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  1. If we’re going to do anything this season we need to show consistency a lot as been said about having too many players unavailable this season with Hutchinson, windass and luongo back iorfa getting closer and us still looking to be active bringing a few in. it’s time to stop with the excuses and start with the results the next 4 are all winnable and I think with the amount of games available February will define our season if we leave February closing the gap on the top two but in the playoffs we should have hit the consistency we need to kick on and be contenders again for promotion 10points from our next 4 is a must for me with who we are playing 8 points is meh and sees us being the same inconsistency below 8 points and I’ll be writing this season off and saving myself the hope
  2. If a takeover goes through and I’m sure we’d all hope one does if there’s a remote possibility of it happening I’m I right in think we will still be in the same mess with transfers as in we’re still overspending so embargo’s will still be a thing in short if the club isn’t run in a profitable way you just can’t keep throwing money at players or transfers it doesn’t matter how much wealth you have it goes on the club and another thing as this 17 page and rising thread come about from a random tweet from a nobody or I’m I missing something There’s not one journalist that’s even entertaining this is there or have I missed something as much as it’s nice to think we might get a better suited chairman who can deliver better success the idea of it might as well been started by a dinner lady from Newcastle
  3. He’s like a wee William Wallace that guy made of steel He doesn’t get injured they will probably bolt him back together and send him out again next week to play like league ones zidane
  4. Can see Palmer keeping his place and with hutch and iorfa being a bit delicate those to being rotated it’s certainly a good pool of centre back options we could realistically looking at being available by mid feb in the thick of that horrible contested fixture list Brennan, Palmer, Johnson, iorfa, Hutchinson, Batth that should keep the fatigue down surely bring on 10 games in 31 days
  5. A back three of Iorfa. Hutchinson Batth would take some beating and we’d be able to attack and defend set pieces again
  6. Young players are bound to show inconsistencies due to their age as the develop I think we are playing at a level with hopefully now two fit senior pros in bannan and luongo playing with him also hunt down that side that we can develop him and bring him on huge couple of years for the young man he could develop in to a usefully premier league player like that was it Diaby for Hull who scored in the play off final against us or like somebody said into a Craig rocastle let’s hope it’s not the latter lads only 20 as it stands now he’s got a very bright future
  7. I’m kind of hang getting your point but it also comes across contradicting if Moore has kept hold of his best players and brought in what was it 15? Players he’s basically assembled his team surely during this period he would have identified and acted on this losing culture otherwise he’d have signed different players, Kept different players and maybe sold other players in short you can’t overhaul the team as much as we did in the summer and have the same problems if we have a losing culture and mentality that we’re working against then I’m afraid that’s a failure we still have this considering we are playing at a lower level than last season and have had such a huge change over in players
  8. Exactly what we was saying at the very least he makes the keeper work it was great to see us get in those positions but when they was dropping you felt more chance of missing than scoring when they drop to windass it’s a different feeling you fancy him to score or if he misses he misses close and the keepers had to sweat
  9. The amount of chances we wasted today from shooting opportunities we could have hit another 5/6 on another day windass comes on and bang I don’t think anybody else scores that and id say if he’s on a couple of the other chances we missed he scores and that’s the difference he makes them count class
  10. A club official pointed it out today to Us and we watched out for it all game where before our three centre backs stayed back and we played with two wing backs today our back 5 was a back four that kept switching depending on what side we was playing down Both Mendez- leng and hunt was given more freedom when they had the ball because everybody shifted across to cover so there was Always a back four ( I know so it’s a back 5 ) the key was centre backs where before you’d see a centre back and one either side of him today it was hutch with either Palmer or Johnson It was pretty good watching it was pointed out if you get time to watch the game back you’ll see it most of the game our shape was 4 at the back or two cbs instead of three in recent games maybe it’s what Moore was saying in his interview after it was good to see things work they’ve been practicing it was interesting keeping up with it
  11. You can add hutch to that list too he was so calm at the back today made it look effortless at times Even a half fit windass is sharp as anything in this division luongo is just different gravy people talk about him as a holding midfielder or a defensive midfielder he’s so much more than that some of his balls today were class his running his physicality in the middle he’s just got everything we lack and more Bannan looks more free with luongo in there I doubt many midfields will cope with both of them in there together iorfa right at the beginning made everything look like a training session he’s been a big loss
