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  1. I'd love people to get nicked outside schools. Waiting to collect kids, engine running and playing on their phones. Also ignoring the tiny "No idling engines" signs. Must be the same all over, not just the school I call at.
  2. .....and ************* were in for a thrashinnnn..... (showing our age)
  3. Gareth Barry rejoined last week. If he's kept fit he may be just the man they need.
  4. Surely 'last Hendos' should involve the SAG safety shower.
  5. Plenty of room in Tango's corner.
  6. No tickets available for the North - limited sales - long story! However, South & Kop seem OK. https://shop.sheffieldwednesday.co.uk/VenueView.aspx Click on 'Availability View'.
  7. With all the water to pass from the high ground, I too would have expected the rivers to peak later. I found the river level sites (available elsewhere too) very interesting, so thanks for submitting those.
  8. Don't worry, the Sports event stewards prevent everything crossing Leppings lane
  9. WOW! Positive and supporting attitude. I love it. If only it could spread to Owlstalkers.
  10. we may just get away with a further traffic and tram ban.
  11. saw some intense pointing near the North / Kop corner flag late in the game. think it was Bannan & Kirch.
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