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  1. Very sad news about a fellow Cas Owl at a shockingly young age. RIP Neil
  2. My Dad actually went to Elland Road before he followed Wednesday. Then I guess it just gets you. We used to take a 52 seater home and away from South Kirkby where i grew up in the 90's.
  3. Disgraceful tackle that. Leeds fans follow it up by booing the Chelsea player and singing "you're not fit to referee". Always found Leeds fans to be deluded clueless turds
  4. We celebrated our goals against Portsmouth more than they celebrated that goal. Imagine us in the same situation...
  5. Sunderland fans think they're gonna have loads in the home end
  6. Surely we put them in the bottom of leppings Lane then? 2000 in the top is a waste
  7. It's all about relativity though isn't it. In July we essentially had a mid table third division squad, before the squad started to take shape. Even then, it was widely considered (at least in the media) that we had an average bunch of players for this level. Taking this into consideration, we should judge the current points haul on its merit. I think Moore has done a good job.
  8. Incredible following that. Looks amazing on tele
  9. https://twitter.com/boltonnuts/status/1512815573343866888?s=25&t=Ek_JYQAJmiB9R8uePPr3TQ
  10. The big difference for me is the way we start games at home. We go straight for the jugular in order to avoid teams frustrating us. (Gillingham). The football we've played in recent weeks has been a joy to watch.
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