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  1. All need a pat on the back, including the supporters! Great saves from BPF, and i particularly liked a late one down to his left and IMMEDIATLY covered the crossbar, to his right for the second chance. have a safe good trip back everyone!
  2. pre match injury reports often deflect from the truth, maybe to prevent any fine preparations from opponents.
  3. Just kicked off in Cup tie v Plymouth ITV now, if you're interested.
  4. I know Corbeanu tried to create a few chances, but I think Brennan deserve the credit. Won 99% of headers and can pass a ball and was the only one I could hear on the pitch. Why when in possession, did Brown need to pass to someone else when there was no H'Pool player within 20 yards of him?
  5. His clearance headers up to about a month ago often seemed to be too high and not getting much distance. Now? Bloody quality all aspects and a great leader.
  6. Correct. and they were managed by our future coach, Clive Baker (RIP)
  7. David Weir would have been my choice. He has a good record there!
  8. I fear gates could be lower next year unless we really take off. This season's tickets are, after all, credits from last year.
  9. I thought it was Francis & Shirtliff (?) at WBA.
  10. He did well to keep going. He was knackered in the last 10 minutes.
  11. With the height of their stands, available sunlight will assist - or does it just rain over there? However well done Accrington!
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