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  1. Seemed a bit strange to me too. Just had a look at the data and he didn't start a game for more than three months after he went off injured in his last game for us, with only sub appearances for Stoke before that. Coincidentally, in his first appearance for Stoke he came on as sub to replace Lee Gregory.
  2. How do you surrender to a 0-0 draw..?
  3. Probably filming her next investigative TV series.
  4. Did Pep just celebrate Wolves’ equaliser..?
  5. I have a very similar disfluency/stammer myself, which I've struggled to control my whole life. I don't think much of the kind of person who mocks it. That kind of person makes me sick. But go on, try and make it out that I'm accusing you of something else.
  6. I'd be interested to see if that has an effect, statistically, on who wins Play-off semi-finals. On paper you'd expect to favour the team that plays the home leg second because they would've finished higher in the league, but we all know that often doesn't happen. I'd like to see the stats though to see if there really is an advantage or not.
  7. That tactic won't work in the Play-offs though, fortunately.
  8. This isn't about what members of the first team said though, is it? It's about statements from the club/chairman, etc.
  9. Of those four clubs, currently three of them are still in the same division they were in at the time of the manager's appointment (presumably you're talking about Wilder for Utd), and it's still possible they will continue to be there next year, just like us.
  10. Well, that's changed the direction of this thread somewhat...
  11. Okay, well, technically it's disfluency rather than an actual impediment, but I'm sure you knew that. By the way, "enlighten me" is a statement and shouldn't have a question mark at the end.
  12. With your use of intelligent puns and ridiculing of a speech impediment, I'm sure the feeling would be mutual.
  13. Did DC say that? Honest question as I have a very poor short-term memory and can't find a link to it.
  14. I'm guessing it's to do with allowing the on-field referee to retain some sort of integrity. The on-field ref is far more likely to shy away from making any big decisions if they know the video ref is the one always having the final say. The on-field ref also has, in theory, a better understanding of the context of the game too, being the one who's actually there in person amongst the players. The difference with the offside rule is that (in theory at least) it should be a relatively straightforward "right or wrong" answer, whereas penalties and sendings-off are more open to interpretation.
  15. It was just a training shirt. It might've been used in a preseason friendly or something, but it wasn't a designated 3rd kit.
  16. They weren't supposed to show that. They show the relative trajectories of team/management performance over a set period of time, illustrating that now would most likely be a stupid time to sack the manager. I even made them nice and colourful so they'd be clear and easy to understand.
  17. Something I've cobbled together in my lunch break using some online data, just for a visual representation. It shows the direction the team has been going in at the time of each managerial sacking since Carlos came in (the green spot to differentiate Bruce's decision to walk out). The orange curve being the rough average trajectory (ignoring the sudden steep peaks/troughs spanning each summer break). With the exception of Jos being replaced with Bruce, the managerial changes have all failed (and it can be argued that Pulis wasn't given enough time anyway). Right now we've actually got the curve going back upwards again, at long last. Changing the manager now would be one of the dumbest things the club could possibly do, and yet there are lots of fans who are calling for exactly that. The data in early 2021 looks a bit different than the reality because - presumably - it doesn't take the points deduction into account, but for this graph it actually works better because it's a more accurate look at the performance. The first part of DM's tenure also looks worse than reality as dropping a division and then taking a few games to average out at the beginning of the new season will appear extreme (unless we'd started the season with a near-perfect record).
  18. You do realise that without the six point deduction he would have kept us up last season, don't you? And that was despite the fact he was seriously ill for part of the time he was in charge.
  19. You're right that he wasn't abusive, but calling out a player directly on a public forum and telling him he's not good enough and is paid too much (especially given how well Bannan's played this season) is a pretty sh*tty thing to do.
  20. It’s the most Wednesday thing ever that a manager finally stops the downward slide and starts to get us moving in the opposite direction and fans want him sacked.
  21. Why, is he good at signing autographs..?
  22. Marv looks like he's just done a silent fart in the changing rooms and he's waiting for everyone's reaction. Gregory appears to be the only one who's got a whiff of it so far. I like it.
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