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  1. Ok final episode saved it!
  2. Very sad I was too young for this era. Missed it by at 5 years.
  3. Love Ricky Gervais but I’m not the biggest fan of this. Just feel it’s a bit repetitive. There’s some really heart warming moments but I find them a struggle to sit and watch at times.
  4. Johnson, Brown, Palmer, Galvin. But I don’t think he’s changing system. Just another body in. Don’t think it’s needed tbh.
  5. Moore had him at Doncaster last season so clearly rates him. Don’t see the point personally. Not pulled up any trees at Blackpool. Just another loan player we’d develop when we have the likes of Adedoyin who we could give minutes too. Might have a different view if I thought he’d come in and instantly improve us, but just feel like he will be a squad player.
  6. Very encouraged with what Moore is doing with our young players. We’ve managed to get Brennan and Hunt tied down. They’ve also been out on loan, something we simply didn’t do under previous managers. Whether this is a change in approach from Chansiri I don’t know but it’s a welcomed change. Galvin, Hagan, Waldock have all been out playing mens football too.. A welcomed change from losing the likes of Shaw, Clare, Hirst and Urhoghide for peanuts. As for Cadamarteri, not sure there’s a lot we can do here. Lad hasn’t even signed pro-terms. Unfortunately if he is any good Premier clubs will take him before he turns pro. In League One we don’t have much pulling power.
  7. Surely has to be unchanged? BPF Palmer Hutchinson Johnson Hunt Dele-Bashiru Luongo Bannan Mendez-Laing Sow Gregory Subs: Wildsmith, Storey, Byers, Adenarin, Paterson, Berahino, Windass
  8. So his contract has been until the end of the season from the moment he signed. Incorrect reporting from the journalists. Pretty poor from them! Thought a 2 month deal was utterly bizarre way of doing things in the case of NML. Fair enough Wednesday, good decision.
  9. Don’t think it was pragmatic really. Not sure why you offer a player on a 2 month contract and let it expire during the window which could lead to other clubs taking him. If he’s good enough to be offered a deal in the first place, I’d have just given him until the end of the season. That would just be a 6 month or so deal. He was on trial for long enough and Moore said he wanted to sign him pretty quickly. If no club wanted to touch him with a barge pole I doubt his wage is that much of a problem. Find it strange, unless it’s being reported inaccurately.
  10. We all know that emoji basically means ‘FFS Wednesday’. So you thought the worst too. I don’t blame you. We hardly have the best track record of making the right decisions in recent times. You could say I’m doubling down but at least I’m not pretending I wasn’t worried!
  11. Yes because you didn’t automatically fear the worst when you saw the thread…
  12. Perhaps but considering how many players we signed in the summer on longer deals. Really don’t think we are restricted to two month deals for players.
  13. When he impressed on trial, a 6 month deal would have been fine. He clearly did enough to impress and Moore said that he knew he wanted to sign him after a few days. Takes him to the end of the season and can assess from there. Signing him up for 2 months with his contract expiring right in the middle of the January transfer window - not sure it’s really that smart tbh.
  14. Yep but could have easily gone the other way.
  15. Yeah it’s as if the club has been ran really well the past few years and fans automatic reaction should be to stay calm and trust the club in its decision making. Not like we’ve had points deductions, embargo’s, promising young players leave, a very good loan player going to a rival less than a week a go. This one worked out ok. But we should know that it could have very easily gone the other way.
  16. Not really still think a 2 month deal was very risky and daft.
  17. But he is good enough and hasn’t been injured yet. So now run the risk of losing him. Hopefully will turn out ok and he’ll sign but we make some strange decisions in my view which could easily bite us in the arse.
  18. Be nice if the club stopped giving us something to worry about. Seem to always be something dodgy or bad around the corner. Would be lovely just to have a week without drama when it comes to Wednesday.
  19. Really don’t see much business sense in it. He was on trial for a month and we obviously saw enough to offer him a deal. But 2 months? Not sure that’s great business sense.
  20. A 2 month deal though. Bizarre. 1 year I’d understand. But to sign him up for 2 months?! That is just asking for a club to come in and take him off us after a couple of good games. Nothing surprises me with this club though. Mental.
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