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  1. OhForAnotherShez

    Forest Away

    That's what I was thinking, but I only went once, to see our reserves in a pre-season ~1970. Hitched it there and the team gave me & friend a lift back! I remember the guy falling through the roof!!
  2. OhForAnotherShez

    Clare tho!

    Clare...............the moment I met you, I swear.
  3. OhForAnotherShez

    Jos trimming the squad

    Haven't seen the paper, nor intend doing. However, I only take note of the parts in quotation marks.
  4. OhForAnotherShez

    Ricky Moate Update

    So pleased for you, and hope things are really +ve from the surgeons you see at Oxford,
  5. OhForAnotherShez

    Season ticket card question

    I'm sure the first option will be collection. We'd have to sell someone for all the bloody post costs!
  6. Why is it 23:36 above? it's 21:36 on Neil's copy. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/273485-swfc-agree-terms-with-norwich-for-jordan-rhodes/ Is someone p~ssing about?
  7. OhForAnotherShez

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Can't. Doyen's closed today.
  8. OhForAnotherShez

    Jack Baldwin

    they can't have been that bad, having made approx. 200 appearances for us!
  9. OhForAnotherShez

    Possible player exit?

    he's weak on crosses.
  10. OhForAnotherShez

    Ricky update /story

    Great news - well done Ricky. Nowt like a late winner!
  11. OhForAnotherShez

    Peter Atherton

    wasn't a bad player. Good attitude and leader. Just had to follow an excellent player in Nilsson. Petrescue? Soft as a bag of knackers! Good luck to him.
  12. OhForAnotherShez

    Nando & Johnny Compilation

    Washington - near Newcastle? can tell he was a coach driver for years! great fellah, as you can imagine now in charge of pool area. Life saving technique needs brushing up though!
  13. OhForAnotherShez


    They're making a new flag, but waiting for the fire certificate.
  14. OhForAnotherShez


    and heavy!