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  1. Robson perhaps, or more likely a right sided guy from ManU in the 80s.
  2. That's Glyn Snodin - where's he these days? Update , Chesterfield I think............
  3. More chance of seeing Trevor walking his dog in the rivelin area. A mathewson (Dot??) worked also in the laundry room or similar at the club for years. Dave 'Cyril' Cusack had a bloody big perm too.
  4. He just got on with his duties when the crowd were crucifying him. How things have changed, it's a pleasure to see him responding to the crowd's welcome for the second half in front of the North.
  5. To the CAFC time wasters..................................thanks very much!
  6. Obviously Rowett is doing well now (he has my full respect), but having spent £50M at Stoke (Wikipedia) with no decent return he hardly set the world alight. My point is that some people think finding a new manager is like picking something up at Tesco, or maybe Aldi Whenever the time comes clubs need to find a new manager before sacking the existing one, or we go through the cycle of media suggestions > fans don't want > managers won't come > no bugger left. Been there before nearly every time!
  7. i want to watch the team giving 100% with belief, not strolling round thinking 'this season's over' soon be holidays. No-one at this moment knows what position we will be in at the end OR what contribution the EFL will make.
  8. No doubt if it's bad news, it will be announced on Wednesday afternoon before the match, just to keep our heads down.
  9. My thoughts too. What IS the progress of Fox, Odubajo, Luongo, and Reach? OK, OK back in a fortnight, but that fortnight started a while back!!
  10. if the manager goes, we MUST line one up first. Sacking is easy. Employing another who will have this club on his CV in the future, is almost impossible apart from final pay-day guys and first timers.
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