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  1. It takes bigger food - and even predates other species of owl - but in general isn't especially aggressive whereas the Tawny is. Out of the European species the Ural Owl wins the aggression award, and they're basically a Tawny Owl on steroids. There's still debate about whether the Eurasian Eagle Owl is a British species or not (they are still not accepted on the BOU's British List, except as a Category E species, i.e. a non self-sustaining introduced or escaped species).
  2. Tawny Owls are our most aggressive owl species though, especially around nesting season. Pioneering wildlife photographer Eric Hosking lost one of his eyes thanks to a Tawny Owl.
  3. Owls are my specialist subject, but I’ve never associated Wednesday with any particular species.
  4. I can’t stand buttons. Really irritate me. Only button-up shirts I have are for weddings and funerals. So for that reason only I’ve passed on getting either of this year’s shirts. Would’ve definitely bought the away shirt at least if not for the button-neck, and maybe the home too.
  5. If the clock and all the wonky lettering wasn’t bad enough, the sneaky spelling mistake brings it into the realms of classic football tattoos.
  6. Ten yellows in 24 appearances in all competitions last season isn't exactly 'reining it in' though.
  7. I photographed that model for an adidas campaign early this year at the Valley. She’s a skilful footballer in her own right.
  8. Our cleaner at work is a 70-year-old Millwall season ticket holder. Also colour-blind. Every year when they announce their new kits he shows me the photos and asks me to describe the colours to him.
  9. He came on as sub in the 5-1 debacle at Stevenage and then got himself sent off.
  10. The difference being that Notts is short for Nottinghamshire, which is the point of County’s name but not Forest’s. Both Sheffield clubs have Sheffield in their name.
  11. I was at both games too. The 4-2 was the first time I’d seen us lose. If I remember correctly we lost three of the back four to injury during the game, so it wasn’t really a surprise Millwall turned it around. It was the day I realised being a Wednesday fan wasn’t going to be all plain sailing.
  12. No, I didn’t go. When I was a kid I used to watch the season review videos over and over again. Many of the details of the matches from those seasons are still burnt into my brain somewhere.
  13. Whitton scored 4, Atkinson 3 and Craig Shakespeare scored the eighth.
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