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  1. We were so well represented at left back it’s understandable we let him go
  2. One will be definitely playing in the Championship next season and the other quite possibly. They could be joined with Jordan Thornily and Gary Madine Sobering thought
  3. Not from Hunt He ran up and down a lot but his contribution was parp
  4. What like the last game he played ? He was Dogger
  5. Did Monk say anything about Reach being a Striker
  6. The players wages are guaranteed to be paid , just get on with it ffs
  7. Joey gets Mom yesterday and gets dropped Shaw is already in Glasgow and Dunkley is shockingly slow We didn’t concede yesterday and if it goes down to the last day that’s what we need get Rhodes Patterson and Windass up top do what we did at Barnsley, gerrit up top
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