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  1. Got them attached to incoming email.......................thanks
  2. paid for 4 family tickets, but only print was "your order has been completed successfully". It has ticket seat details prices etc. HOW DO I PRINT THE ACTUAL TICKETS OFF? previously they had bar codes etc. Thanks!
  3. well it helps the close season to pass.............
  4. didn't notice KO time at first - can't wait for a match! Unable to edit entry.
  5. Yes, I cannot book family in, and it wants me to pay adult rate - I have a senior's season ticket.
  6. Struggled to decide what I would prefer, Morrison or another elephant. So I voted 'very important'.
  7. No umlaut on my keyboard, but not bad effort for 'O' level failure late 60s
  8. what? they were I think 3 brothers from the late 60s. This is all i can dig up.........
  9. OK Malek, you seem to be the one to ask (and care). Keep it up!! Are the Nowakowski brothers still at the club?
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