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  1. OhForAnotherShez

    Amazed if anyone was at this one?

    anyone know the team that day?
  2. OhForAnotherShez


    wait & see.
  3. OhForAnotherShez

    Simple chant for big Dave

    Sorry, thought you would have heard of actor Cyril Cusack.
  4. OhForAnotherShez

    Simple chant for big Dave

    You're on a wind-up now aren't you, or like me don't remember actors (except Snodgrass).
  5. OhForAnotherShez

    Simple chant for big Dave

    Yep, but then again his nickname was Cyril.
  6. OhForAnotherShez

    Simple chant for big Dave

  7. OhForAnotherShez

    Bookies slash odds on Forestieri going

    Either that or a rumour that Hirst could just perhaps leave.
  8. OhForAnotherShez

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/may/atdhe-nuhiu-signs-new-owls-deal/ Hope you feel better now Atdhe - we do!
  9. OhForAnotherShez

    Breaking news, coming up

    Well it took both parties to agree, so good luck to the big fellah. I'm really chuffed!
  10. OhForAnotherShez

    Next season is gonna be epic!!!

    tried to improve it but struggling to find something to rhyme with 'Cant'
  11. naw, isn't it just £2472? but they can claim the VAT back if they're registered.
  12. Up to about shoe size 5, I think.
  13. and again, hospitality..........
  14. OhForAnotherShez

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Yes, that is a good memory. Hardly popular at the time, losing, and he tried to liven things up. When you need a pen at S6 big fellah, get in touch!!!
  15. OhForAnotherShez

    Blue and White stripes next season

    If not, there is some white insulation tape you can make stripes with on the current shirt! Think he'd get the message?