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  1. Switches to a proper formation and we look like a good ******** side. Wake up and smell the coffee Moore
  2. Paterson is pointless in my opinion. He’ll grab a few goals here and there but just not a footballer. Never been convinced
  3. Shodipo, Corbeanu, Sow are all completely pointless signings in this system. Waste of wages if he sticks with three at the back. And a waste of talent.
  4. So many attacking options on the bench. What a massive waste
  5. We didn’t go up first time of asking 03/04 or 10/11. I predict the same again. New team cobbled together following the near implosion of the club, every club raises their game against a club of our size, a lot of good teams at this level who have been together for a while and know the league better than us. I predict mid-table. But regardless I’d stick with Moore and give him another go at it next season.
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