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  1. Only a snowflake could get this upset about women’s football.
  2. #PrayForNotJonNewsome Can we set up a fundraising page for you?
  3. 1920: a women’s match in England gets a crowd of 53,000. 1921: FA bans it. Doesn’t overturn the ban for 50 years. Maybe if it had been allowed to have grown organically...
  4. If only Turner had teamed up with Hooch. What might’ve been.
  5. When we lost to Yeovil it was us who were down to ten men (they’ve only beaten us once). IIRC it was Hutch who got a second yellow late on.
  6. At that Palace game, once they'd scored a couple of goals and it was obvious that it was going to be a drubbing, he started going on about how Palace wouldn't be able to cope in the Prem and kept standing up and shouting "Liverpool five, Palace nil! Liverpool five, Palace nil!" He'd eaten a hot dog and had ketchup and mustard smeared across his cheeks. At half time he went down to the concourse and made some sort of passing quip to a couple of stewards and they just looked bemused and said "you've got sh*t all over your face mate" but he ignored them. Fortunately he didn't come back to his seat for the second half so I was spared any further entertainment. I mentioned it on here several years later and everybody told me it must've been Fishcake - I'd never heard of him until then. I googled it for a laugh and surprisingly found a photo of him.
  7. That was the game where I found myself sat next to Fishcake. Almost stopped me ever going to another game.
  8. True, but MK only went down to nine men right at the end of the game so it wasn't quite as bad as the Yeovil one...
  9. Stevenage away. I'd recently found out that my then-girlfriend had been cheating on me, so I went to the game to cheer myself up. Four-down before half-time.
  11. Putting his face on a dartboard was the right idea.
  12. Surely that should be restricted to the Presto Stand.
  13. Will binoculars be made available for people sitting at the back of the Kop?
  14. Chuck Norris’s email address is chucknorris@julianborner.com
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