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  1. And you can’t hide from that comment @McRightSide. I quoted it before you deleted it. Think before you post things like that.
  2. Ridiculous thing to say. Absolutely disgraceful.
  3. Brilliant statement. They aren’t allowed to get away with what they said.
  4. At least he’s going to a club where the manager has faith in him. Big bonus for Matt when it comes to starting games. I hope he smashes it and we can sign him up long term.
  5. Needs games. Jos rated him. Cracking move. Good luck Matt.
  6. Has a Leeds fan actually come on here and said they are a huge club because Gary Neville said they are Man Utd’s biggest rivals on Sky Sports? Jesus Christ. Newsflash for Leeds fans. You call us deluded, but the majority of Man U fans probably don’t care for you. You’ve been out the top flight since 2003. Sorry if that hurts.
  7. Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Fox Bannan Hutchinson Lee Reach Fletcher Harris Subs: Dawson, Iorfa, Palmer, Luongo, Murphy, Forestieri, Rhodes
  8. This is what irks me. More trouble at the Lane last year than at Hillsborough.
  9. I actually thought second half we played exceptionally well. Bullen tweaked the style and the players responded superbly. Yes the keeper made a mistake for the goal, but we were pressing and pushing them back relentlessly. Forced them into making mistakes and that’s how the goal came about. Haven’t seen a Wednesday side play with that much energy in a long time. If ever.
  10. 3 wins out of 4. Bullen is right that everybody needs to pull in the same direction. The club have won 3 out of 4 and conceded just 3 goals so far. We need to get behind them and stop with this negativity. Particularly when there is nothing to be negative about! Bullen is proving tactically he’s no mug and so far has impressed me with his substitutions. More so than Carlos ever did. Bullen is the man. Get an experience coach along side him to help and we’ll be up there.
  11. I saw that. I was absolutely fuming with the situation. Penistone Road can be a nightmare for ambulances before and after kick-off. But this new policy makes it a lot harder for emergency vehicles to get through.
  12. The worst part was an ambulance trying to get through with one lane closed and increased numbers of people spilling out onto Penistone Road. Absolute shambles. Should be ashamed of themselves.
  13. I’d expect him to be there with us playing Preston next game. Steve Clarke probably there to watch Scottish players.
  14. If you are serious about promotion in this league, when you lose one game you have to win the next. We’ve just done that. Says a lot about Bullen in my opinion.
  15. Good defender, offers little going forward. Prefer Palmer at left back but Fox is a good squad player to have. Those who boo’d his name being called out at the start are pathetic.
  16. He doesn’t have the positional sense to play in the middle. Getting stuck in isn’t his game. And he’s never been a player who wins second balls. He did a job in centre mid under Jos when we had an injury crisis. Now we have genuine midfielders available it’s stupid to play someone of his ability centrally. Get him out on the right where he can cut in, or on the left where he can whip a cross in. Personally would start him ahead of Murphy, who had a decent game but Reach provides the engine and moments of brilliance. The same people who give Reach stick are the same ones who gave stick to Brunt and Antonio.
  17. He’s not a central midfielder. Play him in his natural position and you get the best out of him. It really is that simple. Adam Reach is a left winger. Carlos, Jos and now Bullen don’t understand this. Only Bruce did.
  18. For me our biggest problem in recent seasons is struggling against the ‘lesser’ sides. Feel we actually play better against teams who go for it and play football. Luton were compact and well organised, tough team to play. And we got three points. Positive.
  19. Remember he played very well away at Villa. Has a stinker against Burton in the 3-0 defeat and ultimately that is what fans hold against him. They all had a shocker in that game, but Butterfield gets most of the stick for it. At the end of the day he was an average Championship midfielder signed as backup. He's not the type of player we needed and that wasn't his fault.
  20. Don't really understand the hate, not fair on the lad to be honest. Came into a team which was on decline under a manager who was on his way out, whilst expectations were still high. It was a difficult period for all our players, must have been even harder for a new player trying to integrate into a team visibly low on confidence and fitness levels. Context is needed in football, but unfortunately the average football fan is too thick to realise. No doubt he'll get boo'd. Completely unnecessary.
  21. Westwood, Odubajo, Lees, Borner, Palmer, Bannan, Hutchinson, Luongo, Reach, Fletcher, Harris Subs: Dawson, Iorfa, Pelupessy, Lee, Murphy, Rhodes, Forestieri
  22. Think there’s a decent player in there somewhere. Remember his debut against Forest I think and he was pinging balls around the pitch and genuinely looked a class act. Struggled from there, Blades game destroyed his confidence. Needed time to get up to the speed of this division, unfortunately with the level of expectation at this club we weren’t really in a position to do that. Particularly in a position like centre defence where more often than not you get punished for your mistakes. Injuries haven’t been kind to him either. Hopefully an opportunity to get his career back on track. Good luck to him.
  23. Didn’t Nathan Jones get back-to-back promotions with Luton and was on course for a third before leaving for Stoke last season? He’s struggled at Stoke so far. Obviously not indicator that Cowley won’t do well, but sometimes it’s right club at the right time.
  24. Am I the only one who isn’t sure on Iorfa? Looks very shaky with the ball at his feet, very Julian Bennett. On the other hand he did pop up with some goals last season and he adds height. I thought Odubajo had a suspect first half against Barnsley, but improved in the second. I would probably stick with a winning team.
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