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  1. Pretty much this. Although I thought the atmosphere against Leeds was pretty strong. Two teams going for it and a pretty decent spectacle helped.
  2. I don’t know. I always think the atmosphere is generally better and more positive the larger the crowd at Hillsborough.
  3. It’s been bad for a couple of seasons. Definitely think we expect this team to let us down, so there is a general lack of belief or apathy. Coupled with the other side of the City doing so well. Not surprised we are subdued. Really need to lower the ticket prices and let more people in. Try and pump up the atmosphere a bit.
  4. A lot of keepers are great shot stoppers. Dawson is a great shot stopper, but gets abuse for not being commanding. Well Westwood has hardly been the most commanding figure recently and flapped at two corners today which resulted in goals. Why does he not get the same treatment? It’s all well and good making top saves, but I start to get worried when I see keepers struggling with the basic stuff.
  5. Did ok today until that moment. Odubajo was finding his groove before he got dropped. I’d like to see him in again personally.
  6. I think the frustration is coming from conceding late goals and not seeing games out. With a bit more concentration we could be in the top two. I didn’t expect us to be challenging, but I expect us to manage games better than we have.
  7. Fair enough. Agree completely, this group of players are remarkably frustrating. Because individually they are all good players, but collectively we just seem to fall short of what is required to be a force in this league.
  8. Are you seriously trying to suggest Hutch is a calm head who can help see games out? Read it all on this forum. We lack intelligence throughout the team.
  9. Disgaree. We are creating chances, we just lack the ability to be clinical in front of goal. We should have been 2-0 up at half time.
  10. I lost my head when Palmer tried to clear it. He waited 5 seconds before putting his foot through it and when he did he smashed it straight at a Swansea player. It was so amateur.
  11. I actually thought we played better offensively without Hutch. Looked dangerous on the break and attacked well for the majority of the game. The downside is we looked very open at times. But on the other hand, that shouldn’t have been a problem. We should have gone in at half time at least 2-0 up. We are simply not clinical enough. And we now are in a rut of going into panic hysteria every time we take a lead. So to sum up, mid table. With a bit more composure at both ends of the pitch we’d be in a promotion battle. Very frustrating.
  12. Westwood has cost us two cheap goals today. If that was Dawson, the lad would be getting mullered. Typical Wednesdayites, blind faith to a player who has underperformed this season.
  13. Yep but it those tough decisions which sensible clubs make. Don’t give a 35 year old a 2 year deal. 1 year at most. He’s made some world class saves this season Westwood, including one at the end today. But so has Dawson. He’s cost us a good number of goals this season in my view and you can see he’s deteriorating. But he’s here on handsome wages for another 2 years.
  14. It’s a joke. Could just see it coming the minute Swansea restarted. Players started panicking, hashing clearances, being dragged out of position.
  15. Yep. 2 year deal for Westwood in the summer. Jesus wept.
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