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  1. Reactions.

    She's into French felines?
  2. Reactions.

    My point is that the displayed behaviour at that particular time - when we were leading - wasn't one of incredulity. I was just pointing that out. I'm sorry that you felt I was calling your support of the team into question.
  3. Reactions.

    The Wednesday fans near me were jumping and singing in the concourse at half time (well, apart from the ones stuck in the queue waiting to served at the bar...).
  4. The blame game doesn't care for age...

    I didn't say that nobody saw a thing. I said nobody saw - within those five seconds - that it was a "boot to the face". If they had done, play would've been stopped. Are you suggesting that the referee and his assistant both saw that it was a serious head injury and just decided to play on anyway?
  5. Reactions.

    They weren't incredulous in the concourse at half-time.
  6. The blame game doesn't care for age...

    Except, literally nobody saw that. The ref didn't. The assistant didn't. His own teammates didn't. The fans didn't. Hence the ref didn't stop play and the goal stood, and correctly so.
  7. The blame game doesn't care for age...

    It looked like he'd over-stretched himself. Nobody saw the contact with his head, and then he rolled around with his hands covering his face. The cleaner in our office has a Millwall ST right behind where the linesman was and he told me this morning that it was some time before people down there realised it was something head-related. In a sport where players regularly roll about on the ground to con the officials, you're honestly expecting the ref to have made a definite judgement on the severity of the injury and decide to stop the game in under five seconds?
  8. The blame game doesn't care for age...

    The ref clearly didn't see that it was a serious head injury. His assistant didn't either. Neither did anybody else, apart from Thorniley himself. In the five seconds between the injury and the ball hitting the back of our net, there's no way the ref could've known the severity of the injury.
  9. Lego Hillsborough

    The randomly-selected teams in my first Subbuteo set annoyingly had both teams playing in white (Spurs home, Liverpool away). Living in the south it was next to impossible to get a Wednesday team set from any shops so in the end I had to write to Subbuteo to ask where I could get one and they sent me it for free.
  10. Millwall ticket news

    Apparently we took 1,502 last night.
  11. Head Injuries

    The officials would probably have stopped it before it had gone on much longer. From the injury to the ball being in the back of our net was probably about five seconds. The officials have to have at least a few seconds to assess the severity of the injury and whether the game needs to be stopped or not - by that time Millwall had already scored. A guy in my office is a Millwall ST holder and sits behind where the linesman was at that moment and he said it was impossible to see from there that it was a head injury. He said he originally assumed Thorniley had just pulled a leg muscle or something in trying to slide tackle. As a side-note, it's medically impossible to swallow your tongue unless the tongue actually somehow gets cut off.
  12. Millwall Memories

    Been quite a few times given that living in the south always limited the number of games I could get to so I'd go to all the away games in London that I could. First aged eleven in 1990 when we were 2-0 up at half time only for injuries to decimate our defence (Nilsson left on a stretcher) and we ended up losing 4-2. My dad took me as a birthday treat and it was the first time I'd seen us lose. Then the 4-4 draw in the FA Cup later that same season. The 2-0 win in the League Cup when the nutter ran onto the pitch to have a go at Pressman was a decent night, as was a few years back when we won 3-1 and Maghoma (of all people) ran them ragged.
  13. Millwall ticket news

    According to the ticket office, we've sold 1,369 for tonight. Me and the mrs might be going, so add another two onto that...