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  1. He just simply has to go if we lose tomorrow

    For the record I've got a feeling we will win tomorrow which we desperately need. I'll be buzzing but I still think further down the line results will be inconsistent and we will miss out on our aim this season. My feelings were exactly the same after the Leeds game. A change could transform our season. It would be a gamble but one I'm very willing to take at the moment.
  2. He just simply has to go if we lose tomorrow

    Understand where you're coming from. But the team have put this pressure on themselves. Abject performances against Pigs, Preston, Burton, Bolton, Birmingham. That's where the pressure has come from. It's made this Derby game greater than it ever should have been. We don't drop points in those games Carlos, the players and the club don't get the criticism being thrown at them at the moment. Personally if we do lose tomorrow from what I've seen this season I have absolutely no faith Carlos will be capable of putting a string of victories together to get us into contention. Its not reactionary. This 90 minutes has become so important because of the poor position the management and players have put ourselves in. I won't be judging whether he has to go on this one game. I'll be judging it on the season which has been woeful apart from one game.
  3. He just simply has to go if we lose tomorrow

    This. Just reading through twitter the response to the kit prices is venomous. It's imperative results start picking up and if Carlos can't do that Chansiri needs to take action. I can see it all getting very sour if we keep plodding on like this. A win tomorrow is so so important for the club.
  4. He just does doesn't he. If he doesn't Chansiri is blowing our chances of a play off push this season. And how harsh this may sound if he doesn't leave after a defeat tomorrow, neither of them have the best interests of the club at heart in my opinion. A strong opinion yes but that's what I believe. I don't want to doubt their commitment to the club but I struggle to see how their hearts can be fully in it if we don't make changes after another loss. How can anyone turn around and say he can get us into the Play Offs (which should have been the bare minimum by the way) after 4 defeats in 5? Still October yes but for me already tomorrow is MUST win for Carlos and the club. If not he has to be sacked or walk for the benefit of the club. Regardless of whether we want Carlos to stay or go, we must all get behind the team for 3 points tomorrow. It's a big one.
  5. 59 quid is obscene though. I really do despair with the club at the moment.
  6. I've not bought a replica shirt in years. Out of principle don't really want to buy this one because of the shambles surrounding it. But annoyingly I actually quite like this kit.
  7. Is that it then?

    No doubt we've sold out Saturday. Doing our bit. We aren't the ones coming out of the blocks slow ponderous lacking in urgency. Players need to prove Leeds was a one off, because so far this season it clearly was.
  8. The real reason there's a meltdown at SWFC

    Which is my point. A lot of other issues with Wednesday but the fact the Pigs are doing well makes these issues come to the forefront even more
  9. The real reason there's a meltdown at SWFC

    Wouldn't be surprised if they do. Bristol dropped last season after a strong start so might follow a similar pattern. Blades have momentum and a very good manager, they'll be play offs for me. Preston look a decent outfit this season too. We'll be mid table this season said that in July when we hadn't improved our squad.
  10. The real reason there's a meltdown at SWFC

    Wish people would stop saying this and start realising that they are a good side. I think they'll be in the Play Offs. By this point in the season you have a good idea who will be up there and they are sitting well at the minute.
  11. Is because the Pigs are doing very well ain't it? They beat us and they're looking a very good bet for a play off place, maybe dare I say automatic. Lets face it, we may say we don't care about them, but deep down we will be absolutely gutted if they go up and we stay down. After years of taunting them if they were to go up in their first season back it would be gutting for any Wednesdayite. Especially after we came so close but couldn't get over the line. The Blade factor is adding even more pressure on the club, manager and the players. There's no denying it. Our form regardless of their position in the league is still concerning to say the least, but I don't think it would be panic stations and as much of a meltdown if they weren't doing so well. Frustrating time to be an Owl, something needs to change, someone needs to come in and inject a bit of life and positivity into the players and fans. We all need a lift and quick. I can't see that lift coming under Carlos. He is by no means completely at fault for what is going on at the club at the moment, but he's the manager and unfortunately for him he's in the firing line. We can't go on like this. Change is needed. Who I don't know but it needs to happen sharpish.
  12. SWFC article - More than worth a read

    Because we've spent money since. Unfortunately that money has largely been wasted.
  13. SWFC article - More than worth a read

    Sigh. Nothings ever straightforward with Wednesday. Just as things were looking up I really fear that things could get a whole lot worse very soon. We went for broke it seems, had our chances and bottled it twice. Don't think we'll come close again. If this article is anything to go by perhaps Carlos did a much better job last season than we give him credit for given with the players he ended up with.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday 4 : 1 Birmingham City

    Penney is very good. I'd have him in the matchday squad. Got ability and a point to prove.