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  1. It’s football - 99 per cent of managers get sacked. **** off.
  2. 3. DC wants Monk to challenge top 2 (seriously?) and Wee Buwwen is assistant.
  3. It's pretty simple. If he's not interested, he would flat out deny it. Instead, he states that he hasn't spoken to us. FFS, pay what's needed and get him in.
  4. Folk on here were apoplectic when we finished 4th on 81 points, due to style of football. I think we'd all take that now though, whatever style we're watching.
  5. I'd have thought the stadium sale would have lessened this. £20.7 million loss in 2017, £2.6 million profit in 2018. For 2019, we'd have to make a loss in excess of £20.9 million to breach FFP. I could be wrong..
  6. If he’s acknowledged the compensation agreement with Huddersfield, and then stated they then felt it wasn’t the right opportunity at this time, there’s every chance we’ve come in and turned their attention to us. Please be true.
  7. In hindsight, there were a lot of good moments under Carlos. It went sour by the time he left, but I look back on it with fond memories. I miss the club and fanbase being together.
  8. Makes me laugh when games get moved to this time, as if it will stop people drinking too much beforehand. Just means folk will start on the ale at 6 or 7am instead.
  9. He's probably desperate for goals and peed off he couldn't get on the end of it. It's just never worked for him here and looking like it never will.
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