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  1. Two managers who are arguably the worst in recent history. Two managers who returned the worst win ratios we’ve seen since Terry Yorath. Forgive me if I don’t trust their ability to manage at Championship level and manage players with different personalities.
  2. How do you think Pulis formed that opinion? Most likely speaking to people at the club.
  3. The important thing to remember here is this. Pulis has been at the club for a few weeks and he’s already sensed that Sam Hutchinson was a big influence in the dressing room and is missed around the place. Yet some people on here will have you think he was hated and was dragging the rest of the team down - based on nothing but rumour. Madness.
  4. Sam had two offers from Championship clubs but turned them down to move abroad. That’s what I’ve heard anyway, and wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true. On a free transfer he’s still a good player at this level. If I was a 31 year old professional needing a club during a pandemic where the UK has been hit particularly hard. I’d jump at the chance to have a couple of years abroad and play football in a different country. I’m sure when Sam is grey and old he won’t be regretting moving to Cyprus sunning himself and experiencing something new.
  5. Yep I think that’s what I’m gathering reading between the lines. Inherited two messes and now had to sort it out. Which I’m sure he will.
  6. I know you’re trolling, but Bruce probably didn’t sign him at Newcastle because he had Longstaff, Shelvey, Hendrick and whoever else to choose from. I said Hutch was a valuable asset to Sheffield Wednesday, you know bottom half in the Championship, not a valuable asset to Newcastle United who are mid table in the Premier League. I’ve been told Sam had two offers from Championship clubs but turned them down. Wanted to move abroad. And who can blame him? 31 years old, get paid money to kick a ball about in Cyprus instead of lockdown stricken England? No brainier for me at that age.
  7. With no disrespect intended. Steve Bruce and Tony Pulis two very well respected and successful managers in football believed Hutchinson was a valuable asset to Sheffield Wednesday. I’ll take their opinion over yours.
  8. But but but he was a BAD EGG. When will the people who slate Hutch and Westwood realise that the problem was the incompetent and weak managers not the players themselves?
  9. Wildsmith is number 1. He’s been really good this season.
  10. How did he manage this?! Absolutely unbelievable. Superb clearance. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIVPV50AzmT/?igshid=554axr4orwoa I’m loving Reach under Pulis. Looks back to his old self and looks confident. Really good player when he’s firing.
  11. Wildsmith Palmer Lees Borner Van Aken Harris Brown Pelupessy Paterson Reach Windass
  12. They should have had 3 pens. The last one with Kachunga wasn’t a pen. Reading player has Kachunga’s shirt
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