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  1. That’s not mentioned in the current Laws of the Game. If a defending player encroaches then it has to be retaken (unless the penalty is scored). If players of both teams encroach then it has to be retaken, regardless of whether it was scored or not.
  2. Dublin scored two, both from defensive c*ck-ups.
  3. You're right, especially as there's no guarantee the retaken penalty would've been scored anyway. But the fact remains that it should've been retaken.
  4. The encroachment law doesn’t come into effect if the penalty is scored, unless the encroachment is from the penalty taker’s teammate(s), so if Bannan had scored it most likely wouldn’t have been retaken anyway because the most obvious encroachment was from a Shrewsbury player.
  5. If there had been VAR available it would've been retaken, as per the laws of the game.
  6. I remember in one of the versions - probably around '98-ish - there was a photo of one the German international players that kept appearing as a background image (think it might've been Jens Jeremies), but for some reason he was missing from the game itself.
  7. I had the '93 version on the PC. Had a bug in it where you could set Julian Watts's value at the maximum allowable and someone would usually come in for him. Then you had enough funds to start buying international superstars.
  8. Cropper. I didn't know who Steve Copper was so I went with the closest thing I knew, for hilarious comedic effect. Cropper is a legend: came up with the intro for Wilson Pickett's In the Midnight Hour. Then, when they were having trouble writing an intro for Eddie Floyd's Knock on Wood, he decided to play the Midnight Hour sequence backwards. Boom: two R&B masterpieces from one guy playing the same thing in different directions.
  9. He was excellent in the Blues Brothers band.
  10. Six points from seven games is definitely Play-off form…
  11. Looks like the exact same redevelopment plan for the failed WC bid. I think they were looking at going ahead with the South Stand redevelopment more recently, but that's before it became clear they weren't actually going to get into the Champions League...
  12. Starting to look more like Oldie Lookin Chain.
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