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  1. I should've filled my fantasy league team with pigs. That would've guaranteed them getting a hammering.
  2. I just want to see them relegated, ideally so early that it stays in the record books for years. Brighton picking up points would’ve been better.
  3. Why would we need to comment on WBA’s result? Pigs were 14 points from safety before that game, and 14 points from safety afterwards.
  4. Sergiu Bus’s goal against Huddersfield wasn’t exactly a scorcher.
  5. "you look like a creme caramel, pal"
  6. It's Reading though. They couldn't beat us when we had ten men.
  7. The thing is we're impossible to predict. Terrible results against teams we'd normally expect to beat, but at the same time I'd never have thought we'd beat Bournemouth home and away.
  8. They didn’t when I used to go there. Charlton and Millwall used to get an occasional mention, but Brighton and Man Utd were sung about. I also had a few Charlton-supporting friends and they seemed to be far more bothered about Palace than vice-versa. Maybe it’s changed since then.
  9. When I used to go to Palace games with my friends in the late ‘90s they definitely saw Brighton as their main rivals. They had a real hatred of Man Utd as well though, after United fans killed a Palace fan before a cup semi-final.
  10. How the hell did Palace win that? The match was pretty much played in their own penalty area. Ridiculous, Jeff.
  11. Well, it doesn’t matter now. Hibs have just won consecutive home league games.
  12. The rule comes in if a player successfully deceives the officials and it leads to a penalty or dismissal, so in theory it’s not needed now that we have VAR. However, in practice it really is needed, but that’s more down to the failure of officials to use VAR correctly.
  13. With a face like that he’s punching above his weight.
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