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    Fletcher shouldn’t start on Saturday. Hes our only hope up front at the moment. We knacker him out we’re buggered. Let’s manage his fitness.
  2. I might do one after work. But it's all subjective. Some of these players might look good on paper with the career they've had but they might have been poo for their clubs. My example is Claude Davis. His career looks better than Reda Johnson for example, but I know for a fact he was absolute turd for both United and Derby.
  3. Go for it mate. Genuinely interested. But again I still think it’s a broad comparison. Like mentioned above, a number of different factors to take into account.
  4. I’ll continue to disagree until we get a full breakdown of the transfer dealings of other clubs of a similar stature since 2000. I think we’re pretty box standard. We’ve signed some poo , we’ve found some gems, some have left us to do well and some have stayed with us and done well and some have done poorly. Neither of us can be bothered to do the research, so we’ll have to agree to disagree.
  5. Another generalisation! The player might be in his thirties? Suffered an injury? Not fulfilled early promise? It's not black or white. A lot of factors why players drop down the league. Despite this, we've provided examples of players who have left Wednesday and gone on to have solid careers in football.
  6. Every clubs signs some guff though! Even Alex Ferguson signed more guff than quality in some people's eyes. We all know we've been poo for years and that reflects in our recruitment, but amongst that I think we found some solid footballers who did us good in a time where we couldn't splash money. Buxton, Reda, Llera, JJ, Lee, Bannan, Tudgay, Brunt, Whelan, Bullen, Loovens, Burton off the top of my head all cost peanuts or nothing and improved us and did a good job. Didn't make us millions but still will be looked back on fondly by most Wednesday fans. Fair play on Tudgay, but then you can't come at me with the likes of Paul Ifil and Patrick Suffo As for 3m for Brunt, we were desperate for cash. We could have fetched a lot more otherwise.
  7. Because our academy has been neglected? We all know the problem we've had developing youngsters because it was an area we didn't bother with for ages. Now that's changing so perhaps we will see us produce some good players who have solid careers in the future. As for not improving players, we did have a habit of signing ageing players on their way down, but again I don't think that's unusual for a cash strapped club. You say you've proved this, but failed to take into account the players I mentioned above. We've signed some rubbish, but we've also made some good signings who excelled for us. Yes perhaps they didn't go on to greater things, maybe because they enjoyed the best part of their careers at Wednesday? Again, I bet that's not unusual.
  8. It's a nonsense argument the more I think about it. Some of the United players listed hardly had fantastic careers once leaving the Blades. Claude Davis was shocking, Mikele Leigterwood? Come on. Paul Ifil? FFS. Unless you're a club like Peterborough who are well known for finding good players and selling them on, I'm sure we are no different to a host of other clubs. Fact is if you have decent players chances are you want to keep them.
  9. Plus i’d go as far as adding players like Wood, Beevers and Spurr going by some of the names on that United list. They have all had decent careers at Champ/Lg 1 level. If Chansiri would actually sell players we’d have a few who’d go on to play at a higher level or at the same level for years to come. I just don’t really get the argument trying to be made. We’ve made shocking signings but we’ve also made some pretty decent ones. Same applies to a lot of clubs.
  10. Fair enough that’s one club. We all know United have produced better players in recent history. But that reminded me... if you’re going back that far you forgot Alan Quinn, Derek Geary, Leigh Bromby who all went on to play Premier League football for the Pigs. Plus i’d include Marcus Tudgay who had three seasons at Champ level with Forest when he left us. We were also financially crippled before Chansiri took over. We simply didn’t have the money to spend, so we relied a lot on loans throughout the noughties to keep us going. And we were quite shrewd in the loan market. Goalkeeper wise we went through a few years of loaning keepers. Likes of Weaver, Carson, Turner and Crossley all did us good. Out field the likes of Barkley, Wickham, Fryatt, Marshall, Eagles, Watson, Kavanagh, M. Johnson off the top of my head all did well for us at a time we were skint. And i’d also argue we made some decent signings who probably peaked at Wednesday. Semedo, Buxton, Reda, Llera, JJ- no world beaters but proved good signings for cheap fees. I don’t think it’s a particularly alarming or worrying statistic. For all those United players mentioned, some of them were bang average and crap. What do they have to show for it? One season in the PL where they came straight back down.
  11. You say this, but can you compare it to other clubs? It’s alright saying it’s been the worst in the country, but you’ve got to compare how other clubs of a similar stature have done in the transfer market.
  12. SallyCinnamon

    Team for Derby

    What I THINK it will be
  13. SallyCinnamon

    Mr Fletcher

    I like Fletcher. Works hard and does have a bit of quality, which is the best we can hope for at the minute really.
  14. SallyCinnamon

    Team for Derby

    Here we go again. What I think it will be: Dawson Baker Lees Hector Thorniley Fox Pelupessy Bannan Matias Nuhiu Reach Subs: Wildsmith, Palmer, Pudil, Penney, Forestieri, Joao, Fletcher