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  1. To be fair our new back three is looking good and I love the new kit
  2. Depends on what order the balls come out
  3. Problem with that Moore, sign’s the wingbacks then play’s 442 with winger’s
  4. No centre halves you say? WTF man we have no pies! Get your priorities right
  5. No way mate , crap football yeah, inconsistent form ok, incompetent owner meh, Take our pies and thats it! I demand we storm the board room and refuse to come out till 5pm. F.T.P free the pies
  6. Got to agree I don’t think Moore is up to the job but, as you say most of his signings are overpaid crap how will any new manager get the results with the same load of players?
  7. If as you say Moore is here for the season, how can losing short term benefit us long term?
  8. Nw, send him the taxi that’ll teach him to support Palace
  9. You’re welcome. May be a few more on here require your marksmanship
  10. Ffs! Why don’t we buy the transporter bridge n’all
  11. I got a nerf gun for Christmas but me daughter confiscated it one hour later for (allegedly) shooting her with it. Will ask if you can borrow that mate?
  12. Confirmed by Mrs Niceoldlady down the road from me, owlstalk owner Neil is the bidder. the meeting went likes this… DC “how much you bid?” Neil “12 quid” DC “deal” Neil “let’s celebrate with a nice fish n chip meal” DC “good idea, but what is this sauce?” Neil “curry innit wi ciabatta roll” DC “f*** you! deal off
  13. Absolutely spot on mate, before this season started I would have been happy just to avoid relegation. Just think we got a bit carried away after we won a few early days
  14. Yet another example of Darren Moore’s incompetence, Reg was the best driver at the bus depot and Moore tried to turn him into a conductor
  15. After the long(ish) break from playing we’ve just had I think we may take a few games to gell again, Plymouth are playing well and look organised and capable of scoring a few. Add on we don’t know who is fit or fully recovered from covid, don’t know who’s turn it is to play central defence or if we have any available strikers so it could be a long afternoon. 3 nil to the Wednesday
  16. Wow what an incredible interview, brought back so many memories. what a guy Bullen is, wish him all the best at Ayr,
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