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  1. Hope we don't spend anywhere near that amount!
  2. reminds me of the old TV programme 'Voyage to the bottom of the sea', when they used to shout DIVE, DIVE, DIVE! Loved it last year when the ref was giving him sweet FA and we were extracting the michael.
  3. So what are you saying? This and it's values are no longer appropriate? No mention about parking near S6 1SW though!
  4. Don't talk about space please, you remind me of Jos' defense.
  5. respect for you pal! Come and park at my house, but it's a brisk 35 minutes walk
  6. WHAT? Only 54hrs walk from Westminster! But can you park OK where you live?
  7. Don't tell them it's NOT the New York Stadium.
  8. Got the photo near Atkinsons somewhere in the attic - and others. See the guy holding up the team photo (or similar) in front of the bus? Well I'm the bloke in the top hat just above RHS. Fame at last Eh?
  9. "blighted by injuries" We can only play 11 right backs at once, can't we?
  10. E for B and Tommy Craig! anyone remember? Unfortunately then you're getting old too
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