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  1. On paper it looks like he’s here for next season. He gets a good look at the character and what skill set we have between now and the end of the season then it’s a massive rebuild. I doubt many if the team will be retained or even want to sign I’d love uroghide to sign, think penny ( I know gets slated by everyone but who doesn’t these days ) will be a cheap option and be much more at home next year, can certainly be part of the squad other youngsters galvin etc... young lad from Man City bannan, dunkley windass and Patterson I think still in contract Hutchinson has t
  2. Doncaster fans warned us too. I’m never going to be a fan of the tactic and as a result will probably always highlight it when it goes ti ts up
  3. A massive part towards our league position inexcusable what we had now 6-7 this year?
  4. I hate it, don’t like many teams doing it but we really don’t have the players there’s far too many banana skins in it and a part from possession ( at the wrong end of the pitch ) I don’t know where the positives are. Waiting for an opening? Surely that’s for offensive players to Create or force one. Is it a myth at the back caught in possession then the inevitable happens, red card trying to recover, penalty 1-0 down looked nice for a while but it achieves nothing
  5. I expect us to turn a few results now until the end of the season but ultimately fall short giving us optimism for next year and again ultimately finishing mid table before a push the year after Not sure if the results will start coming today or in the next couple of weeks but I expect moore to get these playing better than we have been all season ( not hard ) but I think the quality or lack of it will be our down fall in what is already an extremely hard ask
  6. Loving the man who stared alongside pele and those football greats with sly and Micheal Cane in escape to victory snd still made it to play premier league football take a bow John wark
  7. I actually think we need to go down this team as been awful not in one bit helped by the squad that got stripped of its last bit of quality and replaced with much lesser quality. also not helped by the management round Merry go round chansiri should be ashamed in what’s happened to us he’s the leader and makes the decisions it’s his decision to be advised the way he does and this is the result we need to get back to basics because if by a miracle we stay up we will just have season after season of this League one gives us an opportuni
  8. Think windass would suit being wide in a front 3 myself he works hard has pave and is direct cam see him, green, Harris and reach being used out wide in those positions you could add kachunga in there too reach might be a bit slow for the position but his fitness and quality from the left could lend itself to left back in a back 4 odubajo when fit on the right
  9. Putting personally messages out there chansiri won’t like that very unprofessional poor lads getting his p45 in the morning
  10. Footballs very own piers Morgan but talks a lot of sense and straight to the point id like him, he’d be our best chairman we would have had in my lifetime and I’ve seen us in the premier league under Dave Richards
  11. Are they not extending or have extended to World Cup to have more teams play? was it more groups or another around of groups? more stadiums required if so but I’d imagine your looking at 2/3 grounds in each of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales then your looking if 16 is the magic number that leaves 10-7 English stadiums cant see it but apart from London they probably will only go one stadium per city just because of the hotels in uk so london 2-3 liverpool Birmingham maybe 2 newcastle leeds Notti
  12. People make out it’s all agents it’s not if a player says I want to sign here it’s the agents job to get them the best deal players are not just robots in the matter it’s their decision ultimately if shaw wanted to stay or Uroghide wants to stay they will Reason why shaw probably signed for Celtic must be the shower we are currently running, a significantly higher contract and chances of playing European football Wednesday are currently only showing they are going in one direction. look at bannan he could have been signing for most
  13. If fit Westwood palmer Lees. Dunkley. Uroghide Hutchinson bannan green./ Harris Paterson Reach Windass/ Rhodes couple I couldn’t call in green or Harris and Rhodes or windass think the formation could work even though I don’t like bannan be as far back if his role was more fluid I’d be ok also I don’t like playing reach central but he could play there giving more pace out wide
  14. Think first game back we applaud the lads on the pitch then do some protest black balloon or turn our backs on the game at such a time that would show solidarity in our displeasure and should cause for chansiri to start listening or talking if he doesn’t respond within 3 games we boycott the game you can’t ask people who might be disgruntled but genuinely use hillsbrough match days as a place of get away to boycott games all the time there are other ways to protest chansiri won’t be able to deny that he’s lost the fans when he gets black ballo
  15. Today’s culture and the rise of social media has made it easy to become moronic and hide behind a keyboard personally o think it’s beyond sad it happened all over the country now not just in football in other ways you can voice opinion respect is fastly dwindling through this new way of being able to communicate maybe I’m old school but some of things I read on here makes me embarrassed to be a fan they certainly don’t represent my views and if they did I certainly would put them out there in the way some do on social media or even in this forum
  16. Second yellow needless challenge a non area under no pressure. Very naive especially considering the one earlier on in the season first yellow wasn’t even a foul though never mind a card it’s made this game much harder one we can’t lose but still need to win so annoying
  17. Think the guy looks good when played against lesser opposition like the cup games unfortunately I struggle to see what kind of cm he his in the championship it’s like the game passes him by and he has no real impact on it not a Critism he’s young and we haven’t been the best team this year or tactically anything he really needed to be loaned out to league one for rest of season I can see him being a real player in that division some of his powerful runs are excellent need to see it more in competitive games to see where he fits h
  18. Inexcusable from the club this, embarrassing, poor and they want to be ashamed premium prices for premium players abs we can’t even sign a life long boyhood fan who’s been on our books for a decade joke
  19. It’s embarrassing this from the club they want to be ashamed of theirselves I don’t care what offer was on the table 1) allowing the contract to run down is poor 2) not being able to negotiate a deal with a life long deal breaking into the club I’m not giving any excuses he could have been offered 20 times more and been offered European football our club as still messed it up as far as club disasters goes it’s another on the list of very many really wish chansiri will take responsibility and proper ownership of our clubs affairs a
  20. And yet hutch will always be a waste of space who’s a crock who’s never available due to injury or suspension to the experts on here mind boggles
  21. Can’t help but thinking this stinks of a wannabe owners driving a consortiums to buy the club but not having the financial resource to operate it or invest in it when they have it People can be upset if they don’t like how something is run and have the right to vent but perusing a takeover when they don’t have the finances is just a noise disaster and becomes messy
  22. Well I can’t unsee that bet Joe is over the moon with that tribute and a little scared
  23. Westwood is no doubt under instructions to go long don’t know why some are questioning this as it’s Westwood’s only way of playing he’s also pretty decent at going long do again the remarks by some are baffling much rather have a keeper that can go long like Westwood than one who just consistently puts it out for a throw
  24. Agreed but that back 3 looks solid on paper Lee’s hutch and dunkley I wonder which one plays left hand side
  25. The start of the big money pulling football away from the Terraces and the fans it was great at the time but how it changed football to a commercial cesspit of greed losing focus on fans desire. There’s an argument the game has massively improved maybe I’m getting old now but it’s doesn’t have the magic it used to have it’s just gone too far commercially for me to be enthusiastic about it like I once was that and we’ve been shi te for the last 20 years
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