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  1. FAO Neil Swarbrick

  2. Today’s team

    2 strikers.... Wow!
  3. SWFC Home Shirt – Hummel Style

  4. SWFC Away Shirt – Admiral Style

    Very nice and very stylish, if the have a competition then definitely enter this. Personally hate admiral shirts and like hummel ones. But this one is superb.
  5. Strange but true...

    Your all wrong it's Jack Ticketoffice
  6. Superb finish with his big toe
  7. SWFC Home Shirt – Hummel Style

    Its only February....I would guess nothing at present.
  8. Sackshaft..... Shaftsack..... Shackshat.... Shatshaft.....
  9. More appropriate player names

    Jordan Thorn-inmileg
  10. More appropriate player names

    Torn Knees might be the problem
  11. Nice to see Barry Brennan starting need him back asafp
  12. SWFC Home Shirt – Hummel Style

    Always liked Hummell kits since I had a real madrid one in the late 80's as a kid. Also liked Kelme too.