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  1. Fat chance finding 3 wise men on here to visit him
  2. Wish him well. Not a world-class player but did his part for us
  3. Bloody hell how many more times is this idea going to do the rounds? We are what we are, and we are where we are, new manager (if we could get one) will not change anything. We stick with what we've got and hopefully build enough to fight our way past the -12. The good times will come back but not anytime soon. There's no easy fix and we may have more pain than joy in the next few seasons but, we are Wednesday and that's still a great thing to be. I love Wednesday and always will, come on you shandy drinking snowflakes get behind this car crash great club of ours. WAWAW!
  4. How long have you been sponsoring the presto stand?
  5. Now thats a great idea akbuk lo err like it a lot. Thanks to snoots for all the hard work this season and what a fantastic send off for the big man. If anyone ever asks me whats it like to support Wednesday I'll show em your omdt for today. And great use of the princess bride. Come on the Wednesday make Warnock cry!
  6. Beat colin the oink's lot we're ok. Stop bloody whinging ffs, ive been told by someone itn that the punishment will be compulsory attendance at all home games next season for all. With no early release at half time. How bad can it get? Wawaw
  7. Would it be an offence on here to say you'd love to punch jeff stelling?
  8. Was thinking the same today, think its a great idea
  9. I live in Rotherham but Sheffield is my home. Jog on baby oink
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