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  1. Fortunately Aerosmith had a change of heart over the lyrics.
  2. And the shirt'll be on Ebay within a few hours.
  3. Wasn't it at Forest when Rhodes got the hattrick?
  4. Nothing wrong with seals. Quite like them myself.
  5. It's a description of what your pee will be like the following day. I used to work on his TV show. He read my star chart for me and said I could be successful as long as I do some travelling. He also looked at my backside, then back at my chart (Libra, but which had Sagittarius moon and ascending), and then exclaimed with a tone of confusion: "Sagittarians have huge arses, but yours is small!" It's a strange claim to fame.
  6. Perhaps Baldock's just confused because the UK left the ERM on Black Wednesday...
  7. That would be a good one. A match, then a nice walk around the Old Town and on the beach by the drying shops, finished off with fish & chips at The Seagull.
  8. Isn't that because of the Euros final, not because of the Hungary game?
  9. Woking away would suit me. A mate of mine is a season ticket holder there so I've been a couple of times. The away terrace along the side is a reasonable size and the away fans can create a good atmosphere (Torquay fans did a good job in a top-of-table clash when I last went).
  10. I was always a bit unnerved by the way James Richardson stared so intently into the eyes of whoever he was interviewing. Looked like he was desperately trying to hold back from going in for the kiss.
  11. Perhaps they're developing an alcohol-free Brown Ale.
  12. Got himself an international red card now though.
  13. Both Sky and BBC reporting Alex Hunt has scored for Grimsby at Woking. He hasn’t. One of my friends is there and it’s still 0-0.
  14. Godden has admitted the charge and been given a two-game ban, as I expected would happen. I've had a look at Coventry's main forum and it's interesting to see how many posters on there can't understand the rule. The main point is that they're saying if the ref realised at the time that it was a dive Godden would have got a yellow card, so it's unfair that he's now got a retrospective ban. The whole point is that Godden's cheating successfully conned the officials. If he hadn't conned them they wouldn't have had the penalty. It's not rocket science. Some of their fans are even saying the referee's assistant should be punished for also being deceived. They're also saying that they've only been punished because Fulham went bleating to the authorities. The only sympathy I have with them is that it might not have been flagged up if it hadn't been a main game live on Sky. I suspect that there are other similar incidents that don't get punished because they don't get the detailed analysis that a main match on Sky gets. Having said that, it was an embarrassing dive.
  15. Slightly off-topic but I didn’t want to start a new thread… Portugal U-21s just beat Liechtenstein U-21s 11-0. They’ll be disappointed though: it was 9-0 at half time. Weirdly, the Sky Sports app stats shows Portugal as having had 100% possession.
  16. Probably the same success rate as booing the players to suddenly make them play better. Always works.
  17. An easy game was to be expected, just like the last time we played Mansfield...
  18. Pregnancy didn't hamper Elinor Barker too much: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cycling/58810922 But I suppose Clattenberg would've won gold...
  19. Godden has been charged by the FA. I’m pleased to see this: it was proper cheating, but this rule doesn’t seem to be enforced often so I was starting to think he was going to get away with it.
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