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  1. Pyro

  2. Pyro

    Have you never seen the "Old Man Scene" in Clerks..?
  3. Hull City 0 - 1 #SWFC - OMDT

    Squirrel invasion is a mandatory 6 mins extra. It’s in the rules.
  4. Remember seeing this on the TV?

    There wasn't a ball. He's kicking a camera attached to a kind of crane/jib system.
  5. Fessi knows best ?

    And goals only count when they’re scored by players of six foot or more.
  6. #DareToNuihui

  7. #DareToNuihui

    By about 5 inches, apparently.
  8. We'd have to go on a great run to make up enough points to get to 14th. I think we'll finish 17th.
  9. Late to last minute goals

    You said it was because of fitness. I was trying to imply that it was more because one team has taken their foot of the gas because conceding at that time wasn't as crucial.
  10. Late to last minute goals

    Under Megson we didn't score many late goals of significance (i.e. 80th minute or later that affected the outcome of the game). Most of them were goals when we were already winning, or losing heavily.