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  1. A difficult swap. I don’t think The Lord has a squad number.
  2. punkskaphil

    Westwood - toe injury

    Is he some kind of magic eye photo?
  3. punkskaphil

    3D Printed Hillsborough

    I prefer jazz myself.
  4. Get Andy Blair out of retirement.
  5. punkskaphil

    Police presence today

    Sting and Summers could be. Not so sure about Copeland.
  6. How much did you get for his radio?
  7. You’re quoting a post that was made before the Wycombe game.
  8. punkskaphil

    Jos skips press conference

    I’m pretty sure we’re not the only club to have someone other than the manager doing a press conference.
  9. punkskaphil

    A summary....

    One little detail I disagree with the OP with is where he says that "by any standards he has not been a success" regarding Jos. I expect his original remit when he was offered the job in January was to arrest the slide we were on and keep Wednesday in the Championship and, considering he was only able to bring in one player, I think the fact he managed to do it fairly comfortably in the end could be called - at least to some degree - a success. Of course, this season is a different story...
  10. punkskaphil

    A summary....

    Apart from their logo being used on a couple of things, I think it was a conclusion that everyone erroneously jumped to. If you look at the structure of Thai Union (formerly known as TUF), Dejphon doesn't get a mention anywhere, and that was the case back when he first arrived at Wednesday too.
  11. punkskaphil

    A Ploy?

    That's the spirit.
  12. punkskaphil

    Championship Goal of the Year

    I hate to say it, but I think the Neves one is the best. Won't vote for it though.
  13. punkskaphil


    Hang on, you said Jos needed to go by Saturday night. Now you're saying Mr Chansiri needs to act fast. Make your mind up.