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  1. Why wouldn't you chalk off Brian Kilcline's penalty? That was the goal that made it 5-0.
  2. His feet are much further forward than everyone else's too, so he must've been a giant. Maybe he should've been known as Really Big Ron.
  3. They go to private labs. Sadly, it's a political decision, but it's no different from private healthcare which isn't exactly a new concept. Frankly, given that this is the way healthcare in the UK is split anyway, it's far better for as many people as possible who can afford to pay for private tests to go ahead and do so in order to help safeguard everybody else.
  4. That may be true, but fortunately he's smart enough and responsible enough to take it upon himself to get tested and therefore help prevent the spread of this nasty disease.
  5. You can’t always stop people getting close to you. Or do you think that only footballers have that ability?
  6. Could go out for exercise or to buy groceries and unwittingly spread it to people. By testing and knowing he has it he can fully isolate to prevent spreading it.
  7. You’re right. It would’ve been much better if he’d not tested himself and then gone round unknowingly spreading it to people.
  8. They can if they pay for it, as is the case with a lot of medical care. My brother had contact with somebody who was then confirmed to have the virus, so despite showing no symptoms at the time he self-isolated and bought one of these kits, which came back positive. He’s been ill for about two weeks now.
  9. West Ham on the last day of the 95/96 season. Jon Newsome equalising in the injury time. I was exhausted after that. And a random one: at Forest in 2010. Maniac ref Trevor Kettle gave them a bizarre penalty in the first half after the ball had been kicked into the middle of Darren Purse’s back. In the second half we built up pressure over a period of time and eventually Varney equalised. The stand practically erupted and I’m still amazed I got out alive. Still lost 2-1 though.
  10. My guess is because it costs a lot of money, which we haven’t had (until the current ownership, possibly).
  11. At Palace in 1990. Worthington for us in the first half when the wind took his cross from the wing and blew it out of Nigel Martyn’s reach. Mark Bright equalised in the second half and was sent off a few minutes later for an off-the-ball clash with Lawrie Madden. Finished 1-1. It was my first live game: didn’t get to a home game until ‘94.
  12. Puma King. When I was playing Sunday league as a kid I used to hate having to clean my boots after the game and it would make my dad mad. Once I got the Puma Kings the cleaning and care of them became a pleasure.
  13. Last year I was photographing Millie Bright for one of our clients and I thought her agent looked familiar but I couldn’t quite place him. Later on I got chatting to her mum about Wednesday. She said “David used to play for them” and called the agent over. That’s when I recognised it was David Reeves. Seemed a decent guy.
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