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  1. Complete neshy but was always available and was a 6/7 out of 10 on a regular basis and weighed in with assists and goals. Another completely miss managed and could have been sold at a profit not a loss . like a few others Your money Mr C but wow
  2. Oldham away in the Jack Charlton promotion season was a bit Tasty . apart from the usual hotspots back in the day you could get in a scrap nearly anywhere, it was a given. different times
  3. Yeh Jack will supply the crosses If they are sat on the Kop
  4. Yeh much better racing forward losing the ball and trying to get back Kadeem Harris had him on toast not long ago
  5. He couldn’t supply decent crosses when we had Fletcher , Rhodes and Hooper etc So no one will notice now we have feckall up front
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