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  1. I will never forget that sitter against Watford where he skied it from about 2 yards
  2. Problem with signing fairly injury prone players…
  3. Well yeah. Time has moved on my friend. We’re talking 21 years ago now. A lot of people on here, in fact I bet over 50% never saw games in the 90s. So it’s really not some claim at all.
  4. Class player. One of the best I’ve seen in a Wednesday shirt - if not the best. We had it so good for a couple of seasons with him, Forestieri, Bannan, Lee, Wallace, Fletcher etc. Just genuine quality running throughout the team.
  5. Yeah ok fair enough, perhaps didn’t think it through probably. Suppose that the businessman in him though.
  6. All perfectly fair points. Gambled and failed - but I really don’t think it was done with bad intentions. Do you?
  7. Previous team was based on the formation Moore will play. Realistically he’s not going to sack off his 4-3-3. However I was just offering a suggestion on how we could set up differently.
  8. Be tempted to go 4-4-2 myself. I think wide left is still where Bannan can be most effective. Brown on the overlap to provide the width, likes to get forward. Berahino and Gregory upfront - classic little and large combination. Shodipo providing in the width out wide. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutch Brown Shodipo Adenarin Wing Bannan Gregory Berahino
  9. Administration route is horrible for every club and fan. But in this scenario it might be the best way of Derby resetting and finding a buyer. Which I think they will - just like Wigan did last season. It hurts Mel Morris and his pockets more.
  10. I think he’s a local lad who genuinely wanted to put his football club on the map. Probably got a bit carried away and should have reigned the spending in - you could definitely call it reckless. But he sounded genuinely gutted. He was right that the EFL system is broken. It doesn’t reward ambition unless you have parachute payments. That’s no excuse though, similar to Chansiri here. They’re the rules at the end of the day, and breaking them could put your club at the brink of existence.
  11. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Brown Adenarin Byers Bannan Shodipo Gregory Berahino
  12. Bannan shouldn’t be on spot kicks in my opinion. Give it your centre forward to hammer home. Anybody still slating him as player is proper hilarious though. Assist, set up the opportunity for the penalty and second assist for a clearly perfect goal ruled incorrectly offside. Yeah he’s crap.
  13. Disappointing last three results. I’ve not actually been to any of the games so it’s hard to comment. Bit concerning he refuses to change the system when we’re looking to get a goal. Surely last 30 mins against Shrewsbury was crying out for 2 up top and going for it? I think we all got a bit carried away with the signings, myself included. They need to gel and the jury is still out on whether any of them are actually good. Decent signings on paper but that’s just on paper. Personally think he’s overloaded the squad with attacking players to the point where he doesn’t know his best 11. I think it’s vital for a manager to know his best 11 before the first game kicks off. Plenty of time to start picking up results, but realistically the first season back in League One was going to be a struggle. It has been tough for us previous times we’ve been down here in 03/04 and 10/11.
  14. We’re in League One now. They can’t be arsed to do the research.
  15. I listened to that Mel Morris interview. And i did feel a bit sorry for him.
  16. We should not be losing 3-0 to Plymouth. We should have played better regardless of how well Plymouth have started.
  17. Standard Championship centre half.
  18. I’d sack Moore on the spot for that. Horrendous result
  19. changed my mind. 2-0 down at Plymouth 17th at best. Giving me fist season under Irvine vibes this
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