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  1. Changed your username but still the same shytte trying to get a rise Maybe try it when he has had a poor game if you can wait that long
  2. Give him an extended run Still a bit raw but he has the lot Pace strength and eye for the goal hit the post as well Got his pocket picked in the second half though , nearly cost us
  3. Baz Dele Dennis Byers and Luongo are a good set of players Wing can disappear back to Middlesbrough for me ASAP
  4. To be fair it was But his tactics of trying to play out from the back into the wind with two of the worst distributors of the ball in Dunkley and Iorfa beggers belief Scored the goal from route 1 Daz
  5. Let’s be fair the wind has been a major factor and Cambridge have used it well on the other hand our Daren told the players to play it out from the back into a Gale genius
  6. That’s true but Bannan was complaining that their player brought the ball towards the keeper to waste time instead of kicking the ball into touch
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