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  1. What's the point of threads like this?
  2. Have a look at this (last 5 games)

    It's embarassing. Hes going nowhere unless he does the right thing and walks. That is what is so frustrating.
  3. Just walk please

    Carlos you're a terrific bloke but you've done as much as you can. Swallow your pride and leave for the sake of our club. Thanks for the memories. But tonight was it for everyone.
  4. FourFourTwo club badges article

    I just wish Wednesday would start winning games again because nobody would bat an eyelid to this or any other bloody little thing people want to moan about to have a dig at Chansiri and the club.
  5. Why is Carlos still here?

    When have they looked capable of that this season?
  6. So this “derisory” offer to G Hirst

    Too much scare-mongering going on in this thread with some pretty ridiculous rumours I don't believe. DC genuinely wants the best for Sheffield Wednesday. As does Carlos. There's no agenda in place. All these problems are arising because we are doing rubbish on the pitch. People are paying more attention to them because of how we are playing and where we are. If results were good nobody would care about the kit situation etc. This is why I've always said that DC's biggest mistake was giving Carlos another year. It's set us back years and opens him up for a lot criticism. Unfortunately for us DC is a very loyal person and will let Carlos honour his contract, I know that for fact, a very good source. The only way CC goes is if he walks. Its the way it is and this season will be a waste. But that's just the nature of our chairman, we've got to accept that. It's his club. But he also needs to understand that his decision to keep things the way they are opens him up for very fair criticism.
  7. I didn't actually mind some of the football under Megson. One of the most exciting games of football I've seen following Wednesday was under his reign. 4-4 against Huddersfield. Also at least we could bloody attack set pieces under him! A corner was almost a guaranteed goal.
  8. Thats a sad indictment of the mentality of young footballers then.
  9. It's all a bit ridiculous really. If I'm looking it from Hirsts perspective. I'd have signed the deal at Wednesday, gone out on loan to Rotherham who were willing to give him a chance. Surely at 18 he wants to play? Yes he's scored a lot of goals at youth level but he's still 18 ffs, very young needs to go out and play football at a professional standard. Harry Kane did he got farmed out on loan everywhere and now he's arguably the best striker in English football. And if Hirst is anywhere near as good as Kane or showing more potential at his age, City, United, Chelsea would be sniffing around not Leeds United. He goes out on loan scores loads it doesn't matter if he signed an extension here. If he's good enough a top team would pay whatever for him. Wednesday wouldn't have been able to keep a young English striker on their books if he was THAT good. He should have gone out and proven himself. Poor advice he's received.
  10. Pinpoint the game that did it for you..

    Rotherham at home December 2016. Won 1-0 last minute contentious penalty. Awful display against one of the worst sides I've seen come to Hillsborough. We were clueless, that's where I realised this man isn't going to get us out the division.
  11. Not as thick as they look?!

    Very good points and sadly seems very true. Nothing simple with Wednesday, really thought we were heading the right way for once. What a shame.
  12. Flirt with glory back to normality

    It was all set up for CC after Wembley though. How he and whoever advises the club (doyen?) got it so wrong with player recruitment is criminal.
  13. What is the job of the wingers?

    Exactly. Glaringly obvious and maybe if he watched the Hull game he'd see for his own eyes what this squad needed and STILL need over a year on. If he wants to play 4-4-2 should have broke the bank for Keogh at Derby or even Grant Hanley rather than messing about with pointless signings like Fletcher, Rhodes, Abdi, Jones, even Reach. Should have found a physical midfielder who can dominate. A player like this was staring right in front of his eyes at Wembley in Diame and Huddlestone. If he wasn't going to do this. He should have changed the formation. Wallace Lee Hutchinson Bannan Forestieri across the midfield. Or Lee Hutchinson Bannan NEW RW Hooper FF Could have played McGeady or McManaman there both who were on our books but were given little chance. Jones could fill in perfectly for Hutch when he's injured or suspended.
  14. What is the job of the wingers?

    It was obvious after Hull what we needed to play this formation. A big midfield type alongside Bannan or Lee, but instead we signed Jones and Abdi. The fact he's not played a midfield three since the Arsenal game is laughable.