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  1. Shame we only had Atkinson for a year, but after his Dad left for villa it was inevitable he would leave.
  2. Clever idea, one they have missed from the list, should also ditch the stupid no football lve on tv between 2.45 and 5.15 on Saturdays while they are at it.
  3. Who cares about that when theres a story to sell papers/adverts *wink*
  4. Hopefully it will be abandoned. Scum wont be promoted. Victims wont win premier league. Our disaster will be over. And them pigs first season back wont be recorded.....hopefully they will get relegated the following season whenever that maybe.
  5. Could be wrong I think Paul cook (wogan manager) had first saved by stringer ref ordered retake scored....and the "crowd went wild"
  6. Hirst record shot speed off the bar in the same game?
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