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  1. Chansiri is an ego maniac who plasters his name everywhere and advertises imaginary businesses. Chansiri has no regard for the fanbase and robs us blind despite our money apparently not making a difference. Chansiri doesnt know what accounts are. Chansiri has never had a transfer policy or plan. Chansiri got rid of anybody with credible knowledge and links within the game pretty quickly from the outset. Chansiri is a ********.
  2. Genuinely wouldn't miss a single one of them. Start again with league 1/2 players of a good age with something to prove. Get what we can for what we currently have.
  3. Absolutely embarrassed to support this club now. Will we ever see the good times we deserve?
  4. Happy anniversary https://youtu.be/pZN4QDFcPiI
  5. They've scored 9 goals in 13 home games before this hahahahahha classic Wednesday
  6. He'll be the best player in that league by an absolute mile. Our best midfielder we've had since the prem.
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