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  1. That’s why we still need to sign a quality winger.
  2. What did they win? I didn’t include promotions from the Championship tbf.
  3. Just a random name. Welcome to SWFC Alvaro Cervera
  4. Signed a new deal with his Spanish club a couple days back. So probably rubbish.
  5. To be fair I do agree with the part when he has a go at Newcastle fans moaning and points out the situation of Bury and Coventry etc. Newcastle fans think they have a divine right to be one of the best teams in the country. They haven’t won a trophy since 1955.
  6. At Birmingham yes, but think he spent a fair bit at Derby. Our Ram fan on here will be able to tell me if I’m wrong, but I think he signed Huddleston, Davies, Lawrence and Vydra whilst Derby boss? All by no means cheap at the time.
  7. Forestieri could do a job out wide if it’s absolutely required. We also have Penney and Odubajo who can be deployed as wingers, although not their natural position. So there are options if we have an injury crisis. I’d like to see us go 4-3-3. In order to do that we still need a left back, a ball winning centre mid and a new wide man. And yes I believe we have too many strikers for that formation. It would be ok if two of those strikers were young players who could stake a claim on the bench when needed whilst playing in the U’23s. But we’re talking about 6 strikers who all will be thinking they deserve a place in the match day squad. We need to address this unbalance.
  8. He took them down? Sunderland were a sinking ship, but had more than enough to stay up that season in my view. Those three are all so depressing. I’d rather have Pulis.
  9. Didn’t Norwich go up convincingly with just Pukki and Rhodes as out and out forwards last season? If Tony Strudwick does have a positive influence on the amount of injuries we pick up, 4 should be more than enough.
  10. Not sure I agree. For me in a 4-3-3 you play with wingers more higher up the pitch. Reach and Harris are our only options. We could do with at least 1 new wide player to provide competition for them. I remember Carlos saying Forestieri doesn’t like playing wide left and we saw under Jos he ignored a lot of tracking back duties in that role. Joao could be an option but that’s not his natural position and he’s wasted out there in my opinion. Then you’ve got Winnall, Rhodes, Fletch and Nuhiu who I could only ever imagine playing centrally. Far too many strikers, at least two need to go.
  11. Depends what system you play. If you want to go 4-3-3. You’ve got 6 strikers competing for 1 spot over a season. Don’t forget we have 6 well paid proven Championship strikers, good luck keeping them all happy.
  12. Rhodes Forestieri Fletcher Nuhiu I’d let Winnall go and Joao if true he wants out. I’d look at getting a young versatile forward in on loan from the prem, who can maybe play out wide too.
  13. Wednesday fan: ‘Sign that contract! You know you want to! WAWAW UTO’ Hector: ‘It’s my birthday’ Wednesday fan: ‘Get knocking on Mr Chansiri’s door, come and join the owls WAWAW? UTO’ Hector: I just want to celebrate my birthday’ Wednesday fan: ‘Have you signed yet? WAWAW’
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