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  1. Fernando Forestieri training today

    I have a twenty pound note.
  2. Fernando Forestieri training today

    I wondered that at first. It's a while since I was at the training ground, but I think you will agree that the hill with houses on in the background RHS is Langsett Avenue.
  3. Ross Wallace

    "Just time to move on" is a bit more courteous than "He is shït though Ibbo, he is past it. No point carrying dead weight and wages." I'm not pleased he's injured whatever the team selected, he deserves more respect.
  4. Ross Wallace

    It's a sign neggin's gone.
  5. The standard of defending

    No, but we were HAVING to defend more than we should have been.
  6. Referee aplogising

    Bruce was expecting a 'clean sheet'.
  7. That c u next Tuesday Snodgrass

    thought it was funny when the next caller said he was a cheat and Rob said "Pleased to hear you describe him with a different C word"
  8. The Referee

    No wonder their shares are dipping recently. Could you explain to him that if he was twice as good, he'd still be $ hit . BAE Bent As Ever.

    No wonder we celebrated like a goal when he gave it.

    His name rang a bell with me, but I was told after that he is usually a premier ref. On that showing he'll be in our league for a long time. Snodgrass is a disgrace, but if he gets away with it. I thought footy was booking players for diving.
  11. SIMILAR critical questions for almost 20 minutes. Round and round making similar criticism. I couldn't bear to watch it again. Was there only 2 journalists there? Rob took about 18 (?) minutes. I don't think I would look forward to meeting him if I was Jos, but then again what does it matter, he's going in May isn't he, or is he?
  12. Seriously ask similar persistent questions for almost 20 minutes? I don't usually watch them.
  13. I felt Rob was rude with his persistence. Do journalists usually talk / ask for close on 20 minutes.
  14. Young George Hirst

    Nuhiu is being rested, we won't need an 'artic'.