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  1. We’re in good hands. We finally have a proper football bloke who will take complete ownership and do everything in his power to get us up and running. Bruce is the man, back him to the hilt.
  2. They will need to recruit some serious quality to stay up. Can see them having a similar season to Huddersfield. You can only overachieve so much.
  3. It would be very disappointing if rumours of him joining Huddersfield are true. I’d like to think he’d favour staying for a promotion push in the same league under a proven quality manager.
  4. It will definitely change. I think it’s usual case while half the league aren’t being offered a price as of yet. They won’t want to give much away. I reckon we’ll be about 25/1 in the summer to win the league
  5. 16/1 to win league with sky bet. Looks like we’ll be middle of road with bookies. Already quite a few with shorter odds
  6. The kid just isn’t good enough. I know some people seem to think there’s a witch-hunt regarding Dawson but I honestly don’t think there is. He’s a Sheffield lad who I’m sure we all want to succeed. I just don’t think that will be with us. Even as a back up, we need better. The stats with him in goal compared to Westwood speak for themselves.
  7. According to Farke they “fought against the odds”. Yeah, that’s why they had too much added time in the first place and scored after the ref should have already blown. Reyt then.
  8. They’re funny looking blokes that he bangs
  9. Tickets available again online. Looks like a few returns
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