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  1. Castleford Owl


    He’s odd to watch. There’s a few occasions when he seems to have a 50/50 but has to slide in to make up for his lack of speed
  2. Castleford Owl

    Utterly humiliating watching this

    What the **** do people expect on the back of 4 straight defeats, no clean sheets and the joint worst defence in the league. If we’d have gone to take the game to them we’d have been mullered. Tonight was all about that clean sheet. For all their possession they just couldn’t break us down and a lot of the play was in front of our back line and not in behind. I think we deserve credit tonight. For the record, I do believe it will all be pointless if we don’t obtain some consistency. And we will never have any consistency whilst the team is being chopped and changed every week
  3. Castleford Owl

    There's only one ex boyfriend

  4. Castleford Owl

    Westwood injured

    Jos is nothing more than Chansiri’s puppet. He will just say what he’s being told to
  5. Castleford Owl

    Spare for Today

    Spare season ticket for today. £15. Saves you paying £36
  6. Yet another Hillsborough documentary...can we please knock that end down asap
  7. Castleford Owl

    Are we being too lenient on Jos?

    Different situations though. We were largely expected to be at the top of the league under Irvine, and at a league below.
  8. Castleford Owl

    Are we being too lenient on Jos?

    I wouldn't compare anybody to Irvine. For me, Irvine is the worst of the worst in a long line of garbage. He had a squad that, in his own words, he would be "happy with in the championship" and proceeded to sleepwalk us towards the bottom third of league one. Jos isn't up to scratch, mind...
  9. Castleford Owl

    A plea to our fans

    Agreed, not sure where we go from here though. Is it time for someone like McCarthy? We need to start again and somehow get ourselves into a position to have a sensible go at it in another couple of years. We should have cashed in where we could last year and looks like we now have no choice but to do that where possible
  10. Castleford Owl

    Same old fans every time.

    It’s funny how the consensus always seems to be that we have great fans. The reality is we don’t. We’re either over the top confident or poisonous. No in between. Generally speaking of course.
  11. Castleford Owl

    First Clean sheet tonight

    Knowing our luck, one of the QPR lot will turn into Roberto Carlos for the night and bend it round the fvckin bus
  12. Castleford Owl

    QPR Away Details

    Villa have 3000
  13. Castleford Owl

    QPR Away Details

    Still 2 weeks to the game. Surely a chance of more tickets? It states 1655 is the full allocation, but pretty sure Aston Villa have been allocated more than that
  14. Castleford Owl

    Why don't the bookies fancy our chances?

    I meant Top Half...
  15. Castleford Owl

    Why don't the bookies fancy our chances?

    6/4 currently for a Top 6 finish. I would say that is very generous.