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  1. How do clubs keep an eye on players when we are not allowed to watch? If their club's ID gets them admission then surely we know who's been watching and when.
  2. McGoldrick was on loan here for a month Anyone want him?
  3. Hardly, but I think he played against the pigs a few weeks ago when the rest were in flip flops.
  4. A championship 'reserve' from the team at the top will have more ambition.
  5. Sad that the community programme or club don't seem to have time for the Young owls FCs these days
  6. Hereditary for me. First full season in '63. Now sit with son and 3 grandkids. Woe betide anyone who breaks the chain.
  7. Don't criticise your late goal habit, enjoy it while you can!
  8. Be good in the shop when some muppet "accidently" sets one off!
  9. Looks a bit like Bobby Craig in the distance LHS - don't recognise the leg well behind Kay on right
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