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  1. This. First thing I said to my mate on Saturday walking up to the ground. It’s an absolute shed, only one good stand.
  2. Very sad occasion. Rob is from the Ponte area originally - we're a tight knit community in Rugby League and it's hit a lot of people hard.
  3. Fantastic. Absolutely despise them. Horrible club, horrible fanbase. Watch them all disappear under their rocks when they choke again.
  4. As long as you're not in a big group you should be able to do as you please. The police like to try and dictate where you go otherwise. A couple of years ago, we got escorted, along with a group of around 100 from the same train, into an expensive bar serving just Peroni. £6.50 a pint
  5. Sounds reasonable. We already have the interest free credit option, but I'd imagine there will be people who don't get approved for it due to poor credit history.
  6. No other club in this league would retain a striker like Nuhiu, with his scoring rate, for as long as we have. His record is embarrassing. 7 seasons at the club and I don’t think he has 50 goals yet in that time.
  7. Poor. Another one that needs showing the door at the end of the season. No room for sentiment, a lot of these players seem to have the mindset that they’re indispensable to the club. They’re holding us back
  8. Feck off McCann, it’s still a better deal than us, the supporters of the fecking club, get
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