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Community Answers

  1. Tewkesbury Who are these players we have that could grind out results? and what tactics you would empower them with?
  2. On ability I think he was worth another season looking how thin we are at the back but I suspect there is more to it than that .
  3. Dropped a Goalie must have missed that but not surprised
  4. You have to give huge credit to the Sunderland Board to make the massive call to replace Johnson with Alex Neil when lying in 3rd position
  5. He was worth a gamble but he isn’t and never will be prolific and that is what we should be aiming for easier said than done though
  6. Don’t get the love in Had a decent season but we need better
  7. Ex Forest player as well Idiot needs a life ban from Forest
  8. Even though we were from lower Arbouthorne / Heeley all the family were Owls , no bacon on a Sunday if Utd Won Also my Uncle was Landlord of the Park Hotel in the Sixties and early memories of playing in the old yard at the back on match days
  9. Yes you are right That’s when fans thought the club knew what they were doing . Dont think even Carlos wanted him
  10. Don’t care what he did before or after he played for us but he was fizz in shyte for us under numerous managers And as for the penalty, that was his bleeding job ffs He went on Strike Thumbwavingwanker
  11. Get rid We had to change our entire formation just to accommodate him
  12. I like him as a bloke and a leader but a complete car crash of a signing we must be the only club in history to have signed a player with pins still in his leg Good luck Chey but time to move on
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