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  1. Castleford Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    Are you for real? I don’t understand this mindset from some people. We had a couple of good seasons so we should be grateful and not criticise him. I think most of us fully expect and actually advocate selling players, as it’s necessary for the longevity of the club as a competitor. Mr Chansiri has chosen to ignore offers for players and insist we’re not a selling club, which in turn has heavily contributed to the position we find ourselves in now. Let’s not pretend the fans are to blame at all, as it all falls at his feet. I want the bloke to succeed, but I’m losing faith.
  2. Castleford Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    Ironically, the best example of that is himself
  3. Castleford Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    It’s a strangely timed statement. I’m a little confused as to what the message is. Stating that money was spent to stay in the league is bizarre, especially as we all know that isn’t true. People are critical of other fans, believing we should just back him and that he’s a good bloke who cares and is doing his best. I really want this bloke to succeed, but there is no sustainability to any plan going forwards unless we start to listen to offers for our players. The fact we’ve only sold Jack Hunt for any sort of money (minimal) in the last 3 years has meant our current position is inevitable yet totally unavoidable with a bit of pragmatism.
  4. Castleford Owl

    Chelsea Allocation

    We won’t need one. It’ll be sold out.
  5. Castleford Owl

    Chelsea Away

    Allocation is 6000 plus isn’t it? Most people who want a ticket should get one
  6. Castleford Owl


    You’ve only got to look across the city to see what a good manager can do with an average set of players... unfortunately
  7. Castleford Owl

    Agnew on recruitment

    Who said we were?
  8. Castleford Owl

    Agnew on recruitment

    There is no chance Steve Bruce is here to manage on a shoestring. I think we can fairly safely assume that a bit of tweaking has been done in order to give us some leeway. After all, Mr Chansiri himself stated we would be in trouble if we didn’t go up this year. I’ve been a big critic of his, but he’s put the first steps in place towards turning this ship around, appointing an experienced and proven manager for this league.
  9. Castleford Owl

    Liam Ridgwell

    he’s probably League 2 standard at this point in his career
  10. We’ve had some cracking Scottish players at Wednesday in recent years, such as Gary Teale and Mark Reynolds. Untapped hotbed of talent
  11. Castleford Owl

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Liverpool at home. We’d probably end up with Watford away though
  12. Castleford Owl

    Hooper and Lee

    Not yet
  13. Castleford Owl

    Mr Chansiri

    If posted by illiterates, yes.
  14. Agree entirely. We’re currently getting about 1000 walk ups. It’s absolutely risk free. I think the majority of us season ticket holders just want to see the ground full and wouldn’t be bothered about people rocking up on cheaper tickets. The more the merrier
  15. Why, because they’re a proper tug police force? Feck off SYP