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  1. helmut_rooster

    Forestieri & Reach Available on the Cheap!

    Photoshopped from Matias
  2. helmut_rooster

    Half season tickets

    1. 30th February 2. Yes 3. 3 Camels
  3. Why is the linesman wearing a suit
  4. helmut_rooster

    How many games...

    How long is a moustache?
  5. helmut_rooster

    How many games...

    As long as he likes I think
  6. helmut_rooster

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Sign him up, he'd be the back to get Abdi back on track
  7. helmut_rooster


    Carlos Valderama, the only man with A worse wig than Carlos himself
  8. helmut_rooster

    Pre Derby Remembrance Gaffe

    Apparantly they put something on twitter (I'm not on it so I cannot confirm) no mention on match coverage and no mention on sky sports news. Hate sky and there bias news and sports coverage. I'm still awaiting a response from them on how I unsubscribe to sky sports Leeds.
  9. helmut_rooster

    Sorry about this...

    Trust me 2 weeks they'll be back. You can thank me then.
  10. helmut_rooster

    Sorry about this...

    Hooper 2 weeks Winnall 2 weeks It's a pleasure.
  11. helmut_rooster

    No Trouble ?

    Just heard the same on another radio station probably from the same news broadcast.
  12. Matias.... Those teeth
  13. It is...... But we are still gonna get smashed.
  14. I genuinely think he's trying to get sacked. Gonna get smashed tonight.