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  1. A controversial shout for Leon Knight. We played him on the wing and always thought we wasted him. Should have played upfront. He went on to be an absolute waster in the end nevertheless.
  2. Thought Lavery was a good player with good potential. Not happened for him. Coke had ability but played when he wanted. A frustrating player. Really didn’t rate Stevie May, worked hard but I could have a good season in Scotland. I’m going to go for Burton O’Brien. I actually thought he was a good footballer but many didn’t rate him. Went back to Scotland I believe and did nothing.
  3. Tough call for the club. Get him back playing and what if he plays well? Great if it helps us get up (which won’t happen if being realistic), but then we are stuck with a good player out of contract and we can’t really afford to renew. Under Jos I bet Chansiri would have said don’t give Hooper much time. Don’t think Bruce would stand for that though. Tough decision.
  4. I rate Winnall. Not the most technically gifted, but works hard and does the simple stuff. Habit of being in the right place at the right time and that’s hard to teach. Hope we give him a fair shot at it.
  5. The same midfield two that went on a 6 game winning run under Carlos this time two years ago?
  6. Nice one Bazza. Don’t blame him, rest up and get ready for Stoke. Much better than getting abuse from thick Scotland fans who don’t recognise his ability.
  7. This group of players have experience in doing something similar. Past two seasons we’ve finished very strongly. One of those seasons was a 6 game winning run that saw us make the Play Offs. Lets enjoy the ride. Tough run, I don’t expect anything. Each game at a time.
  8. I’ve got a few but they’re wasted on our fan base.
  9. Definitely. An extra body in midfield. I think he’s a very good player to. Pace, strength and drive. Had some rotten luck that lad, but he’s not the only one who’s suffered from our injury curse. It’s beyond a joke really.
  10. Onomah elbow. Big blow for us, particularly with Hutch pulling up yesterday.
  11. He’s always been quite a physical player. But he’s a different beast at the moment.
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