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  1. Would rather see the mannequin in goal
  2. I agree mate we should be playing teams that will push us, no point us going to places like Barnsley whoever they are
  3. Just my luck, someone is standing for free pints and I’m off the booze, pint of milk for me please
  4. Shocking stats, no own goals? And no red cards? Nevertheless great around the penalty box but Legend? No, Leg end? Definitely!
  5. Hope it’s Nuhiu or things could get messy on here
  6. To be fair mate I can’t see our fantastic leader going that long before hitting a 40 yard screamer into his own net
  7. Or at least that was the first version to become popular
  8. I’m sure that was originally by the Dubliners in the early 60’s
  9. Well we could go with our over 50’s give them 2 goal start and go down to 7 fit (still alive) players for the last half hour and it would still be close
  10. When did we sign Jack Grealish as our new keeper?
  11. I’m 58 both knees cream crackered drink beer till I fall over and could put pressman down in an all you can eat contest….. Do I qualify?
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