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  1. IF we get a heavy points deduction, would it not be an ideal opportunity to slash a fair chunk off matchday prices and try to get more casual or priced out fans back in the habit of going? It’s a tricky one though, potentially going to be a long and drawn out situation and could be a while before any sanctions are applied.
  2. Half of allocation gone and only been on sale 4 days. Still 16 days til the game. They’ll all go I think, but anyone who wants one should get one
  3. I agree about skill levels to a certain extent. Ball handling, passing and overall fitness levels are much higher in Rugby League, yet Union is far more popular and mainstream. Much prefer league, being a fan myself. But each to their own I suppose.
  4. It wouldn’t be a football forum without the usual ignorant “egg chasing” jibes to describe rugby. I suppose people don’t appreciate other sports if they don’t live an area that embraces them. I live in a Passionate rugby league town, but the majority of people who go to Cas games are also big football fans.
  5. United managed it once and will probably this season. So yes, of course we would.
  6. Yep, lived here for 13 years. I know of around 4 or 5 people who I see at Cas Tigers games who follow Wednesday. Usually notice quite a few coming back this way after Tuesday night games too.
  7. The stat regarding not averaging 30,000 is misleading, considering we’ve been out of the top flight for 20 years and crowds then were much lower. In 1991/92 we averaged over 29,000, which was the 4th highest in the league and higher than league champions Leeds. The following season we had the 6th highest average. If we were ever able to utilise our full capacity again (which seems unlikely) we would average well over 30,000 in this day and age. Even United have managed that already, and should do again (despite not selling out once yet).
  8. Leeds fans, just like Stoke, seemingly full of poo . Who would have thought it lol
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