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  1. Nail on the head, great post. I think the majority of fans were guilty of getting carried away when DC first arrived. And who can blame them? We’d had 15 years in the wilderness and all of a sudden a rich foreign owner comes in and throws his cash about in a manner we’ve never seen before. It was exciting and as fanbase we are so desperate to get into the Premier League again we were happy to go on the ride with him. I think if we all took a step back, we’d have seen back then that it wasn’t sustainable and problems will arise if we didn’t get promoted. But we all backed DC and were blinded by his riches. The man is still pumping money in but I also question how long for. It’s a real test of his enthusiasm and passion for the sport and the club. I’m surprised he’s still stuck around to be honest, the past 3/4 years off the pitch and on it have been one huge struggle and the club is paying the price for not going up in his first two seasons as chairman. He’s in a bit of a tricky position. On the pitch we had it so good in his first two seasons, almost too good, now performances have got worse and the quality of players on show isn’t as good, fans are left with a product they on the whole find underwhelming and disappointing in comparison to what we had at the start of the DC era. Now people aren’t willing to put up with the prices for a team that isn’t as strong as it was 3 or 4 years ago. And the danger is fans will continue to be disgruntled because I can’t see us getting to that level for a few years yet. Will DC be willing to ride that out? Ironically I think COVID could be a huge blessing for the club. When and if we return to Hillsborough I imagine a lot of supporters will have a new found energy and willingness to watch football and Sheffield Wednesday. Might just help breathe some life back into the club.
  2. My guess is they’ll be drafting a careful statement which doesn’t show the EFL to have been done by Nick De Marco. He bakes when he wants, he bakes when he wantsssss
  3. Really? Think he did very well to manage the squad the way he did. Big egos coming in on big money, we made over 30 signings in the space of two seasons. In 2015/16 Burnley were incredibly strong under Dyche and went up, better side than us that year. So did Boro. Two experienced strong sides who had been together for a few years. We had a bunch of players arrive from far and wide and cobbled them together in a short space of time to be one place away from promotion. We were one game away. Beaten by a Hull side who had the likes of Andy Robertson, Harry Maguire, Snodgrass, Livermore, Huddlestone, Davies and Dawson at the back. With a manager in Steve Bruce who knew how to get out the division - would of been a huge upset if we won. Play Offs aren’t won by how many fans you bring. Second season. Yes I think we bottled the Huddersfield game and he should have left the club then. But we were not as good or as strong as Brighton and Newcastle that season. And despite how poorly we played in the second leg, the play offs will always be a lottery. Remember last season, Derby knocking out Leeds?
  4. Not really. I just think he gets unfair stick. People like to speculate about what he was like behind the scenes but the fact is on the pitch he achieved our two highest finishes since we left the Prem.
  5. Was that his philosophy of management? I thought it was two players for every position. Which is pretty normal really for most clubs. Problem is our backup players ended up costing more than our first team players. I would ask whether Carlos got all the targets he wanted too, we were notorious for making signings late into the window. Why was that? Carlos wasn’t in control of the finances, that was the chairman who financed those deals and paid their wages. If the Chairman turns round and says I’ve got 12m to spend on Jordan Rhodes (at the time a proven scorer at this level) would any manager at this level turn it down? I highly doubt it. The mess we are in today is because of the money we splashed and our failure to sell players. Carlos in his role as head coach was not responsible for that side of things. He was in charge of what happened on the pitch and despite the club packing the dressing room with a heavily bloated and unbalanced squad he got us in the play offs twice. Very close.
  6. People will never want to see it though. Much easier to blame the manager instead of digging a bit deeper. All those signings Carlos just refused to play, do people seriously think he was knocking on DC’s door asking for Rhodes, Abdi, McGugan? And then just decide not to play them? Yeah right.
  7. Blame those above Carlos at the time. Not the guy who was given a clear remit to get us promoted as soon as possible with a chairman who was happy to splash the cash on wacky signings in a desperate attempt to get us to the Premier League before our 150th anniversary. A risky gamble which nearly came off twice. Carlos is the scapegoat. A reminder that it was made quite clear that Carlos was the Head Coach, not the Manager.
  8. McCarthy is exactly what the club needs right now.
  9. I think we’ve been like that for most of the season though? Play some pretty decent stuff but lack a clinical finish and poor decisions in the final third. And we always look soft at the back and I back us to concede every time we play. Its been a similar theme under Monk.
  10. Monk isn’t the man unfortunately. Same problems keep cropping up under him.
  11. Crashing back down to earth. Same problems as before lockdown, don’t take our chances and get punished for it.
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