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  1. It depends which games we pick up the points in. We could probably do it with 5 wins, providing we beat Villa, Forest and Bristol City at home. Easier said than done though.
  2. I think the general opinion was that we needed a mass clear out in the summer, but it's clear now that isn't necessary. We just needed a proper manager. There are numerous out of contract players that will leave; hopefully Westwood and Palmer will get new deals, Aarons and Hector can be signed up and I think another 3 or 4 astute transfers/loans will give us a squad that can challenge. (Of course, if our dream becomes a reality this season, then the above isn't applicable.)
  3. Good crowd I thought, 2,000 extra home fans than usual and considering the weather. Fingers crossed we can get a positive result at Stoke, then the Villa game will be huge and possibly biggest crowd of the season so far.
  4. Looking like being a decent crowd, maybe around 25,000
  5. Looking at the games we have left and their significance, you’d expect crowds to rise significantly. Probably about 24,000 there on Saturday, but then we have Villa, Forest, Bristol City and QPR. Villa should be 30,000 if they get the full end, Forest will be 25,000 plus, Bristol City 30,000 if we’re competing for a play off spot (much like the Cardiff game under Carlos) and QPR 30,000 with it being last game and potentially being in contention.
  6. The difference isn’t that crazy. 7 goal swing as it stands.
  7. We’re not just playing for one place. Looks like Boro’s could be under threat pretty soon
  8. 24-25,000 would be a good effort and I reckon it’ll be around that.
  9. Jos constantly tried convincing us all that our aim was to avoid relegation and we couldn’t expect anything more. Clown.
  10. Certainly looks that why. 6 wins from 9 needed minimum. With 5 home games still to come too.
  11. Slightly before my time. “Useless Eustace” is what my Dad likes to refer to him as.
  12. Tough set of fixtures BUT... taking the 5 home games in isolation, they are all winnable. Blackburn, Villa, Forest, Bristol C, QPR. Who knows eh... it’s nice to have some excitement though!
  13. Can’t get my head around the fact we’ve conceded FOUR goals in 10 games. Luhukay rightly takes his place alongside the likes of Yorath and Irvine. Awful.
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