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  1. helmut_rooster


    Man named Abdi walks into a bar.....leg falls off
  2. helmut_rooster

    No one coming in....

    Don't remember a player named Frankie Beswetherick?
  3. helmut_rooster

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Then Wheeled off.
  4. helmut_rooster

    Coverage for tonight’s game

    First "leg" was broadcast.....obviously doesn't mean this one will
  5. helmut_rooster

    Possible Signing

    Weeeerz migun
  6. helmut_rooster

    Possible Signing

    Hasn't he been injured for the 5 years and he's a midget
  7. helmut_rooster

    Adbi playing for U23's

    ........Then his leg off?
  8. helmut_rooster

    Adbi playing for U23's

    More like Jim Wonk
  9. helmut_rooster

    Brentford rearranged

    Know I do
  10. helmut_rooster

    Adbi playing for U23's

    It's not him it's his brother Alan Abdi
  11. Not strictly true, some end up in our net.
  12. helmut_rooster

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Complete shíte
  13. helmut_rooster

    IPTV..... ifollow

    All iptv does not come from one source not one supplier, maybe his has given up? Luton game was fine last week.