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  1. You never know with football. But they are two players we should have tied down on the long term years ago. Hopefully the club has learnt it's lesson. The club was so focused on getting to the Premier League it neglected youth. We are seeing the fallout of that with Clare and Hirst. Two very talented footballers who could have gone for big money. Unfortunately other clubs come sniffing and we didn't do enough to keep them here. What happens when you have good youngsters on the books. Call them greedy or whatever, they have no loyalty to the club and if they believe they can get a better deal elsewhere you can't fault them. But in my opinion, the club needs to be proactive and let them realise that there is a route to the first team. There is now. Unfortunately it came too late for these two.
  2. Watched them both. The youth side we have now is a lot better than what we had back then. White had a bit of pace and that's about it. Clare has had two successful loan spells, put in a MOTM performance at Championship level and is just generally a better footballer than White will ever be.
  3. Clare and Hirst have 10x the potential of Hayden White.
  4. Morgan Fox did the same against Wolves at home.
  5. In terms of ability Rafa Floro that young left back from Portugal who played against Burnley a few years back. Think that was his one and only game. He was only a young lad but he was way off the pace and clearly not good enough.
  6. SallyCinnamon

    George Hirst to sign for Real Betis

    He's on England U'19 training camp. But nice effort Pingu. Try again.
  7. SallyCinnamon

    Westwood interview

    I'm not denying he's a good goalkeeper. He's excellent. But I'd cash in and strengthen in areas we really need to.
  8. SallyCinnamon

    Westwood interview

    I'm not denying he's a good goalkeeper. He's excellent. But I'd cash in and strengthen in areas we really need to.
  9. SallyCinnamon

    Westwood interview

    I posted them in a thread a couple months back mate. His stats have been posted already on this thread. 15-16 and 17-18 he didn't play enough games for a keeper in my opinion. He's on a lot of money, and we could do with shifting some big earners on.
  10. SallyCinnamon

    Westwood interview

    If I could be bothered I'd look at the amount of times he's gone off during the game with an injury. His record for a keeper during 15-16 isn't great either.
  11. SallyCinnamon

    Westwood interview

    You sure about that? For us it took him 3 months to get fit in the first season. Then last season he was out from November until April and then got injured again just before the play offs. Then has been sidelined since December this season just gone. I don't know his record at other clubs, but for us that's a shocking injury record for a striker who we rely on to score goals. Can't be carrying crocks.
  12. We need to try and offload Palmer, Abdi, Jones, Fox, Matias they all offer absolutely nothing now. Either not good enough, past it or injury prone. Will be much easier said than done though. Although we did once manage to get Premier League Bournemouth to take Rhoys Wiggins off our hands so you never know. We need to reduce the wage bill. We'll be lucky if we get rid of all of the above. Therefore, as Westwood has hinted today in that interview, we will need to offload some of the better players. Westwood is the obvious choice for me. Two good goalkeepers, and for me Dawson is wise beyond his years. Hutchinson can go for me, but he might be harder to shift because don't think many clubs will take the risk on the wages he's on here. Hooper can go far too injury prone and I can see someone coming in for him. Rhodes I can see going out on loan and Winnall I can see leaving but that depends if he's recovered from his injury before the window closes. Will be touch and go there probably. Losing 3 strikers like that might come back to haunt us but we will have to take risks this summer, the squad is overloaded and the accounts suggest we need to cut back. Then I'd be looking at a quality right wing back. A nasty piece of work in the middle. And a quick striker. Nahki Wells can't get a game for Burnley so I'd be looking at him. As mentioned above Whelan would be a good shout in the middle. As for RB, this Reed kid? Versatalie and would be a cheapish loan? Also make Venancio's move permanent.
  13. We still need a horrible poopydoo in midfield in my opinion. Not sure Pelupessy can play that role. Most sides who get promoted have one. We can't rely on Hutch. The rest of our midfield is too nice. I'd be looking at Glen Whelan if Villa go up. Wages might be an issue though.
  14. SallyCinnamon

    Westwood interview

    For me Hutch, Westwood, Hooper can all go. Injured too often. They will be top earners too. And before people say Westwood isn't injury prone, for a keeper he misses more games than he should in my opinion.
  15. SallyCinnamon

    Westwood interview

    Interesting he said the club are looking to offload some high earners.