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Community Answers

  1. Exactly. Past two seasons for whatever reason he wasn’t at the races. But before that he was a really good player at this level. Will do well wherever he goes
  2. I’m not going to spend my Sunday trawling through old threads. If you’re that interested and don’t believe me, go look for yourself.
  3. We did this a few months ago. There ended up being a dozen threads that time worried whether what we were doing was logical or sustainable.
  4. We signed Windass for 500k. It’s possible with good scouting. Surely if we’re showing that we’re actively selling players, the EFL will let us spend some of that money?
  5. Its not though. It’s about running a business correctly and planning ahead. Something the chairman didn’t and hasn’t done.
  6. Just let our best two young academy products leave for nothing. Also turned down 2m for George Hirst and let him screw up out of compo. Opportunities have been there
  7. We’ll be bottom half League One next season and you’ll still have fans who think he’s the chosen one. Proper brainwashing stuff. You only have to look on Twitter.
  8. I mean negotiating with Chansiri isn’t the easiest task in the world. This is a bloke who wouldn’t let David Jones leave the club when he was training with the kids. Something tells me it’s not Hannover holding this deal up
  9. Agreed. It’s all the same in League One anyway. Playing Doncaster (cat A) is just as depressing as playing Morecambe (cat D).
  10. When he first arrived. We had a solid Championship side with saleable assets.Even after the gamble failed he could have re-assessed and sold the likes of Forestieri and Reach for big money and reinvested - like most successful clubs who have got out of this league have done (Norwich and Leeds for example). Instead he gave them lucrative contracts, refused to sell and clung on to the hope the same group of players would get us out of the league. Bad business man.
  11. 10-12 weeks. Sometimes with hamstring injuries you can come back a bit earlier. But if you want to be pedantic, that’s your problem.
  12. I hope we don’t panic and sign Westwood to solve the keeper crisis
  13. So I’ve heard, but will probably come back a bit earlier. Still a huge blow. Need a striker in ASAP
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