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  1. Sheffield Wednesday 4 : 4 Chelsea (Milk Cup)

    Didn't we love the little rat Thomas?
  2. Spot the ball

    Is that YOUR grandad at the bottom of the tunnel?
  3. OK Neil, I won't watch it.
  4. Spot the ball

    maybe, if that IS Wright on the right. 1949 if so. Pleased I wasn't there!
  5. What will be your pre-match routine on Sunday?

    Check I've got some Imodium, just in case
  6. Spot the ball

    IS that a Wednesday game? A semi perhaps? Is that Billy Wright on RHS?

    or "YOU'RE JUST A 5H!T TEAM'S WARNOCK" or if he's in the stand..... Wilder where are you?
  8. Which opposition player ...

    Lots mentioned that I remember, but the most aggressive, continuous abuse was directed at Dicanio. He started well, and faded out of the game as if it DID affect him.
  9. Nigel Worthington

    His nickname in the club was BARNEY, as per Barney Rubble in the flintstones.
  10. Caption This

    Neil, do you know what an anagram of your name spells?
  11. Can't understand how the passing of these sentences was possible. Surely the guy assaulted will have been advised whether an appeal was in order or a waste of time.
  12. David Garrido

    I might get SKY after all..........
  13. Only the echoes of my mind Hell, wish I was younger!
  14. Sheffield Football - police costs revealed

    Thought they could have spared a couple for the Herries Road car smashers!
  15. David Garrido

    Is that photo tampered with? Surely his tongue was hanging out!