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  1. Sean Clare

    Been saying it for 2 years. Better than a lot of midfielders who were ahead of him. Wake up Mr Chansiri, offer him the contract he wants.

    Sign him up anything just do it
  3. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Rather he do it elsewhere than here. We don't seem very good with fitness
  4. Pigs win anyone??

    Apologies I'm pissed
  5. Pigs win anyone??

    5 points of the drop. Rather a Blades win if I'm honest.
  6. OFFICIAL 2017/18 Championship Rival Watch

    5 points off the drop
  7. Pigs win anyone??

    Dire ain't it.
  8. Team for Villa

    Got to be the same as Derby. If Lees is fit get him in ahead of Loovens.
  9. What you on about? DC doesn't like players who don't sign contracts. Reluctantly lets them back into the fold when we have an injury crisis. Personally find it ridiculous that Hirst has been frozen out for so long, the lad hasn't actively refused to play. If Clare doesn't start tomorrow I think that says a lot. Personally hope he does.
  10. Where have I said anything about money?
  11. Clare only played against Derby due to injury to Wallace I believe. Be interesting to see whether he starts tomorrow. Or if he's just on the bench to make the numbers. Surprised not to see him involved against Millwall after such a strong performance against Derby. Suggests to me his opportunities will be limited until he signs a new deal.
  12. Neither wanted to sign the deal offered both were told to train by themselves. Until the injury crisis.
  13. The only reason Clare and Hirst are involved is down to Jos and the injury crisis. If Chansiri had his way both would be training on their own and not involved with either the first team or the under 23s.