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  1. SallyCinnamon

    Team at Forest

    Dawson Baker Lees Thorniley Fox Pelupessy Bannan Reach Matias Nuhiu Joao Subs: Wildsmith, Palmer, Pudil, Hector, Onomah, Preston, Fletcher I'd rest Penney and Palmer. Keep them fresh for Villa.
  2. SallyCinnamon

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Apparently his family are now based in Scotland?
  3. SallyCinnamon

    Marco Matias Hows He Doing

    He's doing alright. Let's hope he stays fit. He's had a tough time here so far, he's found a bit of consistency now so long may it continue.
  4. SallyCinnamon

    Adam Reach

    He has to play out wide. End of. Baffles me why people think he's better in the middle. Looks far more dangerous in the wide areas.
  5. Can't see Hutch getting back to the level he was in 15/16. Think that ship has sailed. For me we are a quality CM to complement Bannan and dominant centre half away from challenging in this league. But then again we have been for years.
  6. Pelupessy. As for Reach, I still maintain he is much more effective out wide. It's where he's best. He has the ocassional good game in the middle.
  7. SallyCinnamon

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Bizarre. Can't see how that is a better career move? At least with Hirst he will be a Leicester player in the near future. But Hearts? Very odd. Must have hated it at Wednesday. I was told he wants to move back down South but that blows that reason out the water
  8. I don't think we did. We looked most exposed in the first half for me. Bannan and Onomah for me.
  9. We are heavily reliant on Bannan. The likes of Reach and Pelupessy need to start taking more responsibility in the middle and creating things. Everyone's first instinct it let Bannan do all the work. If he gets injured we are in trouble. Refreshing when Onomah came on he was looking to get on the ball and make things happen himself. I'd have Bannan and Onomah in the middle against Forest.
  10. SallyCinnamon

    Stoke were quite good

    I thought first 20 we were in for a really horrendous day. They looked very good. Woods in top draw, was for Brentford and wish we paid the money to get him when we were linked a couple of years ago. But clearly quite mentally weak. Their heads dropped the moment we equalised. But they came out well start of the second and if it wasn't for Thorniley they would have got 3 points today. Fair play to Wednesday for hanging on and we finished the stronger. Don't rate Rowett as a manager. If they got someone else in, they'll be up there in my view
  11. SallyCinnamon

    Is it just me

    Semedo and David Jones have played his role better for me in the past.
  12. SallyCinnamon

    Is it just me

    Spot on. But you know nowt about football mate so unfortunately your opinion doesn't count.
  13. SallyCinnamon

    Is it just me

    This is rubbish. I watched him with this in mind today. If he is so good at protecting the back four, how come Stoke walked through our midfield numerous ocassions all afternoon. Pelupessy needs to buy a beer for Jordan Thorniley tonight because he saved us from being out of the game on 60 minutes.
  14. SallyCinnamon

    Is it just me

    He's bang average I'm afraid. This talk that he's a selfless player who does the dirty work like he's some kind of Ngolo Kante is ridiculous. The minute Onomah came on he looked to drive forward and pick a pass. Pelupessy just wants to give it Bannan.
  15. SallyCinnamon

    Matt Penney

    I thought he was struggling mid way through the second half. But the lad showed character, picked up and nearly scored after an excellent run forward. Just needs the confidence to bomb down the line more because he has the ability.