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  1. punkskaphil

    Todays attendance

    Were they tiny people, or is it an extra-wide seat?
  2. punkskaphil

    Worst Signing Ever

    What prevents me from choosing Rhodes as the worst signing is that fact that in the half-season after we first signed him what he did do was very valuable in the race to get into the Play-offs. Off the top my head he scored the winning/"go-ahead" goals against Birmingham and Norwich, and assisted the winning/"go-ahead" goals against Wigan, QPR, and Cardiff. The other thing is that his previous reputation meant that his presence drew opposition defenders away from our other forwards.
  3. When were the good old days that you're describing? I started going to matches almost 30 years ago and the games I went to back then saw us have our allocation in only small areas of grounds. A tiny corner of terracing at Highbury, one section of terrace and one block of seats at Selhurst Park, etc.
  4. punkskaphil

    Worst Signing Ever

    Agree with all this, although I don't think we can blame Pleat for Des Walker leaving...
  5. punkskaphil

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    Surely if we won promotion it would be far easier, quicker and more cost-effective to do the things that need doing immediately, as opposed to trying to build a whole new stadium somewhere else. I can't see DC getting a stadium approved and built in one summer break...
  6. Hopefully nothing. Birmingham signed a player for £2million whilst under their embargo. We didn't.
  7. punkskaphil


    Of ale?
  8. The 2001-02 sky blue one wasn't an official match shirt, it was just a training shirt. The same mistake is on the True Colours website. Someone mentioned it might've been used in a pre-season friendly only.
  9. punkskaphil

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Simon Coleman
  10. punkskaphil

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Greg Fee, Darren Wood, David Hodgson, Steve MacKenzie.
  11. December '94, my Palace-supporting uncle drove my dad and my 15-year-old self up from London. My uncle had always been good friends with several Palace players and had managed to get two complimentary tickets for my dad and I through John Pemberton (who was now playing for Leeds but was going to the game because Leeds weren't playing that day). My uncle sat with the Palace fans and my dad and I sat with Pemberton and his now-Leeds team-mate Carlton Palmer in the South Stand. We won 1-0 with a first-half Bart-Williams goal. It wasn't a great game, but it had the entertaining moment of Chris Waddle returning from injury and coming on as sub, only to realise he'd forgotten to put all of his kit on.
  12. Grew up in East Surrey. From the age of about four I was fascinated with owls. No idea why. My dad's side of the family are all Arsenal fans from North London and my mum's side of the family are all Palace fans from near Croydon, but my dad told me one day that Wednesday were the Owls so I decided that would be my team, even though Palace were the closest to where I lived. My best mate at school was collecting the Panini Football '87 stickers and he gave me his spares of Lawrie Madden, Nigel Worthington, Carl Shutt and Paul Hart and I soon became obsessed with Wednesday. I'm just about the right side of forty now and owls are still my thing.
  13. punkskaphil

    Favourite Away Grounds...

    Gary Lineker scored twice for Spurs against us on two occasions, but never got a hat-trick. He also got doubles twice for Everton.
  14. Ipswich's appeal has been rejected, as I suspected it would be. Three match ban for Nsiala.
  15. punkskaphil

    Pete McKee Kop Banner

    Just seen the plans. Not sure about it TBH...