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  1. Leon Clarke, Billy Sharp, David McGoldrick. You could argue that they're ageing has beens. The difference being that Wilder is clearly an outstanding man manager
  2. How to lose at home to a side that hasn’t won away for 9 millenniums
  3. Blackburn have also scored the same amount of goals at Hillsborough in 2020 as we have.
  4. Warnock does us in stoppage time for the millionth time. So predictable.
  5. Only Wednesday can spend a fortune and be worse off than before.
  6. Agree with most of it. Bannan the only top 6 quality player for me. Iorfa will never be a quality centre back.
  7. Another brainless tackle. We don’t have one good centre back, and I mean that. Iorfa is like bambi
  8. Tough one for them that. West Brom are very lucky. Not over yet though...
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