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  1. I didn't watch the game but was checking the BBC and Sky sites for updates, and they both said they took Aubameyang off for Lacazette. I think they took Tierney off for Willian. I get the point though: you'd have thought they'd have kept Auba on the pitch for the last few minutes.
  2. Something about that just doesn't look authentic to me. Could be wrong though.
  3. That was my first ever visit to Hillsborough. Sat in the complimentary area with Carlton Palmer and John Pemberton (Leeds were playing the following day). My uncle got us the tickets through Pemberton who he was friends with from his Palace days. Never saw Mandela. Or Morgan Freeman.
  4. Well it quite simply is true. I'm not talking about how things are "normally presented", I'm talking about his actual involvement in the goals. I even said the word "involved". In things like fantasy football (just for an example) these would all be classed as either Rhodes's goals or assists. Do you seriously think that if you took Rhodes's involvement out of those goals then the points return would've been the same? They were all significant. Scored the opener against Birmingham (hence the "go-ahead" goal) Scored the go-ahead goal against No
  5. Something I looked at - and posted about on some of the many Rhodes threads over the years - was his contribution in the half-season we had him on loan. People were going on about how he was a disaster because he only scored three goals and then didn't take a penalty in the Play-offs, but I'd noticed that he was centrally involved in the majority of the crucial points-gaining goals (i.e. winning or 'go-ahead' goals) during that spell, either as the goalscorer himself or providing the assist. A contribution that was absolutely vital in securing a Play-off place. I also wasn't surpri
  6. Roland Nilsson - 2 goals Francis Jeffers - 5 goals Says it all really.
  7. Spurs will get Wilder in by the weekend so he can lead them to glory.
  8. I was expecting this thread to be about a Celebrity Deathmatch between our silver-haired utility man and Chansiri's son. Disappointed.
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