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  1. Perhaps they were waiting for Michael Reddy to make a name for himself.
  2. To be fair, when they were singing that at Bradford just after he was released from jail it did make the national newspapers.
  3. Ah, I understand your sarcasm now. Well played.
  4. You thought that 10 minutes before kick-off in the Steel City Derby that our captain might've been sat in the dressing room reading Owlstalk?
  5. Must’ve been good, I didn’t hear the commentators mention Pukki once...
  6. I voted Palmer by mistake...I was planning to vote for Boyd...
  7. I think I saw him do one good tackle late on, but that was as good as it got.
  8. We'd better start up #TensPlenty then.
  9. The problem is that when the tickets are cheap, we still don't fill them. If we filled the ground when the POTG prices are low, then DC would have reason to at least consider dropping the prices for higher categories in future.
  10. Should've signed Mickey instead.
  11. I meant what are the categories actually for, not how much will they be. Rickygoo was saying that we watch Wednesday in the same place every time - presumably implying that the prices should always be the same - but then says there should be two categories.
  12. What would the ultra cheap category be for?
  13. Like I said, if we don’t sell out completely for Monday night we’ll still come close, and it’ll probably be the highest home attendance of the season. Charging a low comparative price would make no business sense. My post was entirely about Monday night, so I don’t see how Middlesbrough, Stoke, Forest and Derby are relevant. Do they all charge lower prices for big games than they do for the less popular ones?
  14. It’s normal to charge higher prices for the event that’s the biggest draw though. Tickets to see rock stars in huge arenas are usually high prices when compared to niche acts in small venues. If the derby doesn’t completely sell out it’s still going to be close, so revenue will be maximised. It’s a standard business model. DC will have seen how previous cheap ticket offers have had only minimal effect on attendances, so why do it when the attendance is guaranteed to be big anyway?
  15. The average football fan watching on TV probably sees the Lep as 'the away end', so they'll assume the Blunts couldn't sell their tickets.
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