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  1. Stupid Sky Commentary

    Studs in the nuts not what you need on a cold November night
  2. Glen Hoddle And His Wisdom.....

    And the comments about wheelchairs, it a no from me for those two things alone. Which would explain why he hasn't managed for a decade.
  3. Dinosaur Football

    Works for Stoke......
  4. Dinosaur Football

    Not sure that's the answer Denver the last dinosaur must be in his late 40s now
  5. Drop Hunt, Lees, Butterfield and Rhodes

    Defo drop hunt atrocious looked Mr angry all the time and played like it, I actually wanted him sent off at the end just so he would be able to play next game.
  6. 200 MINUTES!!!

    But other than than what have we had?
  7. Sky go

    Ah the infamous error 16, this is when pigs fans hack the website by throwing virtual pork chops at the computer thus taking the site down.
  8. Small meandering watery things

    £100!!!!!! Thats disgusting, you do right tellin em to wee wee tail and balls.
  9. Small meandering watery things

    Install opera browser, they have a free in built VPN
  10. Thats that dwarf innit?
  11. Interesting stat

    Probably the only team not to have a penalty awarded too.
  12. PATRICE EVRA!!!...

    Wiggins? Forgot he ever existed
  13. Is George Boyd still alive?

    Isn't that the national game of Ireland