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  1. Brentford model wouldn’t work at Wednesday. The club demands success. The knives are out on DC when we lose. He’s made mistakes but he’s not going to be able to fix that overnight. The fact is the playing squad isn’t good enough but we can’t just rip it up and sort it straight away. Bruce said this would take 3 or 4 transfer windows. That hasn’t changed. The next round of players who are out of contract is in the summer. That’s another step to undoing the mess we’ve got ourselves in. Will take time.
  2. He had the right idea Jos. His tactics were still absolutely awful though.
  3. Or are they just not very good? You can certainly question their mentality, but I just don’t think they’re that good and have thought so all season. Dawson - Promising keeper but not near the quality of Westwood 3/4 seasons ago or even Kirkland before that. Odubajo - No issue with effort, he’s just not that good. Mistakes in him and looks a shadow of the player he was before injury. Actually feel for him. Iorfa - Pleasing on the eye and athletic, but lacks composure. Can switch off. 20 million pounds was banded around on here a couple of months ago. I’d snatch someone’s hands off for anything under 4. Borner - Started well, arguably at fault for two goals tonight. Not a patch on Hector in my opinion. The difference between a free transfer from the German 2nd division and a 7 million pound player. Fox - Most improved this season, works hard and does a job. But still question if he’s good enough overall. Harris - Started strong but looks burnt out. Not surprised considering for a 26 year old he’s actually not played much football before signing for us. I think he’s actually made more appearances for us this season than he has in any other in his career so far. Bannan - Quality footballer, but part of this team for some time now. Physically not up to it when we have to dig in and stay strong. Defended him all season and like him, but patience wearing thin whether he’s worth keeping on. Pelupessy - Tries, but not good enough. Murphy - Improved in recent weeks but loanee. Not set the world on fire. Nuhiu - I’ve known since 2014 he shouldn’t start games for us, but here we are 6 years later and he is still starting games. Winnall - Another one who tries but that’s about it. It’s a squad of free transfer and cheap deals. The irony is the money we’ve spent has been wasted on players who are worse than those who started tonight. I’m glad Monk has called them out it’s refreshing and he clearly sees a mentality and cultural problem in the squad. Something Jos found out pretty early on too. Ultimately they will cost Monk his job if DC hasn’t got patience to let him sort it out. But despite this, I think half the battle is they aren’t actually as good as some of our fans think they are. They’re average players. Fletchers superb form got us up to third, take him out and what we are seeing now is probably reflective of this squads ability.
  4. This signing absolutely stinks of 2015 Wednesday. Up there with the likes of Modou Sougou and Felipe Melo. WE’RE BACK.
  5. Dawson Odubajo Lees Borner Fox Reach Bannan Pelupessy Murphy Winnall Nuhiu Subs: Wildsmith, Iorfa, Urhoghide, Hunt, Harris, Rhodes, Borukov
  6. May as well just say mate. Can’t be worse than the guy who told us to lump money on Rowett. Plus we are all very bored.
  7. Superb footballer. Crying out for a fully fit Hooper now. But we rarely saw that side of him when he was here. Too many injuries I’m afraid. Top player though.
  8. Don’t mind Winnall at all. Works hard and has been unlucky with injuries and selection since he’s been here. Pleased he scored last night.
  9. Maybe McGugan needs to look at himself though. Look at what’s happened to him since he left Wednesday. Clearly always been an issue with effort.
  10. Apart from last summer under Bruce, we have never been proactive in the transfer market. Why are people surprised?
  11. Said it all season we are very much over achieving. When you look at the players who start most weeks they are all free transfers or cheap deals. The irony is the money we have spent was wasted on players who are actually worse than those who cost nowt. It’s crazy.
  12. Fair enough. Like has been said how responsible he was for transfers. He hinted in an interview with the Star I think that he had a list and it was up to whoever above him to do the negotiations. Whether he ever got his top targets I don’t know. The fact he rarely played the likes of Rhodes, Abdi, McGugan etc suggests probably not. I don’t think they were ever his players. I liked the bloke he was a character. But he had a very short term approach, and his handling of the squad was poor and started to show in the third season. The amount of injuries were unprecedented. That wasn’t all coincidence for me.
  13. In that first season we also got a lot wrong. We got some right and found a way of playing. But we still made some pretty poor signings. And you could even argue the likes of Hooper and FF haven’t been value for money given time they spent out injured.
  14. If it’s true Westwood refuses to sit on the bench then that it is a poor example to set. But we don’t know this for sure, so wrong to speculate.
  15. To be fair its difficult. We do need quality up front and everyone is chasing strikers at the moment. I personally wouldn’t pay Wickham whatever he wants. Paying players whatever they want is partly why we are in trouble with the EFL in the first place. Signing Wickham won’t guarantee promotion, just like signing Rhodes didn’t guarantee it 3 years ago. If he is on a reported 30/40k a week, a bit daft to pay those wages for a player with his injury record.
  16. Yeah I meant Harris, Borner and Odubajo. Luongo came in on deadline day. There’s a trend that when we have to negotiate with another club things tend to get done last minute.
  17. I wonder if Bruce’s recruitment team are still with us? In the summer we seemed to have Harris, Odubajo, Borner all done and dusted pretty quickly. We just had to wait to announce them due to the embargo. That gave me encouragement of some forward planning and strategy. But this window it seems to have gone back to how it used to be. It was clear around September time that we needed to strengthen our striking options. Should have had at least one striker lined up ready for the start of January in my opinion. Said it before but Bruce was the best thing to happen to this club. I just had a real sense we were in capable hands. Don’t really feel that way anymore.
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