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  1. Explain? The only one I’d question is FF and Westwood, possibly. I don’t think you can fault the likes of Lee, Lees, Bannan, Fletcher, Hutchinson when it comes to showing effort.
  2. What have we achieved in the last 25 years? Two promotions from League One? What else? Fans like you are part of the problem. Hark back to a few years in the early 90s and then disregard what other players did for the club because they didn’t reach the heights of Chris Waddle, David Hirst etc. That was 30 years ago. I wasn’t even alive.
  3. Thank you. We AcHIeVEd NoThING. Yep good one we’ve not achieved anything for sodding years.
  4. No it’s not how it works. The players didn’t renew their own contracts or give themselves bumper new deals. That was the clubs decision. FF for example. Left the club for nothing. Refused to play against Norwich, disrespecting everyone involved with the club. 4 months later he gets a brand new deal with a significant pay rise for his troubles.
  5. So it’s the players fault for accepting lucrative contracts. They decided how much they were going to be paid and how long for. Reyt. That’s how it works.
  6. Absolutely spot on. After two failed play off attempts, we needed to sell, get rid of the manager and start the rebuild. Instead we didn’t sell and gave the manager a new deal. All the supposed bad eggs were very good players for Wednesday. They went stale and lost their market value. That’s why well run clubs like Brentford, Leeds and evening Derby to an extent sell their best talent before they get too comfortable at the club and start losing value. We did the exact opposite, gave a lot of players bumper new deals and rejected bids when they came in.
  7. Still part of a side which was my favourite since supporting Wednesday. Gave me some of my favourite memories in life. Brighton away, what a corker of an evening. Arsenal at home and Brighton at home will stick with me for a while. Newcastle away the following season too, what a Boxing Day. Yep we achieved nothing. But all we have to shout about over the past 20 years is two promotions from League One. By your logic we shouldn’t respect or remember fondly any ex player of the past 20 or so years because we’ve achieved nothing. In terms of the past 20 years or so both players who you hate so much and the manager you despise gave me some of my best memories following Wednesday.
  8. I answered the question. During their time here we were more successful with them playing that without them. The haterz won’t like to hear that though. Its a cold, hard fact. They were part of our most successful team in 20 years. Another cold, hard fact. Westwood broke our clean sheet record as goalkeeper in three consecutive seasons. Another cold, hard fact. I don’t care if they are ******** off the pitch. We were better with them playing than without. Time to move on for sure, but people are looking to blame the wrong people for why we’ve struggled over the past few seasons.
  9. No one is arguing that it wasn’t the right time for both to leave the club. It ran its course and we needed a fresh change. But this belief both players didn’t help Wednesday or were terrible influences is just rumours and is not backed up. I like to concentrate on what happens on the pitch - and when both Westwood and Hutchinson started we got more points on the board than without them. This is a cold hard fact.
  10. They were both free transfers. We’ve achieved nothing for 20 years. What on earth is your point. And why are you singling those two out and not the 50 odd players we’ve signed since Chansiri bought the club. What have they achieved for us?
  11. Not arsed really, but I don’t like the bloke now. It was just completely out of order and showed his true colours.
  12. It’s just bizarre. Statistically over the past few seasons we were a better team with Westwood and Hutchinson playing. Yet apparently they were the problem.
  13. Lost a lot of time for him when he was banned for hurling abuse at a female steward. I sit near him at Hillsborough and saw it all. Was harassment and abuse. Shame he’s coming back.
  14. I’ve seen his develop from the start. Unbelievable story.
  15. Not sure mate. If you knew what happened on Halloween you sure as hell wouldn’t be praising the kit man.
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