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  1. Yes he does - he took penalties against Leeds and Forest when the scores were 0-0 and 1-0. He just doesn't like to be in the named five in shoot-outs (as mentioned by Rickygoo). Personally, I think he's just an average penalty taker. Only 16 of his 205 career goals have come from the spot, but I can't find the stats of how many he's missed. One thing that has been overlooked is that in the half-season when he was on loan his 3 goals and 3 assists were actually extremely valuable points-wise in helping us get into the Play-offs in the first place. It's what has happened since then - probably the confidence knocked out of him in the aftermath of the shoot-out against Huddersfield - that's disappointing.
  2. More worrying is that the club’s official Instagram account has just described him as an “ex-Owl”
  3. I think we’ve conceded 3 at home (two in the same game), so five clean sheets.
  4. Can’t decide at the moment. Every player stood up and put in a shift. I thought Harris had a poor first half but a good second, Pelupessy always looked like fouling his man, but other than that I’m struggling to find any negatives in an almost entirely positive performance by the whole team.
  5. The first half was supposed to be a minimum of five extra minutes, but then there was another clash of heads during the stoppage time. The live clock on Sky showed we played exactly seven in the second half.
  6. Their matchday thread is almost entirely about how sh*t they are. After the game they're all going on about how they were the better team and how it was the ref's fault they didn't win.
  7. You can play the ball with your hands from a throw-in, but you can't score from it.
  8. People forget that we didn’t actually lose that game.
  9. He's just trying to make sure none of his hair implants drop out.
  10. Only a snowflake could get this upset about women’s football.
  11. #PrayForNotJonNewsome Can we set up a fundraising page for you?
  12. 1920: a women’s match in England gets a crowd of 53,000. 1921: FA bans it. Doesn’t overturn the ban for 50 years. Maybe if it had been allowed to have grown organically...
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