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  1. The squad isn’t great and then it’s riddled with players that are unavailable It’s going to take something special I looked at today’s line up and bench and thought I hope we don’t embarrass ourselves credit to the boys today but we lack quality in the final third even when when everyone’s fit and that’s going to be the problem basing a season on knicking wins is difficult and sadly that’s all I hope for a couple of signings can change it but will it be too little too late I’m hoping we can get out of this bottom 3 t
  2. It wasn’t just effort we looked like we had a game plan and was organised considering our squad is threadbare that’s was a fantastic result against a team doing very well at home winter night away in South Wales it’s more than positives tonight we’ll done Wednesday and we’ll done pulis
  3. Think we’re going to ask a lot of questions when Harris is back and odubajo in the team glad somebody started this thread I actually think he’s having a good season it was harsh for him to have to play centre back for a bit and whilst he had a few mistakes in him there I actually though he made some decent tackles Think he’s going to have a big season for us under pulis now I can’t wait to see what he does when everyone’s fit
  4. Can’t see us getting out quickly wouldn’t be hard to stop Us attacking as we really lack pace there only odubajo Could have done with kachunga in there too think it’s going to be a long night but let’s see about our tactics not much on for the counter Rhodes up top on his own needs to get so e support around him quickly
  5. Be a great signing pulis to set us up deep to counter attack seems logical harris odubajo and musa makes sense get out at pace
  6. Tier 2 you can go to shops and spend for Christmas tier 3 your not allowed out, but we will let you for a week at Christmas where we can tax the hospitality industry too we save lives that’s important until we’re going to lose out in too much revenue so will open for that cherry it’s joke no B way is anybody entering hills rough anytime sooty be fair its probss as not good thing
  7. Only one i Would change is kachunga for Rhodes we need some pace in there he might go Patterson up top even though he doesn’t think it’s his best position he’s very limited and then play brown behind him i actually feel sorry for pulis don’t know what we can expect with this squad and with all its injuries and suspensions he’s inherited a right mess and he will be slaughterd for it we’re desperate to get some fit and available bodies in that changing room
  8. Out of interest what did you expect or think he should say?
  9. Don’t know what you was expecting Injury abs suspension hit squad 1 week of training and a man sent off within 20 minutes. it’s a wonder how that wasn’t a cricket score
  10. Not checked so don’t pull me as being fact or not but so we have the same amount of red cards to goals we’ve scored in open play this season
  11. Don’t know as fact as stats but with that red card today does that mean we now have the same amount of red cards
  12. As title Score for second half? obviously we all want to knick one and hang on I think as the game grows Preston will get stronger and test Westwood they are bigger at set pieces too I’d like to see us hold out for the draw based on first half we can still win this but I think we will be one under more pressure
  13. Should never be challenging like that I’m first place he put himself in position to be sent off by tackling like that Stupid tackle No danger where it was in the pitch deserved to be sent off game plan out of the window needs fining for that this referee though wow he’s dog dirt for both teams
  14. Same formation ? Westwood Van aken. Lees. Borner Palmer. Odabajo Luongo Reach. Bannan Patterson. Wndiass not a clue
  15. He Is with Rhodes up top with kachunga moving left or windass right and reach left then
  16. Just posted in another thread about playing through the middle and having pace directness and mobility up top could we go with a solid back four and Westwood then Luongo Brown. Bannan Harris. Kachunga. Windass plenty of channels for brown and Bannan to unlock pace to get back with windass and Harris solid base in luongo
  17. Have these three in midfield and an advance forward three with pace directness and mobility Harris. Kachunga. Windass
  18. I’d like to see us ask questions of Preston nit get up to the he third quarter and do nothing either get some shots off or get dangerous crosses into the box the block cross, row z cross or let’s go backwards is a waste of possession we need better when in these positions defensive organisation and effort is something of a given for me
  19. Think if it is outlawed pulis would adapt he’s a football man I’m sure I. His career he’s adapted to a lot of the game and has broader much open views on the game that many try to pigeon hole him against
  20. Think we will go 433 and go for a height at the back Westwood uroghide. Iorfa. Lees Reach or van aken Luongo Brown. Bannan kachunga Windass Rhodes or marriot
  21. Where’s part 2 I’m intrigued? I need more of Dom’s chin in my life
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