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  1. Pure elation. There’s no place like Hillsborough when it’s rocking. What an atmosphere.
  2. 0-5, 0-3 and 1-3 within our last 5 home league games. Imagine if these teams stopped sitting back and attacked us.
  3. The only two I’d have in from them would be Harry Maguire and possibly Henderson (even though he isn’t theirs). Both are quality to be fair.
  4. I was away with work last May in Wheeling, West Virginia. Stayed at the Hampton Inn across from a few restaurants/bars. Directly across is a place called TJ’s Sports Garden Restaurant. On my very last night in Wheeling I went across for probably the 4th and final time for a few beers ($1 a 250 ml measure between 8-11pm) with my colleague. I had the 91 yellow away shirt on... as did a local guy on one of the pool tables, who’d been a fan of Wednesday since the days of Harkes. Couldn’t believe it.
  5. Newcastle fans are a weird bunch. Idolised Benitez and then still hate Bruce despite him doing a pretty similar job results wise. I’ve seen what they all think of Mike Ashley, so imagine what they’d think about Chansiri...
  6. I saw that and cringed. Also expected Bullen to be the one to reply with a message.
  7. This is what annoys me, they all say that we’ve been inconsistent. We haven’t. We’ve been consistently embarrassing for 2-3 months, with the odd decent performance.
  8. Michael Morrison must be in with a shout. And he’s a 🔔.
  9. Yes. Cheap investment, but ideally as a back up
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