  12. Nope not buying that things turn quickly in football we lose that game and we’re looking at 9 points to the playoff but we won with a more importantly a very good performance and we’re 3 points from playoffs with a game in hand complete different outcome results change situations and it certainly changes how people feel and view things personally I think Moore had enough time before today this could be the game to save his job the return of Hutchinson, luongo, and windass is huge and was evident today consistency is key now few players in by the end of the window and a minimum of 4 points in our next two games and we can might be looking at a strong second half our problem though is consistency and if we don’t show evidence of that improving we are delaying the inevitable the switch to 4-4-2 was also key
  13. Think the alarming thing in there was Darren Moore saying how he speaks with the chairman and all the time and they talk about keeping the progression going when Moore took over we was a division higher by the first international break we was top 3 by the 2nd international break we was playoffs by Christmas we was out of the playoffs now we are 6 points adrift of them the only progression I see is us going backwards so what exactly are these “we talk all the time about keeping the progression going” being benchmarked on? have they got a 3 year plan to put us in the conference and things are heading along nicely but a little slow we certainly are not moving forward in the league
  14. He still in development 17 games at Grimsby isn’t a reason to be over committing to a player who’s 21 he will be 23 when that contract runs out another half a year on loan this season at a higher level abs a good look at him in pre season ( know doubt we’re in league one still ) might open the door for him to play first team regular here I would imagine if he is we will be negotiating a longer contract at that point it’s a huge 12-18 months for him
  15. Is it me, I know he’s updating but it just sounds like excuses You’ve still got to find a solution to win games
  16. I couldn’t tell which manager but I would say a good manager would have this squad much higher than 9th in the league at this stage of the season with all the injuries and suspensions and covid disruptions Moore has had to face with this squad put short this squad as been mismanaged and is underachieving moral might be a factor motivating might be a factor formation, tactics, training might be a factor but the point being I believe this squad is good enough to be much higher and to be competing for promotion under somebody else’s guidence at what part of the season does chansiri look at league position, performance and progress and think this is good, acceptable, concerning, or underperforming and at what stage does he think a change is required personally with a full transfer window ahead I think Moore as passed the point where he’s going to do anything this year playoffs is a concern with us 6 points away at this stage I’d have thought we should be in reach of the automatics the last two performances have been abysmal I’d have thought the change Is overdue every gage and week with these players lost us making it harder for a new manager to recover this season
  17. Palmer could play centre back too more than capable at this level and Johnston can play left back a back four would make us more solid with a holding luongo it’s tragic that we speak of trying to be more solid at the back with this squad in league one but sometimes you need to play to your strengths maybe a more direct approach pushing more players to further up instead of trying to play out from the back and being as exposed is a better way to put points on the board in our current situation. Don’t want to bring up the gone on this one but it would certainly have benefited Theo more being played more advanced with less responsibility to defend 4-1-3-2 or 4-1-4-1 we need to start getting the best out of these players or the ones that are fit instead of trying to show horn players into a formation that’s left us languishing in mid table
  18. That’s a disgrace of a figure for a man who’s injuries have only allowed him to play 77 times in 8 seasons what a terrible unprofessional he is feel for Connor he tries to get himself fit and then gets horror injuries a footballer who’s built mentally to compete what does that do to a guy mentally ( I know the money will help ) but I’m sure he’d much rather play it’s like every time he gets fit he gets his chance abs breaks down
  19. Defoe has just left rangers in his player coach role 32 goals 74 appearances mainly off the bench I look at this thinking end of season 12 month contract got to be better than bringing on berahino and his experience could help on the training pitch and changing room
  20. Drugs on a Tuesday either still going from weekend or starting way too early
  21. If young players like galvin can’t get a chance for a few games with our current injury crisis is doesn’t bow well for a pathway to the first team for youngsters what I’d like to see is at least these players making the match day squad over the next few weeks until we get sone new arrivals in we ca n loan them out towards the end of the window when we will no doubt be more likely to see players come in if they come in
  22. By that explaintion we will all he complaining when a light bulb goes out it’s just another culmination of poor management to jump on board and moan at
  23. What’s that got to do with the club releasing season tickets in December The complaints are the club released the season tickets in December and are now on phase 3 pricing I wasn’t discussing that can be debated. I think the price of football is a disgrace to the working man when you are paying players what they get you could take 5% of the playing salary and use it to drop the ticket prices making it more affordable for everyone the working man is getting out priced more people are getting priced out abs not connected as much to clubs abs fan bases are shrinking as soon as clubs start Making games more affordable and getting in touch with the fans again the sooner we will see a rise in attendances across the football world I see no reason why we have stadiums 2ith 25-60% of their capacity sat empty
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