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Community Answers

  1. We never unearth a Scott Twine. Just not the type of club who has the right scouting in place.
  2. He’s an absolute unit! Not much fat on him at all, just all muscle
  3. Terrible from that Wycombe player why the hell would he do that. Golden chance
  4. Making me feel sad watching this. I’m rooting for Wycombe. Horrible side but suddenly had an overwhelming sense of jealously for Sunderland fans. Come on Wycombe.
  5. Nice work! Tucker and O’Connor both look decent ages. Not sure on ability but played regularly for their clubs. The type of profile we should be after. Think we were linked with Boyle last summer? Seems like he spent most of the season out injured. Liked the look of Camara when I watched him play. Probably go to the league above. Don’t know anything about Wiredu.
  6. Yeah McKirdy looks like he has the confidence and swagger to make the step up comfortably. If we have a bit of cash I’d go for him.
  7. Yeah only just realised he’s been playing fairly regularly on loan at Stoke. Stoke fans want to get him permanently. Probably out of reach.
  8. He is 31 before the new season starts and only managed 6 games for us in his time here. A two year age gap is not reducing the overall age of the squad.
  9. Can’t see a Megathread yet for this summer. Apologies if we have one. I’ll start of. Romaine Sawyers. Released by West Brom. Talented midfielder. Moore has connections. Think he’s be a very good addition.
  10. Verging off topic, but our squad was not better than Sunderland’s. Both similar quality and I’d argue they had better attacking players. Stewart, Pritchard and Roberts would all immediately improve us. Batth and Wright at the back no different to our centre back options. We were only 1 point better than them over the season. Very similar levels of quality. But agree, Neil did a job on us. His experienced showed.
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