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  1. Oops, my mistake. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=apoel+matches+2020#sie=m;/g/11k5hh3n9x;2;/m/083rn3;ln;fp;1;; maybe he does! Good luck to Atdhe!
  2. tempted, but only if Rotherham Owls are taking a coach. Home or away end?
  3. Pathos in Cyprus. Lovely place. maybe against Atdhe soon.
  4. don't think he was involved last night, but he came on as sub last Thursday.
  5. Sh** and Sh**e Ah, the good old sixties chants
  6. Now that most votes are in, how pleasing to note that the two players with most are recent scapegoats. Remember to support the Owls, not just twist the knife into someone who is (in your opinion) not playing well. WAWAW? and pleased to see that most of us are returning in that direction.
  7. Such a pleasant and helpful guy along with Gerry. He used to provide sponsorship labels on shirts and stitch them on too (maybe that was Carol?), while Gerry provided trophies from the Middlewood shop. if you know a nicer, more thoughtful guy. please introduce me!
  8. Are Rotherham Owls taking coach to Cyprus? GOOD LUCK BIG FELLAH!!!
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/54042614 39 mins Post update Czech Republic 1-1 Scotland Liam Palmer then has to turn his attention to defensive duties, this time getting out to block Zeleny's powerful shot. The corner is well defended, Scotland counter and Ryan Christie tries a big diagonal pass to put Stuart Armstrong in. However, a Czech defender sticks a leg out and it drifts to the goalkeeper Mandous, who controls it without letting it bounce, and plays a first-time ball away. Too easy, eh? 35 mins Post update Czech Republic 1-1 Scotland Liam Palmer has been, in my humble opinion, Scotland's best player so far. He's getting plenty of space on the right and another good cross comes in, but nobody in a Scotland shirt can get on the end of it.
  10. I saw the title and I thought it was about the REAL Sammy - another disappointing 6 pages............
  11. Hi Quist, think you mean Neil Thompson, not Tomlinson.
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