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  1. OhForAnotherShez

    Ref & South Stand Linesman

    Thought Fletcher should have had some free kicks in the first half. that big CH (one with bird poo on head) kept pushing him off balance just before the chance to head.
  2. OhForAnotherShez

    Give me...

    First half it was so quiet people heard the geese before they appeared!
  3. OhForAnotherShez

    Who would like this back.

    Now that was crap when we used it
  4. OhForAnotherShez

    Who would like this back.

    I remember it being played in the night clubs late 60s and the 'Sheffield Wednesday' bit being shouted out then.
  5. OhForAnotherShez

    Morgan Fox

    Played well today too. Gaining in confidence.
  6. OhForAnotherShez

    Chelsea game - Ticket Information Here

    Used to take an hour before you were escorted back to the coaches on Imperial Road in the 80s. Maybe the tribes of those days have grown up.
  7. OhForAnotherShez

    Well done Nuhiu

    ....AND cleared the resulting corner.
  8. Will it be streamed?
  9. Sooner than later, the weather's going to turn
  10. Nuhiu - that will upset a few!
  11. OhForAnotherShez


    Going for a scan. Suspected dislocated hair grip.
  12. OhForAnotherShez

    It's a good job.

    Difficult with rigamortis, AND going forward!
  13. OhForAnotherShez

    It's a good job.

    True, but why? Two games ago we had players making forward passes, running off the ball, running with the ball and playing behind the opposition's defence. Yesterday we resembled chess pieces with rigamortis.
  14. OhForAnotherShez

    Whelmometer - where is your whelm?

    Whelmometer? I can't really see what I'm writing. After yesterday my t1tz are on the floor.