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  1. Can we change it to “and when they got promoted, he jumped ship the next night ( that will pi55 them off even more )
  2. Think he’d do ok for Rotherham especially next year when they are in league 1 he should go there and sign a two year deal gets him back home, we all know what happens after that if he shines
  3. Is the sand Vaulks that hot player of the season when Rotherham won the league one playoffs in 2018?
  4. I think we’re stat following this year and I like the approach so far the best of league one only aggressively building proven performers at this level very very shrewd
  5. I’m honestly baffled by some people’s concerns on here where does he fit in? We’re overloaded in strikers ? wow this is a long season, with 5 subs per game our squad needs strength in depth ( quality strength in depth ) to be champions the ability to play differently, different styles, formations etc and the ability to do that now with 5 subs in a game the squad needs options to do this I honestly think some people think this season needs a starting 11 and three subs and that’s all we need for the season the rest can be made up of average players or academy players we lack pace up front and out wide and we lacked Ariel threat last season look at wilks goals he can head, he has pace, the last time here he got goals this is an excellent addition and it gives the squad that age drop that so many shout about For the reported 200k wow depending on how this season unfolds and his impact he could be worth 5mill at the end of it superb addition, and if it comes off I’ll still say ( I know are massively disagreeing with me on this) another 6-8 to go
  6. Enjoyed that, a few inaccuracies in there but not surprising giving a young lad who’s not even from the region interesting to see another view on how the other people might see us and he presented that really well. Can see that guy having a career in media
  7. Well goalkeepers make that 25 straight away Dele makes 26 no idea on hunt, Brennan etc…. But that could be looking at 28 plus the loan market we haven’t dipped into yet could be looking at another 3/4 which could take that to 32 I can see it being a 30 man squad
  8. Disagree I think we will sign 7-9 more players our whole bench needs to be starting 11 standard now with the 5 sub rule thas going to be 18 players alone just on the matchday I think our squad will be looking more like a 30 man squad
  9. I like it suspense to be honest I also like how there’s a few that can’t control their emotions over it and are so desperate for the shiny toy now and can’t wait until Christmas Day the guessing is fun but it’s Raul Silva
  10. Stop it with this, the lads still young. A few games in a small under 23s squad doesn’t make him anywhere near first team football he needs developing listen to him and his coaches speak nobody is talking about first team football he might train with the first team in preseason he might even get a few minutes or on the bench just so he’s in the changing room but the lad isn’t ready for senior competitive football he’s a prospect don’t rush him it’s about him establishing himself as a under 23 regular this season then if the club thinks he’s ready and can handle senior football he’ll be loaned out next year talk of him playing in the team this year is pure fantasy driven by blind hope we have a young one people want to see in the first team. Despite him not being ready
  11. Pato is under rated he does everything ugly that’s sometimes needed, he comes on and kicks people, I’d generally horrible and is our current number 1 **** house He doesn’t or he won’t start many games this year I don’t think because it looks like we’re adding the depth into the squad that covers his physicality like smith and vaulks and I can’t see us starting many games needing Patterson’s attributes but you can guarantee when we are needing to change things and freshen up or tighten up and see the game out ( game management) patto is a good solid option to be sat on that bench ultimate squad player, not pretty, underrated
  12. All 4 of them should be loaned out if some is going to take them hanging around our team this year will do nothing for them what we need is then playing competitive football, to keep hold of them just to be ready to sit on the bench when we start picking up injuries is a poor when we need to be bringing them on they are no where near breaking into this first team yet because other players are ahead of them to what they can offer or bring to the table Cammy did himself no harm by spending the season at Exeter let these lads be part of a squad for a season, including preseason if a club wants them
  13. 100% weaker for me luongo can’t or will be extremely difficult to replace I’m not buying into vaulks being a replacement he’s not he’s another fantastic midfielder that we needed for this level but does a complete different job to luongo and plays differently luongo needs replacing still for me and he was crucial to making that trio tick last year, take that cog out I’m very fearful of us going back to an ineffective disjointed three like when wing was in there as for Mendez-laing we are currently weaker, he gave us pace and direct running at players out wide, he was often played out of position and this was probably to do with his strengths for example putting him up from because he’s strong and quick. But that’s not his position and we would have needed Mendez-laing to be available to play in his position this year. We need pace in this squad now we lack it all that said I believe Mendez-laing can be replaced and I like the noises about our interest in wilks this would be a fine example of his replacement. We would still need a couple on top of that though in my opinion luongo, not sure how we fill that hole for me personally until he signs for someone else I’d be trying to get him to sign on still
  14. Ok few things to probably add or question there 1) I think you need deadlines for season tickets maybe not as much as we currently do 2) cup games and cup runs are generally seen as additional bonus revenue to the club so this could damage revenue. Season tickets for cups would be hard to price what happens if you get knocked out first round or play away all the cup run? 3) I don’t think it would hurt too much to offer a bit of discount to season ticket holders for cup games but don’t you get this as a member anyway? 4) what age kids? I think £5.00 is reasonable if I’m honest plus I’m sure the club do run a few kids for a kids in the season 6) hard to argue it is league 1 still if you can sell out the ground on some games why not boost that to £35plus if it sells it sells 7) your just adding more space and taking away people from other areas. It’s more staffing and won’t do anything for attendances. Use this only for high attendence games 8 they can’t be discounted below season ticket prices what I would say is I’m not sure they do this or not a Saturday season ticket and a mid week season ticket more needs to be done to encourage the next generation and getting them hooked Schools should be taking kids free every week, pick a school give them an allocation more and better family fun day matches use Hillsborough park, the grounds, injured and not selected players, mascots etc… nothing wrong with 4 of these a year go big celebrate Sheffield more I loved the live band at Sunderland semi final home fixture in the cheese this should be done a lot more often have pop up stands or dedicated kiosks to Sheffield retailers we have great street food, food vendors and brewers in Sheffield collaborate more with them To get people to come to Hillsborough more especially in the financial climate everyone faces you’ve got to make it more than just a football match you’ve got to reach out and connect with the fan and the community and our kids they are the next generation we need them hooked and excited to come to Hillsborough
  15. If moore isn’t pushing that top spot going into winter chansiri will carry on his new trick and just go and save Warne from the relegation car crash season bud chairman has set him up for even Warne will know with this latest he’s took Rotherham as far as he can go he will want a crack with a team with budget soon he’s a good manager and bloke let down by his tight a55 chairman that said I think moore will have us right up there it certainly will stand us well if we are there or there abouts ( and I mean autos ) come the end of august
  16. Which is not what I as you said quoted I said 7 possibly 9 and it will be when you say more nearer to 5 what do you mean 3,4,6,7?
  17. Rotherham have always been our feeder club
  18. I’d say the big improvement noticeable is we seem to be cover our downfalls from last season take Gregory out of that line up and we really was light weight we lacked threat Ariel strength in both boxes last year and smith improved this ten fouls the defenders and keepers being proven stats to the team we lacked too And vaulks is a great midfielder especially for this division they are all logical, sensible buys we do lack a bit more height though so I’m hopeful of seeing a couple of Cb’s still join and we lack pace and depth in the wide areas so I’m hoping to see at least 3 buddies coming in there too Then just a bit more strength in depth and we’re good to go
  19. Where are we playing vaulks? The holding midfielder like luongo did? Bit of a waste of his strengths in my opinion vaulks likes to get up and down and the lad can shoot from distance too Personally I think vaulks is more suited doing what Byres does only he’s a bit stronger in the tackle. His range of passing is better and his shooting is better as it currently stands though I see no other option than to have vaulks do the luongo role if we’re playing 3 in midfield
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