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  1. Player Ratings

    To be honest, I thought he had a decent game relative to the performances going on around him. He lost his man for the header that Westwood turned over straight after the restart, but other than that I don't think he did too much wrong.
  2. Trevor Francis

    The ban was LIFTED in 1990. We played in the UEFA Cup in 1992/93.
  3. That's because, like us, it's sh*t going forward.
  4. Megson haters.....

    Why would you build a bridge for someone who can walk on water? See, this kind of financial planning is why we’re struggling with FFP.
  5. FA Cup Third Round

    It'll be Middlesbrough away again.
  6. Megson haters.....

    And a shocking defeat ratio, especially considering the division we were in.
  7. Megson haters.....

    Cherry picked a few games? He managed us for just over a year, but look at that list of shame.
  8. Megson haters.....

    ...and Rochdale, Tranmere, Plymouth, Notts County, Peterborough, Southampton, Brentford, Brighton, Exeter (twice) Bournemouth, Bury, Carlisle, Walsall, Charlton and Chesterfield...etc...etc... But he's definitely the messiah.
  9. Megson quite clearly NOT the answer

    To be fair, you don't appear to be very good at thinking.
  10. Megson quite clearly NOT the answer

    Some people book their trips months in advance, and sometimes they don't get to choose the dates of those trips. When I book tours I don't book them around the chance that Wednesday may just happen to be on television at the same time. If that makes me a part-timer, then so be it.
  11. Megson quite clearly NOT the answer

    I was in the middle of the Bialowieza Forest. TVs showing English second-tier Play-off matches were surprisingly difficult to find.
  12. Megson quite clearly NOT the answer

    No, I was in Poland at the time, without any TV access.
  13. Megson quite clearly NOT the answer

    A certain Tuesday night in Stevenage still haunts my dreams.
  14. Nuihu Header

    Actually, his previous goal for us against QPR in 2016 was a header.
  15. Nuihu Header

    Scored a header at Wigan in 2014. Not sure if that was the most recent though.