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  1. He should speak whether we stay up or go down. As leader of the club time to stop hiding and take some responsibility and try and mend some broken bridges. If he’s not interested in doing that, the right thing to do would be try and sell up at a reasonable price. Accept he’s going to make a loss. However I expect the silence will continue. Maybe an interview through Howson where he calls someone unprofessional or says football is like no other business.
  2. Fernando in his first season with us though. Most talented I’ve ever seen at Wednesday. Joy to watch.
  3. I’d be doing all sorts to be fair. Anything to gain an edge. Hopefully our lads travel down in the morning. Don’t want a repeat of Spurs Arsenal lasagne gate
  4. I remember when someone at Brighton did a poo in the Crystal Palace changing room before their Play Off semi final a few years back. My question is - what will Derby do to try and gain an advantage on us?
  5. Hang on what if Chansiri has sent Alonso to Derby to stir things up and cause unrest because he KNEW it would go down to the final day? CHANSIRI = GENIUS
  6. The reporter hasn’t refused Erik an interview. He gave him an opportunity to have a say in the story and offer a rebuttal to the reports. He didn’t.
  7. Yeah maybe but got no time for Saunders even if he is English. Guys a scumbag. Plus I like Canelo as a fighter.
  8. Not sure what Canelo has done. But I’m not going to be cheering on Saunders. That video where he was teasing that heroin addict was disgusting. And then the other video where he gave a demonstration how to beat up women. Nope. Hope Canelo knocks him out.
  9. Yeah how did he get in in the first place? He had access to the ground and all sorts. Even claimed he was in charge at one point. Very odd.
  10. For once I hope not. We only have one option here. I’d start 8 strikers
  11. Thompson the only manager who comes out of this season with any credit. And he’s not even a manager!
  12. I’m sure Derby are thrilled that their prospective chairman is taking to social media to have a pop at another clubs chairman. Stay professional Erik lad
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