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  1. punkskaphil

    Who is the ref?

    Yellow card to Forestieri.
  2. punkskaphil

    home tickets

    I'd rather pay £36 to watch Wednesday against Derby than pay £31 to watch United against Leeds, but whatever floats your boat...
  3. punkskaphil

    Season tickets

    Perhaps DC's dad is not interested in ploughing company money into something his son has decided to buy. You were blaming DC for not getting his family's company to invest into the club - well, why should they? My brother runs a company - I don't expect him to put money into anything I do just because we're related, and I wouldn't blame him for it either. Presumably the Chansiri family didn't tell Dejphon that they'd help him to go out, purchase and then fund an English football club. Stoke are very fortunate that the Coates family - who are based in Stoke and presumably have had historic links with the club going back decades - sponsor the stadium and shirts, but why do you think that means the Chansiri family who may potentially have little interest in football, let alone English football, would do the same? Their only investment benefit would probably be in putting John West on the shirts, but they probably don't think that sponsoring a second tier football club is going to bring great returns, especially since John West is already a household name in the UK.
  4. punkskaphil

    Season tickets

    You seem to have misunderstood my point. Those links are for what's now called Thai Union (Thai Foods Group - which was the company you mentioned first, is completely separate from Thai Union/Thai Union Frozen). I then explained that DC himself is not part of Thai Union, although it's his family's company. If you look through the staff you can see that Dejphon Chansiri is not there. Hence we can't expect that Thai Union would have any reason to get involved in Sheffield Wednesday, seeing as it's Dejphon's club and not his family's. If I remember correctly the Thai Union logo (when it was still called Thai Union Frozen) was displayed on a few minor things, like the sponsorship boards behind TV interviewees, but that was a couple of years back. Thai Union isn't even listed as a club partner on the official website.
  5. punkskaphil

    Season tickets

    I didn't realise the Chansiri family had anything to do with TFG. If you mean Thai Union, then I don't think DC himself actually is part of that so presumably he can't force the rest of his family to use their company to sponsor his football club.
  6. punkskaphil

    Season tickets

    Ask for a refund then.
  7. punkskaphil

    Season tickets

    The club probably doesn't realise we have fans for whom a transfer embargo would stop them from buying a season ticket.
  8. punkskaphil

    Season tickets

    It would be unforgivable, but only for people who would stop supporting the club if they're under an embargo.
  9. punkskaphil

    Gary Hooper has had surgery

    Mate, I don't think they've been sent to Dignitas.
  10. "What we've got here is...failure to communicate."
  11. punkskaphil

    Jos - Why do people attack him?????

    Agreed. I’d much prefer it if we lost three on the bounce and had several players sent off too.
  12. punkskaphil

    SWFC name unchanged line up

    In fact, it was one of at least two with a different keeper.
  13. punkskaphil

    SWFC name unchanged line up

    You missed the Sunderland match out. The one where we kept a clean sheet.
  14. punkskaphil

    Going a goal down ......

    I never said he was. The OP asked when the last time we gained anything after going a goal behind was. I was answering that question.