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  1. Welcome big fellah, and thanks to NT, and the others for their efforts!
  2. Agression, fitness, determination all went from 0% to 100% for Luton. As always we give the ball away easily and don't react immediatly to get it back. Isn't anyone ANGRY when they pass to the other team? Hutch should have been off when injured, Pelupessy would have been the most similar role defensively.
  3. 3rd is an assist for Rhodes. In possession, easy pass on, intercepted and we know the rest.
  4. I don't think the score will reach Chansiri, under all that sand.
  5. and I assume he enjoyed his time here - so it'll be a no from him.
  6. Fully agree, however no doubt any attempt would have seen all their players round the ref wanting blood, and a probable escallation to a sending off. where's Ken Knighton when you need him?
  7. trouble is we wait in hope for transfer windows and do sweet FA. That's not blaming anyone on the coaching staff.
  8. watch Jones on the line tomorrow - he will move more than some of ours. Just by chance I saw the crewe highlights the other night, and thought 'Christ look at the movement , agression, speed of runs'. Don't expect ANYTHING easier next year if we're down.
  9. Brentford bullied us all over the pitch. Dalsgaard gets a yellow, and probably a pat on the back from their manager who was pleased (?) with their professional fouls. Someone out to have accidently hurt Dalsgaard, but we're too polite.
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