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  1. Wildsmith has left. We have Dawson and Stockdale now. Really don’t think we need another keeper, only need two on your books and you can sign an emergency loan if you’re desperate.
  2. Oh fair enough. Maybe they’ve got a bit of backing. Always had them down at a Scottish Championship side in my head!
  3. To be fair it’s probably just a young lad getting a bit carried away. But still, absolutely wild.
  4. 1. City 2. Chelsea 3. Liverpool 4. Tottenham 18. Leeds 19. Forest 20. Bournemouth
  5. What the actual chuffing hell. These players did incredibly well under Wilder. But that was very much down to the manager and the environment he created. Fair play to them, but I think it’s fair to say most are solid Championship pros who overachieved for a couple of years.
  6. Surprised to see Ben Purrington go to Ross County? Seems a bit of a backwards step for the lad?
  7. Kyle Joseph Malik Wilks Nicky Cadden Harlee Dean If we can wrap us these that would be superb business. Another left sided centre half too and we have an excellent squad for Championship level, never mind League One imo.
  8. Don’t think we could afford Rudoni. I’m happy with Wilks. People forget he’s still 23 and if the 200k figure is correct, that could be really fantastic business.
  9. Is that the Grant we had?! Must have something about him in MK Dons are in for him. Usually a good judge of talent.
  10. Don’t think he cares. He even said half way through his set ‘I know no one is arsed about my new music, but I’m gonna play it anyway because I want too.’ Which is fair enough.
  11. I mean Noel played 5 or 6 Oasis songs and the 100,00+ people were there singing every single word back to him. So, yeah, must be doing something right still.
  12. Yep. Lad made a decision he felt right at the time. Keep in mind when he made that decision we were hurtling towards League One and not paying staff on time. I was worried about the future of the club and I’m sure Shaw was looking at it and thinking now is a good time to get out. Don’t blame him. Hindsight is wonderful. Yet there’s still time for him to come good.
  13. Ha what a loser. Wouldn’t catch me running at Glastonbury UNLESS I was running a competition for who can drink the most beer in 30 minutes! Am I right lads?! Lads?
  14. Would rather have Cadden than Purrington. Particularly if we’re sticking with 3-5-2
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