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  1. I've been trying to recall a game where we came back to win after being 4-0 down with ten minutes to play. Must've somehow forgotten it.
  2. Possibly. We were the first runners-up to do a lap of honour though.
  3. Try searching "America" on Wikipedia and see where it takes you.
  4. I'm normally a medium and I've got the past two seasons' away shirts. The previous season's away shirt was slightly tighter fit around the sleeves than I like, but otherwise fine. This season's was spot-on.
  5. We're one of the few clubs to have won every home league game in a season: 17 wins in 1899-1900 season.
  6. Seems a bit harsh blaming Brighton's fans. At the time of its closure the Goldstone only held about 11k and they were the second-worst team in the Football League. Were you expecting 30k to turn up every week and try to force themselves in? The Withdean held less than 7k - I'm not sure that was the fans' fault either. They'd also had a couple of seasons having to travel 70-odd miles to Gillingham. Attendances do tend to increase at most clubs when they get increased capacity and decent league status.
  7. I support Wednesday but follow/look out for various other clubs: Hibs, Atalanta, Boca Juniors, Portland Timbers and, more recently, Woking. Don't mind Arsenal (Dad's side of the family are all Gooners, and so are most of my friends) and West Ham (the mrs's family are all Hammers). Mum's side of the family are all Palace fans, and they were my nearest professional club when I was a kid, but I don't particularly like them despite having a season ticket with a load of schoolfriends there for one year in the late '90s. In the various big rivalries I always favour Man City and Liverpool over Man Utd, Everton over Liverpool, Celtic over Rangers, Barca over Real. The only teams I really can't stand are Sheffield United, Man Utd, Leeds and Spurs.
  8. They couldn't afford punctuation, so presumably a whole letter would need another crowdfunding campaign.
  9. Your definition of quality materials differs hugely from mine. The fabric on the ones I bought is comfortable, hard-wearing and retains its shape after washing - unlike most other replica kits we've had in the last 20 years. The rubberised branding (whether people actually like it or not) is a classy - and certainly not cheap - addition, and I'd much prefer the 'sponsor' to be printed into the fabric so that it doesn't peel off after washing. Perhaps you were just really unlucky and got a defective one.
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