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1 minute ago, Philb125 said:

Not against Wigan. That game was markedly different to any we’ve played this season. Quality may have been lacking but we were in their face, up for every battle. 

Maybe, certainly better than other games, but is one game being arsed to run around and try out of 11 good enough?





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3 minutes ago, Lionel Fessi said:

Same issues as last week and the week before, and the week before that…


Why is DM obsessed with forcing 3 strikers into the side?!? It has never worked. Again today we’re struggling to keep the ball in the midfield and the front 3 are completely out of sink limited to creating their own chances. 

They're there to make up for Gregory's lack of pace and movement. Get him off and get a winger on to support Berahino.

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8 minutes ago, bronxowl said:

Get rid of DM now before it’s too late, and don’t come on saying “who do we get”

There’s always someone better


Steve Bruce might be available soon 😅

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