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  1. Joe on about the player leaving his man behind after a good turn and run joe still follows and keeps upto date with the south africa leauges so it could be he just seen a clip he likes I would not read too much into it
  2. With the 1 mil can you rember what video was first one ya post on owlstalk of mine
  3. Well not like the day we sign Simth and ikcy that was a 6 video day….. oh god transfer window last day going to be fun
  4. Well I did three today haha so am not stopping or slowing down
  5. Thank you mate it really has grown from strength to strength
  6. Thank you mate much appreciate that. Got a lot better since the first video that went on hear can’t even remember first video neil put on hear
  7. Sounds like they want him on a free more then a fee involed so we see what happens
  8. Thank you mate much apprecate it. Not sunk in yet
  9. Yeah I am think that as I got to 900 on the 23 of june
  10. Thank you mate it a very big achviment on youtube not a easy thing to do
  11. Surely it a new keybaord every transfer window then
  12. haha I wish if i ever get to the point were it will pay my house every month I will be happy
  13. Cheers mate still blown away with it
  14. Ok not a player that 1 million but 1 millon views on the channel as someone on twitter said to me that’s a fully packed Hillsborough 25 times over to put it into perspective. That insaine WAWAW and thank you for all ya support got some good plans a head too i hope fingers crossed
  15. beard is looking a bit shabby not been done for a while to be fair
  16. Loved the opening I did for this and I got one for the live stream at 8pm!
  17. Also appogies for half way in the stream someone deceied to be a ******** in the stream so they got both barrles from me and blocked
  18. Not sure mate not something Ive want to try my self
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