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  1. Aren’t all overalls complete by definition? Otherwise they’d be overmosts or oversomes.
  2. I’m not convinced that injuries at Christmas are really a fair way to assess a player’s Wednesday career. Perhaps it’s just me though.
  3. This century it's Won 6, Drawn 7, Lost 7 against Palace. Overall it's Won 23, Drawn 17, Lost 16.
  4. More notable than the score was John Sheridan scoring a header.
  5. If being in seventh place in the table in early December is having the season their lives, then I pity the pigs. I've witnessed my team finish the season as the third best team in the country, getting into Europe as a result. I've seen them win promotion and a top-level trophy in the same season, as well as reaching two cup finals together whilst battering our deadly rivals en-route via a Wembley semi-final. And that's not to mention overturning their nailed-on promotion, leading to them languishing for several years in the third tier. All that, and I'm not that old.
  6. Being drawn at home to a non-league team really worked out well for the pigs last season.
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