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  1. He once tried to steal my pint in Wetherspoons. I'm out.
  2. Steve Bruce was never the manager of Sheffield Wednesday fans.
  3. Our fanbase is nationally known for being very, very easy to troll on social media.
  4. Sounds like a rubbish emo band.
  5. We’re not interested in who you’ve invited round for dinner, there’s a match on.
  6. If Gary Megson liked pixels then you'd be spaffing your pants.
  7. Does that last bit mean that somebody has advised him to watch his own Twitter account?
  8. At that size/resolution I can't see anything that looks particularly wrong myself. The Elev8 logo follows the material correctly in my opinion, given that the material has far less strength than the heavier and (presumably) rubberised logo. If it has been photoshopped, it's been done very well. I'd like to see a higher resolution version to be sure though.
  9. Maybe they were excuses for poor performance, maybe they weren’t. I know nothing of that game, hence my ‘reluctance’ to comment. Given that I was talking about one specific famous game, where virtually everyone aside from Man Utd supporters themselves (and yourself, obviously) found Ferguson’s excuse absolutely ludicrous (including some of the United players themselves, I believe), I didn’t feel I needed knowledge of a separate match with different teams wearing different colours under different conditions.
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