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  1. THAT bounce in the box seconds before half time - Jeeeess! SKUD IT next time please.
  2. Well he "hopes Messi stays at Barcelona" so maybe Bannan is in his thoughts.
  3. what a contrast. Johnson appeared to be standing up for Windass when the card came out. Compare that with everyone's friend Pearson gobbing at the ref for the challenge late on.
  4. No one since Dicanio, but of the current squad, windass can run at a defence.
  5. A poor game doesn’t make a poor player.
  6. Yes I remember Chris from High Storrs, and was wondering if he was in the tennis team as well, but he was a couple of years older than me. Once an Owl...............
  7. That's the best "face covering" I've ever seen
  8. isn't he struggling with injuries? Just what we need. Or is he frequently no selected?
  9. He needs to find out about each individual who reacts to a bollocking who needs an arm round the shoulder and who needs hands round the throat
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