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  1. At least we can take the road to Wigan beer
  2. No mate, give it a year or two and I guarantee they would do the same and then claim they did it first
  3. Hi @mattowl1867 is a Jaffa cake a biscuit or a cake?
  4. Gi’or wi thi, lads a manc inni. Dunt speak reyt
  5. Was supposed to say does herringthorpe count as I’ve played on most and swam on the rest
  6. Starting to look like we’ll be using last season’s kit, just hope we ditch that horrible away job
  7. Time wise you should be ok, view from the bottom tier ain’t that good unless you all stand up. If you’re going straight from the train to the game the station has a pub for a swift un, if you arrive early most of the pubs close to the ground are grunters only so may be better a bit further away. Oh and good luck hopefully you absolutely batter them
  8. Phew! Thanks for that, I’m off to the shop to grab some now. My day is now complete
  9. Not 100% happy punky, fantastic videos with great content but not once have you informed us what biscuits we should have with a cuppa while watching. keep up the good work mate
  10. I’d say that’s perfectly acceptable
  11. Why would we wanna go to Cambridge regional college?
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