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  1. 17/18 - 4 goals, 12 assists 18/19 - 9 goals, 7 assists General low output? Jesus wept. For a Championship midfielder that is at the very top end for contributions over a season. Also take into account this is a guy who has played in about 6 or 7 different positions. He’s been messed about more than any player in the squad. Yet has performed consistently and never been injured. But honestly I’m not surprised, Wednesday fans wouldn’t know a quality player if it hit them square in the jaw. This is the same fanbase who still lauds over Forestieiri, despite the guy doing nothing for over 2 seasons. The same fans who moaned at Brunt and Antonio, only for the both of them to go on and play consistently at a level we have not reached in 20 years. All about pashun though ain’t it. Bring back Reda Johnson and JJ. He got sent off for kicking a bottle once, we miss that kind of pashun.
  2. I don’t get why he gets singled out after every performance. I don’t think Bannan was great yesterday, no thread on him. Fletcher didn’t lead the line as well as he has done, no thread on him. Lee was largely anonymous for most of the game, no thread on him. Reach had two decent efforts on goal and posed more of a threat than Murphy did. Would always stick with Reach because I think he has that ability to turn it on at key moments in a game.
  3. Reach offered more than Murphy. Gets so much stick for no reason.
  4. The same midfield today failed to get us up 4 years ago. We’re mad to think it will suddenly click and work now. It needs freshening. All three are 4 years older and the likes of Lee has missed a lot of football unfortunately. Individually three very good players, but against the better sides in this league they struggle to control a game. Luongo deserves a shot. And the next big signing we make should be a quality central midfield player.
  5. Not renowned for his goal scoring Luongo. Sitting at the base of the three, like Reed did for Fulham today, I think he’d be a better choice than Hutch. But would like us to sign an all round midfield player who will chip in with goals, assists, can tackle and can impose himself on a game.
  6. In my view. We looked well organised today, which bodes well moving forward with Monk. We have sprinkles of quality in the likes of Bannan, Reach and Harris. But for me three players short of a promotion charge. Full back, centre mid and a striker. I hope Monk can keep us in and around the top 10 by January, and then we can bring a couple more in for a final push?
  7. Don’t think he did much wrong to be honest. Offers more than Murphy.
  8. I don’t think they were. We stood off them first half and let them play. Second half we got into them and they didn’t look that great to be honest. Showed them too much respect. Yes they have dangerous players, but so do we.
  9. Saturday is our toughest test yet. A draw would be a great result.
  10. 4-4-2. We are at home, let’s not be scared of Fulham. Take the game to them. Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Reach Bannan Hutchinson Harris Fletcher Winnall Subs: Dawson, Fox, Bates, Luongo, Lee, Murphy, Nuhiu
  11. I thought it was a very professional performance today. Players were calm and it looked like they understood their roles. Promising.
  12. Made up for him. Played very well when he came on.
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