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  1. Darren Potter. We’re desperate for some bite in midfield.
  2. Same agent at FF I believe? Probably how he ended up here.
  3. Same agent at FF I believe? Probably how he ended up here.
  4. Improved a lot under Bruce. Solid and dependable. Still if we are serious about promotion ambitions then we need better. But can’t fault him and some achievement. Been a great servant.
  5. Well done DC, good stuff that. But I’d look at cutting some of the wages of the playing staff too. Not because of coronavirus, mainly because of how they’ve performed this season the shitebags.
  6. Fletcher Fox Iorfa Luongo I’d be tempted to keep Bannan and Reach. I think with a fresh start and new management they’d still be very good at this level. But I think it might be best for both parties if they moved on now.
  7. I’ve done enough reading to know that characters like Paixao don’t sit right with me. The chairman has said his side of things, and fair play to him for doing so. It’s his club at the end of the day, he’s gave his side. That doesn’t mean we can’t question it and still have worry. I do think every time he comes out in public he takes a very defensive tone which suggests he doesn’t like criticism. He’s the same at fans forums and press conferences. There’s still a lot of contradictions, ambiguity and deflection for me. Not enough people at the club taking responsibility or accepting mistakes openly. But like I’ve said it’s DC’s club and he is free to see and do what he wants. BUT that doesn’t mean we have to accept it.
  8. Trevor is a top bloke to be fair. Have a lot of time for him.
  9. Forestieri at home to Birmingham a few years back. Second half he just turned it on and was absolutely unplayable. Rodri debut against Birmingham. Stands out thought he was class.
  10. I think it was pretty clear Abdi wasn’t first choice when Carlos played him left mid away at Norwich second game in. An attacking midfielder playing out of position just to get him in the side. Didn’t fit with our style whatsoever. Didn’t have the tenacity of Hutch or the energy of Bannan and Lee. Signed on name and reputation rather than whether he was right for the club. I’d understand if we changed the system to suit him but we didn’t. Then the injuries started and it was clear we were sold a dud.
  11. Personally I’m tired of hearing this sort of stuff from CC, DC, the media trying to make excuses etc. I’d rather some honesty and someone just come out and say we fecked up. The fact of the matter is the reason we are where we are now is because the club was poorly run and managed. We took a short term punt at promotion to the detriment of the long term health of the club. It’s alright saying well it nearly worked, but it didn’t work. And as a result the past three seasons have been rather painful to say the least.
  12. Sounds like naivety from a chairman new to football and advisors who don’t have the clubs best interests at heart. Nothing we don’t know already really. I understand that if you don’t get your targets you have to settle for second best. But you shouldn’t pay top dollar for second best and you should pay top dollar for players who don’t fit the system. Abdi, Jones, Rhodes, Emanuleson, Van Aken. I don’t think Carlos ever wanted these players, but we felt like we needed them. When in reality we could have easily coped without any of them and would have saved a lot of money and trouble by doing so. Poor club management - no excuses for it.
  13. Hate to say it but Leeds that Friday game where Kirkland got smacked, they made some noise that game. Horrible rumblezoids but made an atmosphere.
  14. That’s a poor article from Dom. Basically pushing the agenda that just accept it and support the team, despite the rip off prices, crap atmosphere, crap results and crap performances.
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