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  1. It’s inevitable that this was going to happen in some form or another It may allow Celtic and Rangers to enter the Re structured Premiership if they don’t get a invite to the super league Times they are a changing
  2. I think you are permanently pizzed if you think BB is the reason for our form this season I would hate to think what state we would have been in this season without him . Or is it just his rumoured wages that gripes you ?
  3. You need to re visit the game and the MoM thread for the game most voters gave him a 9 or 10 out of 10 , one even said he was 15 out of ten . That was in a run of 3 consecutive MoM awards .
  4. Yes correct Bannan must mark everyone, just like last week when you blamed him for two goals ,
  5. Yes the attempt he made to shut the goalscorer down was quality
  6. I have criticised him many times when it’s justified , like today the penalty was poor, but like I said even after 3 consecutive MoM performances you are giving him pelters , have you ever given him any credit ?
  7. What do you expect the same few posters slate Bannan when he had 3 consecutive MoM performances , so they are ecstatic at a missed penalty .
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