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  1. Increased capacity

    Wycombe brought 256 people..... Which is about 250 more than the pigs will bring anyhow
  2. Increased capacity

    Yet sky can build a studio and prop it up with scaffolding without a problem
  3. Leeds Allocation

    Ollox to em
  4. David jones

    Technically that would be "you are"
  5. Van aken

    It sure is anyone remember grant what's his name
  6. David jones

    Bet your fun at parties
  7. Almen Abdi Song (update)

    He's Injured He's Injured He's Injured Abdi is a injured He's Injured He's Injured Woawowawow
  8. Fernando Forristieri injury

    Who doesn't?
  9. What? Shurely shome mishtake!

    That's at the start of the game fans left at the end average is currently at 33
  10. Almen Abdi

    Plasticine leg fell off
  11. That's some hair piece he's modelling too
  12. Joost nearly made Hillsborough history

    Is that our new shirt?
  13. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Not sure but the pigs might be 3rd at the minute
  14. Record ifollow stream

    Bandicam great for recording off sky go.... So I hear
  15. We had a women's team don't know if we still have they had a diadora kit but with a different badge (saw one on eBay once)