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  1. Winnall's not ready yet and was easily knocked about today. We needed Nuhiu big time. Good luck to both of them, and another fortnight for sam to catch up.
  2. it will certainly be 'off' for the POTG fans with 50:50 enthusiasm.
  3. Let's see after tonight's results when clubs play their game in hand.
  4. really? Strange route, doesn't he travel from Wolverhampton?
  5. Included in Scotland squad on Tues? After Bolton I hope!
  6. His name is Alan Woodward he's a ferkin big disgrace His shiny big red handbag and his boots tied up with lace And when he's running down the wing he gives a little twitch And when he his the corner flag he curses like a ***** la la la la......... (he was better than the really but..........)
  7. Just get your tickets renewed and wait. That's why he's gaffer and we're Owlstalkers.
  8. Colin Prophet at Arsenal, late 60s? Seems a long time ago to me!
  9. and rightly so. It was hardly an accident!
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