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  1. That stat applies to Sheffield Utd too and they're every football fan's second team.
  2. How are you defining "fact", given we would be on 5 points and with a positive goal difference?
  3. Don't give him ideas for the next steering group meeting.
  4. I'm not sure if you're on the wind-up, or you really do think the Umbro home shirt we wore at Wembley in '93 is the same as the Puma one we wore in '97.
  5. You have read it wrong. The OP doesn’t mention beers once.
  6. You’re misreading the table. The old and new rival is just for the first table, which we aren’t on.
  7. I've followed Atalanta's progress for many years now. Their goalscoring rate is unbelievable at the moment. Did get battered by Napoli yesterday but hopefully that's just a blip. Just four games into the new season, get hammered 4-1, still got a +5 goal difference!
  8. At this rate they'll become everybody's second favourite team.
  9. West Brom play Burnley tomorrow, so whatever happens the Pigs will be back in the bottom three again.
  10. West Ham fans will be upset they now have to travel to the other side of London.
  11. Around the turn of the Millennium I was looking into getting some shirts of clubs from abroad, having only ever owned Wednesday shirts before then. After a lot of research I ended up getting a now-rare Boca Juniors away shirt, and a few years later adding a Boca home shirt and an AIK Solna home shirt. A guy who worked for adidas (our company's main client) saw me wearing one of them, assumed I just collected football shirts, and sent me a Yokohama Marinos away shirt. Three or four years ago in the Football Kits thread on here somebody posted an Athletic Bilbao away shirt (dark green with red t
  12. Are sure you tried the right stuff? When I tried it it was Marmite-flavoured peanut butter. I'm a big Marmite fan, but I tried the reduced salt version recently and didn't like it at all. Tasted of chemicals, like Diet Coke does.
  13. That means it's out of date as soon as they play one more game.
  14. Someone’s started a twitter account counting the number of days since Utd last won a league game. Unfortunately their maths doesn’t appear to be up to scratch: today they’ve tweeted “213”.
  15. My grandparents got me a full home kit of the 87/88 season: pinstripes with white shorts and socks, although it was actually the previous season's kit when they got me it (they'd switched to blue shorts/socks by then). Presumably it was difficult getting hold of Wednesday replica kits down our way - they got it from the Goalpost football memorabilia shop by Selhurst Park.
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