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  1. And injury to Borner. One minute with drinks seemed daft.
  2. i thought they received a few 'fortunate' decisions, whereas we didn't. I was also miffed with the 'foul' we didn't receive in our box, just before the throw in which led to their first. Penalty for second? Every day of the week.
  3. More to worry about with results than the chit chat re. Tom.
  4. Rumour started? maybe? Remember waiting for results at Ninian Park, then someone shouted we were champs alegedly listing to a radio. Had Chelsea "lost"? the joy spread like wildfire - trouble is.............yeah a rumour! I'll hope & wait.
  5. For my money, Mike Hennigan never gets enough praise for his coaching career.
  6. the laces were to to under & back up top, then round the back thro' the loops i think. Cotton? Yeah as the climbers say "Cotton kills" no bloody warmth in that!
  7. Just like my old fellahs! Despite my feet not being enough, I was popular taking goalkicks with this type - with the toe end of course!
  8. Well let's just say it's a good job that Bilic was a quicker player than ballboy.
  9. Well I know they have an extra finger, but not sure about b*****k.
  10. haven't Wigan got 2pts/game average for about the last 16 games? and Luton are going well with Jones back. Meanwhile no-one seems able to turn Stoke round (please!)
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