next season and smash them pigs for us
  8. Probably got this wrong but I don’t think his heart is in it with Wednesday, nowt really to base it on just a gut feeling, plus he didn’t have the best record injury wise last season. If get a few bob for him it could be a good move for us and him
  9. Bit left field this, need some time to think this over… adiós Josh
  10. A redcar you say? Ain’t that on the way up the A1?
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