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  1. The supporters of ours were brave that made the "What's the score Dan?" banner. I'd have thought that would have been the 'kiss of death', and going in the bin.
  2. After the incident in question, it was one of the extremely rare occasions I wanted L**ds to win.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/new-claims-over-wiped-laptop-16535755.amp Yeah, that puts me off too.
  4. The path towards the far end of the park is a bit narrow. Gasp! Another chance to reduce the capacity
  5. Check the blue route departure times from Malin Bridge. Leg it across the park to Hillsborough, the blue route will be almost empty.
  6. Yes, you're correct it will. I was counting the minutes after the final whistle. I do hope there will be no matches when home fans are seen "sneaking out" at 4.30pm!
  7. "Both carriageways of Penistone Road will be closed for up to an hour" Don't really think this will be needed for so long. The danger is the volume of pedestrians for a short while spilling onto the road and crossing it. My guess and hope for all concerned it will be about 20 minutes.
  8. Wasn't that just before the other home replay when we lost 5-0? My memory was that huge scoreboard above the crowd at wembley changing scores after 56th minute at 1966
  9. They'll be desperate for a win and a home game against the Pigs for the truffles trophy.
  10. With no exit problems. Too cold for SAG etc to inspect and SYP wouldn't find it
  11. Hope it's not this place, near side of Snake, below where rivers Alport & Ashop meet!
  12. I don't think his confidence is shot. To his credit he gets on with the job at all times. It's a pity this transfer may occur when he seems to have won some over this last few games, but if we get nowt in summer...........
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