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  1. OhForAnotherShez

    10 men for the good of the game?

    I cringe when MOTD or similar is discussing penalties. "Well there WAS contact........" Contact? CONTACT!! Just ask yourself was he t*watted or not
  2. Naw....lost the players usually available to select.
  3. Stobbs played wide right in the second half and played well. First half we won nothing in the air up front (no disrespect to the small lads playing there), and never seemed to turn their defenders round to face their own goal. Barnsley wasted so much time, i thought it would be light again when the match finished.
  4. OhForAnotherShez

    Andy McCulloch

    Brave as f*uck. When footballers were allowed to be men.
  5. OhForAnotherShez

    Chris Wilder’s post match interview

    Looks like someone's cancelled the open top bus!
  6. OhForAnotherShez

    Chris Wilder’s post match interview

    That's quality LJH
  7. OhForAnotherShez

    Cameron Dawson - Owls legend in making

    Surprised nobody has started a topic about his one bad kick!!
  8. OhForAnotherShez

    Over and over and over again

    I'd rather Wilder did.
  9. OhForAnotherShez

    The City is Ours

    I dread to think what OT would be like. So many negative Nellies on here. We avoided what we may have feared and played as a team.
  10. OhForAnotherShez

    Over and over and over again

    .......and deserved to.
  11. OhForAnotherShez

    Already a txt from a blunt

    Chuck some apple sauce at him!
  12. OhForAnotherShez


    Maybe he was born an Owl, not made.
  13. OhForAnotherShez

    Who is the ref?

    Come on, they only had 20 FFS. I'd like Pat Partridge to turn up as ref.
  14. OhForAnotherShez

    Joao has to start Friday

    Good from the bench. Unseen when starting. Hindsight lads will be wise after 90 minutes. At the end of the day, lets be WAWAW for once.