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  1. Yep a player we should have been looking at. But of course our scouting system is non existent
  2. We were still losing games under Monk and Pulis when these two were available.
  3. Lees, Hutchinson, Westwood will probably still be here when they’re 75
  4. It’s not surprising is it. We don’t have a manager. The lack of organisation shows.
  5. Honestly, just stop with these targeted posts. I’m not the only one who’s picked up on it. It’s weird and just distracts attention away from the topic. Don’t try and insult my intelligence with some bull crap.
  6. Oh and look who it is, wondered how long it would take you to pop up. Not had a pop at how he feels. But insinuating that some fans are better fans than others is pretty f*cking low.
  7. This isn’t Sheffield Wednesday to me. Yep I am embarrassed to support what we’ve become under Chansiri. Grow up. People are hurting and you shouldn’t take the ******** out of the way people feel towards something they’ve emotionally invested years into.
  8. fizz is the point of this post? Why not post something rather than taking cheap snipes you weirdo
  9. I know Bannan has settled in Sheffield, but he’s absolutely crackers for signing up for another 2 years. The toxicity is going to get so much worse. If I had a chance to leave I would. Especially a player like Bannan who could get a good move to another Championship club.
  10. Had a bit of a hissy fit when the third went in. But soon after just lost interest. That would usually hurt for a couple of days after. I can’t really describe my feelings towards Wednesday at the moment. I come on this forum and watch them a lot. But I do wonder if life was normal and there was things to do whether I would actually bother. It’s a real feeling of apathy. I simply don’t like the way we’re being run. And I haven’t formed an emotional kind of connection with any of the players. The ones I did like have been here too long and have stunk the place out. There
  11. Except it’s not a fantasy film. Chansiri is his own man, has plastered his name across the shirts and the ground - he is capable of choosing his advisers. It’s on him.
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