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  1. Never understood the hatred for Ashley Cole. The only genuine world class player England have produced in 20 years and he gets all kinds of abuse.
  2. Same. After beating Norwich I thought he was onto something. This season he was hands down worst Wednesday manager I’ve ever seen.
  3. SallyCinnamon


    Thought he did ok first half. Poor second. Hardly worth a thread.
  4. SallyCinnamon

    2nd half - 442

    Joao got closer to Fletcher and played further forward. Reach doesn’t know how to play the second striker role. Looked far more balanced and threatening.
  5. SallyCinnamon

    Fletcher & Joao

    Reach played as a winger. Joao played as a striker. Their natural positions. We looked far better in the second half because of it.
  6. SallyCinnamon

    2nd half - 442

    We did. 4-4-2. Suits our players the best. Should play it every week.
  7. SallyCinnamon

    Selling players

    Not a prayer. Play him in his natural position and see what he can do you never know. But currently not worth that much. Maddison from Norwich went for 15 I think. He is a fantastic player and has made the England squad. Can anyone hand on heart say they can see Reach doing that?
  8. SallyCinnamon

    Chairman’s statement

    To play devils advocate. If we sold Forestieiri a lot of fans would have been livid. Same with Bannan.
  9. SallyCinnamon

    Selling players

    15 million for Reach is a wild fee to place on him. 6 million tops for me. Wonder goals aside doesn’t do enough to influence games. A 15 million pound player carries a struggling club into the top half. Reach isn’t doing that for us.
  10. SallyCinnamon

    Selling players

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we can’t sell certain players due to payments from the sale having to be made to third parties. Not saying it’s true but would explain why we are reluctant to offload players.
  11. SallyCinnamon

    Neeskens Kebano

    Last exclusive the Star broke was Johan Djourou. That fell through too. The Star are that close to the club they wouldn’t have reported this unless they knew it was about to fall through. They’re just creating stories.
  12. SallyCinnamon

    Chairman’s statement

    It’s a ridiculous statement if you ask me. For one minute I don’t question that he cares deeply about the club and he has worked tirelessly to try and sort out P and S. But he still fails to acknowledge his mistakes. He didn’t buy the club to get promoted? Yeah right. When he came in he said Premier League in 2 years was the aim. In 2016 he spent millions on players with good experience and proven ability.
  13. SallyCinnamon

    Chairman’s statement

    I don’t understand why we don’t just sell players? I understand offers have to come in, but surely there are clubs looking at Reach. Clubs who were looking at Bannan and Joao before we offered new deals. Every other club does it to help with FFP.
  14. The same people banging on about Kevin McDonald have clearly not learnt from the Jones and Abdi signings, who both seemed like excellent signings at the time. Players on their way down need to be avoided.
  15. SallyCinnamon

    If we sold every single player tonight

    Exactly. And we bottled it the year after, which was even worse for me. Not to mention bottling the first Sheffield derby in 5 years. The side is pretty much the same. At least a lot of them will be gone in the summer. And hopefully we can get a few who still have a couple of years left out the door. Big refresh needed.