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  1. It will be our downfall again. 8 million for Joao and 14 million to Forestieri. No one will match that.
  2. That would be a very shrewd signing indeed.
  3. Helan was actually a decent outlet to have. Not the best footballer but was a very important player in the season we reached the Play Off Final. Stretched teams and helped us see out a game. Since he left we have lacked genuine pace.
  4. Need a quicker option at left back than Bidwell for me.
  5. Bidwell is very average. Sort of player who’d end up at Birmingham.
  6. Not too disappointed in Powell. Bit of an enigma and we already have one of those in FF.
  7. Stop the United comparisons. McCabe has been at the club for god knows how many years. They got parachute payments after relegation in 2007, and since that they got relegated to League One, endured some dreadful seasons and chucked money down the toilet. They struck lucky with Wilder. But how many poor appointments did McCabe make prior to that? Robson? Weir? Adams? He finally got one right, and he got it very right fair play to him. DC has made plenty of mistakes and has chucked money at it, but the bloke had no clue about football when he arrived and has only been here 4 years. My bet is he’ll get it right quicker than McCabe did. We are already seeing signs that he’s learning from his mistakes. Plus you can’t doubt his love for the club. McCabe didn’t get United promoted this season with his backing, Wilder did with his man management and shrewd deals.
  8. He actually had the interview. But McCabe didn’t come across well at all and he left.
  9. I wouldn’t be fussed about Joao. He’ll probably go on to be a world beater if he left us but not offered enough for us. Going into his 5th season at Wednesday. That’s a long time. Reach absolutely key he stays.
  10. Maybe puts them in the shop window? A ploy to get teams to meet the asking price? I doubt it, but you never know with this club.
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