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  1. 20 yarder bottom corner, same game martin grainger tried to stick nutt on Jewell
  2. Dunkley upfront? That's just what we need, we have strikers that cannot score so the answer must surely by.........chuck a one legged defender up theer! Brilliant
  3. If only he didnt spaf 20 million on Ramsdale and 20 million on Montgomery Brewster and 20 million on Berge they'd have the cash......shame innit
  4. Be reyt funny if it was agnes or clemance that went to press
  5. Interview in sky website and highlighted on ssn now. Bìtch whinging about 'a leak' or a 'leek' didnt confirm which when pressed, well I ain't feeling sorry for him/her. Hopefully they do down. Ollox to em.
  6. 12? This must relate to the amount of pints drink by Paterson before kick off?
  7. Tell her to sit there for 10 minutes with her gob open.....she'll learn. You can thank me later
  8. Potter might not have beaten the first man but at least he got another corner.
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